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UnltedStatesDepartment the Interlor
NationalPark Service                                                                                     rt-r: - t'9
NationalReqisterof HistoricPlaces                                                                       E)cc^o\z
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(Forn lcgooa). Typo dl onlrlo!.
1. Name of Property
h i sto ri cnam e        01iv e .     Ira   l rl e b s te r.   House
              number NEHBS ll DS07-20

2. Locatlon
streel number 401 E. 13th Street
        &                                                                                                  n L.J not for publication
cltv, town Lexlnqton                                                                                       n Lllvicinity
date Neblaska         qSqg__XI_                                       counv Danson                  codo 047             zip code 68850

3. Glasslllcatlon
Ornership Property
         ol                                          Category Property
                                                              of                            Numberof ResourceswithinProperty
JXlprivate                                           @ uuitoing(s1                          Gontributing  Noncontributing
n public{ocd                                         n oistrict                                 I            I     buildings
f] public-State                                      fl site                                                       sites
n public-Federal                                     n stucture                                                    structures
                                                     f]obiect                                                           objects
                                                                                                    I             1    Total
Name of related multiple property listing:                                                  Numberof contributing   resourcespreviously
         NA                                                                                 listedin the National
                                                                                                                Register      0
4. State/Federal Agency Certlflcatlon

   As lh6 dosignalglaulhority under the NationalHisloric Pros€lvationAcl ot 1966,as amended,I horeby cartlty lhal thls
   lJLlnominationLl reguosl for dolemination of oliglbllity mo6tethe documonlalionslandardsfor rogistoringproporties in tho
   Netional Regl8terof Hislodc_4ac€3and meois lhe proc€duraland protessional    requiremenlssel torth in 38 CFR Parl 60.
   In rtfil ooinion. the oroperb/l]LJmeets E ldo€s not meet the National Registercriteria. f]
                                 [Xl t""tt I Oo".                        Reoi                                          sheet.
                                                                                                         s* continuation
                                                                                                                 44r-             1 /c?a
                 of certifying otficial
   Qzl-rector. Nebraska State                      Histori      cal    Soci ety
   Stateor Federalagencyand bureau

   In my opinion,the property meetsfl Ooesnot meetthe National
                            n                                       criteria. S"" continuation
                                                             Register       f]              sheet.

   Signature of commenting or other otlicial                                                                     Date

   State or Federal agency and bureau

5. Natlonal Park Servlce Gertlflcatlon
l, hereby,certitythat this propertyis:
flentered in the NationalRegister.
    f]   S*     continuation sheet.
[--ldetermined         for
               eligible the National
     Register. S* continuation
             E                sheet.
l--l determined eligiblefor the

[-l remo"ed from the National Register.
n oher, (explain:)

                                                                             Signature the Keeper
                                                                                     of                                  Dateof Action
6. Functlon or Uso
Historic        (entercat€gories
        Functions              from instructions)                    (entercategories
                                                      CurrentFunctions              from instructions)
    Domestic: single dwelling                            Domestic: single dwelling

                                                      Materials             from instructions)
               from instructions)
                                                      foundati on    S tone
         Queen Anne                                   walls    w ood

                                                      roof asphal t
                                                      other wood

Describe present and historic physical appearance.

             The Ira btebster Olive house, located          1n the f oili'I of
       Lexington    1n Dawson County, N€braska,        fs a larqe     frame two--st(lrv.
       13 room    house constructed    in 1889-1890.       Harry H. l-i11is served as
       the cont::actor.     The Olrve House 1s an excelient,                    p
                                                                       vre.LJ- reserve.l
       example of the Victorian       Queen Anne sty1e.        A tr.lo-story       surrpor,:h
       extens:.on of the east glalrle was added 1n the early    of tl-i,=
       house, c. 19@@. A smaIl enclosed porch i./as added to the rear of
       the house, c.192q.      The interior     retarns    origrnal     teatures           in-
       cl-uding carved woodwork, decoratrve         metal hardware and a main
       staircase.     The nomination     includes   one contributing        b u : -i d i n g :
       the Olive    house.   One non-contributing       building    l-ocated on the
       property    1s a detached f rame garage.        The interror      aad e:tterioi-
       of the house retain     f eatures   t.hat Crstt ngulsh rt as a turn-of -
       the-century    mans:'oD; the properLy      drsplays    good archit.ectural

              The Ira W. OLrve house is l-ocated 1n Lex:-ngton, N€braska
       ( 1988 popul.ation  1 ,O40 \ in Davrson County.  Ar the tr.ine of its
       coilrpletron , L89O, 1t r.ras one of the l-argest resrdences   1n
       Lexington,    N€braska.

              The two-story   frame house has a steeply    pltched   hipped roof
       vlrthr lower cross gables,   a one-st,ory nrap-around    porch and seconc,
       story   porch with splndle   support columns and decorat.ive      vtoodt+ork,
       windows   with  five panes of stained    glass and decoratrve     barge-
       boards.     Work on the house, by builder     Harry H. 11r1ls, commenced
       in 1BB9 and was completed 1n September of tBgQ (QeEqg-LI -qullf Q
       G_A_zs_!.te, ne L4 , LBBg; Lexinqtoq
                   Ju                         qqag!!_q, Aug. 15, t89A, Oct.
       31, 1B9O).

             The main (south ) f acade has a vJrap-around porch,  that
       extends around the east facade , with decorative     woodwork, spindle
       coJumns and a gable that    emphasizes the main entrance.    Decora-
       tive  woodwork, fish  scales,  starned  glass windovrs and decoratrve
       bargeboards  enhance the attrc    story cross gab1e.

                                                                         EJ See continuation
NP8Fo'|v|tOSr                                                                                                                                           WWtb.            t(nmrc

UnltedStatesDepartment the lnterlor
NationalRegisterof HistoricPlaces
Sectionnumber                                    Page

               Tlte seconclary  (vlr:st) facarde als;o 1-ea1:l-lres alt .rt1:ir; s1:or.y
        cross   qablr: anct wrap-aroulrd    por(::h r'lit.h ,slrinrl.Ir: r-'r)lLlnl)s.                    'Ilie
        second-story    porch  h;ls spitttllr:  w c r r k s l - l p l - r t 3 6 1c o l u m n s i a u c l a b a l . r - r -
        s trade .

                Tire Queen Anne s1-v1e is clis;Linqul-shecl by asisynrnlet.ry: V.,:lr.ie1-v
        of roof     shapes,     round   or sguc-tIt€ t:ower:s.i, clecjc)ral.ive rrocJclr'lor.k rnd                                   a
        patterned       shingles.     'l'he Olive      h o u s e j . l .l u r s t r ; l t r : s ;    the chara(:t-erjs:-
        tic   Queen Anne Vclr-iet.y oJ- textt-rres                 a n d m a L e t : i a . 1 s w r t - h e x 1 , e r .j r - r r :
        bands that        separate   horLzctnLal       s ; i c l i n g 1 : r : o n rc l e c : o . r a t . i v e ! / r - ) c ) i l v r , r r k
        atrd fislt    s(laling.     The                                      ;
                                                  c : 1 : o s s j c { c r b l - e s -h a t v e c l e c : o } . a r t . j . v e b . - r r , J e '
        boards     wliich   conLaj-n a seml-circle                 cles;ictn itrter:rjecLecl l:y €t dr<:1>

               The t-wo-stor:y    sunl:r:rch         v r ; r s a r c t c t e da s a l ) e x 1 - e n s i c l n o f t . t r q r e a s : t .
       gtalr.le duringl   the eirrly    history               t:f thr-. house                   (r:. lgDql .    A s r n a l .l .
       porch    was aclcled and enclosed                on the i-ratck of                       t.he hc'use proh.rl-rJy
       duringy the      L92Q's.    The vJ()oclen s:frjnr-1les were replacecl                        
       asphalt     c.L985.      No oLher       exLer.i-or              l:e.rtttres             h.:rve l:errn moclil.j.ect
       sigrrific:antl-y    since   t h e s t r r - r c t u r : ( ] \ . / i : r sc o r n p l e t e c l irr LB9(A.

               The interior      of t-he                    hor-rsr: nrari.nti.anEi nrany r:f its
       original     features     i n c : l . u c l i n g r l c ' \ . r v e c lo a k r J o o d w o l - - k a n c l c l o o : . - s t l r l . , l t
       floratl   paLte.rtts,   decorative                                                                                                                     :
                                                          m e L a - t t r a r c l r ^ i , l . r r l, l l l r : ' 1 .n e J - e r l l c r t ; - t ' i , r r ; t I :
       staj.rr:ase.     One partifion                   between            t.he tvro snr;tl. beclroonls; r)n t..he
       second    fl.oclr has l-leen remclvr:d 'Ltl rnake c1 i:al-h atrci 1-lrrt rra.[.[
       betvleen the f irst       f .Loor l j.ving                  ancl dirrinct r()orns wirsi partia                                                 L Iy
       removecl to create        a rnore ol)en al)f)earance.                                       l . ' l r r : f . i - l : e I ) - [ i : l ( J { ) ,. l c r c : , . r L r : c l
       in the    Iiving    room,      v/as c(lnvert.ecl l-cl qtas l-ry rec;enL owlters.; aud is
       currently      nonfuncticlning.

             The nomrnaLion; r-)ne n'-)il-corrt.ribrtt;i.rrqt l:itj-l.cljn.'t,                                                                ;il
       frame   comnlercial st.ruc:1-nrr: that     \'r.fs rnr:vrld ()nt() thr: pr()l:el:ty
       c. 1980's  and converted     into          r
                                            a e;:f ;rqe.
8. Statement of Signlficance
                has considered significance this property relation otherproperties:
Certifying                   the           of           in       to
                                  [-l nationally   n statewide     f, locally

ApplicableNational            f]A                                      f]e          f,]C         IO

CriteriaConsiderations                                    []nEe[]cIo[]e[fr[]c
Areas of Significance(enter categoriesfrom instructions)                                                    Period of Significance                                             SignificantDates
          Architecture                                                                                       1889-c.1920                                                       1889-1890
                                                                                                                                                                               c. L92O

                                                                                                           Cultural Affiliation

SignificantPerson                                                                                          ArchitecUBuilder
          NA                                                                                               Mills,   Harry H.

                          and lustlfycrltoria,critoriaconsid€rations, aroasand periods slgnilicance
Statesignificanco prop€rty,
                ot                                                 and                of          notodabovo.
              't'he Ir'.1 H. OIive house is .1rc:hite,rturally           siqnilicant
       (Criter-r-on (l)f on the local      .leve.l. .1s   an excellenL        ex.'ltnl)le ,rf .e
       Vlctori.ln    0u{}en Anne stYle   mansriln.       The Queen Anne stYler            popu-
       lar in cluring the latc      Ilrrre LeclllLh  centtlrY,     is (jll;rt:
       .rcterize(l   l)y  ol: n l.att atttl rr..rst:in(l .lnd a vnl'iol:v of
       surtace     texture   and r:rnanenl-at1.Jn.     The perio,:l ,rf siqrrif icr.tnce is
       derivrrd f rom thc or:iqiual     constl:uc1ri.oll (latc of the ltrltrsr: ( 1tlB9-
       l890 ) 1-hrough significanL      renodrr.Llinqs ( c1920\ .

               'I'ire Ira      I ^ .l 0 l i v e    house,          cc)ns;Lrt-tr;tetl lt:ltl?-Lf39(A, ts c--1il
       e:{(ir:11-ent exarnple of Victor-ri1n                          t)ueen Aune itrc:hj.ter:LLlre,                                                 wlti,-ll't i.s
       characLerizecl             by assyrnetrical                  folms;,             l i i l t l ) e d a r r c [ q a r l : J - e 1 1: o o f - I i t ' t { r s
       ancl the use clf vari-or-rs; el.emellts; sur:lt as der:or;.rti-'rr: \t()orltvclrlt t,r.r
       bre.rk Llp the allpear;lnce                    o.t srnooLh w;rlls; (tli:i\J.r:s;ter, l':,85, P.
       263).       Other      Queen Anne fr:atllres                                                                                                    w
                                                                            i r . r ( l i " l r - - a l ) ' - i r r o r : n cl ) ( . ) l t r : : l t e s ; r t l - t
       spindle      w o r k s L r p F r L r r t s , s e c : o n f l s 1 - - o r y l ) o r r : l t e s v i i . t - [ l t a 1 u , " - ; t - r ' a r c l e s ,; r . n c l
       clecoraLiye         )t.trqeIoarcls,,:rl-]-               9 f v i i r i c l r a r e f ' o r t n d j . n t ] r r ' . r , : l e s l j . c J r (r l f
       the C)live house.

                     Tlie f ra ht. OIive                         h o r u - ; t : i : r L t - ; : lrl r : . : 1 '. l1 l. L t e ' - ' L t - t - r ,L s - : c t ; ti I L ( ] ; t I i ' . : r : , ; r r i
                                                                                               l                    l                               r        :
       a repi-cscnt.rtion                         o 1 . L h e V i r : t L ) r j . . r n ! / l - l ' l c n A n t r * : : ; 1 . \ r I r :, l l i r j . c h l , ' L , r Y r t r J
       i f l l i - n r 1 > o r L a n t . L r a r t i i i L h e c t e v e j . c - l | ) n l t l r r to f - L e [ i r - < l e n L j a . ] , r l , r : l r j t - q . r . t 1 , l - 1 r - e
                                                                                                                                      'flte Otter:lt Antie, ;r
       in Neb:-'aska clrlrincl Llrr: 1;:rte l{-if.l(j'r;-lti!-tar)'si.
       lric:tLlrefiqurl               style,           \ " / a s : c ) n e o f t . h r : l ' r ( ) s : t i ) ( ) l ) r .L ; t . r ; l t : L : i r i t . s r - : l . . t t i . , r . J
                                                                                                                       ' l l l t t : ( ) l . i - v r : I I o t t " ; e s ; t - , . r n c l s; ;: l : :
       s.;tyles i.n ninet.r:e:trt.h cer)t.rtrV l,lr:lrr;ll.;ka.
       a lancinrark,                 i t , r L h v i . s r t . r . L . l y c - r o C l[ i i s L o r i c ' ; r J - I y ,               i l l 1 - l t e i - r - r t l r t, . r ,
       L€x:Lnr=1Lcln. VisuarJ-1y, the clr.lelling                                                       js     i t n l r r ( l s j , s . L V , tc l t : c l - r - r l r o l - l r j t . s - ;
       size         and desiqn.                                                                                    .
                                                    T h r : h o u s e i s - L r - r c : a t . r : dL n i i ] e ! ; i c l e n L i . . t l .                              ;trn,:r ')lt .l
       1;rrge prornincnL                        corner              Iot,         and Llrrs,                    olorrg wj.Lh 1-he sLtl.r(lrlltditrrJ
       Ianclscape,                 enhance             iLs          Iocal            lclnclrnalk sL;tLus;.                           ;rlIl',
       Llre hor,rsr: is Lhe best                                 rrlnl.rinrrrcl e:ianple                               oI-. a Vj.cLorirrtt                            ()tteen Atrtrt'

                                                                                                                                     E Seecontinuation
                                                                                                                                         NB &wI      l&, ,Ol2tl4trC

UnltedStatesDepartment the Interlor
NationalRegisterof HistoricPlaces
Sectionnumber                  8            Page 2

      style       dt"lel-Lrtrq in Lexit'tgLcrn, incrlrl)(lra1-r:s de-[-j-c:aLe -trrnecl                                          t
      1 : o r C h s L l l ) l ) ( ) r t S a n C l s L r j . n d l e t { r 1 g g( l r n a m e n t ; l t . . i o n . .l.n tlte Nebrask;l
      Historic            Iluildings              SrrrveV of Lexing'trln,                            perf.ornred j.n L975r ()rl€
      other large                  fr:ame Queerr Anne h<-ruse, t.he It. lt. LeF.l,rng Ilrlu,.;e
      (DSOl-321 tvas identified.                                      tlor.rever, Lhe Le:I'ranq dwe.[linq in,:or-
      porertes classical                       ornamenLatron                      i n i t . s d , : s ; i 9 n , a n c l a s s u r - ' h l : e l . t . er
      reflects            tlte "Free Classic"                            phcls€ of the Vj.ctorian                        Queen Anne
      styIe.          HistoricaIly,                      t . h e 0 . [ : i v e H o u s e : l s i m l > o t : 1 : a n t . fr ) . r ] - [ ' t : s a s s o - .
      ciations           with the Olive                       family,             liuor"rnfor their: business; and
      social        pronrinence in the Lexirrcft.on conlmunit.y.

                 I r a l , l. O l i v e ,    who vras born in t^/ilIj.arm$on Cjount,y, T'€xas,
      relocated                                                                                                                     "1
                           L o N e b r a s k a i n L 8 - l - l, l l i t . h h . i s b r o L h e r s ; , . 1 . s ; o n r . ' r i n t . "
      and Robert,              attd their           families.               I ^ l e r . J a sa c a t , t - l . e n l a n r . r h o c l e a l t . j r r
      g r a s s - f e c l l o n g h o r l t c a t t l e , L r t i t , l . r t . e r l : r a r r c h e c l o t r l ; t r t l r e c o n t € )i r
      businessmall crrrd ]rankr:r.                                        j
                                                        l { e \ ^ / . r . s" n s l t . r r J r n e n t a l i . n e l . f e c t i n g
      nalne changre of ltis town, Plum Creek 1:clit.s.; pres;en[-dilv nanle,
      Lexington             (Chrisman,          1.9b2, L). 333).                       l-ra I^1.Cllive l:esidecl jn tlrr:
      lrome he had buil.t. unti.I his deauh in 192€i. 'I'lte size oL t.he hou,.icr
      and the lavish                 decorat,ion ;lttest                     Eo the pronli.nence and r{eal t.h ot
      the Olive           family           in Lexrn(t1:r)u, N,:bral;ka.
9. Halor Blbllographlcal References

            t : l t r 1 s - ; r n . r r r , I i " . r r r y l i . , l I l e I . , l d d p _ l g l - - $ _ f _ V _ g _.q __ e . F _ ! - - o _ f . a - t I . p . _
                                                                                                                       tI q.                   y_
                            (_fll:_tr!,-).(l]_r. .          _v_t: Dr-'     nV€ r : tiag e llor:ks,                    i. 9 6 2

            Czerl:Iewski,             Rnsse.l .L and iiteve              llol.en,       Dawson County          Ilisl-orical
                   5 r . t r1 - t y .    " fra   I ^ I . O l . i v e I I o u s ; € : ," N E H B S F o r n , August,      198S,
                   on,           Nebraska         SIaLe       IlrsLori.caL            Sor:iety.      LincoIn,
                   Nebra s ka,           6B 5O'f .

                                                                      June         14 ,      I [i89 .

                                                                                                           El Seecontinuation
Previous  documentation file (NPS):
n preliminary   determination individual
                              of          listing(36 CFR 64                                                Primary                    data:
                                                                                                                    location additional
     has been requested                                                                                    fl Statehistoricpreservation
n previously   listedin the NationalRegister                                                               [] OttrerStateagency
n previously   determined  eligible the National
                                   by             Register                                                 n Federal   agency
n designated National
                a          HistoricLandmark                                                                tr uocatgovernment
[--l recorded Historic    American Buildings                                                               l--l University
     Survey#                                                                                               []ottrer
[-l recorded by Historic American Engineering                                                              Specityrepository:
    Record #

10. Geographical Data
Acreage of property              T,gss fhan           onp     ncre.

UTM References
n l t , + l l z * 1 3 ' 7 l g ' a , o[l4 - r s l t , s l t ' z ' o l                                   l'll'l,l',1
     Zone        Easting                       Norlhing                                                 Zone        Easting                      Northing
Cl     rl                                     L--r-I'l"                     l                      D   l'lll'l',ll'l'l"l
                                                                                                           fl See continuation

Verbal Boundary Description

The nominated property is the west 100 feet                                                   of    Block        7 , Abels First                Addition,          in
Lexington, Dawson County, Nebraska.

                                                                                                           E Seecontinuation

Boundary Justiticalion

The boundary includes                          the entire             parcel         of     land       that     has historically                     been associated
with the property.

                                                                                                          I     S"e continuationsheet

11. Form Preoared Bv
namenitleAmv Vance Mever. Studene Intern
organizatlon ebraska State Histori..l
            N                         SooJety                                                                       date A'rgrrct loRo
street& number I 5 0 0 R S t r e e t                                                                                telephone 4 0 2| 4 7 r - 4 7 8 7
city or town         Lincoln                                                                                        state      NE                            zi p code 68 501
                                                                                                                                                   AHO Mwd   t,'.. ,O2&tC

UnltedStatesDepartment the Interlor
NationalRegisterof HistoricPlaces
Sectionnumber                    e             Page              2

      L r - t : x i n q t ! l n _E _ L Z = e _ ! J t - , e x i r r g L o n ,
                                                     L                         l i e l - r r a s l t ; l , ' I l u g l t - r s ; t1 5 ,   l-t]!ltt, ()<l'l:obet:
                    3r, LBg@

      I'lcAlester,     Virtrinia        cloil Lee, 0. ll_-tS_I_d.                 l_\_ry_g}:-t_ct_q_1.
                                                                      9_r4_{e--l=_ct           I!_q_qji-9_1..
              N e w Y o r k : A l f r e d l ( u r > p f, I n c . , L 9 B 4 .
  p             to          olen, Dawson C
Aspect: NE – Phot by Steve Ho                           al                        8510/20:10)
                                         County Historica Society, Oct 1985 (NSHS 8

                P            e                                          Oct
    Aspect: E – Photo by Steve Holen, Dawson County Historical Society, O 1985 (8510/20:9)