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                        Alton Scofield Distinguished Service
1977   James Read                                1994   Lorna Cary
1978   Herb Gundell                              1995   Thomas McBride
1979   Marion Krueger                            1996   Jacque Miller
1980   Ivan Archer (Spring)                      1997   Robert Salzer
       Gayle Knott (Fall)                        1998   Mark Cronquist
1981   Mary Ann Stephenson                       1999   Frank Sobolik
1982   Alvie Rothe                               2000   Jean Justice
1983   No award given                            2001   Laurel Kubin
1984   Louise Welsby                             2002   Rodney Sharp
1985   C. Bernard Elliott                        2003   Wayne Cooley
1986   Janice Nixon                              2004   Bruce Bosley
1987   John McClave                              2005   Ron Meyer
1988   Stan Pilcher                              2006   Robbie Baird-LeValley
1989   Curt Probert                              2007   C. J. Mucklow
1990   Bonnie Glass                              2008   Luann Boyer
1991   Gene Inloes                               2009   Janet Sennhenn
1992   Marilyn Hill                              2010   Daniel Fernandez
1993   Tom Brown

                       F. A. Anderson Distinguished Service
1973   Bill Stewart                              1992   Marlo Meakins
1974   Marvin Heeney                             1993   Howard Schwartz
1975   James Feucht                              1994   Patricia Kendall
1976   Dawson Jordan                             1995   Judy McKenna
1977   Bert Bohmont                              1996   Doug Hall
1978   Raleigh Brooks                            1997   Dennis Lamm
1979   James Doyle                               1998   Frank Peairs
1980   Don Chadwick (Spring)                     1999   Karen Holman
       Patricia Kendall (Fall)                   2000   Jessica Davis
1981   Dorothy Martin                            2001   Wendy Douglass
1982   Milan Rewerts                             2002   Courtney Loflin
1983   No award given                            2003   Douglas Steele
1984   Delwin Benson                             2004   Jerry Johnson
1985   Norman Dalsted                            2005   Christine Cerbana
1986   Jack Butler                               2006   Jan Carroll
1987   Donald Kaufmann                           2007   No award given
1988   Jennifer Anderson                         2008   Connie Cecil
1989   Cleon Kimberling                          2009   James Klett
1990   Whitney Cranshaw                          2010   Jeff Goodwin
1991   James Echols
1992   Jan Brandt                                               2002    Kerrie Badertscher
1993   Pueblo County Prevention Connection Program              2003    Tom Fey
1994   Money and Personal Power                                 2004    Gunnison County Lease-A-Goat
1995   Radio Reading Service                                    2005    Mary Ellen Fleming
1996   La Cocina Saludable (The Healthy Kitchen)                2006    Ann Zander
1997   Ken Grimes                                               2007    Glenda Wentworth
1998   No award given                                           2008    William Nobles
1999   Pueblo Youth Naturally Program                           2009    Judith Barth
2000   Jan Sennhenn                                             2010    Janice Dixon and Luann Boyer
2001   CYFAR Team

1989   Mythbusters and CO Integrated Resource Management (IRM-Beef)
1990   Women's Financial Information Program (WFIP)
1991   Water Management Team
1992   Colorado Ranch Management
1993   Ranch Women in the 1990's
       Patterson Hollow Hydrologic Unit
1994   Satellite Education Project Team (DTN/Farm Dayta II)
1995   CRP (SE Area)
1996   Northern Colorado Front Range Agricultural Pesticide Recovery Program
1997   Lawn Problem Solver CD-Rom Development Team
1998   State Gerontology Team
1999   EFNEP
2000   Planttalk Colorado
2001   Partnership for Community Safety
2002   Youth Safety Days
2003   Positive Focus
2004   Right Risk
2005   Growing Together: Boulder County Jail Garden Project
2006   Methamphetamine – What’s Cooking in Your Community?
2007   Healthy Colorado Homes: Reducing Radon Exposure in Colorado Homes
2008   New Farmer Program Steering Committee
2009   Northern Region Meat Quality Assurance Team
2010   Clean Energy Strategic Initiative Team (CESIT)

             CSU Alumni Distinguished CSU Extension Award
1999   Cecil Staver, Past State 4-H Leader
2000   Don Chadwick, Past Extension Director
2001   Barbara Holthaus, Past Chairman of Colo. 4-H Youth Fund
2002   Robert “Bob” Sakata, Adams County Vegetable Grower
2003   Pat Kendall, Extension Specialist, CSUCE
2004   Hazel Gardner, Yuma County
2004   Lowell Watts (Charles A. Lory Public Service Award), Past Extension Director
2005   Jennifer Anderson, Extension Specialist, CSUCE
2006   Dana L. Hoag, Professor, Agricultural and Resource Economics, CSU
2007   Curtis J. Mucklow, Routt County Extension Director, CSU Extension
2008   Jean Hoshiko
2009   Barbara Boardman
2010   Alvie Rothe
                                    Friends of Extension
1980   Alton Scofield, Executive Secretary, Cooperative Council
       Walt Younglund, Colorado State Representative
1981   Roy & Frances McConnell, Jr., Certified Seed Growers
       Mary Lou Chapman, Colorado Dept. of Ag
1982   Peg Johnstone, Educator
       Paul Hoshiko, Onion Grower
       Howard Smith, Manager, Kodak Colorado (Retired)
1983   Alvin Dorsey, Farmer
       Barbara Holthaus, 4-H Leader
       James Kincaid, Dept. of Education, CSU
1984   Judge William Neighbors, Supreme Court
       Dan Noble, Colorado State Senator
       Bob & Rama Lee Wiley, Farmers
1985   Amos Allard, Larimer Co., State Adv. Council, Chair
       Hazel Gardner, Yuma County
       Misaye Uno, Weld County
1986   Don Case, La Plata County
       Mr. & Mrs. John Lowell, Douglas County
       Mr. & Mrs. Robert Tigges, Weld County
1987   Jim Beaty, Colorado State Senator
       Jack Duane, El Paso & Pueblo Counties
       Don Norgren, Weld County
1988   Ralph Adkins, Pueblo County, State Adv. Council
       Jackie F. James, Monte Vista, State Adv. Council, Chair
1989   Dean Kittel, Colorado Farm Bureau
       Chuck Muller, KOA Radio
       John Stencel, Rocky Mountain Farmers Union
1990   Darrell Hanavan, Colorado Wheat Administrative Committee
       Steven Horn, Colorado Dept. of Ag
       Jerry Robbe, Gen. Manager, Colo. State Fair
1991   Anne Anderson, Larimer County
       Helen Davis, Colorado Dept. of Ag
       Bob Sakata, Sakata Farms, Adams County
1992   Arlo Beaman, Pueblo County
1993   Jeanne Davies, Colorado State Grange, Founder-Ag Leadership Program
       Doris Palmer, Arapahoe County, State Adv. Council, Chair
       Keith Propst, Colorado Farm Bureau, Logan County Rancher
       Larry Wagner, Asst. Mngr., Colorado State Fair
1994   Arnold Block, AARP
       A. J. Linck, CSU Provost & Academic Vice President (Retired)
       Bill Stokes, El Paso County, State Advisory Council
1995   David Eppich, La Plata County
       Karen Erickson, Colorado Beef Council
       Bill Jackson, Agr. Editor Greeley Tribune
1996   Marv Hamann, Pueblo County Veterinarian
       Gerald Mueller, Colorado Cooperative Council Clair Villano, Denver District Attorney's Office
1997   Harold Broughton, Delta County Business Leader and Advisory Committee
       Bessie Konishi, Alamosa County, State Advisory Council
       Chuck Sylvester, General Manager, National Western Stock Show
1998   Florine Raitano, Colorado Rural Development Council
       Stan Sailsbery, Morgan County, State Advisory Council, Chair
       Terry Swanson, Baca County, Agri. Producer, State Advisory Council, Chair
1999   Randy Johnson, Director, Small Business Development Center
       Helen F. McHugh, CSU Agricultural Experiment Station (Retired)
       Alton Scofield, Cooperative Council (Retired)
2000   Mark Arndt, Colorado Counties, Inc. & State Advisory Council, Morgan County
       Rosemary Biggins, Colorado Dept. of Ag
       Don Svedman, Larimer County
2001   Marcy Morrison, past Co. Commissioner/State Rep
       Philip Schwolert, Colorado State Forest Service
       Tom Watley, Arapahoe/Douglas Counties, State Advisory Council, Chair
2002   Robert ABob@ Briggs, Green Industry
       Rollie Deering, Yuma County, State Advisory Council, Chair
       Jean Hoshiko, Weld County
2003   Anthony Lobato, Saguache County, State Advisory Council, Chair
       Robert ABob@ McLavey, Colorado Dept. Of Agriculture
       Mark Tandberg, Colorado Department of Human Services
2004   Darrell Hanavan, Colorado Wheat Administrative Committee
       Al Shivley, American Pride Co-Op, Adams County
       David Wagers, Morgan County, State Advisory Council, Chair
2005   Dale Rogoff Greer, Program Manager, Diabetes Prevention & Control, Colorado Dept. of Public
          Health & Environment
       John Knapp, Area Conservationist, NRCS
       Lee E. Sommers, Director, Agricultural Experiment Station
2006   Marsha Amick, Douglas County, Colorado Advisory Council
       Mike Spearman, Rancher, San Luis Valley
       Jane Wustrow, RC & D Coordinator, Sangre de Cristo Resource
          Conservation and Development Council
2007   Bridget Barron, retired as Director of Energy and Food Assistance,
          Colorado Department of Human Services
       Khadija Haynes, Adams County, Colorado Extension Advisory Council
       Richard Connell, Mesa County, Colorado Extension Advisory Council
2008   Kathay Rennels, Commissioner, Larimer County
       Mark Trostel, Chief, Colorado State Patrol
       Jeanne Downes, Director, Kids Café
2009   David Washington
2010   Sandy Baker, Director, Northeast Colorado Area Agency on Aging