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About Me

                                                                Idiot Proof Guide to Twitter

                           Hello, my name is Franklin
                           Bishop (@franklinbishop) and I
                           am the author of this ebook, Idiot
                           Proof Guide to Twitter. I make a
                           living online as a full-time

                           blogger on my personal blog. I
                           started blogging four years ago
so that I could write my thoughts down about sports. Little
did I know, that moment would change my life forever.

I then realized that I could monetize my blog to make some
extra cash. However, I knew that I could make more money
if I created a blog in a different niche. I decided to make
two different blogs and I was able to sell them for a good
amount of cash just eight months ago.

I then created my personal blog to help others have the
same success that I was blessed with. That is when Twitter
became a part of my life. Just one month ago I joined
Twitter and now I already have 867 followers. It was only a
few weeks ago that I completely got the hang of how to get
followers, how to get people to come your blog from

Twitter, and how to monetize your Twitter profile. It has all
been working successfully and I decided to create this
ebook to teach you some of those secrets.

I hope you enjoy this ebook and if you ever have any
questions don't hesitate to contact me at my blog or over at



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Idiot Proof Guide to Twitter

                               TABLE OF CONTENTS
              I                    What is Twitter?

              T                    Grow Your Online Presence

              T                    Twitter Manners

              E                    Profile Design

              R                    Twitter Tools & Hacks

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                                                                         Idiot Proof Guide to Twitter

First Things First, Join Twitter

It is simple, all you have to do is go to the Twitter website.
When you get there sign-up, but make sure to pick a
username that will catch someone's eye. Preferably
something to do with what you are trying to promote.

Why Join?
The number one reason why you should join Twitter is be-
cause it is a great marketing tool for any industry. You can
reach people that you probably couldn't of reached any
other way. It is quick and easy because you have 140
characters or less to get to the point. You do not have to
write a whole post or get someone to come to your website
to promote your products. One of the best parts is that you
can connect with a customer or a reader.

So why not join Twitter today? Build up your brand and
beat out your competition. It only takes a couple minutes to


But, What Is Twitter?
Well, let's look at a couple definitions below.

Franklin Bishop                                       What is Twitter?
                                                                                       R    4
                                                                          Idiot Proof Guide to Twitter

Twitter’s Definition:

“Twitter is a free social messaging utility for staying

connected in real-time.”

Wikipedia’s Definition:

“Twitter is a free social networking and micro-blogging

service that allows its users to send and read other users'
updates (otherwise known as tweets), which are text-based
posts of up to 140 characters in length.”

Basically, you are staying connected or connecting with
other Twitter users. You are able to send and receive

updates that are 140 characters or less (tweets). That is all
Twitter it is. It is short, simple, and easy and that is why it
is called micro-blogging. Where blogging is much longer,
not as simple, and not as easy.

I Just Don't Get It
Well, it gives you a chance to get in touch with and stay in
touch with anyone else on the Internet. It is definitely
another way for people to stay in contact with someone that
does not have a lot of time on their hands to read your
blog. The best thing about Twitter is that someone can
Franklin Bishop                                        What is Twitter?
                                                                                        R    5
                                                                     Idiot Proof Guide to Twitter

come across your profile, take a quick look at your tweets
and decide whether or not to follow you. It is likely they
will check out your URL also. If they only follow you, then

you can get them to come your blog by posting when you
have a new post as a tweet.

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                                                                                Idiot Proof Guide to Twitter

Grow Your Online Presence

You are likely reading this because you want to grow your
online presence using Twitter. What you will basically be
doing is writing the best tweets you can come up with,
giving people the URL to your blog or website in your
profile, and letting them decide whether they want to read
more or not. However, that is just the basic idea and there

is a lot more you can do. You want to get followers that are
willing to respond to your tweets or tweet about your blog.

Why Get Followers?
Twitter has become another way to follow someone's blog.

About every blogger uses a plugin or a free service that
automatically tweets for them when they have a new post.
Since that has become an option, a lot of Twitter users just
follow your tweets and don't subscribe to your Blog. That
is one reason why it is important to get followers on

It can also make you more money. When you have a
product you are trying to sell it is easy for people to come
and read about it if you send out a new tweet. You have the
chance of making a lot more sales if you have more
followers. This is just another avenue of making money by

Franklin Bishop                                     Grow Your Online Presence                      7
                                                                                 Idiot Proof Guide to Twitter

selling your products or other affiliate products.

It will allow your readers to get to know you better. Twitter

is personal whether you believe it or not. Most people will
not want to follow you if you are just trying to sell them
something or just promoting your own content. Allowing
followers to get to know you on a personal level will
definitely help your online presence.

Most of all, the more followers you get, the better the things
above will get. Your followers are likely to respond to your
tweets over time. If they respond then your username will
show up on their profile page with their response. Then
their followers will more than likely click on your username

if they are not already following you. The people that then
come your profile page may follow you, go to your blog or
website, or even reply to one of your tweets.

How to Get More Followers

If you are going to build your online presence using Twit-
ter, then you're going to have to get followers. There are a
number of ways that you can do this, but remember that the
beginning is the hardest part. It will be easier for people to
find you and follow your profile once you get a good
amount of followers.

Franklin Bishop                                      Grow Your Online Presence
                                                                                               R    8
                                                                                Idiot Proof Guide to Twitter

The first thing you should do is add a way to get to your
Twitter profile on your blog or website. If you are trying to
get as many followers as possible, then why not start with

the people that are subscribed to or visiting your blog.
These will be some of the easiest followers you ever get.

Follow people that are in your niche. Try to get the people
that have the most followers first and then go down the

ladder. Nowadays most people automatically follow you
back. Do not just go and start following everyone though.
This will get your account suspended.

Stock some of the top users on Twitter. Respond to some of
their tweets so that you have a chance of them responding

back. All their followers will see their response to you and
they will likely click on your username to see your profile.
One of the best ways to get them to respond is by asking
them a question. Do not get too carried away with this one
though as it may make them never want to respond to you.

Now try to respond to some of your own followers. They
are even more likely to respond you. You don't even have
to respond, you may want to just ask them a question about
what they think on a certain subject (Preferably about your

Franklin Bishop                                     Grow Your Online Presence
                                                                                              R    9
                                                                                 Idiot Proof Guide to Twitter

Use the search page to find a topic being talked about that is
in your niche. For example, you would search for blog tips
to see if there was anyone that you could respond to. If you

respond then you might gain that person as a follower, but
best of all they may respond to your response. Again, all
that persons followers would see that they responded to

Franklin Bishop                                      Grow Your Online Presence
                                                                                               R    10
                                                                      Idiot Proof Guide to Twitter

Twitter Manners

First thing you should do is read the rules. Even though
these are just the rules, it will help with your Twitter man-
ners. If you do not have good Twitter manners, then people
are not going to want to follow you and your time on
Twitter will be wasted. Remember: Everyone has a differ-
ent opinion on this.

Don't Be Too Noisy
When people talk about noise on Twitter they are referring
to how many tweets you are doing. Some people take it to
extremes and do not worry about having Twitter manners.
However, these are the people that usually get most of their
followers from their blog. They will leverage their Twitter
account by using their Blog. There is nothing wrong with
this, but it allows them to be noisy because they can stand
to lose some followers. Most other Twitter users can’t stand
to lose followers in the beginning. Of course no one wants

to stop following someone that has a lot of followers.

Don’t Be Too Quiet
Just because I say to not be noisy doesn't mean that you

should hardly say anyting at all. It will not get you

Franklin Bishop                                     Twitter Manners                      11
                                                                        Idiot Proof Guide to Twitter

followers if you are not active on Twitter. If you are look-
ing for a number of tweets you should do a day, then many
people have said somewhere around five.

Like always, if you are going to change something and you
think that it might not be good manners on Twitter then just
try it out. Just don't try to test the Twitter rules. Those are
the people that usually end up suspended.
Don’t Just Promote Yourself
One of the best things you can do for yourself is to not just
do self-promotion on Twitter. If you are always just      pro-
moting yourself many people will likely begin to think you

are arrogant. The Twitter users want you to give them inter-
esting content and tweets.

When I'm talking about interesting content I am referring to
tweeting other people's articles. It is good manners to
promote other people's content. It will definitely help you

get followers also. The more interesting content you can
send potential followers to, the more likely they will follow

So remember you're Twitter manners. Try not to be too
noisy, but don't sit back and do nothing. Just remember, if

Franklin Bishop                                       Twitter Manners
                                                                                      R    12
                                                                    Idiot Proof Guide to Twitter

you think that something might be wrong to do then it prob-
ably is.

Basic Twitter Technicalities
You tell the Twitter world what you are doing in 140 char-
acters or less. You can send your thoughts, observations,
and anything else you can think of. Whether you are “Read-

ing Problogger” or “Eating pizza” it’s Twitter worthy.

You are able to send updates to Twitter from the homepage,
from a cell phone, or from an application. You can about
find anyway to make a new tweet. It doesn't matter where
you are in the world.

Franklin Bishop                                   Twitter Manners
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                                                                      Idiot Proof Guide to Twitter

 Profile Design

 You're Twitter profile is one of the most important parts of
 possibly getting a new follower. You want to make sure to
 have a good design. Getting a new Twitter follower has a
 lot to do with how persuasive you are. First, your updates
 on your page will help a Twitter user get closer to clicking
 the follow button. That’s not the only anything. The better

 your page design is, the more likely someone will follow

 The first thing you need to do is add your URL. This is a
 no-brainer considering you want people to go to your blog
 or website.

 Then make sure to add a one line bio. You only have 160
 characters so make sure that it is a catchy line. This is
 another easy way to get someone to follow you. Many
 people actually read this so make sure that it is something
 that would make even you yourself want to follow

 Now add an avatar. Remember, you are trying to be more
 personal so make sure that it is a picture of you. The people
 that get followed the most on Twitter are the ones that do

 not use an image of something other than their self.

    Franklin Bishop                                  Profile Design                      14
                                                                   Idiot Proof Guide to Twitter

Next, you’ll need to make a background image for your
Twitter profile. There are many ways you can go about this.
I show some well-designed Twitter profiles below. Try to

notice some of the things that each page has.

Franklin Bishop                                   Profile Design
                                                                                 R    15
                                                                       Idiot Proof Guide to Twitter

Now that you have looked at the profile pages above, notice
that they all have a personalized background. There are
different ways you can go about your profile page design. I

like two ways that have been proven to get you more

First is to just create a profile page with another picture of
yourself and have your blog's or websites url. If you have a

logo make sure to include it on your design also. You want
your logo to become recognizable so this is just another
opportunity to have people see it.

The second way that has been becoming more popular is by
taking your blog or website design and turning it into your

background. You can do this simply by taking a screen shot
of your blog and then manipulating it so it fits your Twitter

Now you should go into your settings and work on your
design colors. You can change the background color of

your sidebar and the color of your links. Make sure that
they go with the background of your profile page.

Your profile page design is a very important aspect of
getting followers. You need to make sure to include your
Blog's URL, one line bio, an avatar of yourself, a good

Franklin Bishop                                       Profile Design
                                                                                     R    16
                                                                    Idiot Proof Guide to Twitter

background, and design colors of your sidebar and links. If
you fix all those correctly you’re giving yourself a better
chance to get more followers over time.

Franklin Bishop                                    Profile Design
                                                                                  R    17
5                                                                                           W
                                                                              Idiot Proof Guide to Twitter

 Twitter Tools & Hacks

 I have put together a list of Twitter tools and hacks. There
 are a lot of them out there so I will not be able to include
 them all. If you know of one that should be included you
 can contact me at my blog and I will update this ebook.

 TWITTER TOOLBOX: 60+ Twitter Tools

 Twittermania: 140+ More Twitter Tools!

 Five Twitter tools I use

 My Essential Twitter Tools

 Twitter Tools | Platform Specific

 Twitter Tools | Web Applications

    Franklin Bishop                                   Twitter Tools & Hacks
                                                                                            R    18
                                                                                     Idiot Proof Guide to Twitter

Other Reasons to Join Twitter

It will allow you to build trust. Marketers are finding that
people want to know you and have some sort of trusting
relationship with those that they buy products or receive
recommendations from. Twitter is a way to show that
you've had success and failures. If you talk about both of
them, then they are more likely to trust what you think.

You'll be able to be personal. No one likes to feel like they
are talking to a robot. Being able to have some sort of
connection with a person will make it more likely that they
will listen to you. Adding a picture of yourself is always a
good spot to start.
You'll be able to show your generosity which can go a long
way. If you help someone for free it is more likely that they
will help you out the next time you need something. This
might mean that you do not have to pay for a product that
someone could just give you.
It will allow you to establish expertise. You can show what
you know by answering peoples questions. This one may
take a while but overtime it is possible.                                                          E
You can establish relationships in your niche. Since    Twit-

Franklin Bishop                                      Other Reasons to Join Twitter                      19
                                                                                    Idiot Proof Guide to Twitter

Twitter is on a more personal level, it is more likely you
will build relationships. Getting to know other blogger's in
your niche will build you some credibility when they link

and mention your Blog. Twitter is on a more personal level,
it is more likely you will build relationships. Getting to
know other blogger's in your niche will build you some
credibility when they link and mention your Blog.

Franklin Bishop                                     Other Reasons to Join Twitter
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