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Annual meeting arrives with a fr


									                     Fall News                                                                                    2001
                                                        Sequoyah Hills Homeowners Association
                                                                           Oakland, California

                                                                                   United States of America

Annual meeting arrives                                                                                     A sign
with a fringe on top                                                                                       of the
The association’s annual meeting took
place on the afternoon of Saturday, Sep-                                                  Starting with this issue, we’re
tember 8th. For the first time ever, the                                                  making it easier to find and
meeting was followed by a block party                                                     use Internet references
held on the blacktop of Surrey Lane.                                                      throughout the newsletter.
“We wanted to let the homeowners of                                                       Things like e-mail and Web
Surrey Lane know they are very much                                                       site addresses appear in a
a part of the association,” said Secre-                                                   special typeface with a leading
                                                                                          computer icon. When you spot
tary John Herrero, “and after the suc-
                                                                                          the little computer, it’s a sign
cess of the Phaeton Drive block party,                                                    that you can type the follow-
we wanted to bring the fun over to Sur-                                                   ing text into your computer to
rey.”                                                                                     reach an Internet resource.
                                                                                          Happy surfin’!
Attending in person and by proxy, the
members elected new officers to take
                                             Oakland City Council member
over on January 1, 2002. John Herrero        Moses Mayne takes questions from
was elected President and Director-At-
Large Mark White was chosen as Vice-
President. Pamela Clark, who is new to
                                             the crowd at the annual meeting
                                             on Surrey Lane.                           Board forms
the board, will serve as Secretary while
Director-At-Large David Osborn will         has long been active in the association,   watchdog
take over as Treasurer. The five posi-      most recently as chair of the Social
tions of Director-at-Large will be filled   Committee.                                 committee
by Jim Haskins and Mildred Rose, both
                                            Special recognition and an award was
presently on the board; Ron Ratto and                                                  At its regular October meeting, the
                                            given to Robert Dickinson, who as a
Willie Lincoln, who will continue their                                                Board of Directors formed a new com-
                                            member of the Communications Com-
current roles; and Myrtice Wong, who                                                   mittee to monitor the housing develop-
                                            mittee has overseen the design and
                                            served as editor of the association’s      ment above Surrey Lane. The Bayview
                                            Web site for more than two years           Land-Use Compliance Committee,
                                            (                       chaired by Jim Haskins, will ensure that
                                                                                       the current developer heeds the par-
                                            The meeting concluded with guest           ticulars of a 1997 agreement among
                                            speaker Moses Mayne, District 6 rep-       Kaufman & Broad, the association and
                                            resentative to the Oakland City Coun-      the City of Oakland. Homeowners who
                                            cil. Mayne immediately opened the          observe questionable construction ac-
                                            floor to questions from the audience.      tivities should contact the committee
                                            Chief among concerns was his position      immediately by telephone or at
                                            on the proposed Leona Quarry devel- 
                                            opment. As he has consistently stated,
                                            the councilman said he would endorse       In other action, the board revised the
                                            whatever plan is supported by the ma-      fiscal and administrative calendars of
 Association Web site designer
 Robert Dickinson receives a bonsai         jority of residents in his district.       the association. The current officers will
 of appreciation from President Jim                                                    serve until January 1, 2002, when the
                                                                                                      October Board Page 4

                                                               1                                              November 2001
Take a big leap toward safety
Now is the right time to make sure your home and family are prepared for
emergencies. Take these Four Steps to Safety from the Federal Emergency
Management Agency and the American Red Cross.        

         Find Out What Could             • Learn about your community’s             • Pick two places to meet:
 1       Happen to You                   warning signals: what they sound like
                                         and what you should do when you
                                                                                      Right outside your home in case of
          • Contact your local Red                                                    a sudden emergency, like a fire.
Cross chapter at (510) 595-4400 before   hear them.
disaster strikes—be prepared to take                                                  Outside your neighborhood in case
                                         • Ask about animal care after a              you can’t return home. Everyone
notes.                                   disaster. Animals are not allowed            must know the address and phone
• Ask what types of disasters are        inside emergency shelters because of         number.
most likely to happen. Get informa-      health regulations.
tion on how to prepare for each.
                                                                                    • Ask an out-of-state friend to be
                                         • Find out how to help elderly or          your “family contact.” Other family
                                         disabled persons, if needed.               members should call this person and
                                         • Find out about the disaster plans at     tell them where they are. Everyone
                                         your workplace, and your children’s        must know your contact’s phone
     Sequoyah                                                                       number.
           Hills                         school or day care center.
   Homeowners                                     Create a Disaster Plan
                                                                                    • Discuss what to do in an evacua-
                                          2       • Meet with your family
                                                                                    tion. Plan how to take care of your
             PO Box 18586                         and discuss why you need
                                                                                              Complete This Checklist
      Oakland, Ca 94619-8586             to prepare for disaster. Explain the
      toll-free (877) 922-7111           dangers of fire, severe weather, and
                                         earthquakes to children.
                                                                                     3        • Post emergency telephone
                                                                   numbers by phones (fire,
                                                                                    police, ambulance, etc.).
         Board of Directors              • Discuss the types of disasters that
                                         are most likely to happen. Explain
     James Haskins, President            what to do in each case.                                   Taking steps Page 3
    Robert Carter, Vice President
      John Herrero, Secretary
      Mildred Rose, Treasurer                                      Emergency Supplies
            Willie Lincoln                 Keep enough supplies in your home to meet your needs for at least three
            David Osborn                   days. Assemble a Disaster Supplies Kit with items you may need in an
             Ron Ratto                     evacuation. Store these supplies in sturdy, easy-to-carry containers such
             Mark White                    as backpacks, duffle bags or covered trash containers. Include:
                                               A three-day supply of water (one gallon per person per day) and food
         Committee Chairs
                                               that won’t spoil.
   Noel Weidkamp & Mark White,                 One change of clothing and footwear per person, and one blanket or
           Environmental                       sleeping bag per person.
       Ron Ratto, Collections
                                               A first aid kit that includes your family’s prescription medications.
        Myrtice Wong, Social
   John Herrero, Communications                Emergency tools including a battery-powered radio, flashlight and
        John Nichols, Safety                   plenty of extra batteries.
          James Haskins,
                                               An extra set of car keys and a credit card, cash or traveler’s checks.
   Bayview Land-Use Compliance
                                               Sanitation supplies.
  The newsletter is published                  Special items for infant, elderly or disabled family members.
  quarterly by the Communica-
  tions Committee. Your com-                   An extra pair of glasses.
  ments and submissions are wel-               Keep important family documents in a waterproof container.
                                               Keep a smaller kit in the trunk of your car.

November 2001                                               2
                                                                                             Myrtice Wong
NCPC beats up on crime
The Beat 25Y Neighborhood Crime Pre-        The NCPC system, which was estab-
vention Council (NCPC) met on Octo-         lished by City Council resolution in             down and
ber 17 to elect officers and review         1996, coordinates police and other city
crime-fighting efforts in the beat, which   services with the needs of Oakland               spruce up
stretches from the Alameda County           communities. The Beat 25Y NCPC was
                                                                                                      can hear the chorus now: “I
line to Interstate 580 and Redwood          resurrected earlier this year after inter-
                                                                                                      can’t believe Christmas is
Road to Keller Avenue.                      nal troubles led to the breakup of the
                                                                                                      almost here! Where did the
                                            original group in 2000.
Returning NCPC President Susan                                                               year go?” Right—where did the year
Thorner identified several major con-       Public meetings are held the third               go? Well, from the Holiday Decorat-
cerns of area residents. She pointed to     Wednesday of every other month. For              ing Contest, to a smash-hit Block
traffic management, particularly at         more information, contact Skyline Sec-           Party, to the first-ever Co-op Garage
Skyline High School and the Moun-           tor Public Information Officer Maryetta          Sale is where it went for the Social
tain/Keller intersection, as a prime        Falk at (510) 562-1581 or   maryetta@            Committee. Plus we continued the
challenge. Community Policing Officer The City’s general Web              association’s tradition of visits to new
Ross Tisdell also mentioned Skyline         site on community-based policing is at           homeowners with welcome baskets.
High as the location of half the 16 
                                                                                             We want to thank all of you who
crimes which occurred in the beat dur-      government31.html.
                                                                                             participated in the many functions we
ing the previous month.
                                                                                             held this year. I hope everyone had a
                                                                                             good time. Heaven knows the com-
                                                                                             mittee did! We’re busy working on
Taking steps toward safety                                                                   our calendar of events for next year
                                                                                             and will let you in on the schedule in
Continued from Page 2                                                                        an upcoming newsletter.
                                                                                             In the meantime, start dreaming up
• Teach children how and when to                      Practice and Maintain Your             your entry for the Holiday Decorat-
call 911 for emergency help.                 4        Plan                                   ing Contest. Last year we had two
                                                                                             first-place winners. We may have
• Show each family member how and                   • Quiz your kids every six
                                            months or so.                                    even more this year! We’ll be going
when to turn off the utilities (water,
                                                                                             around the week before Christmas to
gas, and electricity) at the main
                                            • Conduct fire and emergency                     judge holiday displays and pick the
                                            evacuations.                                     winners. As we did last year, consid-
• Check if you have adequate insur-                                                          eration will be given to those who are
ance coverage.
                                            • Replace stored water and stored                energy-conscious as well as those
                                            food every six months.                           who are overexuberant. Just remem-
• Teach each family member how to                                                            ber to have a good time doing it.
use the fire extinguisher and show
                                            • Test and recharge your fire
them where it’s kept.                       extinguisher(s) according to                     Have a fulfilling, loving and safe
                                            manufacturer’s instructions.                     holiday season.
• Install smoke detectors on each
level of your home, especially near
                                                                          ime log
• Conduct a home hazard hunt.                        Sequoyah Hills hoa Cr
• Stock emergency supplies and                                                     This             Last         Quar ter
assemble a Disaster Supplies Kit.                                                 quar ter         quar ter      year ago
                                                     Aut o Theft                     0                 0             1
• Take a Red Cross first aid and CPR
class.                                               Burgl ary: Res i dent i al      0                 1             0
                                                     Burgl ary: Aut o                0                 3             0
• Determine the best escape routes
from your home. Find two ways out                    Larceny                             1             0             1
of each room.                                        Total                               1             4             2
• Find the safe places in your home          
for each type of disaster.

                                                                3                                                   November 2001
                                                                           Oakland, California 94619-8586
                                                                                              PO Box 18586
                                                                           Homeowners Association
                                                                                  Sequoyah Hills

                                                                    October board action
                             Welcome the                            Continued from Page 1

                             new kids on                            newly-elected officers will take over for a short year ending
                                                                    September 30. From that point forward, the terms of officers
                             the block since                        and the fiscal year will be October to October of each year.
                                                                    The regular annual assessment, which has been due January
                             Fall 2000                              1 and delinquent April 16, will be collected in the fall in-
                                                                    stead. The next assessment will not be due until October
                                                                    1, 2002 and delinquent December 1, 2002. Please take spe-
 Undralin L. White ........................ 7930 Surrey Lane        cial note of the new dates.
 Antoinette Holloway/
 J.D. Renwick ............................ 7900 Phaeton Drive
                                                                      Alterations? Additions? Remodel?
 Sherie C. Hickman ...................... 8134 Coach Drive

 Donna Cannonier ..................... 8000 Hansom Drive              Don’t forget that changes to the exterior of your home
                                                                      are subject to approval by the homeowners asso-
 Patricia Dixon                                                       ciation. Save yourself time and money by submitting
 c/o Mike Dixon ............................ 8133 Coach Drive         plans and getting approval from the Environmental
                                                                      Committee before you begin work. Unapproved con-
 Joyce & Alex Carter .................. 8090 Hansom Drive             struction is subject to review and may have to be re-
 Rickey E. Meals ........................... 8101 Coach Drive         moved or altered at your expense! For an application
                                                                      form, call toll-free (877) 922-7111 or send e-mail to
 Jeff Stelly/Jeff Crowder .................. 8021 Shay Drive   

November 2001                                                   4

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