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									                                                                    Library Locations | Wireless Printing Instructions

    Wireless Access                                     Wireless card settings
                                                        Use the software that came with your computer or
    Wireless service means you can bring your           wireless card to configure settings and to verify a
    properly-equipped laptop                            connection to the Library’s wireless network, JCPL-
    computer into the Library and get
    instant Internet access without                     How secure is the
    being literally ”plugged in.“                       information I transmit over
                                                        your wireless network?
What is wireless                                        The amount of security any user has depends
                                                        completely on the security devices that each
Internet access?                                        patron has installed on his/her own laptop. There
Wireless Internet access means you can access the
                                                        are no “firewalls” or security devices on our
Internet from inside the Library without
                                                        wireless network.
any cables. Wireless service uses radio frequencies
between your computer and the Internet to
connect you.                                            Wireless printing
                                                        You can easily connect to the Library’s wireless
                                                        printing system from your laptop. If you have never
How do I use it?                                        printed from a wireless connection
Just bring your own laptop with built-in
                                                        before, follow the instructions found at
Wi-Fi capabilities or with a Wi-Fi network card
                                               to install
installed. No special passwords, user names or
                                                        the Library’s print client. After sending your print
settings are required. Jefferson County Public
                                                        request to a printer, use the Self Print Station to
Library (JCPL) uses the Wi-Fi standard (also known
                                                        pay for and pick up your items.
as IEEE 802.11g). While older laptops with 802.11b
wireless cards can connect to the Library’s wireless
system, a wireless “g” card will allow better
performance and a faster Internet experience.           The following Library
There are a few different ways to find out what kind    locations have wireless
of wireless card you have on your laptop. One way
is to visit your laptop manufacturer’s website and      access:
then search for your laptop’s model number and              Arvada               Golden
view wireless card specs. Another is to view your           Belmar               Lakewood
network properties on your laptop and find the              Columbine            Standley Lake
model number or name of your wireless card.                 Edgewater            Wheat Ridge
Staff at JCPL cannot assist you with your laptop,           Evergreen
Wi-Fi network card or configuration. Due to liability
concerns, Library staff members are not permitted
to handle or adjust non-library equipment.
Users of JCPL’s Wi-Fi system must abide by the
Library’s Internet Use and Safety Policy and
                                                        303-235-JCPL (5275)
Rules. These can be found online at by clicking on Library &
Community Info/Library Info/Policies/Legal Notices.

                                                                                                     JCPL 765e 10/10

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