Ad Best Practices And Policies by Google by diTii


									Ad creative policies:

    l   Ad titles are limited to 25 characters.
    l   The two description lines and display URL are limited to 35 characters each.
    l   The third line must fit completely within the character limit and cannot lead into the display URL

Remember to be clear in the way you communicate your message, including all the relevant information
and details regarding your organization in order to convey your mission effectively. Avoid common
editorial mistakes and do not use inappropriate capitalization or non-standard grammar, punctuation,
spelling, spacing or symbols. Check out the AdWords Help Center for examples of the proper use of ad

All ads must comply with our URL policies that are listed below. For more details on these policies please
refer to this Help Center article.

Link policies:

    l   Your destination URL must work properly across all web browsers and the landing page for your
        ad cannot be under construction.
    l   Your display URL must accurately reflect the URL of the website that you you are advertising. It
        should match the domain of your landing page so that users know which site they will be taken to
        when they click on your ad.

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