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					                           Trick Google Adsense Approval

Prepare this before registering:
- Clean cookies, new ip (restart your modem)

So that is not in decline, try to avoid the following:
1. Site under construction.
2. Not Enough pages.
3. Not Enough traffic.
4. That site does not comply with policy.

                                How to register adsense

1. Having a Blog / Website with English language.
2. Choose Themes Blog / Website interesting and much-loved.
3. Preferably create a blog on Blogspot.
4. If you already have a Blog / Website, be sure not Previously been made to Enroll in
5. Create a post interesting articles of at least 10 posts.
6. Make sure the first Blog / Website Indexed in Google, see how to write the address
on Google Search Blog / Website you. if not found, the means have not been indexed.
7. Use GMAIL Yahooto or sign up for Adsense email (be sure to sign up has never
been Used before Adsense).
8. To use SEO Blog SEO plugins etc, turning off! TEMPORARY UNTIL
8. Make sure you do not have an approved AdSense account before (multiple
9. Use Keywords much preferred, for example: Tips, Tricks, Make Money Online,
SEO, Health, etc ..
10. Do not Forget to Pray

with Blogspot
1. Make a blogger, con account
2. Make one blog at (eg:
3. Fill any blog you english article, of course article That correlated with your blog
title. You can find it by googleing around using and then do Some
modification on the article, to make it unique. Try to make 3-5 blog post.
4. Then go to google adsense to register ( Submit
your blog address for review by google adsense team, Use your true identity do not
fake it, play with clean
5. Then wait, During waiting time, please keep your blog updated. Make a blog post
at least one per day. And start promoting your blog, to get more visitors.
6. Dont forget to check your email. Usually the mail arrive in four working days.
7. If you got Approve, then you May he put the adsense code in your blog, of course
keep your blog updated too. and begin to promote your blog. If you got deny move to
8. If you got deny, Please check your mail carefully, pay attention to the reason why
your blog got Rejected. Correct all the Mistakes and go back to step one.
with Flixya
1. Go to the scene: / / A Video Sharing website
- Share your favorite videos, upload photos or start a blog.
- Create a profile, make friends and earn income online.
- Relevant ads are placed around the content you upload and share.
- You keep 100% of all ad revenue generated by your content.
- Flixya pays you through the Google Adsense publisher program.
2. Register your account with Flixya.
3. At step 2 you can see Following screen, enter proper details like Email on Which
You Want to open Adsense Account. Prefare Gmail if you then its better.
4. After Sign-Up you will of Approval get After 2 Days.
5. You will of Publication Id get like .. ca-pub-696425456656565

If the above does not work try through docstoc, or indyarocks ...

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