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									Asiabizservices Provides Excellent Singapore Company Registration Services

In the early part of the decade, when Asia’s prosperity began to separate from North America during the
recent global financial crisis, Asia’s economy began to grow independent from the clasp of the West.
Within that time as well, the trading route within Asia expands, diversifying its economy as import and
export trading opened more opportunities for small and medium enterprises.

Singapore, being the world’s second largest investment center reported a GDP growth of more than 15%.

Asiabizservices is a corporation engaged solely in providing corporate solutions both for foreign
entrepreneurs seeking to expand their business and foreign individuals wishing to explore the business
opportunities in Singapore.

“Our company registration services have a wider scope,” begins its representative as he specifies the
details, “we process company registration on all business structures,” referring to sole proprietorship,
partnership, private limited liability, and limited liability partnerships.

For foreign individuals to register a sole proprietorship, they must appoint a local manager who should
hold an ordinary residence in Singapore or who has obtained working visas such as personalized
employment pass, employment pass, entrepreneur pass or dependent pass.

“If foreigners desire to register a company other than a sole proprietorship,” Asiabizservices’
representative continues, “they must have a minimum of 1 shareholder that could either be a living
person or a company, a partner or a director.”

Among the directors, there should be someone who possesses a local residency or working visa. If
directors are not applicable, such as the case of partnerships owned by foreigners, a local manager must
be appointed.

Upon registration, a unique business name must be approved. Asiabizservices continues its elaboration,
“the name must not bear any resemblances of other existing companies, nor should it violate trademarks
or contain obscene words or its equivalent.”

After the business name approval, the incorporation of the company begins. Included in the requirements
are documents such as Memorandum and Articles of Association, Certificate of Identity, Information of
Shareholders, Directors, Partners, Company secretaries, and consents to act as director or secretary and
statement of non-disqualification to act as director.

Asiabizservices dedicated its expertise and resources in helping foreign and local investors to establish a
company in Singapore. Among its specialization includes accounting services, incorporation of offshore
companies, and incorporation of companies in Singapore.

About the publisher:
AsiaBiz is a company that provides Singapore Company Registration services to local and foreign
entrepreneurs and investors and offer consultation regarding the immigration and taxation law,
Singapore accounting services, Singapore Company Incorporation and book keeping requirements,
and other compliance matters stated under the Singapore law.

For more information:
address: 120 Telok Ayer Street Singapore 068589
phone: +6563034614

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