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									GRADE 8


Karen Kouzoujian

Bake Sale – Grade 8 Fundraiser Donated To Red Crescent. The bake sale that we did was a very peculiar one. For one thing, this was my first time, and I think it was also every body’s first time, doing a bake sale. It was also a very educational bake sale, especially for someone with no experience with selling stuff. There are many things that I learnt during the bake sale, some of them being really educational and some of them that will help me on to the future. One thing that I found really challenging was to do the math really quickly, since customers, and buyers, prefer to be served quickly, and not have to wait in line. That is the main reason we all had to add up really quickly, as well as the fact that customers are probably really hungry and want to get out of the area and eat. The solution to our problem came before we even started our bake sale. The solution was to allow each and every one of the items to be 5QR each, meaning we wouldn’t have change, and it is easier for the human brain to add up multiples of 5 than multiples of 3. One thing that we all learnt during the bake sale, is the fact that you should lower prizes as time goes by, so you can get more costumers. This knowledge, we applied when there was about 10 minutes to the bell, and we needed to finish off our bake sale. Also, we left some people at the counter, so that they could sell more things, and 4 people walked around the school, selling off last minute things. Lastly, we were very fortunate and had everything bought.

Bake Sale – Grade 8 Fundraiser Reflection Questions  How much money did you have? (gross profit) We made about 925 QR (approximately, excluding the money spent to buy food)  How much money did you pay out? (costs) We didn’t pay out any money; we donated all the money made to the charity, even the money spent to buy the food. But the amounts of money that we spent to buy the ingredients were 320 QR.  How much money did your sale raise for your charity? (net profits) Our sale raised 1245 QR (approximately, including the money spent to buy the food)  What would you do the same/differently next time? The thing I would do the same next time is to make the prizes the same, multiples of 5. This is because it was very easy to communicate with people, and also, if it is a high price, people wouldn’t feel cheated, since they could count for themselves beforehand. A thing I would make different if I do another sale is to make more food, and probably some refreshments. This is because there were many people who were really thirsty from eating cake and having no drinks. This has a negative effect on our bake sale, and I really think we should have drinks next time.  What are other things you learnt during this sale? I think that the last thing I learnt was how important it is to communicate with people in the correct way. We also had a lot of panic, and a lot of noise, so it was very important to speak clearly to people.  If you were making 20 riyals/hour, how long would you have to work to make enough money to buy the food that you bought for this sale? We would have to work about 16 hours, so that we would be able to buy enough food to produce another bake sale.

Bake Sale – Grade 8 Learner Profiles Caring: We had to be caring during the bake sale since we needed to care for the food we were selling, care for the customer’s opinion, and also care for the environment, since we need a clean environment to move around in. We had to care for the food since we needed to make sure we didn’t have too many crumbs and made such a big mess around the whole area. We also needed to care for the customers’ opinion since they were the main reason we collected enough money. We also needed to take care of our environment so that we wouldn’t accidently slip and hurt ourselves, and so that our environment would look more humanly. Communicator: We had to communicate once too often during the whole bake sale. For one thing we had to communicate with each other, for 5QR changes or things of that sort. We also had to communicate so that we would be able to pass plates to each other, to make serving people easier. This, in fact, was very important during the bake sale, as we need to communicate as fast as possible. We also had to communicate with customers, to give them their change, and to take their money from them. Risk Taker: We had to be great risk takers and accept the challenge of the bake sale. We had to accept the challenge of baking, advertizing, and also, we had to be great risk takers to share the Diamond, while a group of other grade 8 boys did a bake sale on the other side. Thinker: We had to be great thinkers to achieve what we did during the bake sale. We had to add up really quickly, think of the change, and accept the fact that there are a lot of people that are waiting to be served. We also had to think before starting the bake sale, so that we could add up the costs of all items and also adding up the final cost in our plan.

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