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									Creative Scrabble Jewelery
scrabble jewelry are usually whimsical pieces of jewelry produced from recycled scrabble game parts. There are
lots of different varieties of pendants, from cute to strange, simple to expensive. They make exceptional gifts for
special events, Mother's Day, Yuletide, Valentine's Day or other holiday you can think of! They can additionally
make very nice charms with regard to special events such as weddings. Most importantly, these are a way to
exhibit your unique style. With all of the models available out there you're sure to locate one that is completely
perfect for you!
Making Them at Home
Lots of people have fun making their very own scrabble jewelry. Initial you need to raid your mother's old
scrabble set as well as steal those game parts! You then must choose what sort of image you need on your ceramic
tile. It could be anything from a really attractive paper, to some magazine cutting, a photograph, or perhaps a
graphic you've designed yourself and printed. Cut your document down to the dimensions of the scrabble tile and
then glue this to the blank side, leaving the letter side visible. Use your signature for a individualized touch! When
the paper is actually glued to the tile you should cover it with a transparent finish. There are many non-poisonous
water based glazes obtainable which make this task very easy and hazard:free.

Be sure you let the glaze dry carefully before you move forward to the next step- even overnight. Right now there
are a few approaches to connect a bail to your ring. Some people want to drill an opening thru the very top of the
ring, front to back, and fasten a clip bail. This can cover some of your graphic, however it does give a very nice
effect. Some people like to screw a very small eye-screw to the top of the necklace and then incorporate a jump
band to run their own necklace through. Lastly, you can find glue-on bails for another good effect. Finish with a
string or pendant of your choice and there you are! Your personal scrabble tile pendant!
Where to Find the Materials
You will find scrabble tile pendant at a variety of places, you just need to maintain a keen eye to spot these.
Probably the most obvious answer to the actual question \"where can I purchase one of these?\" is: Online! Do a
speedy internet search and you will be greeted with lots of tempting alternatives in a variety of styles and price
ranges. One of our favorite websites to buy scrabble tile jewelry is They have a
fantastic choice of different sorts of scrabble jewelry and scrabble tile pendants as well as some of the best price
tags on the internet.

Another great spot to look are at local craft shows. It is possible to help support your local merchants this way, as
well as find something really special and personal to show off your style. You can find nearby craft displays by
doing an internet search for your city, or additionally check out your local newspaper. Finally, always be on the
lookout for stylish indie boutiques. These are going to be in metropolitan areas big and small and often carry a
number of items from local, national and international artisans. If you can't find them- ask! The curator of the
store may know a great little spot to check out. Good luck in your search!

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