Jeanette Brooks by BenTanner1


									Some 18 years ago, Jeanette Brooks was diagnosed with diabetes which motivated her search for ways to
lower her weight and improve her health without sacrificing taste in the products she loves. This led the
family which includes her husband, Martin and her son, Andrew ( ), into
their first healthy, low-carbohydrates venture with a company called Pure De-lite. At that time, Dr. Robert
Atkins’ low-carbohydrate diet was all the rage. Jeanette saw the need for a good tasting low-carb chocolate

When Dr. Atkins passed away the low carb industry quickly vanished. However, America’s desire
for healthy dark chocolate was growing. In fact, according to recent statistics nine out of ten people
love chocolate and crave it every day. The average American eats 12 pounds of chocolate every year.
Additionally, many doctors are also promoting the health benefits of a raw, dark, unprocessed chocolate.

Once again, after seeing the continuing need/desire for a unique chocolate, the Brooks family conducted
further research into healthy dark chocolate products and created Xoçai, the healthy dark chocolate product
line which they chose to distribute through network marketing.

   “We had a dream of taking healthy chocolate worldwide and the best way to do that was through the
people.” said
      -Jeanette Brooks, Founder and President of MXI Corp

Chocolate lovers can now simply replace the bad chocolate with the good chocolate. The Brooks family
established MXI Corp over four years ago in Reno, Nevada to provide healthy chocolate products and
a promising business opportunity for their business partners. Jeanette’s motto is, “From cacao beans to
chocolate dreams.”

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