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									Office Management: The Significance of Communication
Are you an individual who has recently obtained a promotion to the position of office
manager or have you lately been awarded an office management job with a new
company? If you've been, it is important that you take some time to familiarize yourself
with communication. When it comes to effectively running an office, good
communication is a need.

Concerning communication, office managers are urged to have good communication with
their supervisors. Even when you're a supervisor yourself, there is a good chance that
there is another individual ahead of you on the company ladder. While you might not
need to check in or provide your supervisor with updates on a daily basis, it is suggested
that you do so occasionally. This will help to demonstrate that you know what you're
doing and are able to handle your own responsibilities, while still being a team player at
the same time.

In keeping with communicating with your supervisors, it is also advised that you
approach them in any time of need. Many office managers are embarrassed or fearful of
asking for help. This is because many assume that they are expected to know what
they're doing. This is true in certain cases, but it is common for office managers,
especially those that are new on the job, to encounter problems that they are uncertain
how to solve or handle. If this is a situation that you face, it's important that you seek
assistance as soon as possible. Avoiding your supervisors, when you can use them the
most, can create for a harmful situation, namely one that could take time and money to
get out of.

Additionally to having regular communication with your supervisors, it is also essential
that you have constant communication with those you're in charge of supervising. Office
managers have numerous job responsibilities. One of those responsibilities includes
overseeing other office staff members. Depending on the size of your company or your
department, you might be responsible for supervising anywhere from two to two hundred
employees. Office managers can be responsible for giving office workers projects to
finish, as well as monitoring those projects to make sure that they'll be finished by all

Apart from ensuring that office performance and productivity is up to par, it is also the
responsibility of an office manager to handle all department issues or debates that come
up. For instance, should two of your office workers have difficulty working side by side,
it may be your duty to come up with a solution. With that in mind, it's also important that
you proceed with caution, when communicating with your coworkers. As office manager,
you're expected to be professional at all times. It's your responsibility to handle all work
related issues, but not personal issues. When working as an office manager, it is
important to be friendly, but not too personal.

As outlined above, communication is important when working in an office setting. If you
are an office manager, it's your responsibility to ensure that communication is as needed.
In addition to making sure that you are able to approach all coworkers or supervisors
when you have any questions, comments, or concerns, it's also essential to ensure that
your coworkers or supervisors feel comfortable approaching you for the same.

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