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					No. NCA/Dir/73/Hindi Website/2007-08/1367-74                         Date :28-04-08

                             dksVs’ku vkea=.k lwpuk

       funs’kd ¼flfoy½] ueZnk fu;a=.k izkf/kdj.k] ueZnk lnu] ;kstuk dzekad 74]
CykWd&ch] bUnkSj }kjk ueZnk fu;a=.k izkf/kdj.k ds vaxszth osclkbV ds lerqY;
fgUnh osclkbV cukus] viyksM djus ,oa j[k&j[kko oxSjg dk;Z ds fy;s osclkbV
cukus okys ,tsUlh ls lhycUn dksVs’ku fnukad 19-05-08 ds 16-00 cts rd vkeaf=r
fd, tkrs gSa A dk;Z dk fooj.k fuEukuqlkj gS %

dz-                 fooj.k                    bdkbZ      ek=k   nj        jkf'k
1   ueZnk fu;a=.k izkf/kdj.k ds vaxzsth      izfr i`"B    100
    ds osclkbV ( ds
    lerqY;         fgUnh          osclkbV
    cukus@fMtkbu djus fgUnh ds
    ;wuhdksM QksUV esa Vkbi djds
    QksVksxzkQl ,oa ekufp= oxSjg ds
    lkFk jk"Vªh; lwpuk dsUnz ¼,u-vkbZ-
    lh-½ ds ljoj ij viyksM djus rFkk
    vaxzsth osclkbV ds vuq:Ik fyad djus
    oxSjg ls lacaf/kr leLr dk;Z A
2   fgUnh ds ;wuhdksM QksUV esa              izfr i`"B   400
    Vkbi fd;s x;s i`"Bksa dks jk"Vªh;
    lwpuk dsUnz ljoj ij viyksM djuk rFkk
    fgUnh osclkbV ls fyad djuk A
3   fgUnh esa cuk;s x;s osclkbV dk           Ekg          03
    j[k&j[kko ,oa lapkyu ftlesa le;≤ ij
    osclkbV esa la’kks/ku djuk] viyksM
    ,oa fyad djuk oxSjg lacaf/kr leLr
    dk;Z A

      izkIr dksVs’ku mlh fnukad dks 17-00 cts [kksyk tk,xk A

     fufonk vkea=.k lwpuk] ueZnk fu;a=.k izkf/kdj.k ds osclkbV   ij
Hkh ns[kk tk ldrk gS A

fucZU/k ,oa 'krsZa %

01-   osclkbV fMtkbu djus@cukus gsrq ySVsLV fMtkbu LVSaMMZ dk mi;ksx
      fd;k tkuk pkfg;s rkfd mi;ksx djus esa vklkuh jgs A
02   usfoxs’ku gsrq esuq vko’;drkuqlkj fn;k tkuk pkfg, A
03   osclkbV lkekU; :Ik ls lHkh eq[; osc czksllZ ls fn[kk tkuk pkfg, A
04   osc fMtkbu ;kgw@xqxy@,u-vkb-lh- }kjk tkjh lpZ baftu ekxZn’kZu ds
     vuqlkj fd;k tkuk pkfg;s rkfd eq[; lpZ baftu ds ek/;e ls Hkh osclkbV ns[kk tk
     lds A
05   fn;s x;s njksa esa lHkh izdkj ds dj] 'kqYd 'kkfey gksus pkfg, A vyx ls fdlh
     vU; dj dk Hkqxrku ugha fd;k tkosxk A



06   fgUnh esa osclkbV ij viyksM gksus okyh gLrfyf[kr@Vkbi lkexzh ueZnk
     fu;a=.k izkf/kdj.k }kjk miyC/k djokbZ tk;sxh A QksVksxzkQ~l@ekufp=
     vaxzsth ds osclkbV ds vk/kkj ij@crk;s x;s iSVuZ ds vuqlkj gksuk pkfg;s A
07   osclkbV dks vafre :Ik nsus ls iwoZ viyksfMax eVsfj;y dk izqQ lh-Mh- esa
     funs’kd ¼flfoy½] ueZnk fu;a=.k izkf/kdj.k dks fn[kkus gksxs A
08   vk;dj ,oa vU; dj ;fn ykxw gks] mldh dVkSfr fu;ekuqlkj ns;d ls fd;k tk;sxk A
09   fufonk izi=] ds lkFk :- 750@& dh /kjksgj jkf’k layXu djuk gksxk tks
     fMekaM Mªk¶V@cSadlZ pSd@dky fMiksftV ds :Ik esa vkgj.k ,oa laforj.k
     vf/kdkjh] ueZnk fu;a=.k izkf/kdj.k] bUnkSj ds i{k esa ns; gks A fcuk
     /kjksgj jkf’k ds tek dh xbZ fufonkvksa Ikj fopkj ugha fd;k tkosxk A
10   lHkh njs lwpuk izi= ds lkFk mYysf[kr enkuqlkj fn;k tkuk pkfg, A
11   osclkbV gsrq gLrfyf[kr@Vkbi lkexzh vkfn funs’kd ¼flfoy½] ueZnk fu;a=.k
     izkf/kdj.k ds dk;kZy; ls fn;k tkosxk A
12   viyksfMax dk;Z djokus ds nkSjku ;fn izkf/kdj.k dk;Z dh izxfr o xq.koRrk
     dks larks"kizn ugha ikrk gS rks izkf/kdj.k fcuk dkj.k crk;s ,tsUlh ds lkFk dh
     xbZ lafonk dks fujLr djus dk vf/kdkj j[krs gS rFkk izkf/kdj.k cps 'ks"k dk;Z
     dks fdlh vU; ,tsUlh ls lEiUu djokus dk vf/kdkj j[krh gS ftlds Hkqxrku dh
     ftEesnkjh iwoZ ,tsUlh dks gh gksxh A
13   mDr dk;Z lEiUu gksus ls iwoZ dksbZ vfxze ;k e/; esa Hkqxrku ugha fd;k
     tkosxk A
14   l{ke vf/kdkjh] ueZnk fu;a=.k izkf/kdj.k fdlh Hkh fufonk ;k lHkh fufonkvksa
     dks fcuk dkj.k crk, fujLr djus dk vf/kdkj j[krs gSa A
15   osclkbV fMtkbu esa bl izdkj dk izko/kku djuk gksxk ftlls u-fu-izk- dk gkse
     ist igys [kqys ftl ij fgUnh ,oa vaxzsth dh osclkbV dks [kksyus gsrq ckDl
     cus gks A
16   osclkbV cukus@fMtkbu djus oxSjg leLr dk;Z 2 ekg esa iwjk djuk gksxk A
17     cuk;s@fMtkbu fd;s osclkbV dks ,u-vkb-lh- ljoj ij viyksM djds fyad djus ds
       mijkUr lk¶V izfr dh lh-Mh-@Mh-oh-Mh- nsuh gksxh] blds fy;s vyx ls
       dksbZ Hkqxrku ugha fd;k tk;sxkA
18     osclkbV fMtkbu@cukus viyksM ,oa fyad djus ds mijkUr 90 izfr’kr jkf’k dk
       Hkqxrku fd;k tkosxk A 'ks"k 10 izfr’kr jkf’k dk Hkqxrku osclkbV dks ,d
       ekg Bhd rjg dk;Z djus ds mijkUr fd;k tk;sxk A Hkqxrku psd }kjk fd;k tk,xk
19     osclkbV ds j[k&j[kko ,oa lapkyu@viyksfMax dk Hkqxrku fn;s x;s nj ds
       vuqlkj ekfld vk/kkj ij fd;k tkosxk ftldh x.kuk 'krZ dzekad&18 esa mYysf[kr
       vof/k ds mijkUr fd;k tkosxk A j[k&j[kko ds nkSjku dk;kZy; esa izR;sd ekg
       de&ls&de 10 fnu vkuk gksxk A

                                                                    ¼ujs’k yky½
                                                                  funs'kd ¼flfoy½
izfrfyfi %%
1-      funs’kd ¼foRr½] ueZnk fu;a=.k izkf/kdj.k] dsUnzh; dk;kZy;] bUnkSj A
2-      mi&funs’kd ¼flfoy½] ueZnk fu;a=.k izkf/kdj.k] dsUnzh; dk;kZy;] bUnkSj A
        dksVs’ku vkea=.k lwpuk dks osclkbV ij viyksM djok, A
3-      lwpuk iV~V] ueZnk fu;a=.k izkf/kdj.k] dsUnzh; dk;kZy;] bUnkSj A
                                                           funs'kd ¼flfoy½

No. NCA/Dir/73/Hindi Website/2007-08/786                               Date :28-04-08

                                    Notice Inviting Quotation

       Director (Civil), Narmada Control Authority, Narmada Sadan Scheme No. 74 Block-B,
Vijay Nagar, Indore invites sealed quotation upto 16.00 hrs. on 19.05.06 from website
designing agency/firm for making/designing of Hindi website similar to English website of
NCA and uploading, linking and R&M of Hindi website etc. The details of works is as
 Sl.                  Description                   Unit   Qty.      Rate       Amount
1      Designing/making at Hindi website of NCA Page       100
       similar to English website (
       including uploading on NIC server & linking in
       similar pattern of English website of typed
       materials, photo graphs, maps etc. complete.
2      Uploading and linking of Hindi Unicode font Page    400
       typed pages to Hindi website main menu.
3     Running and maintenance of Hindi website Month   03
      including updating time to time and
      uploading etc. complete.

      The received quotation will be opened on same day at 17.00 hrs.
      Notice inviting quotation may also be seen on NCA website
Terms & Conditions
01    Web 2.0 compliant - Latest Design standard used by all W3c complaint websites for
      ease of accessibility and use.
02    Mouse over Navigation Menu - For easy Navigation, mouse menu should be
      incorporated as required.
03    Cross Browser compatibility - The website would be uniformly visible across all
      major webs browsers.
04    Search Engine Readiness - Search Engines guide lines issued by Google, Yahoo, NIC
      etc. should be followed for website design to make sure that NCA website is not left
      out from the major search Engines.
05    The quoted rates should be inclusive of all taxes. No separate amount will be paid
      for any other taxes.
06    Typed Hindi materials photo graphs/maps etc. for uploading on website will be made
      available by NCA. The uploading of photo graphs/maps etc. should be done similar
      to English website or as directed by NCA.
07    Before finalizing the website for uploading the proof of contents in C.D. should be
      shown to Director (Civil), NCA.

08    Income tax and any other tax as applicable shall be deducted from the bill.
09    An earnest money amounting to Rs. 750/- has to be deposited along with the
      quotation in form of DD/Bankers cheque/call deposit in name of drawing and
      disbursing officer NCA, Indore. The quotation without earnest money shall not be
10.   The rate should be quoted item wise.
11.   For making/designing website hand written/typed materials etc. will be made
      available by Director (Civil) NCA, Indore.
12.   During uploading if the progress and quality of works is not found satisfactorily by
      NCA then without giving any reason the contract can be terminated and balance
      works can be gat executed through other agency at the risk and cost of quotationer.
13.   No advance or running payment will be done before completion of works.
14.   Secretary, NCA reserves the right to cancel any or all quotations without assigning
      any reason thereof.
15.   Provision should be made in the website to open Home Page of NCA in which initially
      in which two box should be made for opening Hindi or English website.
16.   All the works of website making/designing uploading & linking etc. should be
      completed with 2 months.
17.   After uploading of website on NIC server, a soft copy on CD/DVD should be given to
      NCA without any extra cost.
18.   90% payment shall be released after satisfactorily completion website works
      including uploading and linking etc. complete and balance 10% shall be released
      after 1 month for satisfactorily working and maintaining of website the payment will
      done through Account Payee cheque.
19.   The payment for running and maintenance of Hindi website including uploading shall
      be done on monthly basis as per quoted rate. The period of running and
      maintenance will be counted after 1 month from completion of works as mentioned
      at terms & conditions No. 18. During maintenance minimum 10 days has to visit the
      office for up-keeping of website.

                                                           (Naresh Lall)
                                                           Director (Civil)
Copy to :
1.    Director (F), NCA, Central Office, Indore.
2.    Dy. Director (Civil), NCA, Central Office, Indore. The NIQ may be uploaded on NCA
3.    Notice Board, NCA, Narmada Sadan, Indore.

                                                           Director (Civil)

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