NAS_SW_Package_1.041 by ashrafp


                            Software Release Note

                               NSA Series
                            Software Package

                                 Release V1.041

Date:                   Aug. 9th, 2010
Author:                 Aslan Liu, ext 5727
Project Leader:         Ray, ext 5724

ZyXEL Confidential

                                     NSA Series
                                 Software Package

                                       Release Notes

Date: Aug. 9th, 2010

Supported Platforms:
   ZyXEL NSA-220
   ZyXEL NSA-220 PLUS
   ZyXEL NSA210
   ZyXEL NSA221
   Blusens Serverbox STG-220
   PLDS PX-NAS2 STG-220
   ZyXEL NSA320

Revision --> 23496 and manually apply 23503(only syslog), 23588, 23591 and 23627

Release Package:
File name                      Requi    md5su     Description
                               res      m
NAS_SW_Package_V1.041.doc                         This document (release note)
ZYPKG_INFO.tgz                                    Use for package list retrieval
BackupPlanner_001_arm_005.zp            d5bdab7   Use this to schedule and run backup jobs for files
kg                                      191e47e   stored in your NAS to an internal drive, external

ZyXEL Confidential

                                        d047dca    storage device or to another NAS in the network.
DyDNS_002_arm_002.zpkg                  e3b596e    This gives your NAS a domain name with a dynamic IP
                                        80dbed9    address.
eMule_001_arm_003.zpkg                  0b66b96    eMule is an open-source peer-to-peer (P2P) file-sharing
                                        71d926e    application similar to eDonkey, which can be used to
                                        f7c4526    download files from the Internet.
NFS_1.1.4_arm_002.zpkg                  a75c625    NFS (Network File System) is a file-sharing protocol
                                        9c59f89    most commonly implemented on Unix-like systems.
PHP-MySQL-phpMyAdmin_1.0_               a43c2e0    This tool can be used to manage MySQL through the
arm_004.zpkg                            518c2eb    web. Enter 'root' as the username and '1234' as the
                                        01d9cf2    password to log in.
SMART_5.39_arm_003.zpkg                 8740f62    Use S.M.A.R.T. (Self Monitoring, Analysis, and
                                        d5c331d    Reporting Technology) to monitor hard disks. It
                                        09adb15    notifies you ahead of time of any issues that can result
                                        6c4a3e3    to the hard disk's poor performance or failure.
SqueezeCenter_7.5_arm_003.zpk   PHP-    f886082    This enables you to manage a Logitech's Squeezebox
g                               MySQ    cfec083    device connected to the NAS.
                                L-php   6e0e698
                                MyAd    847595c
                                min     1593
WordPress_2.7_arm_004.zpkg      PHP-    10fd3ee    This allows you to create and manage a blog. Use the
                                MySQ    764a716    NAS administrator credentials to log in. The
                                L-php   2c3ed9c    administrator can
                                MyAd    e7a9cbe    then create accounts for other users.
                                min     d293
gallery_2.3_arm_003.zpkg        PHP-    a4d9f0d    This web-based application allows your NAS to host
                                MySQ    1d254f4    pictures. Use the NAS administrator credentials to log
                                L-php   65b0c3c    in. The administrator can then create accounts for other
                                MyAd    6407d8e    users.
                                min     30fa
ZyXEL Confidential

Syslog_2.0.10_arm_001.zpkg                         9861da4     The syslog protocol allows devices to send logs across
                                                   354cf61     an IP network to syslog servers where they can be
                                                   0b34ad2     stored for later analysis.
Tftp_0.7_arm_001.zpkg                              e17f338     Trivial File Transfer Protocol (TFTP) is an Internet file
                                                   030803f     transfer protocol that uses port number 69. It is similar
                                                   ca3a33a     to FTP but uses the UDP (User Datagram Protocol)
                                                   51f424e     rather than TCP (Transmission Control Protocol). It
                                                   dcc4        cannot list directories nor authenticate users.

Complete Features List:
       Packages:
         Tftp
         Syslog
         eMule
         SqueezeCenter
         MySQL / PHP / phpMyAdmin
         S.M.A.R.T.
         DyDNS Client
             DynDNS (
             No-IP (
             3322 (
             zoneEdit (
             DHS (
         Gallery (Album)
         WordPress (Blog)
         NFS
         BackupPlanner
             Backup
             Restore

Modification in V1.041 | 08/09/2010
[Fix SPR]
Item       SPR ID                             Problem Description                                      Severity Status
    1    100805334 Symptom: can not delete volume after install/enable Syslog service                    L2       Fix
    2    100805335 Symptom: Syslog service can not send report to user defined path                      L2       Fix
                   Symptom: Syslog install failed and service not listed in function tree , this issue
    3    100805336                                                                                       L1       Fix
                   only happened on NSA210

ZyXEL Confidential

Modification in V1.04 | 07/30/2010
 BackupPlanner_001_arm_004.zpkg->BackupPlanner_001_arm_005.zpkg
     Fix:Sometimes at first execution of restore, the restore will fail
 NFS_1.1.4_arm_001.zpkg->NFS_1.1.4_arm_002.zpkg
     Fix:After keep old configuration and re-install NFS, user need to re-enable NFS before
        start to use
 PHP-MySQL-phpMyAdmin_1.0_arm_003.zpkg->PHP-MySQL-phpMyAdmin_1.0_arm_004.z
     Fix ITS#52324: Modify php.ini: "short_open_tag = On" to support syntax such as:
 WordPress_2.7_arm_003.zpkg->WordPress_2.7_arm_004.zpkg
     Add Thai language support
 eMule_001_arm_002.zpkg->eMule_001_arm_003.zpkg
     Fix ITS#52054: File size greater than 4GB cannot be shown correctly in search
        results list
 SqueezeCenter_7.4_arm_002.zpkg ->SqueezeCenter_7.5_arm_003.zpkg
     Upgrade SqueezeCenter from 7.4 to 7.5
[New Package]
 Tftp_0.7_arm_001.zpkg
 Syslog_2.0.10_arm_001.zpkg
     Auto order Log file every 2nd day of the month at 0:00, e.g.,
        admin/201006/ will be deleted after compressed to
     Check Volume usage every minute, send emergency log and turn on buzzer if the
        volume free space is less than 512MB
     Send emergency log and turn on buzzer if the volume is full and log cannot be written
     You can turn off the buzzer at Syslog WEB page, Syslog will be disabled after buzzer
        is turned off

Modification in V1.038 | 05/18/2010
 [DyDNS] Add Thai language support

Modification in V1.037 | 05/12/2010
[Fix Issue]
 [eMule] Enlarge the limit of ed2k string to 512 characters
 [eMule] Fine tune the tab font

Modification in V1.036 | 04/16/2010
[Fix Issue]
 [BackupPlanner] When Restore, use previous from step 4 back to step 3 cause selected
     file disappear
 [BackupPlanner] zysync daemon causes deleting volume failed
 [BackupPlanner] remove USB while in use with BackupPlanner installed, zyshd will die (no
ZyXEL Confidential

 [BackupPlanner] "Test Connection" button will jump around when creating a backup job
 [BackupPlanner] if the source path of an archive backup job is a whole volume, it will
    always failed with "no source found" when executing it.
 [PHP-MySQL] PHP changes status from enable to disable after rebooting
 Add NSA320 support
Modification in V1.035 | 03/18/2010
 [SMART] Upgrade smartmontools-5.38 into smartmontools-5.39.1: add support for

Modification in V1.034 | 03/05/2010
 [Backup] Add Thai Language Support
 [DyDNS] Update help files
 [eMule] Update help files. Add Thai Language Support
 [NFS] Update help files. Add Thai Language Support
 [PHP-MySQL] Fix: Can't edit the database which is named "123"
 [SMART] Fix: Remove USB while copying data will make system zysh daemon dead
 [SMART] Update help files. Add Thai Language Support

Modification in V1.033 | 02/26/2010
 [Backup] Let backup process show "no source found" error when all source shares are

Modification in V1.032 | 02/09/2010
 [PHP-MySQL] Correct the hyperlink of each packages for NSA221

Modification in V1.031 | 01/29/2010
 [Backup] [DyDNS] [eMule] [NFS] [SMART] Add Spanish help for STG-220 Blusens version

Modification in V1.03 | 01/25/2010
[Fix Issue]
 [Backup] Add the missing icon when Mouse Hover on “Add Job” Button
 [Gallery] Status becomes unknown after reset to default
 [PHP-MySQL] Status becomes unknown after reset to default
     [WordPress] Fix Language Setting Failure

ZyXEL Confidential

 [Smart] Send mail alert about S.M.A.R.T. Status
[File Set]
 BackupPlanner_001_arm_003.zpkg
 DyDNS_001_arm_001.zpkg
 eMule_001_arm_001.zpkg
 gallery_2.3_arm_003.zpkg
 NFS_1.1.4_arm_001.zpkg
 PHP-MySQL-phpMyAdmin_1.0_arm_002.zpkg
 SMART_001_arm_002.zpkg
 SqueezeCenter_7.4_arm_002.zpkg
 WordPress_2.7_arm_003.zpkg

Modification in V1.02 | 01/11/2009
[Fix Issue]
 [Backup] Handle special characters
 [SqueezeCenter] Upgrade SqueezeCenter to 7.4
[File Set]
 BackupPlanner_001_arm_002.zpkg
 DyDNS_001_arm_001.zpkg
 eMule_001_arm_001.zpkg
 gallery_2.3_arm_002.zpkg
 NFS_1.1.4_arm_001.zpkg
 PHP-MySQL-phpMyAdmin_1.0_arm_001.zpkg
 SMART_001_arm_001.zpkg
 SqueezeCenter_7.4_arm_002.zpkg
 WordPress_2.7_arm_002.zpkg

Modification in V1.01 | 09/24/2009
[Fix Issue]
 [Gallery] Gallery does not startup after reboot: User click on “Retrieve List From Internet”
     will fix it
 [Gallery] Gallery can not access well from WAN access: User have to re-install new
     version to fix it
 [WordPress] WordPress can not access well from WAN access: User have to re-install new
     version to fix it
[File Set]
 BackupPlanner_001_arm_001.zpkg
 DyDNS_001_arm_001.zpkg
 eMule_001_arm_001.zpkg
 gallery_2.3_arm_002.zpkg
 NFS_1.1.4_arm_001.zpkg
 PHP-MySQL-phpMyAdmin_1.0_arm_001.zpkg

ZyXEL Confidential

   SMART_001_arm_001.zpkg
   SqueezeCenter_7.2_arm_001.zpkg
   WordPress_2.7_arm_002.zpkg

Modification in V1.00
Initial Version
[File Set]
 BackupPlanner_001_arm_001.zpkg
 DyDNS_001_arm_001.zpkg
 eMule_001_arm_001.zpkg
 gallery_2.3_arm_001.zpkg
 NFS_1.1.4_arm_001.zpkg
 PHP-MySQL-phpMyAdmin_1.0_arm_001.zpkg
 SMART_001_arm_001.zpkg
 SqueezeCenter_7.2_arm_001.zpkg
 WordPress_2.7_arm_001.zpkg

ZyXEL Confidential

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