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					Student action plan
No.   Objective              Action                                               Responsibility   Time scale       Progress May 2010
1.    Understand more        1.1    Analyse student questionnaire including       EDU working      Spring 2008      Report presented to GEG. See appendix A for
      clearly student               verbatim responses and publish report.        with SRC and                      progress on outstanding actions.
      concerns                                                                    Gender
2.    Improve                2.1     Identify courses                             RAPS             Ongoing          FB (RIO) held meetings with Dentistry and
      participation of       2.2     Develop appropriate recruitment strategies                                     Vets to discuss m:f ratio; other areas
      underrepresented               e.g. taster days                                                               highlighted included FBLS and Physical
      gender in courses      2.3     Coordinate with retention policy                                               Science.
      currently                                                                                                     E&D training for staff who interview applicants
      dominated by men                                                                                              has been completed in Dentistry. This will be
      or women –                                                                                                    rolled out to other relevant areas once
      dominated means                                                                                               restructuring has been finalised.
      courses where
      participants are 60-
      100% of one
3.    Review University      3.1     Review provision (quality and quantity)      Academic         Review           Student Maternity/Paternity/Adoption Policy
      support to students                                                         Secretary/SRC    completed        approved in 2009.
      with caring                                                                                  spring 2008.     SRC and University currently developing a
      responsibilities                                                                             Further plan     Carers Policy.
                                                                                                   developed        Larger site for the University Nursery is
                                                                                                                    planned, however finding an appropriate
                                                                                                                    space will take some time.
4.    Identify support       4.1     Work with LGBT Society/SRC                   SRC, Sexual      Identification   The EDU recommends this action is passed
      needs of LGBT                                                               Orientation      of issues by     onto the Sexual Orientation Equality Group
      students                                                                    champion and     spring 2008      (SOEG) and relevant Champion.
                                                                                  LGBT Society,    and further
                                                                                  EDU              plan
No.   Objective             Action                                                  Responsibility   Time scale      Progress May 2010
5.    Assess the impact     5.1    Develop methodology for impact                   EDU              Spring 2008     EIA policy and process approved by EDSC.
      on gender equality           assessment of policies related to students                                        Policies completed are on the EDU’s website
      of existing and new                                                                                  
      policies and                                                                                                   /equalityimpactassessment/
      practices                                                                                                      Planned rollout approved by EDSC, starting
                                                                                                                     with student policies.
6.    Review the extent     6.1      Develop student harassment policy.             SRC, Clerk of    Complete        Student Harassment Statement approved by
      to which                                                                      Senate, EDU      Summer          EDSC in 2008, and publicised to all students.
      harassment and                                                                                 2008            A Code of Practice on Unacceptable
      bullying is a                                                                                                  Behaviour has been implemented by Senate.
      concern within the                                                                                             The Harassment Advisor’s Network has been
      learning                                                                                                       trained to support student who feel they are
      environment                                                                                                    being bullied or harassed, and to assist with
                                                                                                                     resolving the issue at an early stage.

Staff action plan
No.   Objective             Action                                                  Responsibility   Time          Progress May 2010
7.    Understand staff      7.1      Analyse staff questionnaire including          HR, Equality     End 2007      Report presented to GEG. See appendix A for
      concerns more                  verbatim responses and publish report          Champions, EDU   and           progress on outstanding actions.
      clearly                        comparing findings with staff attitudes                         ongoing       Repeated the Staff Attitude Survey in 2009.
                            7.2      survey.                                                                       Result showed men were more likely to be
                                     Conduct regular staff attitude surveys which                                  unhappy working at the UoG than women;
                                     includes gender and other wider equality                                      however the difference was statistically very
                                     aspects                                                                       small. Faculties received a gender breakdown of
No.   Objective          Action                                                     Responsibility     Time        Progress May 2010
8.    Embed equality     8.1      Embed equality and diversity issues relating      Clerk of Senate,   Sept 2008   ELIR process resulted in the QAA stating they
      and diversity in            to gender in quality assurance processes for      VP L&T                         had ‘confidence’ in the UoG management of
      teaching and                curriculum development, teaching, learning,                                      academic standards, and of the assurance and
      learning and                assessment and evaluation to ensure that                                         enhancement of the student learning
      curriculum                  the curriculum is inclusive and does not                                         experience. No specific gender issues were
      development                 stereotype any gender group.                      LTC, SDS                       raised through this process.
                                  Integrate gender equality issues into the                                        LTC has integrated gender equality issues into
                         8.2                                                                           Ongoing
                                  University’s learning and development                                            its taught programmes
                                                                                    SDS, LTC, EDU,
                                  Provide learning opportunities and                                               EDU is working with Faculty Admissions staff to
                         8.3                                                        RAPS               Ongoing
                                  resources for all teaching staff to raise their                                  ensure processes are fair and equal. RAPS
                                  awareness of equality and diversity issues                                       have attended E&D training and are represented
                                  relating to gender in recruitment,                                               on the GEG.
                                  admissions, learning, teaching, assessment
                                  and evaluation.
                         8.4      Revise the New Lecturer and Teacher               LTC                            E&D issues have been included in the review of
                                  Programme to raise new teaching staff                                Septembe    the NTLP. E&D will be embedded in core units
                                  members’ awareness of equality and                                   r 2008      and new optional unit offering in-depth
                                  diversity issues relating to gender in                               (Complete   exploration of E&D in HE teaching is on target to
                                  learning, teaching, assessment and                                   d)          be available from 2009/10.
                                  evaluation.                                       Clerk of Senate;
                                  Monitor compliance with use of appropriate        Deans                          E&D questions have been embedded in the
                                  equality and diversity processes relating to      HoDs                           DPTLA and ACMR process. No significant
                                  gender in curriculum development, learning,                                      issues have been raised with the EDU from
                                                                                    Course             Ongoing
                                  teaching, assessment and evaluation via                                          these.
                                  internal quality assurance processes such
                                  as DPTLAs and Annual Course Reviews.
                                  Provide learning resources via the Learning
                         8.6      & Teaching Centre’s website for all teaching      LTC, EDU
                                  staff to raise their awareness of equality and                       Ongoing     Resources available at:
                                  diversity issues relating to gender in                                 
                                  learning, teaching, assessment and                                               oodpracticeresources/equalityanddiversity/
No.   Objective                Action                                                   Responsibility     Time        Progress May 2010
9.    Assess the impact        9.1      Develop methodology for impact                  EDU                End 2008    EIA policy and process approved by EDSC.
      on gender equality                assessment of policies related to staff                            and         Policies completed are on the EDU’s website
      of existing and                                                                                      ongoing
      new policies and         9.2      Provide impact assessment training for SMG                                     qualityimpactassessment/
      practices                         Review policies and procedures for
                               9.3      compliance
                                        Develop an institutional structure (EDU) to     Director of HR,                EDU team in place August 07.
                               9.4      support the mainstreaming of equality and       Academic           Sep 2007
                                        diversity                                       Secretary          (Complete
10.   Assess that the          10.1     Publish and implement Equal Pay Statement       HR                 28/09/07    Equal Pay Audit conducted, and will be
      University                        Conduct regular pay reviews                                        and         reviewed annually.
      complies with            10.2                                                                        ongoing
      legislation on                                                                                       (complete
      equal pay                                                                                            d)
11.   Review                   11.1     Ensure consideration is given to the            HR, SMG            By end      Promotions policy has been amended and
      promotions                        teaching dimensions of the academic role                           2007, and   includes teaching and p/t considerations.
      policies for all staff   11.2     Ensure part-time and full time working are                         annually    Reviewed for continuous improvement.
                                        given pro-rata consideration                                                   Promotions monitored for gender, race and
                               11.3     Monitor the promotions cycle for all equality                                  disability will begin from 2009, results are
                                        strands                                                                        presented to HR Committee.
12.   Review patterns of       12.1     Increase the use of new work patterns,          HR, Deans,         Ongoing     Literature review and consultation completed,
      working across the                which are consistent with operational           Service                        policy will be amended when resources
      University                        effectiveness such as flexible working, shift   Directors, HoDs.               available.
                                        patterns, variable/long hours, annual hours     HR & EDU
                               12.2     Raising awareness and developing
                                        guidelines for implementation within                               Spring
                                        departments.                                                       2009, and
No.   Objective            Action                                                    Responsibility       Time         Progress May 2010
13.   Develop the          13.1      Review recruitment and selection processes      SMG, HR, SDS,        Ongoing      R&S overhauled in 07/08. E-recruitment now
      University as a      13.2      To develop robust monitoring                    EDU                               embedded and includes mandatory E&D
      diverse community    13.3      Raise awareness (internally and externally)                                       questions. Recruitment and Selection training
      and increased                  of equality and diversity and the University.                                     under review.
      number of staff      13.4      Analyse the composition of University
      from                           committees for diverse representation                                             EDSC has in principal supported E&D online
      underrepresented               Support staff with training in equality and                                       training. EDU is currently receiving final tender
      groups.              13.5
                                     diversity and cultural issues                                                     bid for this.

14.   Clarify whether      14.1      Increase the pool of harassment advisors        SMG, HR, EDU,        Ongoing      EDU recruited new HA’s – now 17 in total.
      harassment and       14.2      Review and update any training                  HoDs, HAN                         HAN received training in mediation,
      bullying is a                  requirements for harassment advisors                                              confidentiality, active listening and student
      concern in the       14.3      Update harassment and bullying policy and                                         procedures.
      working                        inform University community
      environment                    To work with managers to support                                                  Included harassment in MMDP training.
                                     implementation                                                                    Implemented a robust monitoring system.
                           14.5      Monitor harassment and bullying complaints

Procurement Action Plan
No.   Objective                        Action                                                         Responsibility          Time scale         Progress May 2010
15.   Review all procurement           15.1   Review procurement procedures and guidelines            Director of Finance     December           Finance signpost all
      activities to ensure all                to include specific information on the Gender                                   2007 and           equality policies to
      contractors are aware of and            Equality Scheme and Action Plan                                                 ongoing            relevant approved
      compliant with Gender                                                                                                                      suppliers.
      Equality Scheme and Action                                                                                                                 Implemented a
      Plan 2007-2010                                                                                                                             complaints process for
                                                                                                                                                 complaints against
Appendix A - Gender Equality Scheme – Verbatim responses
Action Sheet - Update 25/05/2010

Outstanding actions

No.   Action                                               By whom     When
2.    Childcare provision on campus – in GES Action Plan   GEG         Ongoing – E&B and Campus Services are
                                                                       researching suitable premises (embedded in
                                                                       action 3).
7.    GUU – 139 Dinner, homophobic attitudes – service     NJ          NJ raised with Secretary of Court, this has been
      level agreement                                                  feed into the current review of all Student Union
8.    SRS – Communal changing spaces                       SRS         The changing rooms for the swimming pool have
                                                                       been refurbished and now have private
                                                                       changing and showering facilities. The changing
                                                                       rooms on level 3 will be refurbished in summer
12.   Flexible working policy                              HR          Awaiting update
17.   Review of Bullying and Harassment policy             EDU         EDU currently preparing a draft for consultation
19.   P/G Education placements – give consideration to     EDU -       Awaiting update.
      those with caring responsibilities.                  Education
Completed actions

No.   Action                                                By whom    Completed outcome
1.    Write progress and update results into A4 sheet       EDU        Completed 28/10, presented to GEG 21/01/09
3.    Report on Flexibility in the Curriculum               EDU        Two key areas have been highlighted in this
                                                                       report – childcare on campus, and timetabling
                                                                       concerns for students who are carers. Due to
                                                                       changes in staff personnel this is no-longer
                                                                       being perused.
4.    Code of practice/guidelines to include                Clerk of   Senate approved Student Maternity/Paternity
      accommodating students with caring responsibilities   Senate     Policy -
                                                                       4 on the 04/06/2009
5.    Student Harassment Statement                          EDU        Approved EDSC 11/12/08. Launched 19/01/09 -
6.    Complaints procedure for sexist comments from         Procure-   EDU, E&B and Procurement finalised a
      contractors (add procedure into Student Harassment    ment       complaints procedure.
8.    SRS – Communal changing spaces                        SRS        SRS reported the changing facilities in the
                                                                       Stevenson building will be refurbished in
                                                                       Summer 09 and will accommodate more private
                                                                       changing and showering facilities.
9.    Lack of female toilets, particular buildings.         E&B        EDU sent an email to relevant Deans
      Trans toilet facilities                                          05/02/2010.
10.   Publish Equal Pay Audit                               HR         HR has published an equal pay statement inline
                                                                       with legislative requirements. The full audit has
                                                                       not been published.
11.   Prospectus – images of same-sex couples               NJ - SS    Highlighted to Corp Comms, who have taken the
                                                                         information into account, however very few
                                                                         pictures of ‘couples’ are used in the prospectus.
13.   Fixed term staff – gender balance?                        HR       Statistical information provide in GES Verbatim
                                                                         Response summary
14.   Recruitment & Promotions policies opaque – EIA            EDU/HR   EDU has completed an EIA of the Academic
                                                                         Promotions Policy. Evidence shows women are
                                                                         more likely to gain promotion, however are less
                                                                         likely to put themselves forward.
15.   E&D training for Promotions panels                                 The Equality and Diversity Training Strategy will
                                                                         incorporate this.
16.   Recruitment of Harassment Advisors                        EDU      Completed
18.   Advise Faculties to set aside a pot of funding to cover   NJ       All budget holders are reminded to keep
      maternity leave                                                    contingency funding to cover Maternity leave.

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