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									         World History       Martin Luther: Twinkle Twinkle Little Star How Did Luther Stray So Far?     M. Lynde
                                                         Luther Worksheet

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Directions: Use the text, internet, and the PowerPoint Martin Luther to complete the worksheet.

1. Define or Identify the following:
Jan Hus-

John Wycliffe-


Lutheran church

Justification by faith

95 Theses

Salvation by faith alone


Thomas More-

2. Study Questions

    1.   Who was involved with selling indulgences in Germany?

    2.   What did Martin Luther want the German princes to do?

    3.   What was the purpose of the Diet of Worms?

    4.   What happened at the Diet of Worms?

    5.   What did the Diet of Worms declare Luther?

    6.   Who was Charles V? What areas did he rule?

    7.   Who were Charles V’s rivals?

Martin Luther                                                                                          11/16/10

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