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Micro Niche Marketing Explained


Micro Niche Marketing Explained

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									                                          Micro Niche Marketing

If you are new to the world of internet marketing then you know finding a niche with few competitors is
almost impossible. Often time’s marketers will try to find a smaller subset of a set niche which is called a
micro niche. For example, let’s look at cooking, cooking is a market but far too large to be a niche. The
baking market is a great starting place to narrow down a market but still too broad to be considered a
niche. A good example of a niche would be desert baking.

In a nutshell, a micro niche is just a really specific portion of a much larger niche. Whets cool about large
niches such as cooking is you literally have an unlimited amount of less completive micro niches. The
good thing about a micro niche is they are easy to expand on, for example we could easily take the “how
to bake beautiful birthday cakes" and replace birthday with wedding, anniversary, Christmas,
retirement. The sky is the limit as far as the micro niches you can target.

The substantial potency associated with micro niche marketing is that you are focusing your attempts on
the needs of an extremely specific, defined market place. It is easy to determine what the problems are
in this market and what you can do to provide a solution. You can understand their motivation and their
pain and then step up and be the leading man by offering your micro niche the resolution to their
dilemma. Due to the fact the markets are small and defined you will not have to spend a great deal of
time on research in order to find out what the needs are for the market and better yet how to meet
those needs.

Since the micro niche has drastically fewer competitors you can get your message to your potential
market with ease. Let’s look at another instance where using micro niches are quite beneficial. Let's
again look at "cake baking" for example. A quick Google search will show us that there are millions of
results for cooking. Do you think your odds are good for ranking for that phrase? Not likely!

Now let’s take a look at “baking beautiful wedding cakes" For that search we notice far fewer results,
much better. A closer inspection is going to indicate to us how the competition is not too challenging
therefore we have got a fairly good chance of getting inside first 10 search results for that phrase. We
have now a micro niche that we can easily focus on and sell to and because we realize the opposition,
we know that this is really a market that we can readily concentrate on and cash in on.

Marketing is all about locating a hungry market. A number of people with a well-known concern that
you can easily present an answer for. Micro niche marketing is the very best approach to accomplish
that as a Web marketer. This tactic permits anyone to really target in on the market and give them just
what these people need to have to get rid of their specific need. It also allows you to rule that market
because it has been passed over or completely over looked by the other internet marketers. There is a
new product called Micro Niche Profit Formula that will help automate this. Click here to find out more.

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