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					VICTORIAN NEWS                                                                   ‘Our heritage... yesterday,
                                                                                 today and tomorrow’                                                 May 2009

   TrusT Wins Top
   naTional aWard
   (See full story in National Magazine, Trust News)

   annual appeal p4

         RIPPON LEA                                               BARwON HEAds BRIdgE:                                   AgL ENERgy HELPs tO REstORE
 p3      CONSERVATORY RESTORATION                            p5   ‘MAkE WAY HERITAgE’                              p8    MELBOURNE’S FAMOUS SkIPPINg gIRL

EVENTS IN BRIEF: MAY 2009 TO JULY 2009 (see pages 10-15)                                                                    National Trust of Australia (Victoria)
2 MAY       Mt Alexander Heritage Festival Official Launch    17 MAY & 21 JUNE John Tallis Twilight Chamber Music           Tasma Terrace, 4 Parliament Place
9 MAY       Melbourne Cemetery Full Moon Walking Tours                    at Rippon Lea                                     East Melbourne Victoria 3002
10 MAY      Mother’s day events at Como, Labassa              21 MAY      An Arresting Experience – a visit to the Old
                                                                                                                            Telephone (03) 9656 9800
            and Rippon Lea                                                Melbourne gaol Crime & Justice Experience
                                                              Every 2nd Wed until 10 JUNE Shaping Elegance –                Facsimile   (03) 9650 5397
17 MAY      Mt Alexander Heritage Festival –
            Festival Address by Robyn Annear                              Meet the designer                                 Email
                                                              24 JUNE     Coach trip to Beleura                   
Message from the Chairman
                                                                              complex in the Yarra Valley. The story of their efforts is reported in
                                                                              the main Trust News. The bravery of our supporters and community
                                                                              was recognised with the presentation of bravery certificates and
                                                                              our thanks to staff, volunteers, and residents of Yarra glen and
                                                                              representatives of the CFA by our CEO Martin Purslow at a special
                                                                              lunch at gulf Station.
                                                                              On a positive note, the Victorian National Trust won the national
                                                                              tourism industry award in February for the best cultural and heritage
                                                                              attraction in Australia for the Old Melbourne gaol Crime & Justice
                                                                              Experience as reported in the national magazine, Trust News.
                                                                              The award was presented in front of over 1000 representatives
                                                                              from the tourism sector. Tourism Minister, the Hon. Tim Holding
                                                                              congratulated the National Trust on this major achievement in a well
                                                                              contested category that included Port Arthur in Tasmania. The Award
                                                                              recognises the experience at the site as the best in the country for a
  THE HON. TIM HOLdINg AT THE NATIONAL TOURISM AWARdS                         cultural and heritage venue.
                                                                              I am delighted to report to members that I have recently been
From the devastating bush fires of the 7th of                                 appointed by the Minister for Environment, Heritage and the Arts,
February, we have learnt how fragile our heritage                             the Hon. Peter garrett to the Federal government’s newly formed
                                                                              Heritage Working group. This strengthens the Trust’s interaction at
can be in the face of natural disaster.                                       the heart of government on heritage issues. Amongst items on our
                                                                              agenda has been discussion over the delivery of a new $60 million
An article prepared by our staff and included within this                     stimulus package for heritage and conservation, which will benefit
months national magazine makes sobering reading. 173 lives                    a number of National Trust properties around Australia. The Trust
lost and over 2000 buildings in over 70 communities, along with               in Victoria has been working hard for over 18 months to deliver
400,000 hectares of land affected by the fires. This scale of loss is         up-to-date condition surveys and maintenance plans along with
almost unimaginable.                                                          development projects to improve our various historic sites. Several
The National Trust sends its sympathy and heartfelt condolences to            of these projects will now be considered for funding and delivery in
all those who have lost loved ones in the tragedy. We also recognise          the coming year to enhance the member and visitor experience at
the losses of our members at this time, some of whom have lost                our sites.
nearly everything. We also send our thanks to all those members
and visitors who made it possible for us to donate $4,098 towards
the bushfire appeal, thanks to their generosity at our fundraising
open day at Trust properties in February. We must also thank all
                                                                              Dr. graeme L. Blackman
those volunteers and local residents who fought fires at gulf Station
which threatened to destroy Victoria’s oldest surviving timber farm

Message from the CEO
Minister launches new                                Victorian National Trust
National Trust / State                               activity update –
partnership initiative                               the year so far…
Planning Minister, the Hon. Justin Madden            Over 3000 visitors came to Rippon Lea
took the opportunity in March to meet and            for our annual Teddy Bear’s Picnic on 21st
thank local volunteers at gulf Station when          February, our largest one day event of the
he launched a new community grants                   year. Following a membership drive, 46
program to be managed by the National                                                                     FROM LEFT TO RIgHT: MATT JEFFRIES (RESTORER),
                                                     families joined the National Trust at this           HON. JUSTIN MAddEN, WILLYS KEEBLE
Trust. The new partnership initiative                event. We would like to welcome our new              (SUPERVISINg ARCHITECT), MARTIN PURSLOW,
                                                                                                          MICHAEL BATCHELOR (NT BOARd MEMBER)
“TOP-UP: the Community Co-Contribution               members to this issue of Victorian News.
Heritage Funding Scheme” funded by
                                                     The National Trust has been successful            now been taken down and will be restored
Heritage Victoria, aims to give grants
                                                     in raising funds for the restoration of           ahead of a rededication and switch on by
of up to $10,000 for community based
                                                     the Skipping girl sign in Richmond and            early June.
conservation activity. It recognises
                                                     many members will have seen the intense
the Trust’s unique tax deductible
                                                     media interest in this story. The 10-month        Our new strategic plan focuses our
appeals system, which is currently
                                                     long appeal, kicked off with support from         activities on sustainability, community
supporting 46 restorations across Victoria
                                                     Heritage Council and the Melbourne                engagement, education, best practice and
(visit for further
                                                     Heritage Restoration Fund, raised over            advocacy. We are making good progress
information). Closing date for applications:
                                                     $60,000 along with five years maintenance         towards developing quality heritage
31 May 2009.
                                                     and free green power from AgL energy.             attractions and increasing our commercial
                                                     Over 100 individual donors raised nearly          initiatives to support our growth and
                                                     $20,000 alone, so our thanks to all of you        ultimately enhance our core conservation
                                                     for supporting this appeal. Little Audrey has     activity. The national tourism award

Rippon Lea
Conservatory Restoration
 In 2007, the Victorian National               The conservatory was added to the north            supporting the roof and fanlights were
                                               corner of the mansion in 1897 during the           also rotten beyond repair and replaced.
     Trust was the recipient of a              last house alterations by Sir Frederick          – Floor tiles – only required the replacement
      grant of $126,500 from the               Sargood. This restoration project has              of 6 missing tiles and cleaning.
                                               been based on inspections and a program
                                                                                                – The roof ridge was replaced in the 1960’s
   Commonwealth Department                     developed by various professionals, with
                                                                                                  with modern galvanised iron. The profile
     of Environment and Water                  the aim being to conserve and preserve this
                                                                                                  was inappropriate and this was replaced
                                               significant structure for future generations.
 Resources (now Environment,                                                                      with a flatter profile.
                                               After more than 6 months of investigations       – Painting – this was one of the most
  Water, Heritage and the Arts)                and applying for various permits, the project      interesting parts of the project. donald
   under the National Heritage                 was finally put out to tender. The successful      Ellsmore was commissioned to investigate
                                               bid was provided by Heritage Building              the paint work. He analysed scrapings
Investment Initiative, to restore              Services. The scope of works included:             that showed the sequence of paint
      the cast iron conservatory               – Structural remediation – one beam                finishes. There was sufficient evidence
                                                 was badly corroded and had started to            to reinstate the colour scheme from1897.
         at Rippon Lea. Further                  delaminate. This was stabilised and a new        The colours found were sand, brown,
     funds were donated by the                   beam installed underneath.                       deep red, deep cream and gold. The gold
                                                                                                  is real gold leaf and has been applied as
  Andrews Foundation and the                   – Cast iron conservation – the cast iron
                                                                                                  a highlight to the finial and pilasters.
                                                 fanlights were in particularly bad
         Friends of Rippon Lea.                  condition with severe corrosion and some       Once landscape and minor maintenance
                                                 cracking of the iron. The columns were         work is complete the conservatory will once
                                                 also corroded. The paint and corrosion         again be home to a small orchid collection.
                                                 were removed and a rust preventative           The selection of species will be based on
                                                 applied before painting.                       the Sargood and Nathan orchid collections.
                                               – glass repairs and reglazing – once the old
                                                                                                The National Trust would like to thank
                                                 glass was removed it was discovered the
                                                                                                the Commonwealth department of
                                                 glazing bars that hold the glass in place
                                                                                                Environment and Water Resources (now
                                                 had begun to rot and all needed replacing.
                                                                                                Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts)
                                               – Timber and other repairs – much of             under the National Heritage Investment
                                                 the internal timbers and external fascia       Initiative, the Andrews Foundation and the
                                                 boards were rotten due to the high             Friends of Rippon Lea for their support in
                                                 humidity of the interior and the failure       funding this project.
   RIPPON LEA’S CONSERVATORY                     of the guttering system. The beams
                                                                                                Phil Tulk

illustrates what we are achieving. The wide    with additional support for development          Rippon Lea, and the Como House Victorian
range of projects underway includes the        of business planning in partnership with         gates, including the reintroduction of the
$13m redevelopment of the Polly Woodside       Tourism Victoria.                                original gas lanterns, and the long overdue
precinct due to be opened by Spring this                                                        restoration and glazing of the ornate Porte
                                               The Trust is currently actively developing
year. There are also plans for restoration                                                      Cochére at Rippon Lea’s front door. As we
                                               its member benefits program securing a
and development of facilities at Rippon Lea,                                                    celebrate 50 years of Trust management of
                                               discount of up to 7% to members who use
gulf Station, Mulberry Hill and McCrae,                                                         Como in August, the restoration and reuse
                                               or transfer their power needs to AgL thanks
along with major restoration proposals at                                                       of the entrance gates along with improved
                                               to their green Energy commitment. Also, a
Como, Barwon Park and Labassa as well as                                                        lighting will be a major improvement to the
                                               sponsorship agreement with Leonard Joel
significant green projects at Endeavour                                                         site. All other donations received in 2009
                                               Auctioneers and the Bonham’s group offers
Fern gully and Mooramong. These are                                                             will be applied to the development of our
                                               the Trust a variety of support and a range
important parts of our strategy to secure                                                       educational activity and facilities.
                                               of potential benefits to members. Over
a sustainable future for our heritage and
                                               the next two years members using their           As always we thank you for your continued
to broaden our advocacy utilising our own
                                               services can direct fees and commissions         support and look forward to a year that
sites as beacons of best practice. McCrae
                                               to support the Trust, or donate objects          promises significant investment in Trust
Homestead is the recipient of close to
                                               including furniture and decorative arts to       facilities and services and will see us deliver
$400k external investment in a new gallery
                                               be sold, with the proceeds in part or in full    an even better service to visitors whilst
and facilities improvements. This work
                                               available as a tax deductible donation to        also enhancing an expanding conservation
is being completed thanks to private
                                               support the work of the Trust. Further details   advocacy role.
donations and support from the J T Reid
                                               are included in our magazine this month.
Charitable Trust. Endeavour Fern gully
is in receipt of over $75k of grants for       Our Annual Appeal this year seeks to
revegetation initiatives and public access     restore and light the Trust’s major property
improvement. gulf Station is in receipt of     entrances. We are seeking to restore the
over $200k in grant support for restoration,   gates and original Hotham St fences at           Mr Martin Purslow

                                                                                                                            MAY 2009    3
Our                                         Melbourne Open House
Appeal                                      The Victorian National Trust’s headquarters, Tasma Terrace, will be open to members and
                                            the public on Sunday, 19 July as part of the exciting Melbourne Open House program.
This year the Trust is                      Tours will be conducted by the Trust’s Senior Historian Dr Celestina Sagazio.
appealing once again to                     Time: 10am-5pm
you, our members, for                       TASMA TERRACE, TAKEN BY ROHAN STOREY

financial assistance to
enable the organisation
to continue its important                  New properties for
work. Members will receive
a special letter in the mail
during the coming month
                                           Heritage B&B Program
with details of how                        These three magnificent heritage properties are now part of the
to donate.                                 Victorian National Trust’s heritage accommodation program.
In 2009 a focus of our appeal will
be the restoration of the wrought-
iron entrance gates and fences at
both Rippon Lea and Como, and
the restoration and re-glazing of the
magnificent porte cochere at Rippon
Lea’s main entrance. The porte cochere
alone will cost at least $98,000 to
restore to its former state, but as the
recent Conservatory restoration at
Rippon Lea demonstrates, this will be
a significant enhancement to the house
when completed. The main iron gates
to these two major city properties were
the first sight that visitors beheld as
they approached the entrance. They
are still the first thing seen at Rippon
Lea and will be again at Como. As part
of Como’s 50th anniversary of Trust                                                           gLEN HARROW, BELgRAVE. ROMANTIC COTTAgES SET
                                            CRAIg’S HOTEL, BALLARAT: SUMPTUOUS, FULLY
                                                                                              IN AN ExOTIC ANd FRAgRANT HERITAgE gARdEN.
                                            RESTOREd VICTORIAN HOTEL IN CENTRAL BALLARAT.
custodianship, and in recognition of                                                          CLOSE TO PUFFINg BILLY.
Rippon Lea’s place on the National
Heritage Register, we plan to reinstate
the gas lamps at the stately front gates
to truly light up the entrances again.
Appeal donations in 2009 will also be
directed to the planned development
of our new Education Centre, based
at Rippon Lea, which will specialise
in schools programmes and wider
Trust community outreach. The
National Trust currently attracts over
30,000 school visits per year and
this is increasing. We are aware that
education and involvement of young
people is our future, and the future of
heritage preservation.
                                            FEATURINg MANY OLd ROSES.

Barwon Heads Bridge:
‘Make Way Heritage’
The saga of the
Barwon Heads Bridge
took some very dramatic
turns early this year.                             BARWON HEAdS BRIdgE

The unfortunate finale seems to be that the      In 2007, having heard all the evidence, the      large concrete and steel bridge whose
latest in a series of VicRoads proposals will    government’s Advisory Committee reported         purpose is to provide two lanes of traffic,
proceed: the bridge will be reconstructed        on how the bridge should be saved. Its view      after which it will be used for pedestrian
rather than strengthened, to a modified          that the existing bridge could and should        purposes. To accommodate this two
design, on a different alignment, and a          be ‘rehabilitated’, rather than ‘rebuilt’, was   lane bridge Heritage Victoria approved
large new ‘pedestrian’ bridge will be built      unequivocal. There is no evidence however        realignment of the reconstructed timber
adjacent to it, impeding critical views to and   that VicRoads ever seriously reconsidered        bridge by six metres, because ‘VicRoads
from the bridge to the downstream bluff          the rehabilitation option, or even the           argued it was part of its statutory obligation
and beach/jetty hub. This is not the heritage    Committee’s specific recommendations             in providing an adequate crossing.’ This
outcome that was sought for the famous           regarding recalculation of load capabilities.    new footprint means that the likelihood of
‘Sea Change’ bridge.                             Neither did it investigate cutting-edge          the rebuilt timber bridge retaining much
                                                 timber strengthening technology. Instead,        original fabric, or even being regarded as
It is also far from the wishes of the local                                                       the original bridge, is greatly reduced. A
                                                 it proposed a peculiar brand-new bridge,
community. The large crowd which attended                                                         temporary traffic expedient has defeated
                                                 half concrete, half timber. Widespread
the colourful ‘One Voice One Bridge’ rally                                                        the Advisory Committee’s stricture that
                                                 objection to this hybrid eyesore caused
on Sunday 11th January heard a string of                                                          ‘the best heritage outcome’ be achieved.
                                                 it also to be withdrawn.
identities reject the proposal. One simple
                                                 The VicRoads ‘public consultation’ cited         The Advisory Committee had mandated
plea made a particular impression: local
                                                 by the government in defence of its              that the design of any pedestrian bridge
teenager gemma Ross-Mcglynn said the
                                                 action amounted to bureaucrats ticking           should ‘be determined primarily on heritage
coming generation would be robbed of an
                                                 the boxes: ‘information sessions’, ‘public       grounds’. Although architect designed, what
icon if the proposed ‘distorted replica’ was
                                                 displays’, and ‘information bulletins’. In       will be built is a two-way, oversized and
allowed to replace it.
                                                 fact, the impartiality of the whole process      visually intrusive concrete and steel bridge
On 17th March greens MLC Colleen                                                                  which will encroach critically on a popular
                                                 might reasonably be questioned. The
Hartland was true to her rally promise           heritage values of the bridge were barely        beach on one side and an eroding sand spit
to bring a Parliamentary ‘disallowance           conveyed to the community; the consultant        on the other, and require pedestrians to
motion.’ The Opposition supported the            study briefs disallowed consideration            cross a busy highway.
motion, which would veto the Planning            of retaining the heritage bridge; there          If this proposal proceeds it will mean
Minister’s calling-in of the application. It     was no explanation of what the ‘replica’         that Victoria’s two outstanding timber
was won on the casting vote of the dLP’s         structure (which VicRoads claimed had            estuarine bridges, at Barwon Heads and
Peter Kavanagh, who cited his party’s            majority support) would actually look like;      over the Hopkins River at Warrnambool,
policy that ‘wherever possible local             the key amenity and heritage concerns of         will both have been replaced on the watch
people should decide local issues’. All this     the local community were ignored, and            of the current government. This is despite
occurred as VicRoads was considering             the analysis of 528 community feedback           recommendations, in both cases, by
construction tenders.                            sheets was not published. ‘Roundtable            specially convened government advisory
The Parliament’s vote provided an                discussions with key stakeholders’ did not       committees, that retention was both
opportunity to explore suggestions to            include the National Trust, which had been       feasible and advisable due to their high
improve the scheme. Instead the next day         the first to identify the significance of the    heritage values.
the Minister responded by declaring the          bridge, and featured it prominently in its       The management of the Barwon Heads
whole project exempt from the Planning           award winning book Wooden Wonders.               project has been a prolonged and expensive
and Environment Act. This was carried out        VicRoads’ consultant’s conclusion that the       debacle. While the final outcome is better
under the apparently recently discovered         bridge demolition option ‘mostly’ met the        than the concrete road bridge originally
Section 16 of the Act, which had also been       evaluation criteria for cultural heritage        proposed, it is hardly commensurate with
controversially employed in the Channel          defied credibility. The attendance of some       the undisputed heritage significance of the
deepening and Sugarloaf Pipeline projects.       2,500 people at a protest rally undermines       bridge, its uncommonly beautiful setting,
The Minister justified this bypassing of         any claim that the present proposal is the       and its unmatched public profile. If we
Parliament on the grounds that the single        result of a successful consultation process.     cannot do better with such a bridge, it must
bridge option was unachievable, and              Whereas the Advisory Committee                   be asked whether any timber bridge will
that extensive public consultation had           contemplated a single lane of traffic during     survive in operation in Victoria.
already occurred.                                reconstruction, the project will deliver a       David Moloney

                                                                                                                             MAY 2009    5
Team of Pianists
The Team of Pianists is dedicated to the promotion
and preservation of Classical music, not just for
the sake of music, but for music’s importance                                     FROM LEFT TO RIgHT: ROBERT CHAMBERLAIN, dARRYL COOTE
                                                                                  ANd MAx COOKE
to humanity.
The European traditions particularly of        Audiences are attracted by the venues, and         provides a showcase for the young players
chamber music and solo piano music,            also because some new and challenging              to demonstrate the results of the tuition
belong in the kinds of venues that the         music is introduced alongside more                 received from the partners of the Team of
National Trust preserves and maintains.        traditional works already known and loved.         Pianists.
                                               The Team also selects some very talented
The Team of Pianists, Artists-in-Residence                                                        The scholarships allow many students from
                                               emerging artists to perform alongside
for the National Trust at glenfern is a                                                           country areas to attend.
                                               professional musicians, who make up most
partnership. For many years, the Team has                                                         Another event that opens up glenfern to
                                               of the performing groups.
been giving concerts during the winter –                                                          the music community is the Team’s annual
TWILIgHT CHAMBER MUSIC AT RIPPON               As Artists-in-Residence at glenfern the
                                                                                                  Weekend Retreat for Adult Piano Students.
LEA, and in the summer in Melbourne            Team presents a number of educational
                                                                                                  Here a small group of dedicated adult
and nearby, CLASSIC MUSIC IN HISTORIC          events. The Spring Piano School takes
                                                                                                  amateur pianists come for a weekend of
VENUES. This year, the season commenced        place annually in the September School
                                                                                                  workshops, masterclasses and tuition
with a concert at glenfern, which was fully    holidays. Up to 35 primary and secondary
                                                                                                  from Max Cooke, darryl Coote and Robert
booked out.                                    school piano students from Melbourne
                                                                                                  Chamberlain, again with the support of
                                               and from Victorian country areas receive
The Team’s second concert for the year on                                                         Bernies Music Land.
                                               holiday tuition at the historic National Trust
March 15th at Barwon Park at Winchelsea,                                                          In 2009 the Spring Piano School will take
                                               property. The house resounds with piano
was also sold out to an enthusiastic                                                              place from September 23 to 25, whilst the
                                               music, workshops and lessons, and during
audience. Barwon Park is one of the                                                               Weekend Retreat for Adult Pianists will be
                                               the breaks, the students enjoy games in the
National Trust mansion homes, wonderfully                                                         held on September 19 and 20.
                                               grounds. Since 2004, with the support of
preserved, and the volunteers provide a
                                               Bernies Music Land, who provide additional         Team of Pianists
delightful afternoon tea after the concert.
                                               pianos, and the Friends of Team of Pianists        Artists-in-Residence at “glenfern”
Max Cooke and darryl Coote played an
                                               Inc., who provide funding for scholarships,        for National Trust of Australia (Victoria),
arrangement for four hands at one piano of
                                               this Spring Piano School provides a unique         PO Box 286 Ashburton 3147
the Nutcracker Suite by Tchaikowsky, and a
                                               opportunity for young pianists to achieve          Victoria, Australia
brilliant violinist, Miwako Abe accompanied
                                               their utmost potential in piano studies and
by darryl Coote, was lauded for her                                                               Tel & Fax:   +61 3 9527 2851
                                               performance. Equally important, is a rare
performances of Franck’s Violin Sonata and                                                        Mobile:      +61 414 636 397
                                               opportunity for motivated young piano
Ravel’s Tzigane.                                                                                  Email:
                                               students to mix and socialise with their
Over the weekend of March 21 and 22, the                                                          Web:
                                               musical peers. On the final day, a well-
Team held three concerts in the delightful     attended concert for parents and family
Pioneer Chapel at Poowong in gippsland.

The venue is small, so the concert had to
be performed three times: twice on the
Saturday 2.00pm and at 7.00pm, and on
the Sunday at 2.00pm. Robert Chamberlain
presented this programme together
with violinist Sonia Baldock, performing
Beethoven’s famous “Kreutzer” Sonata.                                           Buildings                       Significant Trees
The next of the series is at the South                                          St Mary’s Church,               Ulmus procera Avenue of
Melbourne Town Hall on Friday July 24,                                          Williamstown (Local)            English Elms, glenormiston
presented in conjunction with the Victorian                                                                     College (upgraded to State)
                                                                                St Paul’s Church,
College of the Arts, and this is followed
                                                                                Rushworth (State)               Quercus canariensis Algerian
by a concert at the Eastbank Centre in
                                                                                                                Oak, 507 Herriot Street
Shepparton on Saturday September 12.
Another series, TWILIgHT CHAMBER
                                                                                Industrial                      Buninyong (Regional)

MUSIC AT RIPPON LEA, will comprise six
concerts, one each month commencing on
                                                ST PAUL CHURCH, RUSHWORTH       History                         Banksia integrifolia Coast
                                                                                                                Banksia, Woodpile Road,
                                                                                Musk Weighbridge,               Meerlieu (Regional)
Sunday April 19. For these there is a loyal
group of enthusiastic subscribers who                                           Former Railway goods Yard,      Eucalyptus botryoides
greatly enjoy hearing chamber music in the                                      Shire of Hepburn (State)        Southern Mahogany, Woodpile
elegant surroundings of the ballroom. This                                                                      Road, Meerlieu (Regional)
is chamber music as it was intended to be
heard. The National Trust and the Team of
                                                                                Cemetery                        Eucalyptus camaldulensis
                                                                                                                River Red gum, Yandell Street,
Pianists are working together to enliven our                                    Kilnoorat Cemetery,
                                                                                                                Castlemaine (Regional)
cultural traditions.                                                            Kilnoorat (Local)

Leonard Joel Auctions and the National Trust
announce a major sponsorship agreement in Victoria
The management of Leonard Joel Auctioneers and the directors of the Bonham’s group are pleased
to announce a major sponsorship agreement with the National Trust (Victoria).
Under the agreement, Leonard Joel will provide the National
Trust with valuation services for market and insurance purposes,          How you can help
fundraising events in the form of charity auctions, specialist lectures   To celebrate the sponsorship agreement between the National
and valuation days and support in raising capital for specific            Trust (Victoria) and Leonard Joel Auctions, National Trust (Victoria)
conservation projects.                                                    members now have the opportunity to turn their unwanted antiques
Leonard Joel CEO, Warren Joel, said “Leonard Joel has been an icon        and collectables into a fully tax deductable donation to the National
in the fine arts auction industry in Victoria for nearly 90 years. We     Trust (Victoria) by selling their goods at auction with Leonard Joel.
feel that this sponsorship agreement with the National Trust gives us     Simply contact guy Cairnduff, Head of decorative Arts and Fine
the opportunity to give something back to the community that has          Furniture, Leonard Joel, on 03 8825 5611 to find out how you can
supported us for so long. We are delighted to have the opportunity to     receive a tax deduction equal to 100% of the sale price of your goods
contribute to the continuing growth of such an important institution      at auction by donating the proceeds to the National Trust (Victoria).
and to build on similar relationships that the wider Bonham’s group
has already established with the National Trust in New South Wales,
South Australia and Western Australia.   ”

Heritage Festival Explores ‘Work’
Each year in May the region of Castlemaine,
Maldon and surrounds celebrates the area’s rich
history and heritage with an event called the
Mount Alexander Shire Heritage Festival.
For 2009 the theme is ‘Work’. Many activities are planned around
this central theme and will happen throughout the month of May.
The event will be launched at the historic Castlemaine Market
Building on the first Saturday in May at approximately 5.15 pm.
The Festival Address by Robyn Annear titled ‘Ten Foot Hill’ will be
held on 17 May in Castlemaine and will uncover a whole world of
‘work’ – quarrying, market gardening, gold digging, housekeeping,
shop keeping, railway building and more.
Other activities include a talk on the work of the Salvation Army
(wartime activities); a series of lunchtime lectures on topics such
as preparation of your family tree, researching your property,
conservation of family treasures and introduction to archiving.
Exhibitions, tours, a walk around the historic churches and even a
ride on the steam railway … there is plenty to interest the visitor
during this month long festival.
The central exhibition in the historic Castlemaine Market
Building features material supplied by the Public Record Office,
a photographic exhibition on people at work, and an exhibition
of local material supplied by local history and heritage groups.
There is so much to explore about the history of ‘work’ in the
Mount Alexander Shire. It is anticipated that programs will be
available in April and can be obtained from the Castlemaine and
Maldon Visitor Information Centres. Ring for further details
03 5471 1795 or 03 5471 1727.

                                                                                                                              MAY 2009   7
AGL Energy helps to restore
Melbourne’s famous Skipping Girl sign
                                                                                                   AgL Energy stepped in to help, with a most
                                                                                                   generous offer to meet the balance of the
                                                                                                   restoration costs, and to provide annual
                                                                                                   maintenance funding as well as provide
                                                                                                   renewable energy to keep the sign running
                                                                                                   for at least the next five years.
                                                                                                   Audrey was taken down from her rooftop
                                                                                                   home, with much media attention, on the
                                                                                                   23rd March and taken to a signmaker’s
                                                                                                   workshop to be fully repaired. The
                                                                                                   restoration work should be completed by
                                                                                                   June, and then the Skipping girl will be
                                                                                                   repositioned, switched on, and left to skip
     ’S                                                              LiTTLE AUdrEy ON THE TRUCK    across the night sky into the future. This
                                                                                                   result has been made possible through
                                                                                                   the generous support of AgL Energy as
A National Trust appeal was launched last year to raise money to                                   principal sponsor of the restoration.
                                                                                                   Thank you AgL!
restore the Skipping Girl Vinegar neon sign to working order.
This iconic Melbourne landmark, situated           help was clearly needed. Cost was always
high on the rooftops in Abbotsford, is one         the prohibiting factor until the Friends of     AGL Special Offer
of the earliest neon gas-lit signs in the state,   Audrey and the National Trust determined
dating from the 1930s. The Skipping girl,          to appeal directly to the public for help.      to National Trust
known as “Little Audrey” skipped each night
above Melbourne until the 1970s when
                                                   There was a pleasing response in 2008           members
                                                   from Trust members and the general public
deterioration had advanced too far for her                                                         AgL, in addition to its most welcome
                                                   to our Skipping girl Restoration Appeal,
to continue. The sign was taken down, but                                                          assistance to the Skipping girl, is offering
                                                   and further generous grants received
generations of Melbourne families had by                                                           a very special discount to National Trust
                                                   from Heritage Victoria and the Melbourne
then grown used to Audrey’s presence on                                                            members. See opposite page for offer details.
                                                   Heritage Restoration Fund. However, there
the suburban skyline and popular outcry                                                            The National Trust thanks AgL for such a
                                                   was still a shortfall in the amount needed to
resulted in a reconstructed replacement                                                            special offer to our members. A fabulous
                                                   complete the project and keep the sign fully
being re-instated on a nearby rooftop.                                                             way to help the Trust and cut your fuel bills
                                                   operational in the future.
By the 1990s, the Skipping girl was once                                                           at the same time!
again only skipping intermittently and

Volunteer opportunity at
Mornington Trust properties
Both McCrae Homestead and Mulberry                 Both properties` volunteers are great
Hill, magnificent Victorian National Trust         and fun to work with and both McCrae
properties located on the Mornington               Homestead and Mulberry Hill are in line
Peninsula, are in need of volunteers for           for major and exciting developments.
the following duties:
                                                   For further information or to register your
                                                                                                     MULBERRY HILL
  – front-of-house      – guiding                  interest please contact Sharon Bowen
  – gardens             – general property         on either 5981 2866, 5971 4138 or
                          maintenance              0407 090 794.
                                                                                                     In the Frankston Hall of Fame article
                                                                                                     published in the February edition of
                                                                                                     Victorian News, the name of dame
                                                                                                     Elisabeth Murdoch AC, dBE was
                                                                                                     inadvertently spelt incorrectly. We
                                                                                                     apologise for any confusion which
                                                                                                     may have arisen from this matter.

MAY 2009   9
Upcoming Events                                                                                                          MAY 2009 TO
                                                                                                                         JULY 2009

For additional information and late events, please check
Entry fees apply for National Trust members for special fundraising events at Trust properties. ‘Members’ prices listed are for National Trust members.

National Trust                                       Historic guided Walk                                  ghost Tours

Property Events                                      WHEN : Sunday 19th July
                                                     TIME : TBC
                                                                                                           WHEN : First Thursday of each month,
                                                                                                           beginning July 2nd
                                                     COST : Adult $22, Concession $20 Child $10            TIME : 18:30pm – 20:30pm
                                                            Members: Adult $19, Child $7                   COST : Adult $30, Concession $27
19Th CENTuRy                                         Historical walk around South Melbourne                         Members: Adult $25, Concession $22
PORTAblE IRON hOuSES                                 discovering the joys of Window Shopping on            Back by popular demand, Como House is
                                                     Emerald Hill. guided tour runs for 1.5 hours          running ghost tours in cooperation with a
399 Coventry Street, South Melbourne                                                                       medium from Spookspotters. Tour will focus
                                                     taking in Clarendon Street, which was the main
Mel Ref 2J K2.                                                                                             on past people and events in the house. Tours
                                                     shopping center in the last 19th Century. Light
ENQUIRIES    9509 6596                               refreshments are provided at then end of the          begin with a complimentary glass of wine
                                                     tour.                                                 in the beautiful Ballroom and a background
Open day                                             CONTACT 9645 7517 or 9699 2172,                       of Como’s residents past and present. ghost
                                                     Bookings essential                                    tours are not suitable for children under the
WHEN : First Sunday of the month
                                                                                                           age of 15.
TIME : 1:00pm – 4:00pm
COST : Adult: $5, Concession/Child $3,                                                                     CONTACT (03) 9827 2500 or
       Members Free                                                                              , Bookings essential
                                                     COmO hISTORIC hOuSE
Explore three iron cottages dating back to the
19th Century. By the end of the 19th century,
                                                     ANd GARdEN
nearly 100 portable buildings were erected in        Cnr Williams Road & Lechlade Ave, South Yarra.        lAbASSA
the area. The three cottages on display were         ENQUIRIES 9827 2500
preserved and offer insight into the lives of        or                               2 Manor grove, Nth Caulfield
early migrants.                                                                                            (Parking in Orrong Road) Mel Ref 58 H11.
Also included is an informative video on the                                                               ENQUIRIES    9509 6596
                                                     Shaping Elegance –
importation of buildings to Victoria.                Meet the designer
CONTACT 9645 7517 or 9699 2172                                                                             Mother’s day High Tea at Labassa
                                                     WHEN : Every 2nd Wednesday until 10 June
Bookings not necessary
                                                     TIME : 11:00am – 12:00pm                              WHEN : Sunday 10 May 2009
                                                     COST : Adult $20, Concession/Child $18,               TIME : 3.30pm – 5.30pm
Historic guided Walk                                        Family $50                                     COST : $45 per person; no concession
WHEN : Sunday 17th May                                      Members: Adult $18,                            Traditional high tea in the sumptuous French
TIME : 1:30pm – 3:45pm                                      Concession/Child $15,                          Rococo drawing Room. Be welcomed with a
COST : Adult: $22, Concession $20 Child $10                 Family $45 (family of 4)                       glass of wine and relax to gentle music whilst
       Members: Adult $19, Child $7                  discover more about the life and style of             enjoying delicious gourmet treats. Tour the
Historical walk of South Melbourne running for       Robert Fritzlaff by joining him on a tour of the      opulent rooms of this historic 19th century
1.5 hours through lanes and byways! discover         design exhibition. Fritzlaff, a designer, will take   mansion, now in its 120th year.
the hidden treasures of South Melbourne              you behind the scenes of “Shaping Elegance”           CONTACT Bookings essential – places
along lanes of bluestone.                            to give an insight into the couturier’s art.          limited – call Bronwyn during office hours
                                                     CONTACT (03) 9827 2500 or                             only on 9509 6596
Afternoon tea is provided as well as the chance
                                           , Bookings essential
to view the three Portable Iron Cottages.
CONTACT 9645 7517 or 9699 2172,                                                                            Open day
Bookings essential                                   Shaping Elegance – Mother’s day                       WHEN : Sunday 21 June & Sunday 19 July
                                                     Morning/Afternoon Tea                                 TIME : 10:30am – 4:30pm
Historic guided Walk                                 WHEN : Sunday 10th May, 2009                          COST : Adult $8, Concession/Child $5.50,
                                                     TIME : 11:00am – 12:30pm                                     Family $20
WHEN : Sunday 21st June                                                                                           Members: Free
                                                            & 14:30pm – 16:00pm
TIME : 1:30pm – 3:45pm
                                                     COST : Adult $25, Concession/Child $20                As seen on ABC-TV’s ‘The Collectors’!
COST : Adult $22, Concession $20 Child $10
                                                            Members: Adult $20,                            Explore the 19th century gold Rush mansion
       Members: Adult $19, Child $7
                                                            Concession/Child $15
Historical walk of South Melbourne lasting                                                                 with its opulent gilded wallpapers, fabulous
                                                     Enjoy Shaping Elegance and devonshire tea             French Rococo drawing room, grand staircase
for 1.5 hours. discover the history of tents
                                                     on Mothers day. With a viewing of Como                and trompe l’oeil ceiling. guided tours at 11am
and terraces in the area, going back to the
                                                     House’s special exhibition ‘Shaping Elegance’         and 2:45pm and exterior tour at 1pm.
1850’s gold rush and the rapid development of
                                                     also enjoy devonshire Tea from the famous
Melbourne’s society. Afternoon tea is provided                                                             Tea rooms are open all day for light
                                                     Café Bursaria as a special treat for Mother’s
as well as the chance to view the three                                                                    refreshments.
Portable Iron Cottages.                                                                                    CONTACT     9527 6295, Bookings not necessary
                                                     CONTACT (03) 9827 2500 or
CONTACT 9645 7517 or 9699 2172,
                                           , Bookings essential
Bookings essential

RIPPON lEA                                       Lunching and Listening –                            ACTIVITIES COmmITTEE
192 Hotham Street, Elsternwick                   Cultural transformation in                          For the below events, please send cheque/
ENQUIRIES 9523 6095 or                           Post-War Melbourne                                  credit card details and stamped self addressed                       WHEN : Thursday 25 June 2009                        envelope to: Lesley Barnes, 21 Winnetka drive,
                                                 TIME : 12:00pm                                      Lilydale, 3140
                                                 COST : $20
Mother’s day devonshire Tea
                                                 dr Sheridan Palmer, Art historian and Curator,      An Arresting Experience
WHEN : Sunday 10 May 2009                        is an honorary Fellow of the Australian Center,     WHEN : Thursday 21st May
TIME : 11.00am – 3.00pm
                                                 University of Melbourne. Her talk will focus        TIME : 6pm – 8.30pm
COST : $20 per adult; $15 per child,
                                                 on the cultural transformation that took place      COST : $30 Adults, $25 Members
           $18 per concession
                                                 in post-war Melbourne during the decades            Take this opportunity to experience the drama
(note: customers not purchasing Devonshire
                                                 1950 and 1960 and draw on her recently              from the arrest, mug shot to the trial at the
tea, normal admission prices apply – no family
                                                 published book.                                     Old Melbourne gaol Crime & Justice
ticket available).
                                                 CONTACT Lynette Dobson: 9555 8382                   Experience. This will be followed by a
Enjoy a lovely Mother’s day in the superb
                                                 or Carol Wigham: 9584 1304,                         scrumptious refreshment. Come and see why
gardens of Rippon Lea. devonshire tea will be
                                                 Bookings essential one week prior to luncheon       this attraction was the winner of the heritage
served in the grand Ballroom. Other activities
include live entertainment, mini massages,                                                           and cultural tourism award at the 2008
boat rides on the lake (weather permitting)      John Tallis Twilight Chamber Music                  Victorian Tourism Awards.
and open house viewings.                         at Rippon Lea                                       CONTACT Booking essential –
CONTACT Nicole Nolan – Ph: 9519 9005                                                                 RSVP by 14th May – Lesley Barnes: 9735 5772
                                                 WHEN : Sunday 19 July 2009
(online bookings though Eventix website)         TIME : 6:30pm
                                                 COST : $35 Single Tickets, $20 Full-time            Tours of ABC Southbank Centre
John Tallis Twilight Chamber Music                      students under 25 years, children
                                                                                                     WHEN : Thursday 4th June, 2009
                                                        and pensioners
at Rippon Lea                                                                                        TIME : 9:30am – 10:30am & 11am – 12pm
                                                 Rohan Murray (piano), Nicholas Cowall               COST : Adult $15, Child $15
WHEN : Sunday 17 May 2009
                                                 (conductor) and Chamber Choir – Tchaikovsky                Members: Adult $10, Child $10
TIME : 6:30pm
                                                 (arr. Cowall) – 1812 Festive Overture               Meeting at the ABC Southbank center on
COST : $35 Single Tickets, $20 Full-time
                                                 (Australian Premiére)                               the corner of Southbank and Stuart St,
       students under 25 years, children
       and pensioners                            Bortiansky – Act III Alcide (Australian Premiére)   enjoy a guided tour of the center. Relish the
Elizabeth Sellars (violin), Caroline Henbest     Rachmaninoff – Finale from Aleko                    opportunity to see how ABC television works
(viola), Molly Kadarauch (cello), Rohan Murray                                                       and the history of the center.
                                                 Borodin – Polovtsian dances
(piano) – Brahms – Piano Quartet in C minor,     CONTACT      9527 2851                              Limited places so book in early.
Op. 60 – Fauré – Piano Quartet in C minor,                                                           CONTACT 9735 5772,
Op. 15 no. 1                                                                                         Bookings essential by May 29th
CONTACT     9527 2851                            Lunching and Listening – Aboriginal
                                                 education in the Northern Territory
                                                                                                     Coach trip to ‘Beleura’
Lunching and Listening –                         WHEN : Thursday 23 July 2009
                                                 TIME : 12:00pm                                      WHEN : Wednesday 24th June, 2009
What Braille has meant to me                                                                         TIME : 10:00am – 4:00pm
                                                 COST : $20
WHEN : Thursday May 28th, 2009                                                                       COST : Adult $45, Child $30
                                                 Most Rev dr Philip Freier, Archbishop of
TIME : 12:00pm                                                                                              Members: Adult $40, Child $30
                                                 Melbourne, was formerly Archbishop of
COST : $20                                                                                           Want a lovely day out but don’t want to drive?
                                                 darwin where much of his life and interest
dorothy Hamilton, blind since birth,                                                                 Enjoy a coach trip to ‘Beleura’ and discover
                                                 was devoted to aboriginal education. He will
completed a degree in music. She has taught                                                          the historic house and gardens. Included is a
                                                 speak about his work in the Northern Territory
music in schools privately to both sighted                                                           tour of the mansion and the beautiful gardens
                                                 with the Aborigines.
and non-sighted students. Currently she                                                              along with a scrumptious lunch!
                                                 CONTACT Lynette Dobson: 9555 8382
transcribes music into Braille and teaches       or Carol Wigham: 9584 1304,                         Coach departs from Tasma Terrace at 10am and
students to read and write in Braille.           Bookings essential one week prior to luncheon       returns to Tasma at 4pm.
CONTACT Lynette Dobson: 9555 8382                                                                    CONTACT Lesley Barnes – 9735 5772,
or Carol Wigham: 9584 1304,                                                                          Bookings essential before June 10th
Bookings essential one week prior to luncheon
                                                 National Trust                                      High Tea in an Exclusive Venue
John Tallis Twilight Chamber Music
at Rippon Lea
                                                 Events                                              WHEN : Tuesday 14th July, 2009
                                                                                                     TIME : 3:15pm – 5:00pm
WHEN : Sunday 21 June 2009                       mElbOuRNE CEmETERy                                  COST : Adult $35, Child $25
TIME : 6:30pm                                                                                               Members: Adult $30, Child $25
COST : $35 Single Tickets, $20 Full-time
                                                 Full mOON
                                                                                                     Have high tea while listening to the beautiful
       students under 25 years, children         WAlkING TOuRS
                                                                                                     sounds of piano! Enjoy an elegant afternoon
       and pensioners                            WHEN : Saturday 9th May                             tea of Ribbon sandwiches, scones with jam
Robert Chamberlain and darryl Coote (two         TIME : Several Tours – first starts at 6.20pm       and cream and sumptuous pastries. Enjoy the
pianos) – Messaien – “Visions de l’Amen”                and last starts at 8.50pm                    class of an exclusive venue also accompanied
- Max Cooke and darryl Coote (piano four         COST : Adults $24                                   by a glass of Bubbles, tea and coffee.
hands) – Tchaikovsky (arr. Langer) –                    Members/Concession $22
                                                                                                     CONTACT 9735 5772 Fax: 9735 5336,
Nutcracker Suite, Op. 71a                               Children $15
                                                                                                     Bookings essential before July 6th
CONTACT     9527 2851                            Popular guided tour with stories of the many
                                                 famous identities laid to rest in the Melbourne
                                                 general Cemetery. Bring your own torch.
                                                 CONTACT      Bookings essential – 9656 9800

                                                                                                                                 MAY 2009   11
Upcoming Events                                                                                                          MAY 2009 TO
                                                                                                                         JULY 2009

For additional information and late events, please check
Entry fees apply for National Trust members for special fundraising events at Trust properties. ‘Members’ prices listed are for National Trust members.

A visit to the                                       Architectural Encounters (Part 3):                   Moscow and St Petersburg –
Melbourne Costume Museum                             William Pitt                                         A tale of two cities
WHEN : Monday 3rd August, 2009                       WHEN : Sunday 12 July 2009                           WHEN : Monday 13 July 2009
TIME : 10:15am – 12:30pm                             TIME : 10.00am                                       TIME : 9.45am
COST : Adult $15, Child $5                           COST : $25 Members, $30 Non-members                  COST : $20 Members, $25 Non-members
       Members: Adult $10, Child $5                  William Pitt (1855-1918 designed many of             In this richly illustrated lecture, you will
Meeting at the Costume Museum in Bulleen             Melbourne’s best-known buildings, including          experience the contrasting cities of Moscow
enjoy being taken through the history of the         the Old Melbourne Stock Exchange, Olderfleet         – the Russian capital with its impressive and
collection. guided by owners Bryan and Loel          and Rialto Building, gordon House and the            world-famous landmarks like St Basil’s, the
Thompson discover the costumes of early              stunning Princess Theatre. This fascinating          Kremlin and Red Square, and St Petersburg
Australia from 1788.                                 walk with Kenneth Park will pass by many of          – the artfully-planned statement city of
After an enlightening tour, enjoy a delicious        Pitt’s major architectural contributions to the      “European” sophistication. Formerly
lunch at the Old England Hotel in Heidelberg.        CBd. Includes coffee.                                Leningrad (for most of the 20th century),
                                                     CONTACT Lesley Barnes – 9735 5772                    St Petersburg is a celebration of art and
Lunch not included in price of tour.
                                                     (call between 6pm & 8pm only).                       architecture, reflected in the world-famous
CONTACT Margaret Walker - 9836 2783,
                                                                                                          grandeur of the Hermitage and the Peterhof.
Bookings essential before 27th July
                                                     Architectural Encounters (Part 4):                   CONTACT Lesley Barnes – 9735 5772
Cheque/credit card details with stamped,                                                                  (call between 6pm & 8pm only).
                                                     John gill, Charles Webb &
self addressed envelope to Margaret Walker,
1/8 Winmalee Rd, Balwyn 3103
                                                     Leonard Terry
                                                     WHEN : Sunday 2 August 2009
                                                                                                          The Old South – the world of
                                                     TIME : 10.00am                                       “gone with the Wind”
                                                     COST : $25 Members, $30 Non-members                  WHEN : Monday 3 August 2009
hERITAGE WAlkING TOuRS                               This walk with Kenneth Park highlights               TIME : 9.45am
                                                     the work of three great Victorian architects         COST : $20 Members, $25 Non-members
National Trust Heritage Walks                        responsible for some of Melbourne’s most             This special illustrated lecture will take you
WHEN : By Appointment 7-day advance                  admired landmarks (gill for the Royal Terrace        on a sweeping journey of discovery through
       bookings essential                            and Collins St Baptist Church, Webb for the          the spectacularly beautiful Southern states
COST : $33 Adults,                                   Windsor Hotel, Royal Arcade and Tasma                of the USA. Beginning in Washington dC and
       $27.50 Members/Concession                     Terrace, and Terry for the Melbourne Club            ending in unforgettable New Orleans, home
discover Melbourne’s hidden treasures with           and the former London Chartered Bank, to             to jazz and Cajun-Creole cooking, the journey
Traditional, Commercial, Mercantile and              mention only a few). Includes coffee.                will proceed through Charleston, Savannah,
Marvellous Melbourne City Heritage Walking           CONTACT Lesley Barnes – 9735 5772                    Atlanta, Memphis, Nashville and many more
Tours. Two hour walk plus tea at the Park Hyatt.     (call between 6pm & 8pm only).                       historic cities of the old Confederate States.
CONTACT      Bronwyn gray – 8663 7242                                                                     CONTACT Lesley Barnes – 9735 5772
                                                                                                          (call between 6pm & 8pm only).

Architectural Encounters (Part 2):                   hERITAGE TRAVEl TAlkS
J J Clark
                                                     Join Kenneth Park at Anzac House in
WHEN : Sunday 31 May 2009                                                                                 ClASSIC muSIC
                                                     Melbourne to enjoy these inspiring travel
TIME : 10.00am
                                                     lectures with a heritage theme. A delicious
                                                                                                          IN hISTORIC VENuES
COST : $25 Members, $30 Non-members
                                                     morning tea is included in the price.
In the late 1850s a nineteen-year old man                                                                 South Melbourne Town Hall
drew up plans for Melbourne’s celebrated                                                                  (Mel Ref 2KC2, 57 g1)
                                                     Eastern Canada and more …
Old Treasury Building (City Museum). This                                                                 WHEN : Friday 24 July 2009
remarkable building marked the beginning of          WHEN : Monday 25 May 2009
                                                                                                          TIME : 7.30pm
a great career. Join this walk with Kenneth Park     TIME : 9.45am
                                                                                                          COST : $35 Single Tickets, $20 Full-time
and discover the grand architectural legacy of       COST : $20 Members, $25 Non-members
                                                                                                                 students under 25 years, children
John James Clark. Includes coffee.                   This spectacularly-illustrated lecture will allow           and pensioners
CONTACT Lesley Barnes – 9735 5772                    you to experience the stunning natural and
                                                                                                          VCA Symphony Orchestra, Conductor: Marco
(call between 6pm & 8pm only).                       cultural landscape of the East Coast region
                                                                                                          van Pagee. Brouwer – guitar Concerto – Peter
                                                     of Canada. Travel through Toronto, Ottawa,
                                                                                                          Boyd (guitar). Martin – Petite Symphony
                                                     Montreal, Quebec, St Lawrence, Prince Edward
                                                                                                          Concertante – Max Cooke (harpsichord),
                                                     Island, Cape Breton Island and many other
                                                                                                          Jessica Fotinos (harp), Rohan Murray (piano).
                                                     places in this beautiful part of the world.
                                                                                                          Strauss – Emperor Waltz. Tchaikovsky – Piano
                                                     CONTACT Lesley Barnes – 9735 5772                    Concerto no. 1 – Jayson gillham (winner of the
                                                     (call between 6pm & 8pm only).                       Australian National Piano Award 2008)
                                                                                                          CONTACT      9527 2851

Branch Events                                      Members Mondays                                    May at Winchelsea
                                                   Every Monday, the Function Room in the             WHERE : Winchelsea Shire Hall Tea Rooms,
                                                                                                              28 Hesse Street, Winchelsea
bAllARAT bRANCh                                    Berwick Heritage Centre and Trust gift Shop
                                                                                                      WHEN : Tuesday 26th May
                                                   is available from11am to 3pm for Branch
Enquiries to Marion Blythman on 5333 5163                                                             TIME : 2pm
                                                   Members to meet.
                                                                                                      Meeting and afternoon tea followed by a tour
Walking Tour of inter War Housing                  Melbourne Outing –                                 of classified properties in Winchelsea.
in Ballarat including designs                                                                         Notes provided.
                                                   Crime & Justice Experience
by Coburn the architect.                                                                              RSVP by Monday 25th May for tea room
                                                   WHEN : Saturday, 9th May                           bookings. Phone Liz Bates 5243 1986
WHEN : Saturday 9 May & Sunday 10 May              The Crime & Justice Experience has recently
TIME : 2.00pm                                      been awarded the best Cultural Heritage
                                                   Attraction in Australia. This National Trust
                                                                                                      June Winter Solstice Night
CONTACT      (03) 5333 5163 for bookings                                                              Cemetery Walk
                                                   innovative, educational heritage experience
                                                   is not to be missed. We plan to travel by train,   WHERE : Western Cemetery, 95 Minerva Road,
Breakfast at ‘Pipers’                              have lunch together (own cost) then enjoy a                Manifold Heights
WHEN : Sunday 19th July                            special guided tour of the Old Melbourne gaol      WHEN : Friday 19th June 2009
WHERE : Wendouree Parade, Ballarat                 and the Crime & Justice Experience.                TIME : 7.30PM
TIME : 9.30am                                      COST    : Members $10.00 booking fee               COST : $12
Breakfast will be followed by an iPod Tour                   Non Members: Pay full admission          A night time guided tour of early graves of
of the Prime Ministers’ Avenue in the                        plus $10.00 booking fee                  social and architectural significance. The
Botanical gardens.                                                                                    Western Cemetery which has an important
CONTACT      (03) 5333 5163, for bookings          “Morning Tea & Talk” &                             Aboriginal grave, fine avenues of Italian
                                                   “Show and Tell”                                    Cypress and a number of graves of Western
                                                                                                      district Squatters, was established in 1858 and
Ballarat Heritage Weekend                          WHEN : Monday 15th June and                        was classified by the National Trust in 1997.
                                                          Monday 7th September.                       Notes and supper included.
WHEN : Saturday 9 May & Sunday 10 May
                                                   Special “Morning Tea & Talk” and “Show             Limited places, bookings essential.
Step back in time and come alive in Ballarat
                                                   and Tell” from 10am. Bring along an item           Phone Jenny Yeats 5255 2097
at the annual Heritage Weekend when the city
                                                   of heritage interest and share its story with
celebrates its colourful heritage in events,
                                                   the group.
workshops and tours.                                                                                  June at Herne Hill
The Ballarat Heritage Weekend is the perfect       Branch Meeting –                                   WHERE : geelong Cement Retirees Museum,
time to explore Australia’s oldest regional city
                                                   guest Speaker Ian good                                     McCurdy Road, Herne Hill
and its marvelous 1850’s architecture, heritage                                                               (Melways 451-C2)
listed homes and gardens, culture and history.     WHERE : Function Room in Heritage Centre
                                                                                                      WHEN : Tuesday 30th June 2009
                                                           Pioneers Park, Berwick.
Coinciding with Mother’s day and the                                                                  TIME : 7 pm
                                                   WHEN : Monday 20th July
International Year of Astronomy, the Ballarat                                                         The (former) Protestant Orphanage two storey
                                                   TIME : Meeting will commence at 8.00pm
Heritage Weekend gives the public the chance                                                          bluestone 1855 classified building with 27
to take time out with their mums.                  Members and friends are cordially invited to
                                                                                                      rooms, houses 10,000 items, including Cement
PUBLIC INQUIRIES John Myers on                     attend our Branch Meetings when we have            Works history, Fyansford district and geelong
(03) 9818 6339 or 0409 215 120                     a guest speaker. Join us for supper after          history, War and Soldier memorabilia, car, coin
                                                   presentation.                                      and gemstone collections.
                                                   The Berwick Quarry has played an important         Tour followed by a meeting and supper
bASS COAST bRANCh                                  part in the growth of Casey Cardinia. Ian good
Committee meetings held third Friday of            will speak about the history and the exhibition
                                                                                                      July at Ceres
every month at 8.00pm.                             celebrating 150 years of operation.
                                                   For catering purposes phone; either 9769 5653      WHERE : Uniting Church, McCann Street,
                                                   or Ruth Crofts 9707 1518.                                  Ceres (Melways ref 450-C10)
                                                                                                      WHEN : Tuesday 28th July
bENdIGO bRANCh                                                                                        TIME : 2pm
                                                   dANdENONG RANGES                                   Starting from Temperance Hall car park, a
Branch meetings are held on the fourth
Thursday of each month.
                                                   bRANCh                                             self-drive tour followed by afternoon tea
                                                                                                      and a meeting. Notes provided. Meet at
ENQUIRIES     5443 1503                            Enquiries to Dianne kueffer, President             the Uniting Church McCann St, Ceres.
                                                   (03) 9755 2731

CASEy CARdINIA bRANCh                                                                                 August at The geelong Club – AgM
                                                   GEElONG ANd REGION                                 WHERE : geelong Club,
Trust gift Shop & Heritage Information.            bRANCh                                                     74 Brougham Street, geelong
‘Pioneers Park’, Peel Street, Berwick. Regular
                                                   RSVP and enquiries for all events – email:         WHEN : Tuesday 25th August 2009
open hours of 11am to 3pm. Closed Tuesday
                                          or phone                TIME : 6pm Sharp
only. Our friendly volunteers will be pleased
                                                   0407 504 262                                       COST : $37 per head. Drinks at Club prices
to assist you with enquiries about our local
heritage. We have a broad selection of quality                                                        The night consists of a guided tour of this
gifts, not readily available elsewhere, to suit                                                       exclusive club followed by a specially selected
all ages. Membership with special benefits                                                            2 course meal finishing with tea and coffee.
available. Volunteers are urgently needed                                                             Our AgM will follow the main course.
to help in our Trust gift Shop & Heritage                                                             After dinner guest speaker will complete
Information Centre. Please join us and                                                                the evening.
become part of our happy group.
                                                                                                      Bookings and payments are essential by
CONTACT      BH 9763 5653 – AH 9707 1518
                                                                                                      Tuesday 18th August.
                                                                                                      CONTACT     Liz Bates 5243 1986

                                                                                                                                  MAY 2009    13
Upcoming Events                                                                                                          MAY 2009 TO
                                                                                                                         JULY 2009

For additional information and late events, please check
Entry fees apply for National Trust members for special fundraising events at Trust properties. ‘Members’ prices listed are for National Trust members.

                                                                                                          be unwittingly instrumental in the Burke &
hAmIlTON bRANCh                                      mOuNT AlExANdER                                      Wills calamity. Ambition, argy-bargy, alluvium,
Enquiries to Dennis Belcher, President               bRANCh                                               apples and accountancy – working life Ten-Foot
(03) 5573 4517                                       For information contact Brian Tresidder              Hill had it all. Afternoon Tea will be available.
                                                     (03 5472 1108, 0429 450 055,                         CONTACT Brian Tresidder – (03) 5472 1108,
                                                                    0429 450 055
INNER WEST bRANCh                                    or Bill Taylor (03 5472 4534)
Branch meetings are the 4th Wednesday of the                                                              Maldon guided Walk /
month at 8.00pm. The location moves from             The Mount Alexander Heritage Festival                Mount Hawke Tour
Seddon to Williamstown to Footscray. All Trust       is being held during May 2009 with                   WHEN : Sunday 14th June
members in the Hobsons Bay and Maribynong
                                                     the theme of ‘work’. The branch will                 WHERE : Meeting arrangements will be
City regions are welcome.
CONTACTS Hugh Bassett 9689 7973
                                                     be participating in this and sponsoring                      provided on booking.
                                                     the Festival Address to be given by                  WHEN : 1:45pm – 4:30pm
and Cyril Curtain 9397 2421.
                                                                                                          COST : Adult $5.00 donation to Branch
                                                     noted historian, curator and author
                                                                                                                  plus nominal charge for Mount
                                                     Robyn Annear.                                                Hawke tour and afternoon tea
mACEdON RANGES bRANCh                                                                                             provided by owner.
Enquiries to Jan Wilson, Secretary                   Mt Alexander Heritage Festival                       A guided walking tour of Maldon followed by
(03) 5428 8482
                                                     Official Launch                                      afternoon tea and a tour of the classic 1860’s
                                                                                                          residence, Mount Hawke. Participants will
                                                     WHEN : Saturday 2nd May
Macedon Ranges Branch –                                                                                   meet in Maldon at 1.45pm. The guided walking
                                                     TIME : 5.15 pm
                                                                                                          tour will commence at 2.00pm. Afternoon
Lunch at the Bay Tree, Romsey                        WHERE : Historic Market Building,
                                                                                                          tea and a tour of Mount Hawke will follow at
WHEN : Sunday 24th May 2009                                  Castlemaine.
                                                                                                          approximately 3.00pm. Mount Hawke was built
Formerly Romsey House built in 1860 and              All are welcome to attend the launch of this         in the 1860’s and is a classic weatherboard
reputed to be the first hotel in Romsey. There       month long Heritage Festival to celebrate            house of the period with wide verandahs.
is also a 60 year old garden which provides          WORK… from goldfields to Today.                      It operates as a B&B and is on the National
alfresco dining in the warmer weather.                                                                    Trust’s Heritage Accommodation list.
CONTACT (03) 5428 8482 or (03) 5428 1584,            Mt Alexander Heritage Fesitval                       CONTACT Brian Tresidder – (03) 5472 1108,
bookings essential                                   Exhibition                                           0429 450 055,, or                 WHEN : 1-31 May 2009                                 Bookings By Friday 5th June                                  WHERE : Historic Market Building,
Mornington Peninsula Branch                          This year’s main exhibition features Victorians
                                                     at Work (Public Records Office of Victoria),         NORTh EAST WOmENS
Branch Committee meets monthly (except               People at Work (snapshots by Max Lesser),            AuxIlIARy
december and January) at The Briars,                 interpretive Collage on Work (students from
Pt Nepean Rd, Mt Martha. Members are                                                                      Enquiries to Charney Hunt – (03) 5744 1671
                                                     Castlemaine Secondary College) and images of
encouraged to check Branch news and                  Work (collections of local history and heritage
activities on the National Trust website.            groups)                                              North East Women’s Auxiliary Annual
Branch contact: Secretary 5988 9853                                                                       general Meeting and Luncheon
or email: –                  Mt Alexander Heritage Festival –                     WHEN : Monday 11th May, 2009
President 5989 2550
                                                     Festival Address by Robyn Annear                     TIME : 10:00am
or email:
                                                     WHEN : Sunday 17th May, 2009                         WHERE : Held at Club Malwala,
                                                     TIME : 2.00pm – 4.00pm                                       Melbourne St, Mulwala.
Winter Fireside Luncheon                             WHERE : Castlemaine Market Building,                 COST : Members: $30
WHEN : Friday 5TH June                                       Mostyn Street, Castlemaine.                  AgM and a 2 course luncheon followed by
WHERE : Edwardian Room, The Briars.                  COST : No charge for entry –                         speakers Alex and Ann Sloane presenting a
        Nepean Highway, Mount Martha 3934                    open to the public                           brief pictorial history of Yarrawonga and the
TIME : 12.00 noon – 2.00pm                           Festival Address – On Ten-Foot Hill. The Mount       old homestead on the Thales property. The day
COST : Adult $15.00                                  Alexander Branch of the National Trust is            will be concluded with a Tour of Ford’s Private
        Member/Concession $13.50                     sponsoring the Festival Address. Noted author,       Museum in Yarrawonga.
Fireside luncheon with a glass of wine.              historian and curator, Robyn Annear, will            CONTACT Charney Hunt – (03) 5744 1671,
dr Robert Barnes, guest speaker with a long          present the Heritage Festival Address on the         Booking essential by 1st May
interest in early Australian history will share                       .
                                                     subject of “Work” By exploring a gold rush
his thoughts on ‘what really did happen at           neighbourhood circa 1860, Robyn will uncover
Sydney Cove on the 26th January 1788’.               a whole world of work – quarrying, market-
Bookings essential                                   gardening, gold-digging, housekeeping, shop          PORT FAIRy bRANCh
                                                     keeping, Railway-building and more. ‘Workers         Branch meeting enquiries to Angela Syme
CONTACT Secretary 5988 9853 –                        from this creek-side enclave, just five minutes’     (03) 5568 2632
President 5989 2550                                  walk from Castlemaine’s market hall, would

PORTlANd bRANCh                                      Abbotsford Convent Tour                             Beleura
Branch meetings held monthly with additional         WHEN : Sunday 21st June                             WHEN : By appointment
ad hoc meetings when required.                       TIME : 2:00pm – 3:00pm                              Visitors collected at Mornington Peninsula
Enquiries to Margaret Punton (03) 5523 3938          COST : Adult $15, Concession $12                    Art gallery
                                                     Enjoy a guided tour of the famous Abbotsford        CONTACT      5975 2027
                                                     Convent site. Originally used by the Kulin
                                                     people, the convent also served pastoral
SOuTh GIPPSlANd bRANCh                               pioneers, the order of good Shepherd Sisters        Penny School and Art gallery
                                                     and La Trobe University. Tour the grandeur          11 Church Street, Maldon.
Enquiries to Elizabeth Landy (03) 5663 2220
                                                     and dramatic interior of the buildings on the       CONTACT 5475 1911
                                                     Convent site.                                       or visit:
                                                     CONTACT Young Trust – Andrew – 9833 4046
yOuNG TRuST                                
                                                     RSVP by Monday 8th June                             Rupertswood Mansion
For National Trust members aged between
                                                                                                         3 Macedon Street, Sunbury.
18 and 35 and friends.
                                                                                                         CONTACT 9740 5020
Enquiries to Andrew on 9833 4046 or                  OThER PROPERTIES/EVENTS
                                                                                                         or visit:
                                                     These events are not Trust events and
                                                     enquiries and bookings must be directed to the
                                                     number supplied
                                                                                                         Buda Historic House and garden
                                                                                                         42 Hunter Street, Castlemaine
                                                                                                         CONTACT      5472 1032

Vale James Mephan (Jim) Ferguson                                               Vale Jenny Barnett
Engineer Jim Ferguson, member of the Trust’s Industrial History                Jenny Barnett and her husband John died at their Steels Creek home in
Committee between 1985 and 1992, died in November 2008. He was                 the Black Saturday fires. A zoologist, Jenny worked as research officer
a particularly energetic committee member, instigating classifications         with the Victorian National Parks Association, and was its representative
of what are now highly regarded heritage places, such as the Psyche            on the Public Assets defence Coalition, a group convened by the Trust in
Bend and other Chaffey pumps at Mildura, the goulburn Irrigation               1989 to advocate for public values in the government’s major program
System, and Barwon Sewer Aqueduct. He was one of the first to bring            of selling redundant assets. She was a highly respected member
the heritage community’s attention to the steam hammer at Newport              of PAdC which through the 1990s drew not only on her knowledge
Railway Workshops which is now recognised as being of international            of natural heritage places, but also on her extensive knowledge of
significance. His concern for then little-known railway bridges was also       campaigning and planning procedures. Jenny was well-placed to provide
ahead of his time; the Trust is only now considering these in its funded       this, having written the manual for Victorian communities concerned
study of bridges. Similarly his unsuccessful objective of obtaining            about local planning and environmental issues: ‘Standing up for your
funding for a study of water towers throughout Victoria is finally being       local environment: an action guide’, first published in 1987. Jenny was
attended to through a Heritage Victoria study of water infrastructure. One     a professional, dedicated, and unrelenting advocate for the natural
of Jim’s proudest achievements was his biography of his grandfather,           environment and local communities.
Mephan Ferguson, a noted Australian engineering industrialist. His great
appreciation of Victoria’s manufacturing achievements, and his cheerful,
resolute advocacy for them, enriched Victoria’s heritage considerably.

Booking form
Fill in form and send to the appropriate             COMMITTEE                                           CHEQUE/CREdIT CARd FOR: $
organiser WITH A STAMPEd SELF-
AddRESSEd ENVELOPE. All cheques                      FUNCTION
payable to National Trust (Victoria).
                                                     MEMBERSHIP NO.
FINAL BOOKINgS ARE MAdE.                                                                                     Bankcard         Mastercard          Visa
                                                                                                             Amex             diners
Send to: Bookings, National Trust,
4 Parliament Place, MELBOURNE 3002                   AddRESS
or to address provided with event details.                                                               NAME ON CARd

Please mark envelope with name of event.
                                                     FURTHER dETAILS                                     SIgNATURE

                                                     TELEPHONE                                           ExPIRY dATE

                                                                                                                                      MAY 2009   15
              STAINEd gLASS                                     CHIMNEY RESTORATIONS                                           RICHARd CARTER
   Glass painting and leadlight. New commissions,                       By STEEPLE JACK JONES                          Slate craftsman, all roof plumbing inclusive of
         restoration and reproduction work.                  Specialising in Victorian and Edwardian Chimney         restoration, repairs and renewals. Period bullnose
      bRuCE huTTON Almond Glassworks                         Restorations. Inclusive of all scaffolding and roof    verandah design and construction. Reg. No. 25058.
             Phone: (03) 9686 0303                                          plumber (no 40647).                            Telephone: 0418 566 406 / 9482 4680
                                          Telephone (03) 9543 6713
                                                                                                                     TUCKPOINTINg, BRICKWORK,
                                                             KOSNAR’S PICTURE FRAMINg                                 STONEWORK RESTORATION
                                                                  ANd MIRRORS                                              & REBUILdINg
                                                                  Restoration of artworks, photographs,             City & Guilds of London Institute trained craftsman.
                                                                    picture frames including regilding.                          Over 40 years experience.
                                                                Period Frames, Prints, Mirrors & Etchings.                          PAul buRTON
                                                                  488 mt Alexander Road, Ascot Vale.                          0408 343 502 or (03) 9789 7890
                                                                         Telephone: 9370 5744

                                                                                                                       TESSELATEd RESTORATION
                                                                                                                       Preserve your original Hall, Verandar, or Path.
                                                                                                                         PETER IVES 9801 2930 for professional
                                                                                                                           craftsmanship and courteous service.

                                                                                                                                AUTHENTIC AgE
                                                                                                                      Advice on restoration, alteration and furnishing
                                                                                                                          period houses and heritage buildings.
                                                                                                                               Telephone: (03) 9818 4324 or

                                                                                                                     OF VICTORIAN
                                                                                                                    ANd EdWARdIAN
                                                                                                                     dustless sanding. All types of coating.
                                                                                                                   Supply, install or restore cork and parquetry.
                                                                                                                                   metro or country.

                                                                                                                        kEVIN RAmAdGE
                                                                                                                            9842 6958
                                                                                                                                     (0407 887 523)
                                                                                                                                   Established 1958
•  Have that small repair done or have your heirlooms 
                                                                                                                          dAMP wALLs
   fully restored by a silversmith with over 25 years                                                                    * Rising damp permanently cured
    experience in the antique restoration industry                                                                          by damp-course installation
•  Services extend to all metals including brass, copper, 
                                                                                                                         * University developed and tested
     spelter; also lacquering and antique finished.
Contact us now for a free appraisal and quotation                                                                      * Over 10000 successful installations
          duANE luCAS (03) 9460 1123                                                                                        Australia-wide since 1981
   Factory 5, 72 Newlands Rd., Reservoir, Vic 3073                                                                           * 25 year written guarantee
  Email:                              RESTORATION
                                                                                                                      * For free inspection, quote and advice
                                                                   STEEPLE JACK JONES
                                                                         * SLATE CRAFTSMAN                                   Phone: 9699 8233
                                                                      * TERRACOTTA SPECIALIST
                                                                      * ROOF PLUMBER no 40647
                                                             Restorer of Mooramong; Steam Packet Inn; Como;
     A written history of a home is an invaluable
                                                                Rippon Lea; Mulberry Hill; many churches.                                Pty. Ltd.
     memento for any owner of a period building.
                                                                        Telephone (03) 9543 6713
            It is also a useful selling tool in                                                                       Showroom: 177-179 Coventry Street,
                  the real estate market.                                                                                    South Melbourne
       Brief or thorough histories and research
        completed on any home or building.
                                                                 HERITAGE BRICKS
                                                                100-year old handmade bricks to suit
             peter andrew barrett                              restoration work or new extensions, etc
                architectural historian                           For more details ph 0419 586 536
                 Phone: (03) 9639 2646                                     or 0419 221 963