Victorian Institute of Teaching by fjwuxn


									  The Victorian Teaching
Profession Code of Conduct

       Group Activity 1
The plan is to …

 explore the Principles contained in the
 Victorian Teaching Profession Code of
 Conduct to achieve a collective
 understanding of each of the Principles
Your group should have the
following materials ….

             a copy of the relevant
             access (web or printed) to
              the appropriate support
             a copy of a decision-making
             a pen and a record sheet
Your first task…..
 Appoint a group leader and a
 Discuss the Principle/s
  allocated to your group
 Note: there is no need to supply
 ‘answers’ for the questions posed
 in the support materials – simply
 use them as a stimulus for your
 discussion. The decision-making
 model may also assist your
Your second task ….

 Use your record sheet to
 provide answers to the
 questions posed
 Give as much detail as you can so
 that someone who was not in your
 group can understand the points
 you are making!
 Your notes will be used to compile
 a final document.
Your final task ……

          • Give a short verbal report
            back to the whole group
            on the most significant
            issue which your small
            group discussed – if
            there is time, you may
            wish to respond to a
            question or two

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