Features-Job Portal by ashrafp


                        Requirements on Job Portal

     Admin control Panel
     Jobseeker Control Panel
     Employer panel
     Franchise Panel

Admin panel:
  1. Manage registered users (Edit/Active/Inactive)
  2. Manage Employers (Edit/Active/Inactive)
  3. Manage Franchise (Edit/Active/Inactive), Commission %tage box.
  4. Manage Top Employers
  5. Manage Premium Job seekers
  6. Manage Courses (Add/Edit)
  7. Manage Specialization Courses (Add/Edit)
  8. Manage Institutes (Add/Edit)
  9. Manage Job Location (Add/Edit) International based.
  10.Mange Functional Area
  11.Manage Role Area
  12.Manage Roles
  13.Job Type (Full Time, Part Time and Freelancers)
  14.Manage Industries
  15.Manage Plans
  16.Manage Offers
  17.Manage Banners
  18.POP Ups Postings- No need
  19.Admin Management (Add/Edit)
  20.Payment Gateway: Like paypal, monerbookers, online Payment, Bank
      Details through Cash/Cheque/Deposit.
  21.Automated Mails to job Seekers when any job post matching their
  22.All other automated mails, while registration, posting of job, applying
     of job, changing in plan, expiry of plan, welcome mails, periodical job
     details to matched candidates, profile completion mail to jobseeker
     and Employers, etc.
  23.Photo Mails/ Advertising mails HTML Pages Files.
  24.Multi Level Section facility: Like: JOB APPLIED FOR, FUNCTIONAL
  25.Details Export in Excel.
  26.Summarized Details: Like how many clicks on today/periodical, Job
     Posting, Resume Posting,
  27.Space   for    Employer/Candidate’s   Views,   feedback   or   comments.
     Submission after only approval from Admin.
  28.Communication between Employer & Candidate Thorough us only.
  29.Automated Mails to update Resume.
  30.Links for “Career with www.thejobs4u.com”.
Employer Panel:
  1. View/Edit Profile
  2. View Applicants
  3. Active Jobs
  4. Expired Jobs
  5. Search Resumes
  6. Quick Search
  7. Advance Search
  8. Educational Search
  9. Head Hunt
  10.Saved Search
  12.Plan Status

Member’s Panel:
  1. View/Edit resume: Free Resume Posting and Premium Resume Posting
  2. Restrictions of few fields for “Premium Resume Posting”
   3. Manage Search Criteria
   4. New Applications
   5. View Applications Status
   6. Search Jobs
   7. View Massage Boards
   8. Plan Status
   9. Video Post- no need
   10.Candidate to Candidate referral system, where we can see, how many
      candidates have been referred by a candidate, present status of profile
      (completed/uncompleted), Plan status.
   11. Candidate can put his referral person mail while making their profile.
   12.New Fields: Are you willing to outside of your home town?
   13.Willing to Travel.

Franchise panel:
   1. View/Edit Profile
   2. Register a Jobseeker
   3. Register an Employer
   4. My Jobseekers (Present status, plan purchase)
   5. My Employers (Present status, plan purchase)
   6. Search Jobseekers (Same as Employer, but not able to see Contact
      details of Jobseeker, not able to download data in Excel as well as no
      resume download. (Only view option)
   7. Employers Plan Sheet

   Franchise Login: When a franchise log with their login ID, following two
   options may display:
   1. Register a Candidate 2. Register A Employer
Its make easy to us find out any registration from which franchise and also
manage to make their payouts. We can view the data as when as required
even any periodical basis, like- weekly. Monthly. Yearly

   2. Massage Display:
   (i)       When any field select. Specially multy level selection field. The hint
             about the field must display.
   (ii)      When cursor on Premium Resumes Post, this massage will
             RESPONSE FORM TOP EMPLOYERS”, through new window by
             making dull behind, links for registration, cancel.
   (iii)     In premium resume posting in any field it display “PLEASE DON’T

Mail merge facility: provide us facility to add email address without
candidate’s registration. We need to manage these email address through
various group names, so whenever we select any group (like franchise name)
the email address check box under this group will display and then we can
make check mark to those candidates to whom we want to send a particular
mail and this mail will go like a mail merge. We can make or add franchise
group names as many as we want.

Other requirements:
   1. Promotional mails
   2. Mobile alerts: (i) New candidate/ employer/ franchise joins
                       (ii) New job post by employer
                       (iii) Email/mobile alerts on candidate mobile matching to
                       job profile.
   3. Data export in excel.
   4. Candidates search for premium resume posting candidate like:
          searching form premium candidates only
   5. Candidates interest fields like:
   (a) Sports (b) music (c) e-shopping (c) chatting (d) electronic etc……….
   6. Terms & conditions: candidate data can be use for promotional
   7. Employers plans:- add, modify
   8. Franchise cannot download/export data in excel and candidates
      resume they will allow only display data without contact details like.
   9. Option: Work with us/ earn money with us.
   10.Post add banners.
   11.Automated franchise Code generate when franchise registered.
   12.At the time at activation of candidate/ employer status, ask franchise
      code” like: 0009, 0101. For direct candidate and employee, we need
      our special code.

Every registration form appear only after login page
Tool Tips for every field
Candidate Registration form: Registration Type            Free       Premium Resume
Posting   Benefits of Premium candidates Become a Premium Candidate
Willing to travel, willing to join out side home town
Premium candidate form: Do you want to show your contact details Yes
Candidate Picture Must, candidate can remove their pic also.
Confirmation fields for email and password is must in every login
No need all logins on each page
Post and Location selection must be five Maximum
Franchise Pannel: Candidate Employer status
How many referred, how many registered, how many pending ete, their sales
during the period, their income according to setting of plans, individually can
set their %tage.
Franchise   can     send    mail   for   request   of   completion    of   profile   (Job
                          Observation Points

1. Forget Password option is not working. – Done ok
2. Tool Tips are not there in any field. --- Done for multiple selection,
message will be like that “You can selection upto 5 (particular field’s
name) by pressing CTRL button.
3. Every referral or Automated mails should contain Logo as Image with url
4. Contact No should include country code, as we are planning on
International transaction also. – Done Must give an example to write
their mobile no with country code. Like +919649488880 or
0964948888 or 9649488880 for unique system. OK
5. Field of Candidate’s Experience should be + method, like +15 years, +20
years Done ok
6. Candidate can make their Tags for searching, like: Accounts, Excel, VB
ect. (These are only words, by which employer can find then easily.) Done
(Key skills) Ok But not effecting properly in details, searching.
7. Candidates own accounts panel- so see, modify, edit their details and
activities. Done Not in proper shape as well as not working its links
properly. Also though Images as given in Franchise login. Job applied
details. ok
8. Willing to Travel Field. Yes No Done ok
9. Candidates Interest Field, Like: Music, Cricket, Movies, Garments…………..
Done I made two times by candidate registration as candidate, but
not found this field. OK
10. In Franchise Logins: Search Candidate Option. Done But not in proper
shape only showing Name and Experience, where as decided to show
all details other then contact details (mobile no, email, home address
or any type of contact) also need to add new field for searching
criteria: Job Type: Full Time, Part Time, Freelancer through drop
down only. Please note that this new field also must be add on home
page while candidate wants to search jobs. It will also associate with
Employer Job Posting details. ok
11. Please resize Premium Resume Candidate Box and also give buttons for
Pre, Pause, Next for candidates. One candidate at one time only, make
separator for each candidate. Done No Pre, Next, Pause Buttons, One
candidate as one time only, no message display when cursor on
Become Premium Resume Candidate as discussed earlier. “POST
VARIOUS EMPLOYERS”. Also use “candidate” word instead of “user”.
I think scrolling must be from right to left instead of lower to upper.

12. Put Top Employer Box nearby Premium Resume Candidates.
13. Please use different colorful images for each fields and different logins,
means each login has different colors. Also resize as big image. It will be gr8
if we can make login design as http://www.wix.com/, every links must be
worked through images/boxes, not by words only. Use different colours for
each login, like Jobseeker, Employer and Franchise as well as in admin panel,
each facility must have big box/image with different colours. ok
14. Links not activated for premium resume candidate, means when anyone
click on premium resume candidate details, next page with important details
must be open with “Ask Resume Button”. Make sure Address details show or
not. When an employer ask resume, then he must be ask to register him self
as employer or may be already employer. Done ok, we have to see
completion of this once Employer login completed, so keep this
15. Bulk email facility, like if we want to send emails all/selected

16. After submitting request forgot password, return to homepage/login
page, also massage prompts, that your password has been send to your
email id, please check there. Done ok working fine as far as Jobseeker
and Franchise concern.
17. Freelancers – (we have added three job type fields part time full
time and free lancer.) – Done ok, to make it effective, add with
searching criteria fields. A jobseeker can select all job type fields,
like Full Time, Part Time and freelancer.
18.Mailing address in premium resume candidate. Done ok I mean to say,
mailing address not be there if candidate not wants to display there.
19. Automated check box, when individual wants login, not working properly.
20. Employee/Franchise/Employer/admin/change password. OK
21. Jobseeker Panel: Paid, free?? OK
22. Employee coming without completing profile in admin panel, means after
completing profile, must go in entire data. Done ok
23. Franchise code no for candidate registration details Done ok
24. Candidate searching- Location Drop Down (I can add location drop
down but employer will face difficulty when he will not found his
desired location). So think about it and tell me. Let discuss while
25. My admin mails –OK
26. Filter option to see details on particular fields. – please clarify the
point In my admin panel, Candidate details, if I want to know in one
shot how many premium candidates are there, how many free
candidates are there, how many registration made my a particular
franchise, like free/premium, I can see or give there export facility in
27. Checking of all candidate fields. please clarify the point I mean to say
are all fields on candidate login has relevant information or drop
downs there?
28. Searching option Job Type: Full Time, Part Time, Freelancer Done (see
point no 17) as far as candidate concern, I found it, but in searching
criteria on Franchise not there. Make sure it will also for Employer
and Home page searching criteria.
29.If any new fields add must be effect in all aspects. it happens
automatically Must be check, on locations.
30. Employer: Searching fields as per Naukri.com on home page Job
Postings: Jobs by Locations, Jobs by Industries, Jobs by Roles, Jobs by Types
(Full Time, Part Time, Freelancing Jobs)
Apply Job- Registered Jobseeker, New Jobseeker, fields as per
Monster/Naukri,         refer     a      friend,    maximum        10     frds.
30. Mail for admin information and communications. Done Let me know
where I can see that. OK
31. Change Password option in each control. OK
32.Duplicate emails must not accept and message has to display “email
already exist”. Done ok
33.In Franchise control panel, all relevant options must show, buy activated
option will work, if any franchise not authorize to do any option and if he
clicks on it, message will be there “You are not authorized for this services,
to upgrade your services, please contact………..”
34. In admin panel, university, no delete working. OK
35. Candidate Registration: Blank for Country Name as we given for state
and city, one blank field.
36.            Put links for currency converter on relevant places:
37.           Candidate Registration: Role Drop Down, sub role, Desired
Locations, Pincode/zipcode, Done Pls modify Pincode filed name with
38. After upload resume and photo, must return to accounts details,
searching not showing properly. OK
39. Candidate Accounts details also in Images. OK
40. Candidate profile: Upgrade to Premium Candidate through single button
only, not whole registration form. OK
41. Some problem in continue using of switching from one login to another
login. OK
42. Filters on all fields. – please clarify the point refer point No. 26
43. In Franchise panel, candidate search include all field, other then address
and contact details (Home address, Mobile No, Email) and word resume. OK
44. Error while login through candidate login. OK
45. Login’s radio button must be on right box, sometimes coming on other
login, also need to check employer login page coming instead of candidate
login page. OK
46. Premium Candidate- Active/Deactivate, after completion registration
showing incomplete in Franchise Panel and also not allowing to make
premium candidates. OK
47. Candidate interest fields: Like Music, Garments, Movies…….??? OK
48. Candidate Search: Must have field Job Type: Full time, Part Time or
Freelancer for Franchise and Employers. OK
49. Candidate registration form is not same through Resume Post and
Jobseeker option, please check on first page bottom. OK
50. Problem reported by candidate when he tried to update/make his profile
through referral links. OK
51. Counters required as how many candidates are registered, franchise,
employers. Also make S.No. of each details.
52. On registration by Premium Candidate/Franchise/Employer, message will
display    after   making     registration:   Thanks     for   registration  at
www.thejbos4u.com, your account will be activate within 24 hrs. If your
account     not   activate    within    24   hrs,    please   send     mail  to
admin@thejobs4u.com with complete details. OK
53. Delete/ cancellation of candidature, after registration? OK
54. Complete/Incomplete details in Admin Panel for Candidate/Employers.
55. Why accepting incomplete profile, there must have compulsory fields
also. In admin panel add all fields of candidate, like Job Type-Full time, Part
Time, Freelancer
56. Individual authorization in Admin Control panel. Like for Sales Person, HR
person, Computer Operator, so that work can be disturbed accordingly.
57. Franchise Login: Candidate Search: after view candidate details, must
return to search details.
58. Direct login without asking admin password:
59. Employer Login: Job Post: Sub Role: Blank Column, Country Name,
Offered package like Min or Max, text box for Job Description where an
employer can write about the Job/Profile. Job Type: Full, Part, Freelancer
(Employer can select all fields)
60. Rename- Plan status instead of Plane Status. -OK
61. Message before posting of any Job, Please read carefully Job Details, you
can modify once posted. Edit button must be there. OK
62. Plan figures in numeric instead of alphabetic. Like No of Job Posting,
Days of activation, Duration. OK
63. Profile completion Automated mail after each seven days, until profile
64. Automated mails to matched candidate when new job posted.
65. Timely Matched Job details/Mails to candidates.
66. Invoice Option
67. Employer plans details in Admin panel, to see complete history and
present status.
68.     Online      payment      option    through     www.paypal.com     and
www.moneybookers.com , email id is freelancerjobs69@yahoo.com
69.                     Job                   Posting                  details:
70. Picture Remove option
71. Size of Premium candidate/Top Employers box to be adjust, separate box
required for individual candidate and also matter of candidate. Change
scrolling of “Top Employers” from left to Right, opposite to “Premium
72. Franchise login: Candidate/Employer Details, also without giving
activation, employer registration active.
73. Free/Premium Candidate shorting
74. Profile Complete but not showing incomplete in franchise a/c, also while
searching through Franchise login, no details showing of particular candidate.
75. My Candidate data showing in My Employer data OK
76. Datewise data showing: From Date To Date in all penal.
77. Jobseeker, Employer, Franchise login buttons on Home Page as Image in
three different colours (not mixing colours) as discussed. www.ziddu.com OK
78. Database must be show as S.No. OK
79. Employer Plan details for Franchise, means franchise can see which plan
Employer purchased.
80. Few fields still vacant in Candidate details, Admin Panel.
81. Search- Premium Candidate, Top Employers
82. My admin mail details, so that I can start communication from there.
83. Few fields details not showing, Candidate Details- like Skills, work
84. In Candidate details, Job Type- coming Free Time instead of Full Time,
85. Candidate details are not same in Admin Panel and Franchise panel after
86. After Employer Registration, return on login page with thanks and
welcome message.
87. Employer Details- Industry (Blank)
88. Payment Options: Paypal, Moneybooker, Bank
89. Message always- Select a Plan, even account activated, Back button
90. Job Posting Details
91. Search Candidate- Employer- Contact Details, Export in Excel, Back or
return process, always return to search details.
92. Candidate Skills not showing
93. No automated mail to Employer’s email- after registration, after
activation, after selecting plans.
94. Space use on home page, all links must be through images only.
95. Candidate to candidate referral system.
96. Referral links in starting of Profile Form.
97. Jobs on Location- First Country Name- then City Name in next page
98. Employer panel- after posting job, back button, also- salary min and
99. Message in mail: Activation of your account at thejobs4u.com
http://www.thejobs4u.comfor more Details.
100. Activation of Employer Plan – Search Resume, when first search made-
details will be in Employers details- Activation date, completion date.
101. Refer a friend option, candidate can see also how many frds referred.
102. Shorting of plan according to No of Job Postings.
103. Checking of all automated mails.
104. Making of templates and bulk email messages.
105. Top Employer’s Activation.
106. Employer Search Resume Option
107. In Edit Profile: make sure email id can’t be change. OK
108. Employer Profile: Country not in alphabetic, how can find out names of
cities, which not having country and state details.
109. While register a candidate, message must be their as jobseeker can
select Job Type (Full Time, Part Time, Freelancing). Also same for Employer,
when he is going to post job.
110. Salary expectations: Min and Max
111. Search Candidate through Franchise- not proper details, without having
skills, data is showing: MS OFFICE- data showing of Priyanka Lamba,
whereas, no skills showing there. Same: Key Skills- Tally, data not showing
of Bhaven?????
112. Skills not coming.
113. Job Type: Full, Part and Freelancer not showing in candidate details in
admin and franchise search.
114. All fields must compulsory, rather then present employer.
115. Candidate Resume Search: Through Franchise and Employer- Country
wise, State wise and Location wise through drop down only.
116. In locations: following locations must be above all as Anywhere – World
(Country), Anywhere – India (State) and All Cities – India.
117. Searching Criteria and result must be according locations, like if
Employer post job by selecting All Cities- India, then candidates details must
be there, even they not selected All Cities – India while making their profile.
Means if candidates other details matched with other fields and his preferred
locations like Jaipur, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi then also show in
search details.
118. Franchise Panel: Employer Plan sheet (Only View)
119. Candidate Desired Locations: only Indian Cities are there, then how can
he apply for other countries/cities?
120. Jobseeker Panel: Search Jobs: when they apply for Job, not ask again to
login or once he applied on new job first time, then not ask again login while
posting of other jobs.
121. Candidate details are not correct, each filed must be check. Country
122. Top Employers- Image Posting? From where?
123. Online Payment and currency converter – Candidate profile, when
selecting Premium Resume Posting and Employer Profile selecting/seeing any
124. Untitled Page.
125. Franchise Login: Spelling and typing mistake: Register a Employer, an
employer, also typing mistake. Links of all images not proper.
126. When Jobseeker applied on Job Posting, an automated mail should
reach to employer “Dear Employers,
A Candidates applied on your Job Posting for $Job Posting heading$.”
Alongwith Candidate’s Resume and Email.
127.          Job           Details         as          given         already:
128. Confirmation mail and message of Job applied by jobseeker.
129. Referral Employer login link through Franchise, error.
130. While Employer Registration- Countries Names are not Alphabetic.
131. Admin Panel: Employer’s details- Industry not showing.
132. All Panels showing- this is fine, but only activation required- what plan
purchased. Message must be show for Authorization of plan. Presently buy
Job Posting but resume search function also there.
133. Activation/Deactivation- Top Employer not working. All are showing.
134. Job Posting details are not upto the mark, not showing Role, Industry
and other details/fields., when employer post job, mail to admin with url of
that job.
135. Search by …. From Home page- all relevant pages.
136. Activation and duration dates of Job Posting.
137. Mail merge facility: provide us facility to add email address without
candidate’s registration. We need to manage these email address through
various group names, so whenever we select any group (like franchise name)
the email address check box under this group will display and then we can
make check mark to those candidates to whom we want to send a particular
mail and this mail will go like a mail merge. We can make or add franchise
group names as many as we want.
138. Home page remaining links.
139. Link for update profile of Employer through franchise, giving error.
140. Error while adding locations through admin panel.
141. Mail to admin when Employer and Jobseeker complete their profile and
142. Some times, password is not showing, in forget password mail.
143. All mails should have BCC option. (bi mail)
144. Name of all pages and spellings.
145. Proper mails are not coming in my mail box, each and every activities
on job portal.

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