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Program Area 2 – Forest Products Markets and Socio-

        Overview on activities in 2004 – 2005
                 YEAR: 2004 – 2005
PROGRAMME 2 – Forest Products Markets and Socio-economics

Strategic issues

As defined in the EFI Research Strategy for research 2003-2008, there are five priority areas
for research in Forest Products Markets and Socio-economics Programme.

1.   Rural development and socio-economics of forest uses
2.   Economics of multifunctional uses of forests and forest externalities
3.   Analysis and modelling of the supply and demand for timber and forest products
4.   Forest products trade analysis
5.   Competitiveness of forest sector enterprises

The following issues are important for the implementation of programme in 2005:

        EU FP6 ―forestry wood chain‖ –research
        applications of EFI GTM model, further development of the model
        applications of economic accessibility model, further development of the model in
         GIS environment, implementation o different scaled systems
        work on issues related to ―illegal logging‖ and transparent timber trade (trade
         statistics, national reporting systems, private sector measures)
        Development of projects on financial value and planning of non-wood forest products
         and services
        collaboration with UN/ECE, EFI RPCs and other EFI programmes

ONGOING PROJECTS in EFI-Program Area 2 (Forest Products Markets and Socio-

Economics of multifunctional uses of forests and forest externalities
           Project                  EFI team                Objectives                         Time
   (Co-ordinator; partners)
 Towards progressive forest sector      Ottitsch, Michie,    To assess an overview of          2004-
 in North-West Russia                   Saramäki,            forest        resources      in   2007
 (Metla; Un iversity of Joensuu,        Sevillano            Northwest Russia and their
 All-Russian Research Institute for                          accessibility, to propose
 Silvicu lture and Mechanization of                          new forest management
 Forestry, Petrozavodsk State                                practices in silvicu lture
 University, FTA)                                            and to analyse the modern
                                                             time series econometrics
 Modelling and assessment of            Ottitsch,            To      (i)     analyse     the   2001-
 forest resources, their future use     Michie,              development of forests in         2005
 and economic accessibility in          Saramäki             Ko mi and Vologda regions
 North-West Russia                                           for next 50 years, (ii)
 (EFI; St Petersburg State Forest                            analyse the location of
 Technical      Academy      (FTA),                          forest        resources      in
 Institute for the Forest Specialists                        Novgorod                region,
 Education        and      Training,                         (iii)analyse the reliab ility
 University of Joensuu)                                      of       forest      inventory
                                                             informat ion, (iv) assess
                                                             geographical distribution
                                                             of        different       wood
                                                             harvesting levels and their
                                                             economic accessibility.

Analysis and modelling of the supply and demand for timber and forest products

           Project                          EFI team                 Objectives                Time
   (Co-ordinator; partners)
 WFS E - World Forests, Society         Wardle, Ottitsch,    To prepare a book on              2001-
 and Environ ment                       Tikkanen             world forests environment         2005
 (IUFRO/WFSE;, CIFOR, CATIE,                                 and society to be published
 INBA R, UNU, Metla, CIRAD,                                  in     IUFRO         World
 ICRAF, BFH, WFC)                                            Conference in Brisbane in
                                                             2005, EFI’s tasks:
                                                                  Preparation         of
                                                                      European regional
                                                                  Participation       in
                                                                      policy-brief draft

 Feeding    China’s    expanding        Ottitsch, Saramäki   To determine specific data        2003-
 demand for wood pulp: A                                     needs of European pulp and        2005
 diagnostic     assessment     of                            paper     producer,       to
 plantation development, fiber                               disseminate the results and
 supply and impacts on natural                               to host a workshop in
 forests in China and in the                                 Europe
 Southeast Asia
 (CIFOR; Centre de Coopération

Internationale     en     Recherche
Agronomique            pour       le
Développement (CIRA D) Forét)
INS EA     -     Integrated    Sink    Solberg, Moiseyev     To develop an analytical        2004-
Enhancement Assessment                                       tool to assess economic         2006
(IIASA; Joint Research Center,                               and environmental effects
Federal Institute for Geosciences                            for enhancing carbon sinks
and Natural Resources, Soil                                  on agricultural and forest
Science      and       Conservation                          lands.
Research       Institute,     Lulea                          EFI’s part is to assess
University      of      Technology,                          leakages effects in the
University of Hohenheim, Institut                            forest sector
National de         la    Recherche
Agronomique (INRA), Joanneum
Research,       Un iversity      of
Bodenkultur, CIRAD)

Impacts of reduction of illegal        Ottitsch, Moiseyev,        to extend the existing     2004–
logging in European Russia on the      Kazusa                knowledge the nature and        2005
EU and European Russia forest                                magnitude of illegal
sector and trade                                             logging in Western part of
(EFI; Syktyvkar Forest Institute                             Russia;
(Centre of GIS) Russian Research                                  to analyse the
and     Design     Institute   of                            effectiveness of existing
Economics,             Production                            instruments regarding the
Management and Information for                               exclusion of illegally
Forest, Pulp and Paper and                                   logged timber fro m the EU
Woodworking Industries)                                      market;
                                                                  to analyse the impacts
                                                             of potential changes in the
                                                             forest products
                                                             chain in the European
                                                             Union as a result of
                                                             implementing a Vo luntary
                                                             Partnership Agreement,
                                                             due to a reduction of
                                                             illegal logging in Eu ropean
                                                             Russia or diversion of
                                                             trade to other markets.

Study on illegal logging and           Ottitsch              Objective 1: to provide an      2004 –
related trading in timber and          Kaczmarek             overview      on    regional    2005
forest products in Europe (EFI:        Kazusa                political processes which
Danish Forestry Extension)                                   consider the issue of illegal
                                                             logging (Africa FLEG,
                                                             Asia FLEG, G8, WSSD,
                                                             and others). What are the
                                                             main findings, including
                                                             political     commit ments,
                                                             legal instruments put in
                                                             place, and others? -
                                                             (shortly) Object ive 2: to
                                                             provide an overview on
                                                             existing        informat ion,
                                                             results of research projects,
                                                             reports, regulations, etc. in
                                                             Europe      about     illegal
                                                             logging issues. Objective
                                                             3: to estimate the extent of
                                                             the problem in Europe,

                                                           based       on     existing
                                                           informat ion

Forest products trade analysis

           Project                          EFI team                                      Time
   (Co-ordinator; partners)                                Objectives                     frame

 Forest products trade          flow    Wardle, Mich ie,   To further develop the         2001-
 analysis                               Janse,             standardised         Forest    2005
 (EFI; IUFRO/WFSE)                                         Products     Trade     Flow
                                        Villaplana         database, to utilise the
                                        Fiero              existing           database
                                                           informat ion    on    forest
                                                           products trade and market
                                                           analyses, as well as on
                                                           research on forest products
                                                           trade and      to build a
                                                           service for EFI where the
                                                           standardised         Forest
                                                           Products     Trade     Flow
                                                           database could be used as a
                                                           initial      source       of
                                                           informat ion for various
                                                           research and commercial

Competitiveness of forest sector enterprises

 Project                                EFI team           Objectives                     Time
 (Co-ordinator; partners)                                                                 frame
 Develop ment of the Central and        Ottitsch,          To identify the scope and      2004 –
 Eastern Europe Forest Products         Michie,            sources of economic            2005
 Industry (EFI, BFH & Uni               Moiseyev,          benefits provided by public
 Hamburg, Po lish Forest Research       Janse,             sources and their impact
 Institute, individual consultants in   Kazusa             on the short and long-term
 CEEC)                                                     competitiveness of the
                                                           pulp, paper and wood
                                                           products industry in
                                                           Central and Eastern

 Alternative paths for forest sector    Husso              To analyse and compare         2003-
 development:          Co mpetit ive    Ottitsch           the competitiveness            2006
 advantages of small and mediu m                           (profitability,
 size co mpanies in woodworking                            effectiveness,
 industries                                                internationalisation) of
 (EFI; Agricu ltural University of                         forest sector SMEs in
 Norway)                                                   Norway and Finland

Staff (2004 – 2005)
Forest Products Markets & Socio-Economics:

Dr. Andreas Ottitsch, Programme Manager

Elena Aguaron, Trainee (2005)
Mari a Fierro, Trainee (2005)
Markku Husso, Researcher (2003 – 2005)
Gerben J anse, Researcher
Matthieu Jeannesson, Trainee (2004)
Hanne-Mari Höl ttä, Programme Assistant
Lauma Kazusa, Research Assistant (2004 –)
Dr. Bruce Michie, Senior Researcher
Dr. Alexander Moiseyev, Senior Researcher
Margarita Mart inez Nuñez, EFI-Su mmer Scholar 2005
Kaija Saramäki, Pro ject Administrator
Gian luca Santi, EFI-Su mmer Scholar 2004
Eva Sevillano Marco, Trainee (2005)
Arnaud de Rouffignac, Trainee (2004)
Mirei a Vil aplana, Research Assistant (2005)
Philip Ward le, Associated Researcher

Publications 2004 – 2005

Janse G., Ottitsch A.: Factors Influencing the Role of Non Wood Forest Products and
   Services – results from a comparative study covering Norway and the Netherlands;
   Forest Policy and Economics 7 (2005), 309 – 319

Janse G.: Forest Products Trade Flow Discrepancies – Unintentional and Intentional
   Errors; in: Scandinavian Forest Economics No 40, Vantaa, 2004

Janse G.: Information search behaviour of European forest policy makers; Forest
   Policy and Economics, accepted for publication, available online, October 2004

A. Maarit I. Kallio, Alexander Moiseyev, Birger Solberg: The Global Forest Sector
   Model EFI-GTM — The Model Structure, Technical Report 15,
   European Forest Institute, Joensuu, Finland, 2004

Michie B., Pussinen A., Saramäki K.: Economic Accessibility of Forest Resources in
  the Novgorod Region, in: Scandinavian Forest Economics No 40, Vantaa, 2004

Ottitsch A., Schanz H.: The Netherlands – paragon or failure as regards the
   formulation of NFPs?, Report prepared for COST-E21 (National Forest Programs)-
   final publication (editor: Humphreys D.R.), COST Office, Luxembourg, 2004

Ottitsch A., Kazusa L., Kaczmarek K., Raae K.: Study on the issues of illegal logging
   and related trade of timber and other forest products issues in Europe; Report to the
   Warsaw Liaison Unit for the Ministerial Conference for the Protection of Forests in
   Europe, Joensuu, 2004

Ottitsch A., Moiseyev A., Kazusa L.: Impacts of reduction of illegal logging in
   European Russia on the EU and European Russia forest sector and trade, Joensuu,

Ottitsch A., Kazusa L.: Science Investigates Illegal Logging – EFI-News Number 2,
   Volume 12, Joensuu, 2004

Other presentations:
Ottitsch A.: Denn im Wald da sind die Räuber – Stand der Diskussion zum Thema
   ―Illegal Logging‖ in Europa presentation given at the annual meeting of German
   speaking forest policy scientists, Freiburg, April 2004

Ottitsch A.: Consequences of EU Policies for State Forest Organisations in Europe -
   Conference of European State Forest Organisations, Aulanko (Finland), 2004

Ottitsch A.: Forest Politics in Europe – Presentation at 3rd Forest Academy, Helsinki
   (Finland), 2004

Ottitsch A.: Forest Sector Links between Latin America and Europe – 2nd Ibero-
   American Symposium on Forest Management and Forest Economics, Barcelona,

Ottitsch A.: Integration of Risk into Forest Management Considerations; Presentation
   at Seminar ―Problems of Risk Assessment in the Russian Federation‖, St.
   Petersburg, 2004

Ottitsch A.: Impact of reduction of illegal logging in European Russia on the EU and
   European Russia forest sector and trade; Illegal Logging Update and Stakeholder
   Consultation, London, 2004


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