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DIR by ashrafp


									             BHARAT SANCHAR NIGAM LIMITED
                                     (A Govt. of India Enterprises)
No.- P-7/DIR-HINDI/2003/                Dated at Bikaner, the 25 june,04
                                   NOTICE INVITING TENDER

1.       On behalf of BSNL, General Manager Teleco m District, Bikaner invites wax sealed Tenders for
         publication of 3 issues of Bikaner Telephone Directories in Hindi with Yellow Pages as mentioned below: -
 S.No.                    Item                     To be Published in year       Quantity (In numbers)
           First edition of Main Directory
     1                                                     2004                         50,000
   2       First Supplementary Directory (Hindi)           2005                         40,000
           Second Supplementary Directory
   3                                                       2006                         30000
As a complete job which will include procurement of paper approved quality, printing, binding and supplying of
copies on royalty basis by the contractor of the BSNL. The exact number of Directories for first and subsequent
issue will be co mmun icated by GMTD, Bikaner . The Directories will be printed on three-colu mn pattern & 6- point
type Hindi.

2.       Previous experience of printing and supplying on issue of the Telephone Directory with yellow pages in
         any SSA anywhere in India is the precondition for the Tender. The certificate for successfully comp letin g
         the job should be issued by an officer not below the ran k of Divisional Eng ineer.
3.       To Obtain the Tender fro m the follo wing documents duly attested by Gazette officer or Notary Public will
         be submitted by the applicant.
         (a) Latest Income Tax clearance cert ificate of proof o f submission of Income Tax Return.
         (b) Partnership Deed and Registration Certificate fro m the registrar of firm if the firm is in partnership.
         (c) Power of Attorney if necessary.
         (d) Memorandum of Association and Articles in case of Public Limited/Private Limited Co mpanies.
         (e) Experience certificate of one main issue in DOT/BSNL/MTNL within last three financial years i.e.
         (f) Hav ing own offset printing press or DTP facility.
         (g) Total turn over of 30 lacs per financial year.
         (h) Experience of print ing either books/Directory/periodical.
         (i) Engaged in publishing in daily newspapers.
4.       The Tender form giv ing full details of terms & conditions can be obtained from SDE (Co m.), O/o GMTD,
         Bikaner on any working day fro m 10.00 hrs. to 17.00 hrs. t ill (dated)21-07-04 on production of case receipt
         of Account payee Bank Draft of Rs. 500/- (Rupees Five Hundred Only) in favor of AO (Cash), BSNL, O/o
         GM TD, Bikaner towards the cost of Tender form wh ich is non refundable.
5.       The Tender offer should be sent in the given form in a proper wax sealed cover subscribed with "Tender for
         Publication of Hindi Telephone Directory of Bikaner Teleco m District with yellow pages" and address to
         D.E. (Admn.) BSNL, O/o GMTD, Bikaner so as to reach this office up to 14.30 hrs. on (date)22-07-04 and
         may be put in the Tender Bo x up to 14.30 hrs. on (date)22 -07-04 kept in the chamber of DE (Plg) BSNL,
         O/o GMTD, Bikaner and Tender (technical bid) will be opened on the same day at 15.30 hrs. in the
         presence of their authorities representatives who/wish to be present there.
6.       The Tender must enclosed Earnest money of Rs. 37,500/- (Rupees Thirty Seven Thousand Five Hundred
         Only) in favor of AO (Cash) BSNL, O/o GMTD, Bikaner in the form of Case of A/C Payee Band Draft
         payable at Bikaner. The Tender with precondition and without Earnest money will not be considered.
7.       The right has been reserved with the GMTD, Bikaner to accept or reject any one or all Tenders without
         assigning any reason.

                                                                                    Divisional Engineer (Admn.)

Tender Notice 28th Nov                                                                                              1
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fnukad :       fufonk izkfIr dk le; 14. 30 cts
fnukad :       fufonk [kqyus dk le; 15.30 cts
foLr`r tkudkjh gekjs osclkbZV www. Rajasthan ls vFkok
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                            eaMy vfHk;ark ¼ iz'kklu½

Tender Notice 28th Nov                                                2

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