CSP Proposal Template v2 by ashrafp


									    OMII-UK Commissioned Software Project Proposal
To simplify and speed up the assessment process for your proposal, please use the
following structure. The first page should include, in tabular form, the administrative
details relating to your proposal as requested below. Then use up to an additional 6 pages
(not including appendices) to provide details of the proposal itself. The criteria for
assessment are available at: http://www.omii.ac.uk/wiki/Funding If you wish to discuss
any aspects of your proposal, please talk to the OMII-UK Director, Neil Chue Hong,
director@omii.ac.uk. Once complete send your proposal by email to Mrs Gill Schofield

Administrative Details (Front Page):

 Project Title
 Proposal Number & Version         Provided by OMII-UK
 Name of lead proposer
 Project Summary
 Address and contact details
 of lead proposer
 Names and affiliations of all

 Proposed Start Date
 Names of proposed staff to be
 Total pe rson-months requested

                     Description                                               Amount
 Salary Costs
 Cons umables
 80% fEC
Case for Support
Description of work (1/2 page)

Give a summary of the work you are proposing that could be used to describe the work to
a general academic audience. Cover the work to be done, the requirement for doing it
and benefits that the work will bring. This may be used for dissemination purposes.

Adherence to OMII-UK vision (1/4 page)

The mission of OMII-UK is to cultivate and support community software important to
research. Briefly describe how this will be furthered by your project. Also indicate any
integration, dependencies or collaboration with other OMII-UK supported software,
projects or communities. Are there any standards which the work will draw on to aid

User community (including letters of support) (1/4 page)

Please indicate the user communities that will benefit from this work. Make reference to
Letters of Support which should be attached as Appendices. Can you identify real end-
users who will benefit? Is this work regarded as a priority by the community? What user
engagement will you undertake during the project (Note that you should describe the
benefits to the community in the later section “Contribution to the User Community”.)

Description of the test applications/scenarios from the user
community (1/2 page)

What are the ways in which the software will be used, and how will this be used to
validate and evaluate the work achieved?

Scope of the work that will be undertaken in this proposal (1/2 page)

Describe the work which will be done on the project.

Contribution to the user community (i.e. what activity does it enable)
(1/4 page)

What will the work enable for the user community? What are the inhibitors which it seeks
to overcome?

Testing and Documentation (1/4 page)
Describe how the software will be tested for functional and non-functional criteria. How
will you prove that the software is of higher quality once the project is complete?
Describe the scope of the documentation, and how it will be evaluated.

Sustainability and Support arrangements (1/4 page)

What will happen to the software after the project is completed? What will be done
during the project to make it easier to sustain and support? How will the software be
made available to the community and supported?

Detailed work plan including milestones and specific deliverables (1/4
page + attached chart)
Provide a workplan and chart which indicates milestones and deliverables. Indicate what
software development model you are using and why it is appropriate.

Development environment & standards (1/4 page)

Describe the development environment. What infrastructure will you use for code
development, issue tracking, and debugging? What coding guidelines will you follow?

Risks and dependencies (1/4 page)

Describe the risks the project might face. Indicate their relative levels and what might be
done to mitigate them. Are there any external dependencies?

Named researchers and project management (1/4 page)

Please indicate the people who will work on the project and comment on the
appropriateness of their skills and experience for the project. How will the project be

Software licensing arrangements and governance issues (1/4 page)

What license is the software under currently. Will this change? Have you considered IP
and governance issues?

Letters of Support

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