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									                                                     Overvie w of Bio-Informatics:                               One Day National Level Workshop
Chief Patron: sir D. Sambasiva Rao
                                 Convener, PVPSIT             Bioinformatics is the field of science in
                                                     which biology, computer science, and information                 Bioinformatics
Patron         :        Dr. K Srinivasu              technology merge into a single discipline. There are              (30th September 2010)
                                                     three important sub-disciplines within bioinformatics:
                                 Principal, PVPSIT
                                                     the development of new algorithms and statistics with
Chair Persons:                                       which to assess relationships among members of
      Dr. K Nageswara Rao                            large data sets; the analysis and interpretation of
                                   HOD CSE
                                                     various types of data including nucleotide and amino
      Dr. J Rajendra Prasad HOD IT                   acid sequences, protein domains, and protein
                                                     structures; and the development and implementation
                                                     of tools that enable efficient access and management
      Dr. B D C N Prasad HOD MCA                     of different types of Information.
                                                              Bioinformatics has been defined as a means
Convener:      Dr. J Rajendra Prasad HOD IT          for analyzing, comparing, graphically displaying,
                                                     modeling, storing, systemizing, searching, and
Coordinators:                                        ultimately distributing biological information, which                Organized by
      Sri B.V. SUBBA RAO Asso. Professor             includes sequences, structures, function, and
                                                     phylogeny. Thus bioinformatics may be defined as a       DEPARTMENT OF COMPUTER SCIENCE & ENG.
      Sri M.V.S.N MAHESWAR Asst. Professor           discipline that generates computational tools,           DEPARTMENT OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY
      Sri T.D RAVI KIRAN Asst. Professor
                                                     databases, and methods to support genomic and post        DEPARTMENT OF COMPUTER APPLICATIONS
                                                     genomic research. It comprises the study of DNA
                                                     structure and function, gene and protein expression,
Organizing Committee:                                protein production, structure and function, genetic        Prasad V Potluri Siddhartha
      Mrs D. KAVITHA Sr. Asst. Professor             regulatory systems, and clinical applications.           Institute of Technology, Kanuru,
      Sri B.V.MANIKYA LA RAO Sr . Asst. P rofessor
                                                     Bioinformatics needs the expertise from Computer
                                                     Science, Mathematics, Statistics, Medicine, and                    Vijayawada-7
      Sri B N SWAMY Sr. Asst. Professor              Biology.
                                                     Chief Guest of Inaugural Function
      Mrs T SANTHISRI Sr. Asst. Professor                     Prof.Col. Allam AppaRao                              (Affiliated to JNTU Kakinada
      Mrs J. RAMA DEVI Sr. Asst. Professor                            Vic-Chancellor of JNTU Kakinada.               And Approved by AICTE)
      Sri T KRANTHI KUMAR Asst. Professor            Resource Persons:                                                  (NBA Accredited
                                                                   Dr Nita Parek
      Sri I.M.V. KRISHNA Asst. Professor                                                                                      And
                                                                             IIIT, Hyderabad.                       ISO 9001:2008 Certified)
      Mrs A. HARITHA Asst. Professor
                                                                     Dr R Kiran Kumar                                  Kanuru, Vijayawada-7
      Sri M RAMGOPAL Asst. Professor
                                                                             Krishna University MTM         
                                                                     Dr Suresh Chandra Satapati
                                                                                ANITS, Vishakapatnam.                   Ph: 0866-2581699
         One Day National Level Work Shop                Eligibility: Faculty from engineering colleges and           ABOUT PVPSIT
                       On                                personnel from IT industries.                                          Prasad V. Potluri Institute of Technology,
         Bioinformatics (Sept. 30th 2010)                Fee particulars: Registration fee Rs.100/- for               Sponsored by Siddhartha Academy of General and
                 Registration form                                                                                    Technical Education was established in the year 1998
                                                         employees/Faculties may be paid in cash on 30-09-
                                                                                                                      and is affiliated to JNTU, Kakinada and the
    1.   Name:                                           2010.
                                                                                                                      institution is accredited by AICTE-NBA. The
    2.   Designation:                                    Registration: Registration forms in the prescribed           institute aims to promote Quality Technical
    3.   Institution:                                                                                                 Education and create innovative, self initiative and
                                                         format duly sponsored by the head of the institution
    4.   Address for correspondence with Email:                                                                       skilled Engineers.
                                                         shall reach on or before 23-09-10 we shall give
                                                                                                                                PVPSIT is situated in a calm and serene
                                                         acceptance on or before 24-09-10 by Email or phone.
                                                                                                                      Environment at Kanuru, 6 Km From the heart of the
                                                         Spot registration also available for faculty/employees
    5. Ph:                                                                                                            city, Vijayawada. The Institute offers under graduate
                                                         on 30.09.10, from 8:30 am onwards.
    6. Qualification:                                                                                                 programs in CSE, IT, ECE, EEE, ME, ECM, AE and
    7. Experience in                                                                                                  CIVIL. It also offers masters program of M. Tech in
                                                         Important dates:
       (a) Teaching:                                                                                                  CSE, ME, EEE, and ECE and also MCA and MBA.
       (b) Industry:                                           Last date for receipt of application: 26-09-10
                        Declaration                            Intimation of selection:              27-09-10
                                                               Workshop day:                         30-09-10         ABOUT THE DEPARTMENTS
        The information provided is true to the best                                                                       IT, CSE & MCA Departments Established in
of my knowledge. If selected, I agree to abide by the    Coordinator,
rules and regulations of the workshop and shall          One Day National Level Workshop on “BioInformatics”,                 the year 1998,1999 & 2004 respectively
attend the workshop without fail. I also undertake       P.V.P.Siddhartha Institute of Technology
                                                         Kanuru, Vijayawada-7                                              No. of Computer Systems:           750
the responsibility to inform the coordination in case,
I am unable to attend the seminar.                       Email:                                          No. of Servers :                   15

Date:                                                    Please note:                                                      Computer Labs :                    30
Place:                                                                                                                     Campus wide Fiber Optic Networks with 1
                           Signature of the applicant       Working Lunch, Snacks & tea will be arranged to
                                                             all partici pants. However NO TA or DA will be                   Gbps back bones
            Sponsorship Certificate.                         pai d.
                                                                                                                           Digital Library IEEE/ASME e-journals
                                                            Assistance Reg arding accommodation will be
Dr/Mr./Ms…………............……………………….                          provi ded on inti mati on at least 2 days in advance .           through INDEST/AICTE consortium
……………………………is an employee/student
of our institution/organization and is here by                                                                             Faculty : 60 well qualified faculty
sponsored to participant in the national level           Mr. T.D.Ravi Kiran Asst. Professor,                               Internet : Leased line of 8 Mbps
workshop on “Bio-Informatics” on 30th September                                           Ph: 9885744167                   IIT & MIT Video Lectures
2010 at Prasad V. Potluri Siddhartha Institute of
Technology, Kanuru, Vijayawada-7                         Sri. M.V.S.N MAHESWAR Asst. Professor                             Certificate courses for students : Sun certified
                                                                                            Ph: 9848435630                    JAVA, ORACLE – WDP, IIIT-CIT, CISCO-
                            Signature of the                                                                                  CCNA & INFOSYS FP PROGRAM
                          Head of the Institution
                               (with seal)

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