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					                                                               The World’s Largest Mobile
                                                                     Wheel Repair Company

Dear Potential Partner,

Unless you have been in the automobile repair business, would you have ever considered wheel repair service
as a viable and profitable endeavor? Alloy Wheel Repair Specialists, Inc (AWRS) has meticulously invested time
and money building a corporation that has proven its unparalleled marketability over and over. How can AWRS
boast annual volumes in the 30 millions (USD) in 2009 and expect to reach 100 million (USD) by 2012?

Alloy Wheel Repair Specialists is the largest and most successful mobile wheel repair company in the world. At
present, we have over 400 mobile units in North America, the UK, Ireland, Saudi Arabia, Germany, France,
Jordan, and Spain repairing over 40,000 wheels per month.

The AWRS system features superior equipment and technology – unsurpassed in our industry – including our
unique patented and patent-pending processes that we offer exclusively to valued partners Furthermore, our
time-tested market research indicates that the wheel repair industry is extremely infantile in most markets. The
time is now to enter this ground floor, rapidly evolving industry.

What sets us so far apart from our competitors is our team spirit, professionalism, unique products and
proprietary techniques, coupled with the timeless virtue of hard work, dedication, and commitment. We are
searching for individuals who share in our vision and desire the opportunity to be in business for themselves
but not by themselves.

If you believe you have what it takes to be successful in this revolutionary industry, call or email our Atlanta
Corporate Offices. Our Executive Franchise Director will be available to answer your questions and discuss them in
in further detail. I am confident you will share our excitement for this incomparable business opportunity!


Thomas Morris, CEO

             WHEEL REPAIR SOLUTIONS INTERNATIONAL, INC., 3100 Medlock Bridge Road, Suite 305, Norcross, GA 30071   1-800-518-3040 || 770-903-1236

The use of alloy wheels began in the mid-90s as a means to dress up high-end European cars. As these
expensive wheels became more popular, the concept was duplicated by aftermarket specialty manufacturers
offering wheels that were not only stylized, but looked sexy and sleek, too! Demand for their supply increased.
Within five years, domestic and Japanese manufacturers had also begun installing alloys on their high-cars.
Today, alloy wheels are the manufacturers' wheel of choice. The price of aluminum and its lighter weight, as
well as its good looks, provides a very reasonable alternative to outdated steel wheels and hubcaps.

In the US, wheel repair, and specifically, severely damaged wheels, started as a direct result of the insurance
business. The first companies offering repairs did so from machine shops where they utilized welding and tracer
lathes. Polished and painted wheels were then re-polished and re-painted to make the job complete. This
repair process is referred to as remanufacturing. Today's shops, however, utilize sophisticated CNC lathes and,
like the OEMs, they powder coat versus wet paint.

Two of the early companies that provided remanufacturing services have grown into multi-million dollar
businesses and account for over 100 million USD in annual sales. Their specialty is core exchange programs –
purchasing damaged cores from salvage yards and remanufacturing them. Over the years they have
accumulated tremendous inventories exchanging wheels held in inventory for damaged cores. Several hundred
smaller companies around North America account for an additional 400 million USD in annual gross revenue.

Alloy Wheel Repair Specialists (AWRS) emerged in
the early 2000s as an alternative to shop- based
providers. Initially catering to automobile dealers
selling used cars, AWRS discovered a niche
offering professional and time-efficient on-site
repair to commercial customers. The mobile
wheel repair industry was born as AWRS created
technology that delivers shop based quality in the
mobile environment.

            WHEEL REPAIR SOLUTIONS INTERNATIONAL, INC., 3100 Medlock Bridge Road, Suite 305, Norcross, GA 30071   1-800-518-3040 || 770-903-1236

Tom Morris began servicing the automotive market in 1985 by offering a superior Teflon paint product to
enhance and protect the painted finishes on all types of vehicles, including aircraft and boats. His company also
developed a complete line of support products for automobile detailing operations, ultimately supplying
products to over 3,000 licensed operators throughout the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Saudi
Arabia, Germany, Australia, and Asia.

In 1999, Mr. Morris became aware of a very small but rapidly growing trend for repairing wheels. After
extensive research, Mr. Morris and his associates engineered a way to provide professionally repaired wheels at
the customer's location, thus beating the remanufactures at their own game!

Tom Morris founded Alloy Wheel Repair Specialists in 2000 and the following year began offering licenses to
operators across the United States. In 2003, in order to franchise this exciting concept worldwide, he formed
Wheel Repair Solutions International, Inc (WRSI.) Today, WRSI's technology has evolved to include our
patented paint adhesion technology, our patent-pending Mobile Reconditioning Facility (MRF), our patented
mobile wheel straightening system, and copyrighted repair processes that give us the competitive edge. AWRS
has applied for these patents not only in North America, but also the European Union and Australia.

AWRS has grown to a conglomeration of six businesses including corporations in Canada, Europe, and
Australia. Our Atlanta-based Corporate Office is located in Atlanta, Georgia where our exceptional staff of 14
professionals oversees such departments as Franchise ( national and international accounts ), Finance,
Purchasing, Marketing, Training, and Research and Development. Our Headquarters also operates our Atlanta-
based wheel repair business, an enterprise that not only provides a recruiting base for technical support
personnel and R&D for new repair processes and equipment, but also is a proving ground for our marketing and
sales programs. It currently employs 12 technicians with plans to hire 12 more, in addition to operating
a remanufacturing plant.

            WHEEL REPAIR SOLUTIONS INTERNATIONAL, INC., 3100 Medlock Bridge Road, Suite 305, Norcross, GA 30071   1-800-518-3040 || 770-903-1236

MOBILE RECONDITIONG FACILITY                                              WHEEL REPAIR PROCESS:
                                                                          Only approved machinery, hand tools, abrasives, and
 Patented equipment                                                       finishes are used.
 2 separate repair rooms
 2 unique double repair stations                                             Required wheel removal from vehicle
 Exhaust filtered downdraft systems                                           Tire is properly separated from wheel bead.
 Climate controlled environment                                              Wheel is completely cleaned to eliminate any potential
 Repair, prep, and painting areas                                             contamination when final finishes are applied.
 Compressor and generator (provides totally                                  Wheel is repaired using approved equipment,
  independent operations)                                                     abrasives, and techniques.
 All systems and features meet or exceed OSHA                                Repaired area is re-profiled and blended with
 and EPA standards                                                            specialized equipment.
                                                                             Wheel is thoroughly cleaned a second time
EQUIPMENT AND MACHINERY:                                                      following repairs.
                                                                             Perform pre-paint procedures including self-etch
 Tools for raising and securing vehicle                                       primers and patented chemical bonding systems
 Wheel removal tools                                                         Full or partial finish application is completed with
 Tire bead breaking equipment                                                 precise paint matching and coverage.
 Essential hand and air tools                                                2 mils of exclusive clear coat are applied
 Innovative and specially selected abrasives                                 Approved drying processes that will include
 Advanced automotive chemistry and                                            shortwave curing
  proprietary painting systems                                               Wheel is remounted on vehicle and bolts are
 Speed controlled and directionally                                           hand-torqued to proper specifications.
  controlled wheel spinning
 Body shop quality painting and
 curing equipment
  Patent-pending Wheel
 Straightening System

           WHEEL REPAIR SOLUTIONS INTERNATIONAL, INC., 3100 Medlock Bridge Road, Suite 305, Norcross, GA 30071   1-800-518-3040 || 770-903-1236

The AWRS system provides repairs of any OEM or aftermarket wheels that are painted, machined, polished, or
that may have hyper-silver, accent colors, or bends. It utilizes our tools, methods, our patented chemical
bonding, and time-tested products. All repairs are warranted for life.

   The Mobile Reconditioning Facility (MRF) – Our patent-pending, all-weather "shop on wheels,"
   the MRF can be housed within a trailer or cab and chassis truck.

   New Bee Wheel Straightener – Our patent straightening system, built specifically for use
   within our MRF, allows wheels to be straightened with the tire in place or partially removed from
   the bead seat. It also allows for the quick and efficient measure of roundness.

   New Bee Wheel Spinner – Our patent mobile devise spins the wheel with the appropriate
   torque and speed to uniformly cut wheel beads and simulate lathe lines. This method corrects low
   spots or divots that may occur when repairing the wheel while it is stationary or "on the car.“

   Patented pre-paint process (US Patent 6,347,444) – includes specially engineered cleaning systems,
   self-etching primers, and a chemical bonding agent to maximize finish adhesion.

   AWRS color matching systems – provide for matching all OEM wheel colors. We use the most
   advanced clear-coat finish in the world for its fast-drying, hardness, and durability which rivals
   that of powder-coated wheels.

  In-house technician certification and training is under constant review by our Technology
  Councel. Subsequent advanced training is designed and provided as quality standards for retail
  and wholesale markets change.

            WHEEL REPAIR SOLUTIONS INTERNATIONAL, INC., 3100 Medlock Bridge Road, Suite 305, Norcross, GA 30071   1-800-518-3040 || 770-903-1236

We divide wheel repair into two categories. The first is cosmetic. These repairs, typically performed in an MRF,
are provided when the tire is still holding air. The second is structural, a repair necessary when the tire will not
hold air and welding is required, or when a machined-finished wheel face must be re-machined.

Structurally damaged wheels, including those that are crackled, severely bent, and even broken, are repaired
using state-of-the-art CNC technology and digital profiling. This process involves stripping the wheel of its
former finish, welding, (if required), and safely cutting the surface with a CNC lathe. Once the wheel is cleaned,
powder primed, painted, and powder clear-coated, it is oven-baked. Our process is very similar to those
performed as a new wheel is made. The AWRS remanufacturing technology includes thousands of digitized
wheel profiles (stored by Hollander number) and paint formulas for most of the OEM wheels and their pockets.
It also includes paint mixing systems to duplicate paint colors for aftermarket wheels and to make custom
colors to match the cars painted finish. Polishing systems are also included.

What happens when wheels are cracked within the spoke or hub
or are completely destroyed as a result of a collision and thereby
preventing safe repair? WE have a solution. OEM replacement
wheels can be purchased from our remanufacturing operations or
special wholesalers who give the AWRS network a price
concession. Those wheels in-stock can be shipped immediately and
directly to the franchisee's or the customer's location.

Regardless, our franchisee will enjoy a profit
margin of 20-100% on these transactions. It's
just that easy! There is no other company in the
world that rivals us or offers this complete
approach so conveniently and cost effectively.


             WHEEL REPAIR SOLUTIONS INTERNATIONAL, INC., 3100 Medlock Bridge Road, Suite 305, Norcross, GA 30071   1-800-518-3040 || 770-903-1236

                                                                              A franchised territory will contain a substantial number
                                                                                of new and used car dealerships, collision shops, and
                                                                                 tire stores – the actual number dependent upon the
                                                                                    size of territory you elect to purchase. There will
                                                                                    Also be additional service opportunities including
                                                                                      car wash/detail shops, auto auctions, car rental
                                                                                         agencies, and auto repair centers which can
                                                                                             provide a constant supply of customers.

The key to maximizing revenue is utilizing efficient territory management; providing each technician a tight,
well-defined boundary for servicing minimizes drive time and improves response time on customer emergency
calls. Creating the most efficient route within a territory is a critical strategy for maximizing sales with current
customers while developing new customers within the territory.


The AWRS franchisees serve two markets – wholesale and retail. Wholesale is defined as high volume potential
accounts such as pre-own departments of auto dealerships, car auctions, rental car fleets and insurance
companies. The retail customer is typically found and serviced through cooperating retail partners.

Automobile Dealerships – Cars, whether new or used, often arrive from the factory with minor damage to
wheels requiring attention before they can be sold. Trade-ins must be reconditioned before being placed on
used car lots for re-sale. Service departments become retailing partners. Larger Mercedes and BMW
dealerships are allowing our personnel to provide estimates as their customers drop off their cars for service.
This is referred to as dedicated service drives and has become a popular trend. Many auto dealers have collision
shops and are "Direct Repair Shops" for the major insurance companies.

            WHEEL REPAIR SOLUTIONS INTERNATIONAL, INC., 3100 Medlock Bridge Road, Suite 305, Norcross, GA 30071   1-800-518-3040 || 770-903-1236

Car Rental Agencies – Minor surface damage and curb-
damaged wheels must regularly be repaired on these vehicles
in order to be competitive with other rental agencies. When a
car has been driven 25,000 miles, most car rental businesses
will retire the car and sell it through auction or on their own
car lots. This option, like the car dealerships, provides an
excellent source of revenue for our operators. This market
segment is considered wholesale.

Auto Auctions – All manufactures sell lease returns through this venue, a multi-billion dollar segment of the
industry. AWRS currently is the preferred repair provider for Audi/VW, BMW and Mercedes. This market
segment is considered wholesale.

Collision Shops – All major insurance companies establish "Direct Repair Shops" that are either independently
owned or corporate-owned. Many AWRS franchisees enjoy preferred relationships with Progressive, State
Farm, All State, Hartford, Liberty Mutual, and Farmers Insurance. Opportunities also exist for collision shops to
up- sell customers who have "non-insurance pay" wheel damage that occurred unrelated to the accident.

Tire Stores – All national and independent stores can partner with us, simply outsourcing as required.
Consumers will purchase wheel repair or wheel straightening when they're replacing their tires.

Mass Merchandisers – Potential partners such as Pep Boys, WalMart, Sears, and Costco, to name a few, are on
our prospect list for the future. They, too, can cash in on the growing demand for our wheel repair services.
Costco is now using our service when their employees damage the wheels as they are changing tires.

Retail Alliances – Car washes, detail salons, and upscale repair facilities are also great sources for potential
customers as they advertise and promote our services to their customers.

            WHEEL REPAIR SOLUTIONS INTERNATIONAL, INC., 3100 Medlock Bridge Road, Suite 305, Norcross, GA 30071   1 800 518 3040 || 770 903 1236

AWRS offers a variety of services to wholesale and retail customers
that provide the convenience of one-stop shopping and are time-
tested for profitability. New franchisees will learn these services,
listed below, during training.

Wheel Re nishing – Provides cosmetic wheel repair and includes
wholesale or retail repair, painting, and polishing, and comprises 80%
of all wheel damage.

Wheel Straightening – Repairs bent wheels either on-site or off-site.
Today's low profile tires create a huge demand for this service which
accounts for 10%-50% of franchisees' total sales.

Remanufacturing – This is an outsourced service for most franchisees who are directed to an AWRS
remanufacturing plant or a cooperating supplier for wheels requiring structural repair, as well as machined
wheels that must be lathed. We expect many of our Franchisees to open this type of operation as demand
Wheel Replacement – AWRS franchisees are significant distributors of
OEM remanufactured wheels held in inventory and sold as "core
exchange." We use this service in time-sensitive situations or when the
damaged wheel is not safe to repair. A core not able to be repaired can
be sold to scrap dealers for $12 – $15 each.
Other Services – This category includes
custom coloring, and chrome or
alternative chrome coating. The custom
coloring processes are completed at
either an AWRS . Remanufacturing plant                                                                                                             Before
or franchisee’s MRF. National relationships
are provided to our franchisee forchroming
or alternative chroming


            WHEEL REPAIR SOLUTIONS INTERNATIONAL, INC., 3100 Medlock Bridge Road, Suite 305, Norcross, GA 30071   1-800-518-3040 || 770-903-1236

                                                        As an AWRS Franchisee you will receive a complementary
                                                        membership into the family of reconditioning experts known as
                                                        AutoXcel United.

                                                       AutoXcel United is the world’s largest independent technician base for
                                                       paint, interior and dent repair services. As a member of AWRS you
                                                       join forces with the local AutoXcel techs and form a “Repair Unit” that
                                                       collaborates together to serve each other’s accounts within the
                                                       wholesale and retail markets. This approach solidifies our organization
                                                       as a “one stop shop”
The AutoXcel parent corporation also provides the AWRS network
member additional revenue opportunities as a claim service provider for
the service contract program known as “StayNu.” StayNu provides a
service contract to consumers for various appearance repairs. The
StayNu contract is sold to the Dealer’s customer when the customer buys
either a new car or a certified pre-owned car. The StayNu program
provides repairs for minor appearance problems to the paint (scratches,
touch-up, black-out trim), minor dents removal, interior repairs for minor
rips, tears, stains or cigarette burns to vinyl, leather and fabrics. It also
covers minor cosmetic repair to wheels.
                                            StayNu is sold by a dealership in its Finance & Insurance (“F&I”) office
                                            through the respective dealer’s F&I manager. The F&I department
                                            may sell other products in combination with StayNu such as a Tire
                                            and Wheel Road Hazard program, a wheel protectant or other
                                            programs. These programs have repairs associated with cosmetic
                                            damage or replacement for wheels that cannot be repaired or tires
                                            that have sustained catastrophic damage.

            WHEEL REPAIR SOLUTIONS INTERNATIONAL, INC., 3100 Medlock Bridge Road, Suite 305, Norcross, GA 30071   1-800-518-3040 || 770-903-1236

                                                    Other F&I products include the newest “PuriFlate” the world’s first
                                                    mobile nitrogen inflation system that offers dealerships the service of
                                                    pre loading tires with 98% pure nitrogen. Once nitrogen is installed, the
                                                    dealership can add valuable gross profit to the sale by adding a
                                                    surcharge to the purchase price of a car for nitrogen inflation plus a one
                                                    year membership into the PuriFlate/AWRSauto club. As a member they
                                                    receive free roadside assistance, $200.00 tire repair or replacement
                                                    benefits and $600.00 wheel repair benefits.

AutoXcel is also soon unveiling other StayNu F&I
products such as a special formula, glass product
and wheel product that utilize cutting edge
technology for the protection of the surface of glass
or of a wheel, while also providing a non-stick
surface . One product causes glass to better shed
water and the other repels brake dust that might                                                     770-876-5640
otherwise have a chance to mar the finish of an
alloy wheel, particularly a low profile alloy wheel.

            WHEEL REPAIR SOLUTIONS INTERNATIONAL, INC., 3100 Medlock Bridge Road, Suite 305, Norcross, GA 30071     1-800-518-3040 || 770-903-1236

What you receive:
Franchise – This entitles you to all rights in a defined territory for the name, trademark, operating system,
patents, and future services and products.

Territory – It is a protected area.
Proprietary equipment and products – This complete start-up kit includes air tools, other specialty tools and
equipment abrasives, metal fillers, paints, and safety products.
Ten-day Training Program – Our comprehensive training teaches repair solutions for standard or flat bead
polished, painted, or machined finished wheels, as well as instruction to develop your business through sales,
marketing, and finance
On-going Support– Designated field operations manager, territory launch assistance, technical support hotline,
research and development, and national account development are provided
Preferred Leads – All inquiries from car dealers, car auctions, insurance companies, and rental car agencies
from your territory will be referred to you for servicing.

                                                                   20% Discount for
         Population                      Franchise Fee*            Industry Veteran                Start-Up Kit*                  Straightener*
       Up to 500,000                             $21,000                   $16,800                     $7,500                         $7,600
       500,001 - 750,000                         $36,000                   $28,800                     $7,500                         $7,600
       750,001 - 1,000,000                       $56,000                   $44,800                     $7,500                         $7,600
       1,000,001 - 250,000                       $76,000                   $60,800                     $7,500                         $7,600
       1,250,001 and higher                       TBD                       TBD                        $7,500                         $7,600

Special 3rd party nancing available for equipment.
                                                  ADDITIONAL FEE
Mobile Reconditioning Facility – 8' x 14' mobile, all-weather trailer with electric brakes, dual axles, power
generator, air compressor, downdraft paint booth, workstation with filtered exhaust, lighting, electrical outlets,
cure lamps, climate controlled with heat and A/C, and AWRS signage. (Box truck option also available.)
        MRF – $30,000 plus options                                                                                    All prices are US dollars
                                     Special company nancing available for “Industry Veterans”

              WHEEL REPAIR SOLUTIONS INTERNATIONAL, INC., 3100 Medlock Bridge Road, Suite 305, Norcross, GA 30071   1 800 518 3040 || 770 903 1236

The following financial chart is made available for the purposes of disclosing what a technician may be able to
achieve, and to help you analyze the financial return of a franchise. You may find this information useful when
developing your own pro-forma for the territory you are considering:
   Single Mobile Reconditioning Facility revenue from January to December 2005
   The technician services accounts in northeast Atlanta
   The technician has been employed by our predecessor since June 2003
   The technician worked full time (40 hrs/week) during the disclosed period

                                                                   USD                          CAD                          SPAIN

Gross revenue for 2008                                          $152,040                     $187,638                      €117,701                  100%

Cost of goods for services Provided                                $7,297                       $9,005                        €5,649                  5%

Royalty paid (5% of gross sales)                                   $7,602                        $9,381                        €5,885                 5%

Gross Profit                                                    $130,141                      $160,603                      €100,754                  90%

Average monthly gross Revenue                                    $12,670                      $15,636                         €9,810
Average monthly gross Profit                                      $10,845                       $13,384                        €8,397

Actual results may vary from person to person. We cannot estimate the results of any particular franchisee. The
gross profit figures do not include a technician's salary, royalties, nor other costs you will incur when operating
your franchised business. Information supporting this earnings claim is available for your review at our offices.

.* The AWRS Franchise Director will assist you in developing a financial proforma.

              WHEEL REPAIR SOLUTIONS INTERNATIONAL, INC., 3100 Medlock Bridge Road, Suite 305, Norcross, GA 30071   1-800-518-3040 || 770-903-1236

1. Initiate inquiry and telephone conversation

2. Review Introductory Package and complete franchise application

3. Telephone conversation with AWRS Executive; schedule Atlanta visit

4. Due diligence, i.e., speak with existing franchisees, etc

5. Visit AWRS Atlanta Corporate Office

6. Receive Uniform Franchise Disclosure
   Document (FDD)

7. Sign Franchise Agreement; include
   franchise fee and MRF deposit

8. Complete initial training in Atlanta

9. Secure delivery or pick-up of MRF

10. Territory launch; establish initial route

             WHEEL REPAIR SOLUTIONS INTERNATIONAL, INC., 3100 Medlock Bridge Road, Suite 305, Norcross, GA 30071   1-800-518-3040 || 770-903-1236

Q: What is Alloy Wheel Repair Specialists, Inc?

    A: Alloy Wheel Repair Specialists, Inc is the only international company that offers its repair service in state
    of- the-art, patent-pending, Mobile Reconditioning Centers. In addition to mobile wheel repair and
    straightening, we offer remanufacturing and OEM wheel replacement services through authorized
    franchisees or approved suppliers. We also custom color wheels to match the car's color and we have
    chrome or alternative chrome coatings available to our customer base. Our services are provided to the
    wholesale markets (pre-own dealers, auctions, and rental cars, insurance) and to the retail market through
    partners (service departments, tire stores and other auto service centers.) We are the world's largest
    mobile wheel repair company.

Q: How are you di erent from other mobile companies?

     A: The reality is other mobile companies cannot compete with Alloy Wheel Repair Specialists for a number
     of reasons.

    First, our technology and technique is the most advanced in the industry. AWRS, with its mobile trailer
    units, removes the wheel from the vehicle making repairs much more thorough, effective, and efficient.
    This process allows us to precisely match the manufacturers' original color exactly, thereby providing the
    customer with a high-grade professional result. Unlike other companies, AWRS is not hindered by
    inclement weather. The MRF is equipped with advanced patented and patent-pending technology that
    straightens wheels with the tire only partially removed. We also cure the wheel's finish with our shortwave
    curing system in less than 20 minutes which allows all wheels to be simultaneously reinstalled regardless
    of the temperature.

    Additionally, AWRS has proactively addressed health and safety concerns in the MRF, as well as the
    environmental issue of pollution. We already have switched to water-based paints in Europe to meet the
    new initiatives the European Union has imposed. This technology will be required in the United States in
    the years ahead.

            WHEEL REPAIR SOLUTIONS INTERNATIONAL, INC., 3100 Medlock Bridge Road, Suite 305, Norcross, GA 30071   1-800-518-3040 || 770-903-1236
Q. There are many other companies o ering wheel repair franchisees or business opportunities. Are they
    really a Franchise like AWRS?

    A. AWRS is a franchise. Allow us to explain the legal di erences:

        1. Franchise Opportunities – franchising is regulated by the Federal Trade Commission. All potential
           buyers must be presented with a Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) by the franchisor. This
           UFOC will contain an entire prospectus of the franchisor, its financials, and a complete list of
           current franchisees and their contact information. Generally speaking, potential buyers' overall
           success is much greater with this type of regulated business opportunity. You cannot be conned if
           you do your homework.

        2. General Business Opportunity – While there are state laws regulating business opportunities, most
           start-up companies generally follow this route because they are undercapitalized. Since one does
           not have to follow any type of Federal Law, less money is required up front to actually sell a
           business opportunity. Many companies selling a business opportunity violate State and Federal
           laws and will rely on inexperienced investors to buy without checking it out.

        3. Training and Equipment O erings – These opportunity sellers prey on the naïve buyer. They will
           reason with the buyer that buying anything other than their offering is a waste of money. They do
           not supply a list of references, their contact information, nor names of one or two of their close
           friends. Their training program is limited and they typically supply inferior equipment to complete
           job requirements. One is doomed to fail as they are not equipped to compete against a company
           such as Alloy Wheel Repair Specialists.

            WHEEL REPAIR SOLUTIONS INTERNATIONAL, INC., 3100 Medlock Bridge Road, Suite 305, Norcross, GA 30071   1-800-518-3040 || 770-903-1236

Q. What if I want to buy one of your franchises but the territory is sold?

     A. We offer alternative territories in as close proximity as possible to your first choice. If you prefer, you
     could be placed on a waiting list for said territory. A number of buyers, however, are willing to relocate to
     different parts of the country where our services are not yet available and demand for AWRS is high.

Q. Why pay a royalty?

     A. A royalty payment will be the most important payment you make every month. It maintains exclusivity
     which keeps other AWRS members from soliciting in your territory, and it secures branding as name
     recognition is the key for you to build maximum equity. Furthermore, it provides you with the rights to all
     the new technology, training, and programs created to maximize equity within the entire system.

Q. What are the costs involved in opening this business?

     A. Like any other business start-up, you will have incidental expenses that could include registering a
     corporation, securing insurance, traveling to the training center, etc. The cost of buying the franchise
     includes the franchise fee (variable), start-up kit (included in the franchise fee of the larger territories), a
     wheel straightening machine, and the Mobile Reconditioning Facility. There are no other fees paid to
Q. When purchasing a Mobile Reconditioning Facility, should I buy a truck or a trailer?

     A. Either option will work just fine. Some markets may be better suited to trucks as they require a
     smaller turning radius. This may be a better option when traffic is heavily congested and/or dealership
     parking lots are small.

             WHEEL REPAIR SOLUTIONS INTERNATIONAL, INC., 3100 Medlock Bridge Road, Suite 305, Norcross, GA 30071   1-800-518-3040 || 770-903-1236

   Q. What type of tow vehicle do I need if I purchase a trailer?

     A. We strongly suggest a 3/4-ton pick-up truck such as a Ford F-250. This type of vehicle is designed
     to pull heavier loads and can support the tongue weight of the 6,500-pound trailers. You can use a ½-
     ton pick-up but you will need to make some upgrades to the rear suspension as the wear and tear will
     be accelerated. We have an economy trailer unit that can be towed with a ½ ton truck.

   Q. Will AWRS assist me in opening the territory?

     A. Yes. We will send a Field Operations Manager/Master Technician into your market for 4-5 days
     immediately after you complete our ten-day training class. During this time, our manager will make
     sales calls with you to help establish your initial base of customers and build the foundation of your
     business. He will be available to assist you in your initial demonstrations and answer sales and technical
     questions on an on-going basis.

   Q. Can I operate this business as an absentee owner?
     A. We do not recommend this approach as it has not proven to be an effective way to build our type of
     business. What most owners do is operate as a technician in the early stages of the growth of the
     business and move into a management role as additional MRFs and technicians are added. You can be a
     full time owner that relies on employees to repair the wheels while managing the techs and all the sales

   Q. How many MRFs can I have in my territory?
     A. We do not place a limit on the number of MRFs you can utilize. We have found that most territories
     can support at least one MRF for every 250,000 people. For the typical $36,000 territory, we anticipate
     that a minimum of three MRFs can be successfully operated.

          WHEEL REPAIR SOLUTIONS INTERNATIONAL, INC., 3100 Medlock Bridge Road, Suite 305, Norcross, GA 30071   1-800-518-3040 || 770-903-1236
Alloy Wheel Repair Specialists is the winning team! We are the McDonalds, Federal Express, Starbucks, and
Home Depot of our industry. We enjoy the unique position of being mobile and remanufacturing wheels that
are structurally damaged. We are the only company in the world that does both. We have total solutions and
can address all cosmetic and structural damage to alloy wheels. We provide
exclusive territories, national and regional accounts, as well
as provide personnel to walk you through the process of
opening your territory. We have a business
development strategy that works!

We welcome the opportunity to further discuss
with you this incomparable business opportunity
and the incredible impact AWRS, in general,
and you, specifically, will have when you
come on board with our winning team!

            WHEEL REPAIR SOLUTIONS INTERNATIONAL, INC., 3100 Medlock Bridge Road, Suite 305, Norcross, GA 30071   1-800-518-3040 || 770-903-1236