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Unit 1 – LTA1 - Texts in Context
  Chapter                    Aims of the chapter                     Print Resources                     Page     Electronic
                                                                     (Subheadings)                       Number   Resources

  1 - Introduction           Introduces the content and skills       Your AS English Literature           1-8
                             requirements of the AS course.          course
                             Considers the philosophy of             - How to become an informed,
                             reading and meaning that                independent reader
                             underpins the Specification.            - Reading for meaning
                                                                     - Reading
                             Explores the choices you can            - Meaning
                             make in your wider reading.             - Wider reading for your AS
                             Explains how you will be                English Literature course
                             assessed.                               - Texts for AS – Victorian
                                                                     - Close reading for your AS
                                                                     English Literature course
                                                                     - How your work will be
                                                                     - Marking grids for Units 1 and 2

2 – How to         Introduces the poetry set text, the   Choice of text                     9-13   Discussion Tool -
approach the set   relevant Assessment Objectives        1 The Selected Poems of John              Brontës as Poets
text in Unit 1     and the types of questions.           Clare (published 1997)                    Discussion Tool -
                   Considers how you will be             2 The Selected Poems of the               Hardy as Nature
                   assessed in the exam and the best     Brontës (published 1997)                  Poet
                   and most effective ways to            3 The Selected Poems of
                                                         Thomas Hardy (published 1998)             Discussion Tool -
                   approach the study of your set text                                             Clare as Nature Poet
                   in Unit 1.                            Studying the poems in your
                                                         chosen text                               Drag and Drop –
                                                                                                   Brontës’ poems and
                                                         The Assessment Objectives for             themes
                                                         Unit 1
                                                                                                   Drag and Drop –
                                                         What kinds of questions will you          Clare’s poems and
                                                         have to answer in the exam?               themes
                                                         How will I be assessed in the             Drag and Drop –
                                                         exam?                                     Hardy’s poems and
                                                                                                   Drag and Drop
                                                                                                   Shuffle - Births,
                                                                                                   Publications, Deaths
                                                                                                   Drag and Drop
                                                                                                   Multiple Answer -
                                                                                                   Authors and
                                                                                                   Planning Tool – set
                                                                                                   text exam style
                                                                                                   Multiple Choice -
                                                                                                   Poets and their lives
                                                                                                   Webquest - Brontës
                                                                                                   and the wider world
                                                                                                   Webquest – Clare
                                                                                                   and the wider world
                                                                                                   Webquest – Hardy
                                                                                                   and the wider world
                                                                                                   Text Analysis -
                                                                                                   Sample Poems
                                                                                                   Audio Recordings –
                                                                                                   readings of various
                                                                                                   Victorian poems

3 – Approaching   Explores the opportunities offered   Introduction                       14-33   Non-interactive
the coursework    by coursework.                       Coursework – a different way of            (Powerpoint) -
                  Looks at the choices of text for     working                                    Coursework Planning
                  both the prose and the drama         The prose text                             Non-interactive
                  assignments.                         1 Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë            (Word Document) -
                  Enables you to practise              (1816-1855)                                Using ICT to help
                  constructing appropriate tasks for   2 Wuthering Heights by Emily               you in the
                  each text.                           Brontë (1818-1848)                         coursework
                                                       3 Hard Times by Charles                    assignments (1)
                  Considers ways to plan and write
                  your essays.                         Dickens (1812-1870)                        Non-interactive
                                                       4 Middlemarch by George Eliot              (Word Document) -
                                                       (1819-1880)                                Using ICT to help
                                                       5 The Picture of Dorian Gray by            you in the
                                                       Oscar Wilde (1854-1900)                    coursework
                                                       6 Tess of the D’Urbervilles by             assignments (2)
                                                       Thomas Hardy (1840-1928)
                                                       7 Heart of Darkness by Joseph
                                                       Conrad (1857-1924)
                                                       8 The French Lieutenant’s
                                                       Woman by John Fowles (1926-
                                                       9 Possession by A.S.Byatt (born
                                                       10 English Passengers by
                                                       Matthew Kneale (born 1960)
                                                       Writing about your chosen novel
                                                       - The personal informed
                                                       - The creative, transformational
                                                       The drama text
                                                       1 A Doll’s House by Henrik Ibsen
                                                       2 A Woman of No Importance by
                                                       Oscar Wilde (1854-1900)
                                                       3 Arcadia by Tom Stoppard
                                                       (born 1937)
                                                       Writing about the chosen drama

4 – Tackling wider   Studies a selection of Victorian      Introduction                        34-46   Discussion Tool -
reading in poetry    poetry, as part of the                The poetry of doubt: Alfred, Lord           How representative
                     Specification’s wider reading         Tennyson                                    are these poems? (of
                     requirement.                          In Memoriam A.H.H.                          E B Browning)
                     Consider’s the range of poetic        The poetry of faith: Christina              Drag and Drop
                     forms used by 19th-century            Rossetti                                    Connector - Poets
                     writers.                              The Convent Threshold                       and their lines of
                     Explains how the Specification’s                                                  poetry (1)
                                                           The poetry of obscurity: Emily
                     Assessment Objectives can be          Dickinson                                   Drag and Drop
                     applied to the poetry you have                                                    Connector - Poets
                     read.                                 Love poetry: Elizabeth Barrett              and their lines of
                                                           Browning                                    poetry (2)
                     Begins to make meaning from the       Sonnets from the Portuguese
                     poems, recognising key features of                                                Drag and Drop
                     content and style.                    Shropshire Lads: A.E.Housman                Multiple Answer -
                                                           and John Betjeman                           Poets’ names and
                     Explores connections between the      A Shropshire Lad (Housman)
                     poems and considers the                                                           themes
                                                           A Shropshire Lad (Betjeman)
                     importance of their Victorian                                                     Drag and Drop
                     context.                                                                          Shuffle - Births,
                                                                                                       Publications, and
                                                                                                       Text Entry –
                                                                                                       Reflecting on
                                                                                                       Victorian poetry
                                                                                                       Image Analysis -
                                                                                                       Poetry and Pictures
                                                                                                       Webquest - Poetry in
                                                                                                       the Victorian Age
                                                                                                       Text Analysis -
                                                                                                       Poetry (4 extracts)
                                                                                                       Audio recordings –
                                                                                                       readings of various
                                                                                                       Victorian poems
5 – Tackling wider   Studies a range of extracts from      Introduction                        47-59   Discussion Tool -
reading in prose     Victorian novels, as part of the      The realistic novel: Anna of the            Realism and
                     Specification’s wider reading         Five Towns                                  Victorian Novels
                     requirement.                                                                      Drag and Drop
                                                           The novel as autobiography:
                     Considers the variety of form         Redburn                                     Connector -
                     which Victorian prose writers used.                                               Narrative Techniques
                                                           The Utopian novel: News from
                     Shows how the Specification’s         Nowhere                                     Drag and Drop
                     Assessment Objectives can be                                                      Connector -Narrative
                     applied to your reading               The satirical novel: The Diary of           Techniques 2
                                                           a Nobody
                     Makes meaning from the extracts,                                                  Drag and Drop
                     identifying key features of content   The modern Victorian novel: An              Multiple Answer -
                     and style.                            Abridged History                            Authors and their
                     Finds connections between the                                                     genre
                     extracts and considers the                                                        Drag and Drop
                     importance of their contexts.                                                     Shuffle - Publications
                                                                                                       Text Entry –
                                                                                                       Victorian fiction
                                                                                                       Image Analysis -
                                                                                                       Victorian Pictures
                                                                                                       and Prose
                                                                                                       Text Analysis -
                                                                                                       Victorian Fiction
                                                                                                       Webquest - Critics of
                                                                                                       the Age: Fiction

6 – Tackling wider   Studies a selection of extracts from   Introduction                           60-78   Discussion Tool -
reading in drama     Victorian plays, as part of the        A melodrama: Maria Marten (or                  Victorian Drama and
                     Specification’s wider reading          The Murder in the Red Barn)                    realism
                     requirement.                                                                          Drag and Drop
                                                            A comedy: The Admirable
                     Considers the different techniques     Crichton                                       Connector - Plays
                     used by Victorian dramatists to                                                       and Quotations
                     create theatrical effects.             A banned play: Mrs Warren’s
                                                            Profession                                     Drag and Drop
                     Shows how the Specification’s                                                         Multiple Answer -
                     Assessment Objectives can be           A play in translation: Three                   Stage Directions
                     applied to the drama extracts you      Sisters
                                                                                                           Drag and Drop
                     have studied.                          A screenplay: The French                       Shuffle - Drama and
                     Allows you to begin to form your       Lieutenant’s Woman                             Dates
                     own ideas about the key features                                                      Text Entry –revision
                     of content and style in 19th-century                                                  of terminology
                                                                                                           Image Analysis -
                     Explores connections between the                                                      Pictures and Plays
                     drama extracts and considers the
                     importance of their 19th-century                                                      Text Analysis -
                     context.                                                                              Victorian Drama
                                                                                                           Webquest - Critics of
                                                                                                           the Age : Drama
7 – Preparing for    Describes to context quetion in the    Introduction                           79-89   Drag and Drop
the context          Unit 1 exam.                           Preparation                                    Multiple Answer -
question             Explains how the relevant                                                             History Overview
                                                            The exam question
                     Assessment Objectives are              - The non-fiction text                         Drag and Drop
                     expressed in the keywords of the       - The exam question                            Multiple Answer -
                     context question.                      - The Assessment Objectives                    Events
                     Begins to make meaning from            and the link to keywords in the                Discussion Tool -
                     studying the context extracts,         exam question                                  Wider Reading
                     identifying key features of content    - Practising the skills                        Text Entry – Revision
                     an style.                              - A letter: William Wordsworth to              of Victorian Literature
                     Makes connections between the          General Charles Pasley
                                                            - An autobiography: Journey out                Planning Tool -
                     context extracts and your wider                                                       Context Question
                     reading in Victorian literature.       of Essex
                                                            - A biography: The Life of                     Text Analysis -
                                                            Charlotte Brontë                               Victorian Non-Fiction
                                                            - A history text in translation: The           prose
                                                            Condition of the Working Class                 Webquest -
                                                            in England                                     Literature and Wider
                                                            - Cultural commentary: Modern                  World
8 – Conclusion: a    Reviews the skills and knowledge       Introduction                           90-96
specimen paper       gained through your AS English         The specimen paper
                     Literature course and study of this    - Approaching the paper
                     Introduces a specimen exam
                     paper where you can practise your      Keywords, focus and strategies
                     skills and identify where you might    in the examination room
                     need to improve them.                  Assessment
                     Looks at ways of approaching the
                     exam paper.
                     Explains how you will be

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