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					                                     CHARLTON COLLEGE COUNCIL

                          Minutes of Meeting held on Monday, 15th September 2008
                                      in the Davies Street Staffroom

1.        Welcome and apologies
          Present: Roy Thompson, John Epskamp, John Harley, Beth Crutch, Kim Thompson,
          Kaylene Cossar, Ena Green, Jeanette Watson, Diane Mulquiny (minute secretary).

          Apologies: Tulsa Andrews, Judy Stanley, Tracey Coughlin, Rod McKinnon, Ross Lane.

2.        Minutes of previous meeting (18-08-08)
          Moved: Beth Crutch
          Seconded: Kaylene Cossar
          “That the minutes of the previous meeting held 18th August 2008 be confirmed as a true and
          correct record”

3.       Business arising from previous minutes
         3.1     Previous minutes advised that a university student would escort the Year 9
         Grampians camp, but the person was yet to be confirmed. Karly Scanlon accompanied the camp
         held 8-10th September, along with staff members Jim Ginnivan and Hayley Bowen.
         3.2     Report of the pool table leg in the stadium being unstable, John advised that it had been
         fixed. The “Work for the Dole” participant had completed the work.

4.        Correspondence
          4.1      Inward
          4.1.1 Loddon Mallee Region – Memo 108/2008 School Council Presidents’ Dinner at Bendigo
                   on Thursday 13th November. Registration requested by Friday 3/10/08.
          Late Inward
          4.1.2 Australian Government Workplace Ombudsman – Notification of workplace issue
          relating to the employment of Lorna Getley.

          4.2     Outward
          4.2.1 Mrs Lorna Getley – letter in response to concerns re travel costs related to Canteen position.
          4.2.2 Mr M Sait – letter in response to concerns re the siting of four new tanks in school grounds.
          Late Outward
          4.2.3 Australian Government Workplace Ombudsman – letter confirming receipt of letter relating
          to workplace issue in relation to employment of Mrs L Getley.
          4.2.4 Mrs L Getley – letter notifying correspondence received from Ombudsman and request
          to meet to try and resolve matters.

          Moved: Kim Thompson
          Seconded: John Epskamp
          “That the inward correspondence be received and the outward correspondence be approved”

5.        Reports
          5.1     Curriculum
          Nil report.

          5.2     Physical Resources
          A telephone meeting held for Physical Resources, and a report circulated, recorded the
          following issues raised:-

U:\Council\School Council\15 Sept 2008.doc
          -    Drought tolerant grass had been planted on the oval in the past week which has already started
               to grow;
          -    Concrete blocks had replaced a number of missing covers over the watering system
               taps/solenoids around the stadium grounds;
          -    Guard on an air-conditioner (near P12 office) still not secured as yet;
          -    The slab and frame for the new Music Room had been erected;
          -    Complaint from M Sait regarding water tanks (as already mentioned in 3.1-Business Arising);
          -    A meeting held with the Shire followed a request for the College oval to be utilised by the local
               cricket club, whilst the town’s oval is relocated. The Shire had offered to bring the pitch up to
               standard, and have removed the old pitch before the planting of the oval. A new pitch is to be
               installed once the oval has germinated. Approval is also being sought for the football,
                and hockey clubs to use the facilities and the stadium in the second half of next
          -    Three quotes were sought to paint the main P12 corridor and the lowest quote had been
               approved. Justin Fulton will complete the job during the Term 3 holidays at a cost of

          5.3     Student/Staff Welfare
          A number of issues were to be discussed at this meeting, however Kim reported only two of the
          items were dealt with. Several staff had attended modules of a professional development program
          called “Solving the Jigsaw” to address a whole school approach to violence and bullying.
          Some of the activities learnt in their training had been presented to the staff which took up most
          of the meeting.

          The Whole School Healthy Eating Policy was also discussed and feedback will be sent back to the
          Canteen Committee. Changes to some wording and ideas were recommended and changes
          supported by the Welfare committee. Four students were also named, who had expressed their
          interest in support of the canteen committee. Alistair Harley, Dana Laffin, Rhys Cossar and Laura
          Whykes will be members to that committee.

          5.4    Finance
          Account balances to the end of August were as follows:-
                 Official Account                $ 14,014.94
                 High Yield Account              $454,140.95
                 Bendigo Bank Investment         $130,251.74
                 Charitable Trust                $ 57,685.24

          Transfers of $50,000.00 were approved for the month, from the HYIA to the Official Account.
          A number of locally raised funds and a donation from the Cheltenham Secondary College to SLC,
          and sponsorship to pre driver education from the VACC had also been recorded.

          The committee looked at the budget where some areas were overdrawn.

          John had also reported to Finance in relation to the current gas contracts. Kleenheat, the current
          supplier to the P-12 Campus, were seven cents per litre more than Elgas, who supplied to the
          NCCC. Following receipt of proposals from each provider, John had accepted the Elgas
          offer and asked that Council approve of this decision.
          Moved: John Epskamp
          Seconded: Kaylene Cossar
          “That Council approve of the changeover of gas provider from Kleenheat at the P12 Campus to
          Elgas to supply both campuses”

          Voluntary levies were also discussed and two years prior were increased to $90.00 per student,

U:\Council\School Council\15 Sept 2008.doc
          however because drought funding had been received, the levies were kept at the $80.00 per student.
          Moved: John Epskamp
          Seconded: Beth Crutch
          “That the voluntary levy be charged at $90.00 per student in 2009 with new students being
          charged pro-rata up to Term 3”

          Other levies currently charged this year will remain the same in 2009 however the forewarning of
          the possible cost to parents of $100.00 per student for pre-driver education will be announced.
          Unfortunately there is an expectation of less funding in 2009 to offset these charges.

          Finance was also advised of the likelihood that Grade 6 students will receive a laptop next year,
          partly funded by the Region, the College and the parents. In our Region these will be provided to
          both the Grades 5 and 6 students.

          Travel assistance for the Chaplain had been raised and John suggested this be discussed with the
          Chaplaincy Committee for consideration and funds set aside for this. Kim asked that this
          allowance be signed off as a gratuity, so as not to set any precedence.
          Moved: John Harley
          Seconded: KimThompson
          “That we raise the issue of travel with the Chaplaincy Committee and provide a $900.00 gratuity
          for the Chaplain in the budget”

          5.5    Cluster Centre Implementation Committee
          No report, however the next meeting scheduled for Tuesday 16th September.

          5.6       Pre-Driver Education Sub-Committee

          5.7     Parents’ Club
          A healthy lunch; Careers Expo and a LLEN (Local Learning & Employment Network) Dinner had
          been catered for by the Parents’ Club in the last month. Ena reported the next Parents’ Club
          meeting would be held tomorrow, and will discuss ways to encourage more participants to attend
          their meetings.

          5.8     Canteen Sub-committee
          Scheduled last Wednesday evening, John and Beth were the only members present. Another
          meeting has tentatively been made for Thursday 9th October at 3.45 pm and the four students noted
          previously will be asked to attend (Refer 5.3 Staff/Student Welfare).

          5.9     Principal’s Report
          John’s report notified an enrolment of 6 new students and of one VCAL student departing to
          take up an apprenticeship.

          Interim reports for all Years 5-12 students will be distributed next week, with student led
          discussions arranged for the first Wednesday of Term 4 (08/10/08).

          Held recently were primary inter-school athletic sports at Boort, the Year 9 Grampians camp
          and a Careers Expo which students of Year 10 attended. Grade 3/4 camp to Cave Hill Creek
          had taken place and an extended stay for Preps and a sleepover for grades 1 and 2 will take
          place before the end of term.

U:\Council\School Council\15 Sept 2008.doc
          Parent Opinion Surveys had been sent to 40 families and they are due to be sent to DEECD by the
          end of the week. Results from the Student attitude to School and Staff Opinion survey results had
          been received.

Moved: Roy Thompson
Seconded: John Epskamp
“That the reports as presented and the recommendations contained in them be approved”

6.        General Business
          6.1     Year 9 Grampians Bushwalk – approval required for additional staff member
          Refer 3.1 – Business arising from Previous Minutes.

          6.2    Visitors Book – additional volunteers
          No additional volunteers for the month of August 2008.

          6.3     Principal Selection Panel
          Due to work commitments, Jeanette advised she was unable to undertake her role of Council
          President in the Principal Selection process. Kaylene Cossar, College Council vice president,
          advised she was more than happy to take on the role. Beth Crutch had expressed interest for the
          extra parent representative required, as well as Tulsa (if there was no other interest). As Tulsa
          was absent and the need to get the process moving, Beth was nominated to the panel.
          Moved: John Epskamp
          Seconded: Kim Thompson
          “That Beth Crutch be nominated to the Principal Selection Panel as parent representative and
          Kaylene Cossar be approved as in place of the President”

          John also advised that Regional network leaders’ positions had recently been advertised. Anne
          Brosnan was not successful in securing her job and therefore would not be Regional representative
          to the panel. John recommended that a letter of thanks be written to Anne, on behalf of Council, for
          her work in the network and the Cluster. Refer 6.9 – General Business

          6.4      Principal Selection Criteria
          For Council members absent at the previous Special Meeting (held 2/9/08) an explanation
          of the Principal Selection process was presented. The position will be advertised on 24th October
          and interviews will be held early November. If unsuccessful at finding a suitable applicant, the
          position can be re-advertised in November for interviews in December. The position can also be
          advertised in the newspapers and it was suggested an advertisement be placed in the Age or
          Australian newspaper on Saturday 25th October.

          In terms of criteria there are five mandatory questions which are based on the Sergiovani Leadership
          values of Technical; Human; Educational; Symbolic and Cultural, with an optional supplementary
          question on Community Criterion. As there are five principal vacancies within the Cluster, it
          had been encouraged for Council to write a supplementary question, and John had provided the

                    “A demonstrated understanding of the issues related to leadership as a cultural
                    community and P12 College, a multi campus college and the central cluster of schools.”

          Moved: Kaylene Cossar
          Seconded: John Epskamp
          “That John Harley be nominated as the Executive Officer to the Principal Selection Panel”

U:\Council\School Council\15 Sept 2008.doc
          John will liaise with Russell Stanley, Staff representative to the Principal Selection Panel and
          Assistant Principal, to consider the supplementary question.

          6.5       Uniform
          The Uniform sub committee met earlier in the day to consider final survey results, and a number of
          letters from parents, to present a report to School Council.

          Recommendations from the report (in brief) were:-
           Changes to polo shirt and winter skirt for girls;
           Changes to polo shirt, navy trousers/shorts, and sock options;
           Yellow sports polo for all P-12 and variation to logo to stand out;
           Change to “royal blue” polo for boys and girls, and long sleeve for winter;
           Optional zip-up jacket;
           Optional beanie.

          Moved: Kaylene Cossar
          Seconded: John Epskamp
          “That we adopt the report from the Uniform Sub Committee and introduce the recommendations
          to start next year with all students expected in the new uniform by 2010”

          Although the summer hat was not mentioned in the report, mention will be made in the school
          newsletter for Term 4.

          6.6     November & December School Council Meetings
          John wanted to indicate there may be a need to vary the meeting dates for Council due to the
          Principal selection process, with the possibility of two meetings in November and a December

          6.7      Cleaning Contracts
          The current cleaning contracts expire at the end of 2008. Council were asked how they would feel if
          both campus contracts were extended for a further period. Cleaners are required to be registered and
          as the current cleaners are the only registered businesses in Charlton, John suggested an extension of
          their contracts be made.
          Moved: Kim Thompson
          Seconded: John Epskamp
          “That we make an extended term available to the cleaning contractors for a three year period”

          6.8      Financial Audit
          Conducted on a three year cycle, Charlton College last had a financial audit at the beginning of 2007
          for the 2006 financial year. Although not due for the next audit until 2009, the Principal of the
          school is changing so John had written to the Region to request an alteration to the sequence.

          6.9      Thank You to Anne Brosnan
          As per item 6.3 (General Business) John moved the following motion.
          Moved: John Harley
          Seconded: Kaylene Cossar
          “That we write a letter to Anne Brosnan congratulating her on the work she has done in our
          network and the Cluster of our schools and wish her all the best for the future”

          6.10   Awards Night
          Kim raised Wednesday 17th December as a tentative date for the 2008 Awards Night and
          asked whether anyone considered the date inconvenient. The venue will again be the Rex Theatre

U:\Council\School Council\15 Sept 2008.doc
          and Kim will arrange this.

          6.10    Next Meeting
          Will be held on Monday 20th October 2008 at 7.30 pm.

          MEETING CLOSED 9.23 PM.

U:\Council\School Council\15 Sept 2008.doc

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