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          Plaza Suites productions                          The Charlotte, Leicester: Splitters + This Is Seb Clarke   + The Rosie Taylor Project
                                                            The Maze: NSPCC CHARITY GIG Apocalyptic Vibrations
          presents… Hit The North                           + Architects of Autumn + Penny Black + Foncheros           MONDAY 7TH
                10th Stockport Plaza                        SHEFFIELD                                                  HULL

A   new night is landing in Manchester this year and        The Grapes: Digital Corruptions- The Dismisive Attack      The Adelphi: Musicians Night
     it looks like a right corker! Celebrating all things   Under the Boardwalk: Friday Night in with the Girls +      MANCHESTER
  great about the North with a venue more vintage           Firebrand + Invey + Primal State                           Night and Day: Exit Calm + Snowblind + Monkey Sees
and valour than a polka dot dress it is a night not to      Vintage Rockbar, Doncaster: A & E Line + Welcome to        Monkey Do
be missed. It will be held at The Plaza, a 1930's cine-     the Industry                                               SHEFFIELD
  ma in Stockport and will showcase the best music          YORK                                                       The Dove and Rainbow: Surgery With a Grenade
  Manchester has to offer aswell as a set from top          Cert Live: Arkandur                                        The Grapes: Moon Fiesta Promotions
   comedians and best of all, pie and peas will be          Fibbers: The Sneakypeeks                                   Under the Boardwalk: National Band Heat 4
       served during the evening, free of charge!                                                                      West Street Live: The Bees + Mojo and the Beatniks +
                        Eee by eck!                         SATURDAY 5TH                                               Inner State Circus + The Lazy Tree Surgeons
                Claire Anderson                             HULL                                                       YORK
                       The Adelphi: Easy Skankin                                  Cert Live: Open Decks
                                                            The Piper: Yo Yo                                           City Screen Basement: Take The Stage
MONDAY 1ST                                                  The Welly: Déjà Vu Dot Dot Dash Upstairs
                                                            The Lamp: Larkin Out                                       TUESDAY 8TH
                                                            The New Clarence: Acoustic Clarence                        HULL
The Attic: Grapevine
                                                            LEEDS                                                      The Linnet And Lark: The Sesh
The Lamp: Phase Four Stereo
                                                            Trades Club (Hebden Bridge): Souled Out                    The Attic: Grapevine
                                                            Cardigan Arms: The Resplendents + Eureka Machines +        The Lamp: Phase Four Stereo
Wire: Chris.Su / Tactile + Ant TC1 + 3rd Generation
                                                            Pushbike Army                                              LEEDS
                                                            Escobar (Wakefield): GoFaster + The Bundesrats +           Cockpit: Random Hand + Catch It Kebabs + Pickled
                                                            Indica Ritual + Kronik Ironik                              Dick
Cert Live: Diverse City Hangover Cure
                                                            Joseph's Well: Azriel + Postmortem Princess + The Bridal   Revolution: Simon Wiffen
                                                            Procession + Soulfracture + The Argent Dawn + This Is      MANCHESTER
TUESDAY 2ND                                                 Colour + Devour Thy Sins + Trigger The Bloodshed +         Roadhouse: Roadhouse Present Acoustic Shenanigans
HULL                                                        Traces + Buried By Grace + Outspoken Silence               With Bone-Box + Ryna + Grand Volume + Paul E
The Lamp: Side Kicks Lounge                                 Bar 122 (Huddersfield): Honeymagic + The Sin +             Hodson + Ian Britt
Tigers Lair: Acoustic Wednesday                             Waring Green                                               SHEFFIELD
LEEDS                                                       MANCHESTER                                                 Under the Boardwalk: Totally Bigsound Metal - Ten Foot
Joseph's Well: Boneyard Babies + 99 + Forged From           Night and Day: Deadly Brotherhood of the Gun + The         Dolls
Darkness + Nightmare Therapy                                Reveres + Shadowcops + Laurel Canyon Boulevard             West Street Live: Important Looking Pirates Showcase
SHEFFIELD                                                   Studio: The Uplift + Call it a day + The Muvs + Spitfire   YORK
Burton Street Foundation Bar: Sheffield Songwriters         NOTTINGHAM                                                 Cert Live: Diversity
Circle                                                      The Charlotte, Leicester: Green Date (Green Day Tribute)   City Screen Basement: Aimie J Ryan
Shefield Arena: CBeebies Live!                              + Blink 18who                                              The Junction: ShootThe Moon
City Screen Basement: United In Dance
                                                                                                                       WEDNESDAY 9TH
THURSDAY 3RD                                                                                                           HULL
                                                                                                                       The Lamp: Side Kicks Lounge
                                                                                                                       Tigers Liar: Acoustic Wednesday
The Lamp: Pass The Peas
The Wellington Inn: Stripped Feat
                                                                                                                       Trash: My Otherside
The Welly: Club NME + Jelly
                                                                                                                       Sandinista: Al Leeming + Goldjunk + Alex Quinn
LEEDS                                                       + Forty Autumns + M48
                                                                                                                       Library: Lemons And Limes
Trash: Ben Greaves + Dorien Stay + Hobson's Choice          The Maze: Satans Minions + Good Luck Fox + Cuban
                                                                                                                       Cardigan Arms: Hollie Jowitt + Bloody Wowsers + My
Milans (Harrogate): The Sloths                              Crimewave + Alright the Captain
Joseph's Well: Next Station                                 The Rigger, Stoke-on-Trent: New Generation Superstars
                                                                                                                       Love Apple (Bradford): Slumhunnies + Whisky Joe And
Bar 122 (Huddersfield): Alex Quinn + Karl And Alex +        SHEFFIELD
                                                                                                                       The Marmalade Kid
Krissy                                                      The Grapes: Cruelty Free Entertainment- Foxy Fox & The
NOTTINGHAM                                                  Horny Hounds, Dj Bad Bastard And The Drunken Vegans
                                                                                                                       Night and Day: Strawhouses + The Lapis + The Middle
The Bodega Social Club: RADAR                               Under the Boardwalk: Totally Bigsound Punk Ska - The
                                                                                                                       Ones + Kate Manning
SHEFFIELD                                                   R.D.A. + Unclassified + Gianluca + The Phobias +
                                                                                                                       Roadhouse: Roadhouse Present The Unstoppable Team
Under the Boardwalk: Bigsound Indie - Ryan Lloyd + Ian      Short History of Everything + Eastfield + Leather Zoo +
                                                                                                                       + Daniel Land & The Modern Painters + The Jannocks
Britt + tbc                                                 Free For All +
                                                                                                                       + Titus Stacks
Vintage Rockbar, Doncaster: Small Town Getaway +            Vintage Rockbar, Doncaster: Monski + tba + The
                                                                                                                       Trof: Gods Little Eskimo + Chuck Farthing + Ben
Time To Leave                                               Strands + Lapels
                                                                                                                       McGarvey + Benway Miasma
West Street Live: The Birth of 2008 with Cause of Denial    YORK
+ Rust Inhaler + The Child + Modern Eulogy                  Cert Live: Freakin
                                                                                                                       The Charlotte, Leicester: Local Showcase Feat: Smokin'
YORK                                                        The Junction: The Runaway Sons + Sniper Eyes + Fuzz
                                                                                                                       The Profit + Gertrude
Cert Live: Alto Rumore                                      Club Dj's
City Screen Basement: Soup presents Kafka                   Fibbers: Mr Parker + The Summits + DJ Mosey
                                                                                                                       Burton Street Foundation Bar: Sheffield Songwriters
Fibbers: Azuma Vega
                                                            SUNDAY 6TH                                                 Under the Boardwalk: Bigsound Rock and Blues - The
FRIDAY 4TH                                                  HULL                                                       Carnival + New Generation Superstars + Whitefire
HULL                                                        Pave: Adrian Byron Burns                                   West Street Live: The Kamen Diaboliss
The Piper: Loaded                                           Linnet and Lark: Souled out Sundays                        YORK
The Lamp: Feelin Good                                       LEEDS                                                      Cert Live: Corruption
LEEDS                                                       Royal Park Cellars: Loqui + Micky P Kerr + Shatner +       The Junction: Glasshouse Boutique + Open Invitation
Trades Club (Hebden Bridge): The Stations +                 Dan McGlade + Captain Wilberforce
Wintermute                                                  Sandinista: Jordan Senior                                  THURSDAY 10TH
Woodhouse Liberal Club: The Sewer Suckers + Ecclacia        HiFi: The New Mastersounds
+ Mishkin + One2manydjs                                     Grove Inn: Cushla
                                                                                                                       The Lamp: Pass The Peas
Royal Oak (Halifax): Islands From The Sea + The Tragics     Trash: Ben Pike + Tom Hunt + Gina Dootson
                                                                                                                       The Wellington Inn: Stripped Feat
+ Air Cav                                                   Joseph's Well: JIG
                                                                                                                       The Welly: Club NME + Jelly
HiFi: Samsa + Royal Vendetta + Pierpoint + The              NOTTINGHAM
                                                                                                                       Hull City Hall: Chubby Brown
Farming Incident + Fawn                                     The Lion: Ben Martin Quartet
Escobar (Wakefield): Rosie Doonan + Little Lost David +     SHEFFIELD
                                                                                                                       Trades Club (Hebden Bridge): Alasdair McKee
Gary Stewart Band + Belle Vue                               Under the Boardwalk: Wagon Wheel Americana Night -
                                                                                                                       Cardigan Arms: Messini Assault
Joseph's Well: DC Horns + Travelling North                  The Listeners + Old Man Pie + Cotton Town Music Club
                                                                                                                       Milans (Harrogate): Premium Trucks
Bar 122 (Huddersfield): Anola Gray + Centeenials            West Street Live: Bowiefest
                                                                                                                       Bar 122 (Huddersfield): Jack Rutter
MANCHESTER                                                  YORK
Night and Day: Trash + Consoles & Players + Lupa Tom        Cert Live: Open Mic Night
                                                                                                                       Night and Day: Red Stripe Music Awards
+ Burn The Mona Lisa                                        City Screen Basement: The Otherside Comedy Club
                                                                                                                       Roadhouse: Roadhouse Present Driftrun, + Lecorum +
Studio: Galleon + Paper Hearts                              The Junction: The Naked Flames + Captains of Industry
                                                                                                                       The 99's + Johnny Angelsnakes
        Wild Beasts / Laura Groves                        Quartets                                                  Of Disaster A Day To Remember
                                                          The Grapes: Digital Corruptions                           NOTTINGHAM
             11th Bradford Love Apple
                                                          Under the Boardwalk: Bigsound Liquid Indie - A Man        Bar Fusion, Lincoln: Crevecoeur (France) + Souvaris
                                                          Down                                                      (Nottingham)
                                                          Vintage Rockbar, Doncaster: Rust Inhaler + Unspoken       The Maze: Hothouse Theatre Special
                                                          Heroes                                                    SHEFFIELD
                                                          West Street Live: Square ID - The Beaus + Tarka Dawn      Civic, Mexbrough: New Generation Superstars
                                                          + The Griffins                                            The Boardwalk: Thee SPC
                                                          YORK                                                      The Grapes: Secret Squirrel
                                                          Cert Live: Atom Presents                                  Under the Boardwalk: UTB Friday - Seven Day
                                                          City Screen Basement: The Buccaneers + The Sporting       Weekend + Messini Assault + The Sprawl
                                                          Life                                                      Vintage Rockbar, Doncaster: Darlings of the Splitscreen
                                                          The Junction: Collisions & Consequences + Jamie N &       + The Glamour Soundsystem + The Chiarra Ls
                                                          Danny C + Bo Cayce                                        YORK
                                                          Stone Roses Bar: The Reliance                             Cert Live: Deltarave
                                                                                                                    City Screen Basement: The Purple Hearts Club
 T  he band with the most distinctive sound and the
      most promising career prospects in Leeds nip
  over to Bradford with a new label to boast about
                                                          FRIDAY 11TH
                                                                                                                    The Junction: Uprooted
                                                                                                                    Fibbers: Hijack Oscar + The Federals + Andrew Gower
                                                          The Piper: Loaded                                         Stone Roses Bar: Player 1
(Domino, no less), another awkwardly infectious sin-
  gle to promote ('Assembly') and a whole brace of        The Lamp: Feelin Good
 recently debuted and utterly fantastic new songs to      Durty Nellies: No Nay Straw                               SATURDAY 12TH
     bestow upon those lucky enough to attend.            LEEDS                                                     HULL
  Opportunities to catch them in relatively intimate      Royal Park Cellars: Electric Mud Generator                The Adelphi: Easy Skankin
                                                          Cockpit: The Blueskins + The Bribes                       The Piper: Yo Yo
 venues such as this will only diminish over time, so
                                                          Cardigan Arms: Jack Afro + Subliminal Girls + The         The Welly: Déjà Vu Dot Dot Dash Upstairs
 you'd do well to take advantage of them whilst you
                                                          Rumour                                                    The Lamp: Larkin Out
  can. Able support comes from Shipley songstress
                                                          Grove Inn: Damian Barber + Mike Wilson                    The New Clarence: Acoustic Clarence
 Laura Groves, whose deft way with a lilting melody
                                                          Escobar (Wakefield): Fear Of Music + The Spills +         Hull City Hall: Four Tops
  should be clear to anybody who's heard her gor-                                                                   LEEDS
                                                          Mercia Drift
             geous single 'I Am Leaving'.                 The Love Apple (Bradford): Wild Beasts + Laura Groves     Cockpit: Last Days Of Vengeance + Circus Earth +
          Greg Elliott, pic by Kevin Petch                Joseph's Well: Overspill + Dirty Twister + Mercia Drift   Siren Lake
                                                          Bar 122 (Huddersfield): Laika Dog + Northern Beats +      Primrose: Sewer Suckers + Getoutofcities + Inner City
                                                          Sub 45                                                    Sumo
The Bodega Social Club: RADAR
                                                          Trades Club (Hebden Bridge): Notsensibles                 Cardigan Arms: Tour De France + Cursed Diamond +
The Charlotte, Leicester: Local Showcase Feat: Backline   MANCHESTER                                                Firesuite + Tash
+ A Theme For A Murder +
                                                          Academy 3: The Firebrand Playhawk + Smith 6079 +          Faversham: Jonjo Feather + The Spills + Flowe
For The Record + Manufactured God
                                                          Chaos Theory                                              Rio's: Midterm Break + My Older Ego + Tea And
The Maze: You say Party! We Throw Gigs!! Presents…
                                                          Club Academy: Pirates of heroes + Your Last Regret +      Biscuits
Catch Collective + I Need to Discover + We've Taped
                                                          Midterm Break + Ripswitched + Seven Deadly Sins           Grove Inn: Euclid Avenue
over Your Cassettes
                                                          Night and Day: Green Underline + Spartan Program +        Escobar (Wakefield): The Lionheart Brothers +
                                                          Everything Everything                                     Shakeshudder + The Old Romantic Killer Band
Crucible: Music In the Round - European String
                                                          Roadhouse: Sjm Concerts Present Maylene & The Sons        Milans (Harrogate): The Lovesick Cowboys
Joseph's Well: Viatrophy + My Cross To Bear + Mel     Trash: Tough Guys + Death Retro + No Drinks On                 Paddy Orange / Craine /
Gimpsuit + The Torture Of Commacine + Verses          The Dancefloor + John Iachovelli
Akira + Defeat The Hoard                              New Roscoe: John Parkes                                        Durban / The Cherokees /
MyHouse: James Holroyd + Frenchy                      NOTTINGHAM                                                       Skint & Demoralised
MANCHESTER                                            The Maze: Babar Luck + Anonymous Tip + Kerbface                        12th Sheffield Plug
Club Academy: I.E. + The Night Life Crisis + The      + Mindless Raskals
Stolen + Billy Inferno                                SHEFFIELD
Dry Bar: Laymar + Vessels                             The Boardwalk: Edgar Jones & the Joneses
Joshua Brooks: Bone-Box + Aristocrash + The           The Dove and Rainbow: Pretty Ripped
Nightjars + Soundstripe                               Under the Boardwalk: Totally Bigsound Punk -
Night and Day: The Substance + Tin Pot Dictators +    Stashpocket + My Wooden Brain + Fragile Monkey
Funnel + Scar                                         + 5FD
NOTTINGHAM                                            West Street Live: Burn The Sky Showcase with A
The Bodega Social Club: The Highness Sound System     Poetic Yesterday + The Fourth Way + Fall For Reno
The Charlotte, Leicester - 'Andy-Fest 2008' With      YORK
(Downstairs) Derailieurs + Thee Cruellas+ Sourpus     Cert Live: Open Mic Night
+ Black Carrot + Black Eye Friday, (Upstairs) - Ted   City Screen Basement: The Otherside Comedy Club
Splitter + Duncan Blake + Robin Beckett + Ryan Real
The Maze: Hidden Talents - Women Only night           MONDAY 1 4TH
SHEFFIELD                                             HULL
The Plug: Paddy Orange + Craine + Durban +
Cherokees + Skint & Demoralised
                                                      The Adelphi: Musicians Night
                                                                                                             H    eadlining, the Rotherham bard, Paddy Orange
                                                                                                                    brings his down to earth witty rap along with
                                                                                                             the delightful voice of Sophie Bramley-West to Plug.
Under The Boardwalk: Best of Under the Boardwalk -    Night and Day: tbc
Divide                                                SHEFFIELD                                              He is supported by a strong local line up with a trio
Vintage Rockbar, Doncaster: Dave Abbott + Sister      Under the Boardwalk: National BOTB Heat 5             of indie rock bands, Craine along with management
Psychosis + My Passion + Boy Called Roy               West Street Live: Nuages + I Am Ahab +                  stablemates Durban and also highly regarded The
YORK                                                  Starscreen                                             Cherokees. The line up is completed by the up and
Cert Live: Hijacked                                   YORK                                                  coming talent of Wakefield rapper Matt Abbott in the
City Screen Basement: The Little Num Num Club         Cert Live: Open Decks                                 guise of Skint & Demoralised. His line up also boasts
The Junction: Darklands                               City Screen Basement: Apollo 15 and Giddy               one of Sheffield's most talented muso's MiNI dOG.
Fibbers: The Station Club                             Equations presents SomeTimeNever                       After Radio 1 and local airplay they have signed to
                                                      The Junction: Iscariat Falls + The More They Betray   Stiff Records for the single release of 'Red Lipstick' in
SUNDAY 13TH                                           + Xisfor Eyes + The                                             March. Catch them while you can.
HULL                                                  Sooner She Dies                                               Sean Bruce, pic by Chris Saunders
Pave: The Tombo Trio                                  Fibbers: Maylene and the Sons of Disaster + A Day
Linnet and Lark: Souled out Sundays                   To Remember + Outcry                                  The Lamp: Phase Four Stereo
LEEDS                                                 Collective                                            LEEDS
Sandinista: Dr Butler's Hatstand Medicine Band                                                              Revolution: Liam O'Donnell
Faversham: The Bedroom Orchestra + Little Lost        TUESDAY 1 5TH                                         Joseph's Well: Jason Wakefield + The Echo +
David                                                 HULL                                                  Simon Wiffen + The Constable
HiFi (lunchtime): Sally Fairfax                       The Linnet And Lark: The Sesh feat                    MANCHESTER
HiFi (evening): Kidkanevil                            The Attic: Grapevine                                  Academy 3: The Shameless + Eternal Winter
                The Courteeners                            Carpe Diem: The Dirty Lips + Hung Honey + Bad Man's      Royal Park Cellars: Richard Picot + Sam Airey + The
                                                           Dog                                                      Steals + Bianca Gerald + Miranda Arieh
                   17th Hull Lamp
                                                           Primrose: Dead Leg + Lazy Baby + Amber 292               Royal Oak (Halifax): El Campello + Jenny Bromley +

  T   he hype machine has creaked itself back into
       action and this month's chosen victors are The
Courteeners from Manchester, you've probably heard
                                                           Cardigan Arms: Alex Young Band + Spiderbaby + Lunar
                                                                                                                    Andy Greaves
                                                                                                                    Cardigan Arms: Kram + Lesser Known Breed + The
                                                           The Love Apple (Bradford): Accolade + The Cad + Josef    Psycho Strangers
  from them. The winners of this years 'biggest A&R        Michael Waterworth                                       Trash: Don't Look Down + The Hokes + 16 Bit Revival +
  scramble' this quarter the band have already seen        MANCHESTER                                               James Dean Syndrome + Lost City Ramblers + Eazy
success with their debut single 'Acrylic'. Although at a   Academy 3: Neo-Choline Sandbox + Victorian Dad +         Riders
 careless glance they appear to fit into the rock and      The Rays                                                 Bar 122 (Huddersfield): Mike Fisher + Charlie Barnes
 roll urchin post Libertines cubby hole a little further   Night and Day: Stephen Fretwell + special guests         MANCHESTER
   investigation reveals a regular cocktail of classic     Roadhouse: Roadhouse Present Sex Radio + Dead Fluffy     Academy 3: Septic Sex+ Ded Mole + Crickit + The
  songwriting. Gaining a massive hope support that         Duck                                                     Irrelevants + Switchboard Spectacular
 has already seen them sell out one of Manchester's        NOTTINGHAM                                               Café Saki: Bring on the Dancing Horses Presents: Chik
larger venues the signs are all there for this to be the   The Charlotte, Leicester: Operahouse + Action Force +    Budo + The Old Romantic Killer Band
                year of the Courteener.                    The Recovery                                             Night and Day: tbc
                    Mike Reynolds                          The Maze: Kevin Montgomery Band + Special Guests         Roadhouse: Roadhouse Present A Boy Called Doris
                                                           Shurman (Usa) And Andrea Glass                           +George Borowski + Clam
Roadhouse: Roadhouse Present Contact Mo + Rosie            SHEFFIELD                                                NOTTINGHAM
Drew                                                       Burton Street Foundation Bar: Sheffield Songwriters      The Bodega Social Club: RADAR
NOTTINGHAM                                                 Circle                                                   The Maze: Night of Doom with Hordes Of Satan + DJ
The Charlotte, Leicester: Joe Lean & The Jing Jang Jong    Green Room: Broken Strings with Modern Eulogy +          Mordor
SHEFFIELD                                                  Chris Treebeard + A Magic Bullet + John Parkes           SHEFFIELD
Under the Boardwalk: Totally Bigsound Metal: Exile +       The Boardwalk: Watch This Fire Spread                    Café Moco: Louis Romégoux + Gina Walters
Hand of Grief + Betrayal + Immension                       The Grapes: The Wagon's Wheels- Dave Woodcock &          City Hall Memorial Hall: Floydian Slip
West Street Live: Oh My Word Showcase feat. The BBBs       The Dead Comedians + Garron Frith + Richard Kitson       Crucible: Music in the Round - Dante Quartet
YORK                                                       Under the Boardwalk: Bigsound Rock and Blues             The Boardwalk: Laika Dog
Cert Live: Diverse City                                    West Street Live: Firesuite + Prism System + And They    The Dove and Rainbow: Spiderbaby
City Screen Basement: JX Promotions presents Oxjam         Still Fly                                                The Washington: Live Bands
Disneyjam                                                  YORK                                                     Under the Boardwalk: Bigsound Liquid Indie - Zapp
Fibbers: All Your Bad Habits + Low Flying Flag             City Screen Basement: The Experiment                     Brannigan
                                                           Fibbers: Levis Ones To Watch presents Johnny Foreigner   Vintage Rockbar, Doncaster: The Living Daylights + Void
                                                           + Sam Isaac + Fist                                       Illusion
                                                           Full Of Yen                                              West Street Live: Nil Satis + The Great Deception +
The Lamp: Side Kicks Lounge
Tigers Liar: Acoustic Wednesday
                                                           THURSDAY 17TH                                            YORK
                                                           HULL                                                     Cert Live: Hessian
Hull New Theatre: CATS
                                                           The Lamp: Pass The Peas                                  City Screen Basement: Soup presents City Dukes
                                                           The Wellington Inn: Stripped Feat                        The Junction: Hungry Ghosts + Gundogs + Paris
Sandinista: Spring + The Paradimes + Kris Mersseman
                                                           The Welly: Club NME feat The Courteeners + Jelly         Commune + Oliver Max Mason
Library: Daggers And Diamonds + Deadline Hopefuls +
                                                           Hull New Theatre: CATS                                   Fibbers: David Ford
The Wheeljacks + Anti-Depressants
                                                           LEEDS                                                    Stone Roses Bar: Skin The Lizard
FRIDAY 18TH                                             Vintage Rockbar, Doncaster: Never Said + tba                                Silverlode
HULL                                                    YORK
                                                                                                                                 18th Leeds Fenton
The Piper: Loaded                                       Victoria Vaults: No Nay Straw
The Lamp: Feelin Good
Hull New Theatre: CATS
                                                        Cert Live: Sinaptic Decay
                                                        Fibbers: The Officers + The Boxer Rebellion                2     007 was a busy year for Silverlode. Having
                                                                                                                          released their second full length album on the
                                                                                                               Grain Division label they toured across the land play-
LEEDS                                                   Stone Roses Bar: The Strands
Cockpit: The Finnyls + Dexter + Racine + Hella Cholla                                                               ing their monstrous skiffle prog and produced a
Cardigan Arms: The Avenues + New Vinyl + Seven          SATURDAY 19TH                                              music video for lead track 'Mr. Judas Squint'. Far
Day Weekend + Slumhunnies                               HULL                                                     from being complacent, recent live shows have seen
Brudenell Social Club: Middleman + The Butterfly +      The Adelphi: Easy Skankin                              the band introduce brand new track and future single
The Debuts                                              The Piper: Yo Yo                                        'The Difference Between Love and Hades' to their set.
Rio's: Sham 69                                          The Welly: Déjà Vu Dot Dot Dash Upstairs                Catch their first show of 2008 and expect saucy tales
Grove Inn: Northern Lights                              The Lamp: Larkin Out                                      of peep holes, Dickensian misers and torched cities
Love Apple (Bradford): Smokers Die Younger +            The New Clarence: Acoustic Clarence                          all delivered with a sense of mystique that most
Champion Kickboxer + Monty Casino + Two Madre           Hull New Theatre: CATS                                              bands would sell their drummer for.
Escobar (Wakefield): The Mouth + Skint And              Hull City Hall: Johann Strass Gala                                      Matthew McMahon
Demoralised + The Kolorado Rock Machine                 LEEDS
Joseph's Well: Indigo Skins + Someone's Sons + Tonik    Primrose: Dead Leg                                     Manchester Academy: Plain White T's + Boys Like Girls
Bar 122 (Huddersfield): Pin Pim + Patriot Other +       Carpe Diem: The Nervous Shakedown + Pushbike           Night and Day: Ejector Seat + George Agan + James
Pretty Machine + Grieve                                 Army + Medicine For The Meek                           E + Motherjohn
Fenton: Silverlode                                      Cardigan Arms: The Dead Certs + The Lost 45's +        Studio: The Flight + The Llight
MANCHESTER                                              Lone Star State + Alt Track                            NOTTINGHAM
Club Academy: Subrosa Tryst + Palmstruck + Sleepless    Rio's: Casino Brawl + Random Conflict +                The Bodega Social Club: Lionheart Brothers + The
+ XY&Z                                                  ForLoveAndHate + The Tortune Of Comacine +             Highness Sound System
Night and Day: tbc                                      Outspoken Silence                                      The Charlotte, Leicester: The Kinells + Starco
Roadhouse: Special Xfm Event                            Grove Inn: Guitar Billies                              The Maze: Smokescreen Sound System
NOTTINGHAM                                              Trash: The Landaus + Highflyer + Raresonic             SHEFFIELD
Notts Trent Uni Glo Bar: The Arcane + Mellow            Escobar (Wakefield): Seb Clarke + The New              Crucible Studio: Music in the Round - Ludwig String Trio
Rebellion + more tbc                                    Delamores + Jonnythefirth                              The Grapes: Moon Fiesta Promotions
The Charlotte, Leicester: Jungle Edition                Milans (Harrogate): Kid ID                             The Plug: The Chartists + The Lines + The Stations +
The Old Bell, Derby: The Maybeez + Jezebel +            Puzzle Hall (Sowerby Bridge): Whole Sky Monitor        Nuggie & The Lawbreakers
Amifuba                                                 MyHouse: Ralph Lawson + Buckley + James Barnsley       Under the Boardwalk: Best of Under the Boardwalk
SHEFFIELD                                               + Tristan Da Cunha                                     Vintage Rockbar, Doncaster: The Spills + Tour de
City Hall: Hallé                                        Bar 122 (Huddersfield): Jack Flash + Don't Talk To     France
Corporation: Deathstars                                 Strangers + DJ Logik + DJ Kegz                         YORK
Crucible Studio: John Taylor Trio + Julian Arguelles    Trades Club (Hebden Bridge): The Why And The           Cert Live: Reload
The Abbeydale: Freenoise feat. Mick Beck & Phil Marks   Wherefores                                             City Screen Basement: Xtravaganza presents David
Duo + The Tajalli Vortex + Jesus is Angry & GEN26       MANCHESTER                                             Ward Maclean, Owen Brinley from Grammatics and
The Boardwalk: Monkey Swallows the Universe             Club Academy: Steller + Bye Bye Johnny + Teamnoir +    Chris Helme
The Grapes: Digital Corruptions - Yo Yo Static,Jonny    The Boy Majors                                         The Junction: The Summits + People In Airports + Rule
Valentine,Dirty Lips                                    Dry Bar: Fake Kings + Friday's Ghost + Dropscience +   of 40
Under the Boardwalk: UTB Friday                         Ill Memba + RJ                                         Fibbers: Tidal Fury
                British Sea Power                            City Hall: Tchaikovsky's Nutracker                            The Attic: Grapevine
                                                             Dulo: Acoustic Soul - Rebelion + various acoustic acts        The Lamp: Phase Four Stereo
               23rd Leeds Irish Centre
                                                             The Dove and Rainbow: The Marygreenes                         Hull New Theatre: CATS

I  t's fair to say that this eccentric Kendal-via-Brighton
      quartet sorely tested the patience of those of us
   who treasure their debut LP The Decline Of British
                                                             The Grapes: Nat Johnson, # Dan
                                                             The Plug: Area 15
                                                             The Riverside: Opus Creations - Louis Romégoux
                                                                                                                           Oporto: The Silver Tree Club + Grand Mal Seizures +
                                                                                                                           Paul Flesher
    Sea Power with its comparatively tame follow-up          Under the Boardwalk: Totally Bigsound Metal W.O.R.M +         MANCHESTER
  Open Season. Their resurgence is now well under-           Simple Ideas+ X-Rippers + Jondoe and the Fuckups              Night and Day: We are Physics + The Bottomfeeders
    way though, having begun in earnest with some            West Street Live: Wagon Wheel Americana Night - My First      Roadhouse: Present Jake Flowers + The Windfall +Tim &
storming low-key live shows preceding the release of         Tooth                                                         Sam's Band With Tim & Sam
 the confrontationally titled Do You Like Rock Music?        YORK                                                          NOTTINGHAM
at the tail end of last year. So, expect less mid-tempo      Cert Live: JX Promo Presents: Yeti + The Foxes                Rock City: Plain White T's
noodling than the last time they had a new record to         City Screen Basement: The Otherside Comedy Club               The Bodega Social Club: The Mouth
  flog and more of what we loved about BSP the first         The Junction: Snow Club + The Silhouette Zoo + Tom Reeve      The Charlotte, Leicester: Random Hand + A.H.M.P +
                                                             Fibbers: Darkest Hour + Glamour of the Kill + Malefice        Round 2
 time round: a reckless bouncing between post-punk
                                                             Stone Roses Bar: A Fight For Failure                          SHEFFIELD
    discord and blissed-out melody, outlandish stage
                                                                                                                           Corporation: Stone Gods (feat members of The Darkness)
        props and plenty of audience participation.
                      Greg Elliott
                                                             MONDAY 21ST                                                   Memorial Hall: Mark Watson
                                                             HULL                                                          Under the Boardwalk: Totally Bigsound Metal - Black the
                                                             The Adelphi: Musicians Night                                  Brawl + Across Set Skies + While She Sleeps + Kikoho
SUNDAY 20TH                                                                                                                Blast
                                                             Hull Asylum: The Futureheads
HULL                                                                                                                       West Street Live: All Boys Like War + Ida + Lowman
                                                             Hull New Theatre: CATS
Pave: Dave Berriman                                                                                                        YORK
Linnet and Lark: Souled out Sundays                                                                                        Cert Live: Diverse City
                                                             Brudenell Social Club: Pavilion + The Rosie Taylor Project
LEEDS                                                                                                                      Fibbers: Teddy Thompson + Jaymay + Brendan
                                                             Escobar (Wakefield): Yeti + The Foxes + Lapels
Cockpit: Hundred Reasons + From Autumn To Ashes                                                                            Campbell
Sandinista: Matt Sladen + Hella Chola
                                                             Manchester Academy: Avenged Sevenfold + Black Tide
Faversham: Chris Helme                                                                                                     WEDNESDAY 23RD
                                                             Night and Day: tbc
HiFi (lunchtime): If Destroyed Still True
                                                             SHEFFIELD                                                     HULL
HiFi (evening): Stuart McCallum
                                                             The Dove and Rainbow: Exile                                   The Lamp: Side Kicks Lounge
Trash: Marrizon + Time To Leave + Whipcord
                                                             The Harley: Vegas Child                                       Tigers Liar: Acoustic Wednesday
Love Apple (Bradford): Blank Generation
                                                             Under the Boardwalk: BOTB Heat 6                              Hull New Theatre: CATS
                                                             West Street Live: Bedlam Soundclash with Pocket Satellite +   LEEDS
Manchester Academy: Alter Bridge + Enjoy Destroy
                                                             Dirty Jeans + Watch This Fire Spread + Modern Eulogy          Irish Centre: British Sea Power
Retro Bar: Lou Whattling + My Wooden Brain + Blue Vinyl
                                                             YORK                                                          Sandinista: The Cahonies
                                                             Cert Live: Open Decks                                         Library: Far From The Dance + Avarice + Lesser Known
The Bodega Social Club: Meet me in St. Louis + Nephu
                                                             City Screen Basement: Take The Stage                          Breed + Phil Brook
Husband + You Slut! + Blakfish
                                                             Fibbers: Robots In Disguise                                   Faversham: Tigers That Talked + The Pattern Theory +
The Charlotte, Leicester: My Ruin + Die So Fluid + Plastic
                                                                                                                           Held By Hands + Lizardmen
The Maze: Random Hand + Minus Society + The Human            TUESDAY 22ND                                                  Carpe Diem: Feluka + Record Department + Lotus Circle
                                                             HULL                                                          Primrose: Dylan + Get Back + Becky Cherriman + Mister
Targets + Tba
                                                             The Linnet And Lark: The Sesh feat                            Manana + The Air Freshener Man
Cardigan Arms: Okimono Spring Back + The Finest           The Charlotte, Leicester: Invey                           Trades Club (Hebden Bridge): Dirty Fakirs + Heavy
Hour + Ariel                                              The Maze: Daliso Chaponda                                 Karma
The Love Apple (Bradford): Operator Six + The Nearly      SHEFFIELD                                                 MANCHESTER
Men + Kubera                                              Café Moco: Mocophone Acoustic Night                       Academy 3: Steller + Fake Kings + The Volantes
Joseph's Well: Jubilee                                    Corporation: The Almighty                                 Club Academy: VMAN EVENTS UNSIGNED with Fishing
MANCHESTER                                                The Dove and Rainbow: The Skinks + the Black Snatch       For Eyelashes + Modern Day Society + Asterix + I, Said
Night and Day: tbc                                        + Whitewash                                               The Spy
Roadhouse: Roadhouse Present The 100 Club + Gk &          The Grapes: Actionier, Pockets Filled With Matches        Dry Bar: Operahouse + The Smokestacks + All The
The Renegades + The Merge + Revenge Tragedies             Under the Boardwalk: Bigsound Liquid Indie                Kings Men + Jessica's Ghost + Daniel Orlock + A New
NOTTINGHAM                                                Vintage Rockbar, Doncaster: Mystery Meat + Vamps 'n'      Breed of Monkey + Everything Everything + Sleepmode
Rock City: Avenged Sevenfold                              Gypsies                                                   Manchester Academy: Bodog Battle - City Final
The Charlotte, Leicester: A Wilhelm Scream + Failsafe +   West Street Live: Charity Gig for Gemma's Hospice         Night and Day: Teddy Thompson + Jaymay + Brendan
All Idols Fall                                            Cancer Research and Unicef - The Spires + The             Campbell
SHEFFIELD                                                 Headliners+ The Janskys + Denby Grace)                    NOTTINGHAM
Burton Street Foundation Bar: Sheffield Songwriters       YORK                                                      Rescue Rooms: Stonegods
Circle                                                    Cert Live: JX Promotions Presents                         The Maze: Skaville Promotions Presents - Aos3 + Follow
City Hall Memorial Hall: Tom Paxton                       City Screen Basement: You Are The Proles                  The White Line + Essex Pistols + More Tba
The Green Room: Broken Strings with Nicky Smith           Fibbers: Viking Skull + Year Long Disaster                SHEFFIELD
Under the Boardwalk: Bigsound Rock and Blues              Stone Roses Bar: The Steeples                             City Hall: Van Morrison
West Street Live: The Retrospectives                                                                                Corporation: My Ruin
YORK                                                      FRIDAY 25TH                                               Millenium Hall: Empirical
The Junction: Mantra                                      HULL                                                      Sheffield Arena: Linkin Park
Fibbers: Stewboss + Dead Rock West + Boss Caine           The Piper: Loaded                                         The Grapes: Green Man Says Go
                                                          The Lamp: Feelin Good                                     Under the Boardwalk: UTB Friday
THURSDAY 24TH                                             Hull University: Athlete                                  Vintage Rockbar, Doncaster: Air Heads + White Circus
HULL                                                      Hull New Theatre: CATS                                    Fever
The Lamp: Pass The Peas                                   Hull City Hall: Halle Orchestra                           YORK
The Wellington Inn: Stripped Feat                         LEEDS                                                     Cert Live: Tinnitus
The Welly: Club NME + Jelly                               Cardigan Arms: Neeta                                      The Junction: Kid Ego
Hull New Theatre: CATS                                    Cockpit: Nine Black Alps                                  Fibbers: We Are The Physics
LEEDS                                                     Trash: Narration + Jack Simpson
Cardigan Arms: Chakra + Badwolf                           Primrose: Cursed Diamond + The Fret + Dead Certs          SATURDAY 26TH
Rio's: The Parlotones                                     Cardigan Arms: The Jameson Raid + NeetaMusic +            HULL
Milans (Harrogate): Troy Faid                             Lecorum                                                   The Adelphi: Easy Skankin
Bar 122 (Huddersfield): Merz + Alec Townsend              Rio's: The Almighty                                       The Piper: Yo Yo
Trades Club (Hebden Bridge): Jez Lowe                     Wire: Artificial Intelligence + Subruako + Dirty Le Roi   The Welly: Déjà Vu Dot Dot Dash Upstairs
MANCHESTER                                                Grove Inn: Mary Humphreys + Anahata                       The Lamp: Larkin Out
Night and Day: tbc                                        Escobar (Wakefield): Elle S'Apelle + The Whippets + IMP   The New Clarence: Acoustic Clarence
Roadhouse: tbc                                            Smokestack: Haggis Horns                                  Hull New Theatre: CATS
NOTTINGHAM                                                Joseph's Well: The Bambinos + Lips Akimbo + The           LEEDS
Rescue Rooms: A Wilhelm Scream + Failsafe + All Idols     Riptides                                                  Whitelocks: Bianca Gerald
Fall                                                      Bar 122 (Huddersfield): The Window Right + The            Cockpit: Viking Skull
The Bodega Social Club: RADAR                             Voltaires + Player Please                                 Leeds University (Refectory): Avenged Sevenfold
Packhorse: The Wednesday Club + The Rocky Nest + Bear             Trash: The Sewer Suckers + Ajante + Mercurial + My Friend                  Glasvegas / The Headliners
Driver + Ewan And Clare                                           Juliet + one2manydjs
Cardigan Arms: I Call Shotgun + Royal Vendetta + The              Sandinista: Micky P Kerr                                                          / Union City
Federals + Brazen                                                 Royal Park Cellars: Cats And Cats And Cats + Wintermute +                           26th Sheffield Plug

Faversham: We Are The Physics + Lord Auch                         Itch + worriedaboutsatan                                                great night is promised with Glasgow's rising
Rio's: My Ruin                                                    Rio's: Robots In Disguise                                                 stars Glasvegas headlining, which could get
Grove Inn: Matt White + Giles Winterton                           HiFi (lunchtime): Bones
                                                                                                                                     confusing as they are supported by local stars The
Trash: Girls Can't Dance + Let's Tea Party + The Title            HiFi (evening): Protect The Beat
                                                                                                                                    Headliners. Glasvegas, whose admirers include Tim
Brudenell Social Club: Loqui + Rob Galloway + DannyPig +          Grove Inn (lunchtime): Dave-ID
Victors + Die Video Die                                           Grove Inn (evening): The Dave Gill Quartet                        Burgess, Carl Barât and Andy Bell, play their brand
Escobar (Wakefield): Operahouse + Merrygo + The Chiara L's        Trades Club (Hebden Bridge): Peader Long                           of rockabilly, surely influenced by Jesus And Mary
Smokestack: Haggis Horns                                          MANCHESTER                                                         Chain and are tipped for bigger things in 2008. It
MyHouse: Ivan Smagge + Burnski + James Holroyd + Ryan             Manchester Academy: 30 Seconds to Mars                                would be worth going though just to see The
Shaw + Tristan Da Cunha                                           Night and Day: Slow Club                                             Headliners, who have had a great 2007 with
MANCHESTER                                                        Roadhouse: The Unabombers                                        appearances on TV and at Glastonbury & T4 On The
Night and Day: Vile Vile Creatures + Medicine Bow                 NOTTINGHAM                                                        Beach, they have a great sound, 'bottle after bottle'
Studio: D' Kuypa + The Deadline Fever                             The Charlotte, Leicester: Bad Manners                            being the stand out track. Opening the show another
NOTTINGHAM                                                        The Maze: Mindvox Indie Battle Of The Bands Heat 1                  local indie band Union City, with a DJ set from
Rescue Rooms: The Almighty + Head Inc                             SHEFFIELD                                                                  James Fern, The Charlatans tour DJ.
The Charlotte, Leicester: (Downstairs)- Esthetic Media Presents   City Hall Memorial Hall: Suzy Bogguss                                                    Sean Bruce
Progression (Upstairs) - Cats & Cats & Cats + Itch                The Dove and Rainbow: Eyeball Blues
The Maze: Dame Islawightpresents - Pinocchio - Ho - Ho - Ho       The Riverside: Opus Creations Sunday Sessions
+ Ein Nacht Of Musik + Magic And Burlesk                          Under the Boardwalk: Totally Bigsound Punk - Sugarcubed +        Sandinista: Manalishi
SHEFFIELD                                                         UK 77 + Girlfixer + Up Against The Wall Motherfucker             Cockpit: Jon Jones And The Beatniks Movement + The Old
City Hall: Paul Carrack                                           West Street Live: Sub Nova Showcase with support from Red        Romantic Killer Band + Baron Saturday
Crucible Studio: Peter Cropper + Nigel Simeone - What is          Eyes of Russia + Generator!                                      Library: Snow + Left In The Red
music? + Ensemble 360                                             YORK                                                             Cardigan Arms: Lazy Baby + The State Of Georgia + Glyn
SUSU: The Futureheads                                             Cert Live: Open Mic Night                                        Bailey And The Many Splendid Things
The Grapes: Heard It Thru The Grapesvine                          The Junction: The Junction Acoustic Sunday                       Rio's: The Attic + Gaucho
The Plug: Glasvegas + Headliners + Union City                     Stone Roses Bar: Johnny And The Longwaves                        The Love Apple (Bradford): The Affairs + Hollow Horse +
Under the Boardwalk: Best of the UTB - Lost City Ramblers +       City Screen Basement: The Otherside Comedy Club                  Minus Jack
Easy Ramblers + Glyn Bailey                                                                                                        MANCHESTER
                                                                                                                                   Manchester Academy: Henry Rollins Spoken Word
Vintage Rockbar, Doncaster: The Old Romantic Killer Band +        MONDAY 28TH                                                      Night and Day: Stephen Fretwell + special guests
All Boys Like War + The Heathers                                  HULL
YORK                                                                                                                               Retro Bar: The Winchell Riots + The Autotelics + The Carltens
                                                                  The Adelphi: Musicians Night                                     + Jake Mattison
The Junction: The Mosaics                                         LEEDS
City Screen Basement: Revolutionary Freaked Out Fuzz Club                                                                          Roadhouse: Roadhouse Present Snowblind + The Ending Of…
                                                                  Trash: No Machine                                                NOTTINGHAM
Fibbers: Rebel Truce                                              Joseph's Well: Outcry Collective + 1000 Hertz                    The Bodega Social Club: Merz + Jacob Golden
                                                                  MANCHESTER                                                       The Charlotte, Leicester: King Creosote
SUNDAY 27TH                                                       Night and Day: Merz + Jacob Golden + special guests              The Maze: Cosmic American Presents Carmina
HULL                                                              Roadhouse: Roadhouse Present Robots In Disguise Plus Guests      SHEFFIELD
Pave: The Lyn Acton Quartet                                       NOTTINGHAM                                                       Burton Street Foundation Bar: Sheffield Songwriters Circle
Linnet and Lark: Souled out Sundays                               The Charlotte, Leicester: The Courteeners                        City Hall: Paul Potts
LEEDS                                                             SHEFFIELD                                                        The Green Room: Broken Strings with Rob Butler + Robin
                                                                  City Hall Memorial Hall: David Ford                              Smith Williams
                                                                  The Grapes: Moon Fiesta Promotions                               The Red Deer: Pat Thomas with the Balkh Trio
                                                                  The Harley: Harley Live acts TBC                                 Under the Boardwalk: Bigsound Rock and Blues
                                                                  The Plug: Athlete                                                YORK
                                                                  Under the Boardwalk: BOTB Semi - Fall For Rino + Paradigms       Cert Live: Uniting the Elements
                                                                  West Street Live: Daniel Lawless' Birthday with Oh My Word +     City Screen Basement: Nat Johnson (Monkey Swallows The
                                                                  The Saga + North of Watford + Dirty Riffs                        Universe) + The Fishing Partners + The Listeners + Mike
                                                                  YORK                                                             Newsham + Mat Walker
                                                                  Cert Live: Open Decks                                            The Junction: Meet Me In St Louis + Kaikoura + Insight +
                                                                  City Screen Basement: Country Dawn                               Blakfish
                                                                  The Junction: Open Invitation
                                                                                                                                   THURSDAY 31ST
                                                                  TUESDAY 29TH                                                     HULL
                                                                  HULL                                                             The Lamp: Pass The Peas
                                                                  The Linnet And Lark: The Sesh feat                               The Wellington Inn: Stripped Feat
                                                                  The Attic: Grapevine                                             The Welly: Club NME + Jelly
                                                                  The Lamp: Phase Four Stereo                                      LEEDS
                                                                  LEEDS                                                            Leeds Met: Seasick Steve + Billie The Vision And The Dancers
                                                                  Brudenell Social Club: Merz + Jacob Golden                       Trash: Dead Leg + Tom Hunt Band
                                                                  Joseph's Well: Polly's Medicine                                  Cockpit: Redwire + Those Freeloaders + The Mirandolas +
                                                                  MANCHESTER                                                       The Rumour
                                                                  Manchester Academy: Explosions in the Sky + Eluvium              Faversham: The Vangoe + Pavilion + The Cliques
                                                                  Roadhouse: Roadhouse Present Dark Day Off + The One Five         Cardigan Arms: Dead Leg
                                                                  Seven                                                            Joseph's Well: Peppermint Creeps + Drugdealer Cheerleader
                                                                  NOTTINGHAM                                                       + The Hitchers + Aces & Eights
                                                                  Engine Shed, Lincoln: Frankie Boyle                              MANCHESTER
                                                                  Rescue Rooms: Gay For Johnny Depp + Hearts Under Fire +          Kro Bar: The Noise Upstairs presents The Red Box + Cats in
                                                                  The Computers                                                    Paris + MagnumQuilter
                                                                  The Charlotte, Leicester: Blood Red Shoes                        Retro Bar: Abi Makes Music + Hotpants Romance
                                                                  SHEFFIELD                                                        Roadhouse: Roadhouse Present South Central Plus Guests
                                                                  The Boardwalk: Stewboss                                          NOTTINGHAM
                                                                  The Grapes: Bloody Noras                                         The Bodega Social Club: RADAR
                                                                  Under the Boardwalk: Totally Bigsound Metal - Back Pocket        SHEFFIELD
                                                                  Prophet + Opinicus + Valhallan + Incorpareal                     Café Moco: Mocophone Acoustic Night
                                                                  West Street Live: Electric Zoo + My First Tooth + The            City Hall: That'll be the Day
                                                                  Wheeljacks + Mexican Kids at Home                                The Dove and Rainbow: Heretics
                                                                  YORK                                                             The Grapes: Cats for Peru
                                                                  City Screen Basement: Nina Violet                                The Leadmill: Blood Red Shoes
                                                                  Cert Live: Diverse City                                          The Washington: Special Guest Music Night
                                                                  Junction: No Machine + The Naked Flames + Captains of Industry   Under the Boardwalk: Liquid Indie - Alem da Lemda
                                                                                                                                   Vintage Rockbar, Doncaster: Exile + Immension
                                                                  WEDNESDAY 30TH                                                   West Street Live: Suck My Cock - Driftrun + Flat Pack Heroes
                                                                  HULL                                                             YORK
                                                                  The Lamp: Side Kicks Lounge                                      The Junction: JX Promotions Presents
                                                                  Tigers Liar: Acoustic Wednesday                                  Fibbers: Trumans Water + The Bugs
                                                                  LEEDS                                                            Stone Roses Bar: The Hungry Ghosts
                                                                  Leeds University (Refectory): 30 Seconds To Mars                 City Screen Basement: Alnegator

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