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                                    Physics Guess paper I
Time : 3 hours                                    __________ Max.Marks:60
                                              SECTION – A                 10 X 2 = 20
Note: i) Answer ALL the following
      ii) All are Very short answer questions
     iii) Answer in one or two sentences only and in one place in proper order.
1. What are marginal and paraxial rays? How do they affect the image formation in lines?
2. What are the advantages of Ramsden’s eye piece?
3. What is the working principle of a vibration magnetometer?
4. The plates of a parallel plate capacitor area are separated by 0.1 mm. What should be the
 plate area to have a capacitance of 2pF? (Take permittivity of free space = 8.85 x10-12N-1 m-2.
5. What is the phase difference between ac emf and current in the following pure resistor,
 pure inductor and pure capacitor?
6. A current of 10 A passes through two wires infinitely long and separated by a distance of 1
 m. What is the force between them per unit length?
7. State Moseley’s law. What is its importance?
8. A nucleus contains no electrons but can eject them. How?
9. What is annihilation of matter? Give an example?
10. What is sky wave propagation?
                                      SECTION – B                     6 X4 = 24
Note: i) answer any SIX questions
       ii) All are short answer questions
      iii) Answer in 75 words only.

11. Explain how plane polarized light is obtained by reflection?
12. Derive the equation for the couple acting on a bar magnet in a uniform magnetic field and
 hence deduce the definition of magnetic moment?
13. Derive an expression for the energy stored in a capacitor. If a dielectric is introduced
 between the plates. How will the energy change?
14. Apply Kirchhoff’s laws to Wheatstone bridge.
15. A cell of emf 2V and internal resistance of 0.5    is connected across a resistance of 2.5 Ω.
 Calculate the potential difference and current. Also calculate maximum current and
 potential difference that can be obtained with the cell.
16. Explain the construction and working of Duddle’s Thermo galvanometer.
17. Write the laws of Photo electric effect.
18. Explain the carbon-nitrogen cycle.

                                         SECTION – C                            2 X8 = 16
Note: i) answer any TWO questions.
       ii) All are LONG ANSWER questions
      iii) Answer in 300 words only

19. What are Harmonics and overtones? How are they formed in an open pipe? Derive the
 equations for the frequencies of the harmonics produced in an open pipe.
20. Obtain an expression for the torque on a loop placed in a uniform magnetic field. Describe
 the construction and working of moving coil galvanometer.
21. Describe a transistor and explain its working.

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