2nd Year Inter Maths 2b IMP questions by rangisetti

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We are not sure that these questions will definitely come this year exam. But we are happy to say you
that in 1A march 2009 exam 45 marks came from our 3 guess paeprs.

Now due to lack of time and due to some technical problems we failed to give guess papers in a typed

So, we are providing the scanned imp questions here. We are expecting at least 45 marks from these
very few questions.

Imp questions were given by Sri. A. Ramesh. Director of Sri
satya vagdevi study circle. Near Satya sri, Town Kotha road,
We ensure that he is an expert in making an ordinary student to secure 75 out of 75 marks and also he
is an expert in passing a very poor student who has no confident in his pass.

Contact him for more details: ph: 9959786421.

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Questions given by Sri.Ramesh,
Director of Sri satya vagdevi study circle
Near Satya sri, Town kotha road, visakhapatnam
Phone no: 9959786421
            contact him if you want 75 marks or even if
            you want to pass in inter...(for both)
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