Inter 1st Year Physics Guess Paper-1 by rangisetti

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									 HUNT for success                  GUESS PAPERS                HUNT for success                     GUESS PAPERS

            GUESS PAPER I                                     15. State and prove parallel axes theorem.
                                                              16. Describe the behavior of a wire under gradually
                                                                  increasing load.
                       SECTION – A            10 X 2 = 20
                                                              17. Show that Cp – Cv = R in the case of one mole of ideal gas.
1. What is the physical quantity represented by        ?      18. Explain thermal conductivity and coefficient of
2. A = i- j. What is the angle between the vector and x           thermal conductivity.
3. Why the wheels of vehicles are fitted with ball                                     SECTION – C              2 X 8 = 16
                                                              19. State the law of conservation of energy and verify it
4. What is ‘Chandrasekhar limit’?
                                                                 in case of a body projected vertically upwards. Can
5. If vector 2i + 2j + k and 3i – 6j +nk are mutually
                                                                 we apply the law of conservation of energy to a system
   perpendicular find the value of n?
                                                                 if the internal forces doing work are non-conservative?
6. What is the excess pressure on the air bubble inside
                                                              20. Show that motion of a simple pendulum is simple
   the liquid?
                                                                 harmonic and hence derive an equation for its time
7. What is the effect of temperature on viscosity for gases
                                                                 period. What is second’s pendulum?
   and for liquids?
                                                              21. State Boyle’s law and Charles’ law. Hence, derive
8. Why it is necessary to define pressure and volume
                                                                 ideal gas equation. Which of the two laws is better
   coefficients for a gas?
                                                                 for the purpose of thermometry and why? The density
9. A piece of copper wire has a length of 2m at 100C.
                                                                 of lead at 00C is 11.34 g/cm3. What is the density of
   Find its length at 1000C. Coefficient of liner expansion
                                                                 1000C, given that the coefficient of linear expansion
   of copper = 17 x 10 -6/0C?
                                                                 of lead = 28 x 10-6/0C.
10. State zeroth law of thermodynamics? What is its
                                                                                  HUNT For Success
                    SECTION – B                6 X 4 = 24                         PHYSICS REFRESHER
11. Derive the equation S = ut + at 2 using graphical
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    method where the term have their usual meaning.
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13. Mention the characteristics of centre of mass                   Postal charges extra for outside Vizag students.
14. Mention the methods to reduce friction. .

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