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					The Woodstock Foundation, Inc. Billings Farm & Museum
2005–06 REPORT


The Woodstock Foundation, Inc. Billings Farm & Museum
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2005–06 Report





The Woodstock Foundation, Inc. promotes conservation, sustainable land use, and heritage as values that are essential to culture, community, and the human spirit.

Clayton W. Frye, Jr. Chairman Henry L. Diamond David A. Donath Douglas R. Horne William S. Moody Ellen R.C. Pomeroy William F. Pounds James S. Sligar Chester B. Williamson

Nash Castro Henry L. Diamond David A. Donath Elizabeth B. Emmons Clayton W. Frye, Jr. Bruce C. Gould Douglas R. Horne Ronald M. Jaynes William S. Moody Ellen R.C. Pomeroy William F. Pounds James S. Sligar Jane S.M. Smith William E. Sperry Chester B. Williamson

The Woodstock Foundation explores the integration of conservation, heritage, and human values, while advancing programs, projects, and collaborations for the benefit of the general public within the State of Vermont and nationally. Recognizing that an appreciation of nature, beauty, and heritage are essential to our sense of culture and community and to lift and inspire the human spirit, the Foundation reflects the broad-based philosophy and vision of its founders, Laurance S. and Mary F. Rockefeller.

2005–06 Report



C h a i r m a n ’s M e s s a g e
we sponsored a Governor’s Summit on the Vermont Destination in 2005. Since then, we’ve taken the results “on the road,” honing the Summit’s ideas and promoting Vermont as a key destination in the nationwide conversation about cultural heritage, sustainable tourism economics, and stewardship. The Foundation is working to advance this effort in 2007 with a Vermont Geotourism Initiative, engaging the National Geographic Society’s Sustainable Tourism Initiative in a statewide cultural heritage tourism mapping and stewardship project — cosponsored by the State of Vermont and with the participation of numerous cultural partners. All of these efforts are designed to sustain and enhance the quality of life in Vermont and to bring vitality and new ideas to this beautiful state. In our work, we are mindful of our legacy and committed to using our sense of the past, to plan for the future — building upon the vision and accomplishments that Laurance and Mary Rockefeller began here in Vermont, as well as in many other places across the nation. Clayton W. Frye, Jr., Chairman


hese are exciting times for the Woodstock Foundation. We continue to reflect upon the legacy of our founders, Laurance and Mary Rockefeller, as we build upon their vision and their work to advance the Foundation’s mission: promoting conservation, sustainable land use, and heritage as values that are essential to culture, community, and the human spirit. The Foundation is rooted in Woodstock, Vermont, where it operates the Billings Farm & Museum, a working dairy farm and museum of Vermont rural life, which serves as a Gateway to Vermont’s Rural Heritage for over 55,000 visitors each year. We also maintain a major endowment for the preservation and conservation of our partner, Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller National Historical Park. Late in 2006, we joined in partnership with The Vermont Community Foundation for the ongoing support of an array of charitable organizations in the Woodstock area. In recent years, the Foundation has become a leader in the cultural heritage of Vermont at the policy level, promoting programs of good stewardship and sustainable economic benefit that enrich both residents and visitors. Working in partnership with state government as well as cultural and business partners, and under the leadership of our foundation president David Donath,


2005–06 Report


P r e s i d e n t ’s M e s s a g e
where they can have an engaging time being with one another. We offer these experiences, and increasingly, insights that they can take away with them, either to their homes nearby or in their exploration of the larger countryside beyond the farm fence. If we fulfill our gateway role well, we will enrich the experience and insight of our visitors as they explore Vermont beyond the Billings Farm. We will help them to appreciate and engage places in Vermont, encouraging them to linger and to explore more deeply than they otherwise might, thereby enhancing their Vermont experience. Through appreciation and engagement with rural Vermont, they are more likely to become insightful travelers and residents, better equipped to be stewards of their own places. Beginning in 2005 with the Governor’s Summit on the Vermont Destination and continuing in 2007 with a Vermont Geotourism Initiative, the Farm & Museum and the Woodstock Foundation are working with Vermont state government and partners from around the state and nation to advance these gateway goals. We have taken a leading role in the statewide discussion of the future of Vermont’s tourism economy and the need to protect the attributes that make Vermont a great Geotourism destination.* With a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities, the process of enhancing the Museum’s exhibits as a gateway experience for our visitors has begun. And, with the continued enthusiastic support of our visitors, members, and contributors, we have enhanced our events and programs, expanding our audience at a time when many outdoor history museums continue to suffer downturns in visitation. We look ahead to our 25th Anniversary in 2008 with optimism and excitement — and with gratitude — to our founders Mary and Laurance Rockefeller who set us on this path, and to our many supporters who continually energize us along the way. David A. Donath, President


n the summer of 2003, when the Governor congratulated the Billings Farm & Museum on its 20th Anniversary, calling it a Gateway to Vermont’s Rural Heritage, we began to focus our creative efforts on making the vision real. The concept of being Vermont’s rural heritage gateway however, is more than a slogan; what does it mean, and for whom? For travelers and Vermonters alike, Billings Farm is a gateway to a destination of rich historical, cultural, aesthetic, and natural significance. Vermont is a distinctive agricultural landscape knit together with compact villages, lined with pristine natural areas, and punctuated with lively, small cities. Vermont’s culture is likewise distinctive and lively, full of tradition and innovation, with a vibrant creative economy rapidly developing amid a traditional rural culture. Rural Vermont is at once comforting and surprising. It is one of the world’s great unspoiled destinations — a place to nourish and renew the human spirit. To be an effective gateway means to help people appreciate Vermont and use it well. This applies to both travelers exploring the state and to Vermonters and their regional neighbors. Looking at the audience and membership of the Billings Farm & Museum, we find it fairly evenly divided between these two groups. Many of our visitors are travelers from “away,” as Vermonters like to say, and an equal number are Vermont residents or live within a couple of hours’ drive of Woodstock. Many of both groups become members, often visiting a number of times each year. Many who are now Vermonters, came to the state as part of the great influx that began in the 1960s, adding new energy to Vermont society and particularly helping to build the creative sector of the state’s economy. All of these people come to Billings Farm seeking a farm experience and insights into the culture of Vermont’s rural countryside. Many are families, either with young children or in multiple generations, who come to learn and to enjoy a beautiful and safe place

* “Geotourism” is a term coined by the National Geographic Society’s Center for Sustainable Destinations. It is defined as “tourism that sustains or enhances the geographical character of a place – its environment, culture, aesthetics, heritage, and the well-being of its residents.”

2005–06 Report



Grant Program

Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller National Historical Park


he Woodstock Foundation is the operating partner of Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller National Historical Park, which was created by a gift to the American people by Laurance S. and Mary F. Rockefeller. The Foundation holds and manages an ongoing fund for the preservation and conservation of the Park’s historic resources. In 2005 and 2006, the Foundation worked with the Park to use the fund to augment Federal funding in a major combined project to rehabilitate the Park’s historic Wood Barn and construct an adjacent educational facility. The Billings Farm & Museum facilitates visitation to the Park by providing an information desk in the Farm & Museum Visitor Center, as well as public and staff parking, and other facilities.


uring 2005 and 2006, the Woodstock Foundation awarded a total of $170,054 to over 40 organizations. Grants ranged from $40 to $10,000 and the majority were made available for unrestricted operating purposes. At the close of 2006, in partnership with the Vermont Community Foundation and the Laurance S. Rockefeller Fund, the Woodstock Foundation cosponsored the creation of a new donor-advised fund within the Community Foundation. The purpose of the new fund is “to preserve and enhance the physical, cultural, spiritual, and wellness environment of the people of the State of Vermont, with preference given to the needs of the Town of Woodstock and the area comprising the watershed of the Ottauquechee Valley.” To be established early in 2007 in the amount of $1.5 million, the Laurance and Mary Rockefeller/ Woodstock Foundation Fund will continue the Woodstock and Vermont focused philanthropy of the Rockefellers long into the future. The new fund will take the place of the Woodstock Foundation’s previous grant program. Advisors to the new fund will include former members of the Foundation’s Advisory Board of Directors as well as Foundation staff. This group will make recommendations to the Community Foundation for grants to be made under the fund.



he centerpiece of the Woodstock Foundation is the Billings Farm & Museum, an operating dairy farm that

continues a century-long tradition of agricultural excellence.

As Vermont’s premier gateway for interpreting its rural culture and agrarian heritage, Billings Farm offers diverse, interactive programs to a broad audience. These programs focus on rural life, work, and land stewardship as reflected in the traditions and values of 19th century farm families and as revealed in Vermont’s rural history. They showcase the progressive agricultural improvements advanced by Frederick Billings a century ago. The Farm & Museum features the farm of the historic Billings estate and serves as the agrarian counterpart to Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller National Historical Park.


Billings Farm & Museum


Combination Tickets with Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller NHP
Visiting the Farm & Museum and touring the Billings-Rockefeller Mansion through a combined ticket has become an increasingly popular option for visitors from Memorial Day Weekend through October. 2,625 combination tickets were sold in 2006, accounting for a 6% increase over the previous year.

Special Events
2006 was the first year of implementing a revamped special events schedule, the result of months of evaluating, adjusting dates, and adding events. Highlights included: o Time Travel Tuesdays in the Farm House — a “drop-in” program offering a range of period hands-on activities and programs for all ages and abilities, was extremely popular during the family travel months of July and August. o 20th Annual Quilt Exhibition drew 10,000 visitors during the longest running exhibition to date, from early August through mid-September. o Traditional Craft Saturdays were offered during September, exploring a series of Vermont crafts — their history, process, and uses — through informal hands-on learning and discovery. o Autumn Wagon Ride Weekend featured 30-minute narrated rides during Columbus Day Weekend. Ideal weather and peak foliage ensured one of the busiest weekends in recent years. o Expanded Fall/Winter Hours. The Farm & Museum opened each weekend from November through February beginning in 2006. The farm, farmhouse, and visitor center were featured, with themed programs and sleigh rides during the holidays.

Past Perfect Project
Our artifact records have been migrated into PastPerfect, the current industry standard for collections management software for small to medium size museums throughout the world. PastPerfect provides collection management tools, which significantly enhance the accessibility of artifact information for research and curatorial purposes, and creates multiple copies of secure data for storage off-site.

2005-06 Report



National Endowment for the Humanities Consultation Grant
The National Endowment for the Humanities has provided funding for the first step in the planning process for revitalizing the permanent exhibition “The Vermont Farm Year in 1890.” The 15,000-square foot exhibit was installed for the museum’s opening in 1983 and depicts the annual cycle of family-based farming in the hill country of late 19th century Vermont, using “farm” and “community” as major themes. A state-of-the-art installation when it opened, the exhibit remains in excellent condition and is remarkably valid after more than two decades. At the same time, the installation predated the outpouring of new research on the history of rural America, which has occurred during the last 25 years. It also did not include the rich oral and documentary resources of rural Vermont that would add primary voices to the objects and themes that make up the exhibit. The exhibit revitalization provides an excellent opportunity for adding historical “voice” and connections to the rural countryside, tuning and refocusing the themes, and engaging the exhibition as a true “Gateway Experience” for visitors and Vermonters alike.

Save Our History National Grant from the History Channel
Billings Farm & Museum is one of 27 history organizations nation-wide to receive a Save Our History community preservation grant from the History Channel for 2006-2007. These grants fund innovative, educational projects designed to bring communities together, actively engage children in the preservation of their local history, and communicate the importance of saving local history for future generations. Our “Heroes of the Herd” project brings together 25 fourth, fifth, and sixth grade students from the Barnard Central School to research and document the historical and cultural significance of the community’s dairy farming industry. The students will learn about the Billings Farm’s deep-rooted agricultural tradition through examination of the famous Jersey herd and the families and community that developed it. Students will examine the farm’s herd records and research Vermont’s dairy farm history, using primary records. They’ll work with the Billings Farm staff, interview other farmers in the area, and learn the basics of husbandry and genetics. The culmination of the project will include a sleep-over at the farm, including night check and the 4:00 A.M. milking! Through their research, the students will create a pictorial “family tree” of several cows from the Billings herd and write short essays on what they learned. A compilation of the students’ oral history interviews and research papers will be added to the Museum’s historical archive, which will be available to the general public online. The History Channel, with the counsel of Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors (RPA), created the Save Our History Grant Program as an extension of the Save Our History philanthropic initiative and is committed to inspiring and motivating local communities to learn about and take an active role in preserving their past through projects involving artifacts, oral histories, sites, museums, or landmarks that exist in their own neighborhoods.


Billings Farm & Museum


Home Schools
Opportunities for home schools have been expanded once again and include programs offered in the spring and fall. These include Winter Preparation and Holidays; Horses and Oxen; Apples, A-Z; Water, Water, Everywhere; and Simple Machines.

The Billings Farm & Museum presents Vermont farm life as history, science, traditional culture, and human interaction with the environment. Once offered primarily during the typical school visitation season of May and June, in-depth programs are now offered year-round. In 2005 and 2006, over 9,800 students in grades kindergarten through high school were introduced to their heritage by exploring the Farm & Museum’s resources: • Historic working dairy farm. • Restored and furnished 1890 Farm House — a technological and scientific model for its era. • Farm Life exhibits, featuring possessions and tools used by 19th century farm families. Twenty-six programs are offered each year, providing experiences and instruction focused on the dairy operation, livestock, crops, and the home and community.

School Vacation Programs
February vacation programs designed for ages six through twelve, continue to attract both local and visiting children interested in spending a day at the farm and in the farmhouse. Winter Warmth on the Farm and A Day at the Farm provide opportunities to pitch in with farm chores, bake cookies in the farmhouse woodstove, sled with jack jumpers, and enjoy a sleigh ride around the farm.

2005-06 Report


Summer Programs
Educational programming continues to be an important resource for summer schools and camps in the region. Over 800 children and young adults travel to the farm in July and August.

Programs for Pre-schoolers
These popular sessions for children ages three and up are designed to introduce very young children to the Farm & Museum. Offered several days each week during sessions in the fall, winter, and spring, Programs for Pre-schoolers feature a seasonal farm story and hands-on activity, guided visit to the farm or museum, and a healthy snack. Seventy-six sessions were offered in 2005 and 2006. 1,156 children and their parents participated in programs ranging from the Ox-Cart Man to A Symphony for Sheep and the Great Pig Escape.

20th Annual Student Art Display
Second grade students in the Windsor County School District are invited to the farm each March for a special program, which generates the inspiration for subsequent drawings of the farm. One drawing is selected to create the design for our Spring Farm Button, which is distributed to visitors during Sheep Shearing Weekend in May. Lauren Kaija, who attends the Reading Elementary School, had her “Percheron Horse” drawing selected for the 2006 button. Justin Forgione’s “Sheep in the Pasture” drawing was selected in 2005. Justin attends Woodstock Elementary School.

Vermont Agriculture in the Classroom Regional Workshop
We hosted a workshop for educators in April, featuring a variety of farm-based, interactive programs designed for weaving agriculture into existing curriculums.

Vermont’s Framework of Standards
are addressed in the Farm & Museum’s educational programs in both vital results and fields of knowledge.


Billings Farm & Museum


Hartford Recreation & Parks Dept. Hartland Elementary Health Care and Rehabilitation Services of Southeastern Vermont Hyde Park Elementary School Kurn Hattin Lawrence School for Young Children Ludlow Rotary Lunenberg & Gilman School Manchester Elementary School Maple Street School Marion W. Cross School Marlboro Elementary School Mary Hogan School Milton Elementary School Mt. Ascutney School Mt. Holly School The Mountain School at Winhall National Tree Farm Assn. Neshobe School Newbury Elementary Newton Elementary School No. Bennington Graded School Northeast Elementary School Northwest Elementary School Opportunities & Learning Orange Center School Ottauquechee School Park Street School Pierpoint Primary Learning Center Pomfret Elementary School Potter’s House School Putney Grammer School Putney School Quechee Recreation Dept. Ripton Elementary School Riverside School Rochester School Rutland City Headstart Rutland City Public Schools – Tapestry Program Rutland High School Rutland Recreation Center Rutland Rotary Rutland South Rotary Rutland Town Elementary School Saxtons River Elementary School Sherburne Elementary South Royalton Elementary St. Mary’s School St. Michael’s Elementary Stockbridge Central School The Success School Summer in Paradise Therapeutic Camp Sutton Village School Thetford Elementary Tinmouth Elementary School Townshend Village School Trinity Baptist School U32 Union Street School University of Vermont Extension Service Upper Valley Waldorf School Vermont Association for the Blind & Visually Impaired Vermont Student Assistance Corp. Waitsfield Historical Society Wallingford Elementary Wardsboro Central School Washington County Mental Health Services Waterford Elementary School Weathersfield Elementary Websterville Baptist Christian School Wellspring School West Rutland Recreation Center Westminster Center School Westminster Head Start Westshire Elementary School White River School Williamstown Elementary Williston Central School Willow School Windham Elementary School Windsor State Street School Wonderful Woolies 4-H Group Woodstock Elementary School Woodstock Nursery School Woodstock Union Middle School Enfield Elementary School Franklin Elementary School Fuller Elementary School Hanover Street School Individual Community Enhancement Jonathan M. Daniels School Kearsage Regional Elementary Kearsarge Regional Middle School Keene High School Kendall @ Hanover Children’s Center Lisbon Regional Elementary The Little Red School Lyme Elementary School Mt. Lebanon School Newport Recreation Summer Camp North Charlestown Community School Parker Academy Plainfield Elementary School River Valley Country Day School Sacred Heart Public School School Street School St. Mary’s School Symonds Elementary School Thornton Central School Turtle Mountain School University of New Hampshire Upper Valley Housing Project – Dreams Program Woodsville Elementary

Americorps Youth Program Barnard Central School Barre City Elementary School Barre Town Elementary School Barstow Memorial School Beeman Elementary School Berlin Elementary School Bethel Elementary School Blue Mountain Union School Boys & Girls Club Braintree School Bridgewater Village School Bridgewater Village Summer School Brookfield Elementary School Brookline Elementary School Bugbee Senior Center Burr and Burton Academy Calais Elementary Camp Betsy Cox Camp Catherine Capers Castleton Elementary Catamount Elementary Central Elementary School Challenger School Champlain College Champlain Valley Christian School Chelsea School Chester Andover USD #29 Child Care Center in Norwich Children’s Center Christ The King Clara Martin Center Clarendon Elementary College of Saint Joseph Concord School Connecticut River Academy Currier Memorial UD#23 Danville School Dorset School Dothan Brook School Fair Haven Graded School Fisher Elementary School Flood Brook Collaborative Flood Brook USD#20 Founders Memorial School Girl Scouts of the Swiftwater Council Green Mountain Children’s Center Green Mountain College Green Mountain Gallopers 4-H Green Mountain UHSD#35 Green Street School Hartford High School

Franklin County Dairy Club Libra Foundation

New Hampshire
Bernice A. Ray School Brownie Troop #713 Camp Merriwood Camp Onaway Canaan Elementary School Charlestown Primary School Claremont School District Summer Camp Cornish Elementary School Crossroads Academy Croydon Village School Danbury Community Center Dartmouth College Environmental Studies Program Eastman Recreation Department

Montessori Educare

New York
Girl Scouts of The Adirondack Council, Inc.

Penn State Shavers Creek Nature Center

2005-06 Report



New Milking System
The milking process has been streamlined with the installation of the DeLaval Pipeline Milking System — reducing the length of each milking by approximately 45-minutes. This system transports milk directly from the cows’ udders to the milk line, which feeds into the bulk tank located in the milk room. The pipeline is now washed automatically and the milking units feature an updated version of pulsation, which directly controls the rate in which milk is removed from the udder. This consistency has helped to improve the general health of the cows’ udders and improved milk quality.

The Billings Farm continues to operate in the spirit that Frederick Billings set forth when he established the farm in 1871 and which the family has carried forward into the 21st century. This heritage combines responsible farm practices with productivity rooted in agricultural science and economics, as well as a sensitivity to Woodstock and the larger farm community. These concepts define our educational mission. o Herd Classification. The milking herd is classified twice a year to set the industry benchmark for excellence of mature cows. The herd was classified in May and again in December, with outstanding results: 19 cows were classified as excellent and 19 very good. Our 89 average is one of the highest, if not the highest in New England and will stand among the top classification averages nationally. o Recent purchase SHF Renaissance Faline scored 94, joining two previously 94-point cows that make their home at Billings Farm. “Darlyne,” who is still an active member of the herd at 13 years of age, and “Sasha” are also 94-point cows, a distinction that few North American Jerseys ever attain. This success was reflected in the results of our participation in three shows last fall, including the Eastern States Exposition in Springfield, Massachusetts, where Faline placed first among the Five Year Olds. o The New England Jersey Breeder’s Picnic was held at the farm in July and was attended by national board members, the Vermont president, plus old friends and new. An honored guest was Dot Lord, wife of former farm manager Bob Lord who managed the Billings Farm from 1974 until his death in 1992. o The Agri-Mark Co-op recognized the Billings Farm for excellence in high quality milk production during 2006.


Billings Farm & Museum


• Historic Windsor • Nosey Parker — film screening and discussion with film maker John O’Brien • Olana State Historic Site • Ottauquechee Health Forum • Quebec/Labrador Foundation* • Seeking Your Civil War Places with historian Howard Coffin • UVM Extension: 4-H Annual Meeting • Vermont Agriculture in the Classroom Regional Workshop • Vermont Archaeology Society Annual Meeting • Vermont Attractions Association • Vermont Chamber of Commerce • Vermont Farms Association Annual Meeting • Vermont Museum and Gallery Alliance • Windsor Central Supervisory Union — Second Grade Art Show Reception • Woodstock Area Chamber of Commerce
* Co-sponsored with Marsh-BillingsRockefeller NHP ** Co-sponsored with the Woodstock Historical Society

As part of our commitment to the Woodstock community and beyond, we hosted the following meetings and programs in 2005/2006: • Benchmark Inns • Canon Environathon* • Change the World Kids Costa Rica Rainforest Initiative* • East Central Cultural Heritage Sites Meeting • Forest History Society • The Greatest Good: National Forest Service Centennial film screening with the producers and director • Hiram Powers Bicentennial Celebration**


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e hosted the Vermont Humanities Council’s kick-off event for Vermont Reads Day. The book As Long as There are Mountains was featured, with a reading and book signing by author Natalie Kinsey-Warnock.

2005-06 Report


Discover Vermont
In partnership with Vermont Life and with additional support from the Cabot Creamery, the Farm & Museum co-published Discover Vermont! The Vermont Life Guide to Exploring our Rural Landscape. Arranged in nine regional tours, the guidebook maps out byways for exploring Vermont’s farm countryside — leading visitors to interesting farms and vistas, historic sites, and distinctive places to eat and shop, all combined with engaging and informative insights into farm culture and traditions.


• AASLH Leadership in History Award. The Day in 1890 Program for schools was selected as a national finalist. • 2005 International Best Brochure Awards Competition. Our promotional brochure was selected a Regional Winner. • National Trust for Historic Preservation Partner Places. The Farm & Museum joins more than 110 historic sites and museums nationwide that offer authentic historic experiences and were selected to be part of this new National Trust program. • Vermont Centennial Business Award. Billings Farm has been recognized as one of Vermont’s oldest businesses, based on its 136-year dairy operation in Woodstock. Joint project of the Secretary of State, Vermont Chamber, and Vermont Business Magazine. • Top 10 Event Awards from the VT Chamber of Commerce 2005-06 — Harvest Weekend, Thanksgiving Weekend, and Christmas at the Farm. • Calvin Coolidge Pomona Grange Award for Public Service. In recognition of the personal commitment and involvement as a servant of the people. • 2006 Yankee Travel Magazine — 35 “Must See” Destinations in New England.

Promotion and Media
The Farm & Museum continues to benefit from significant on-going local press, as well as feature listings and articles in the national media, including: Country Living, Yankee Magazine, Arts & Antiques, Time Out New York, Destination, Group Tour Magazine, Quilters Magazine, Vermont Life, and

FAM Tours
We hosted seven familiarization tours (FAM) for group travel experts including: American Airlines’ British Mega-FAM Tour and several organized by the Vermont Department of Travel and Tourism, the Vermont Tourism Network, and the Woodstock Inn & Resort.

New England Museum Association Publication Award for Design Excellence.


Billings Farm & Museum


Seasonal Staff
Mark Alloway Sally Alloway Pam Arel Eileen Camp Eveline Chase Anita Clark Laura Coppock Suzanne Coté Ann D’Anna Hanna Davis James Donath Jean Eigenbrod Jon Ferrero Tod Guilford Monique Hanson Jim Hasson Susan Hazlewood Norine Hopewell Kyle Huck Janet Hughes Peter Hughes Jim Ide Britney Koetsier Jennifer Kopf Fran Lancaster Ralph Lancaster Marian Levasseur Michael Levengood Claire Lincoln Thomas List III Cordelia McDougall Mary McGovern Melanie McGovern Ben McLean Peggy McLean Donna Miles Eric Miles Kimberly Miles Debbie Pelkey Lauren Potter Julia Purdy Sue Reed Susan Rose Anita Rye Jack Selbo Lydia Shahi Jean Elizabeth Shockley Bob Sird Sandra Stearns Jack Stewart Mary Jane Van Ord Karen Weinstein Marc Weinstein Hilde Weisse Wendy Yohe

Robert Benz, Curator Nathan Bingham, Farm Worker Christopher Burne, Assistant Farm Manager Megan Campbell, Museum Assistant Chuck Deome, Assistant Farm Manager David Donath, President David Ferrero, Facilities Manager Darlyne Franzen, Deputy Director William Hanfield Jr., Farm Manager Rebecca Helland, Registrar Marian Koetsier, Adminstrative Officer David Miles, Asst. Director: Museum Operations Virginia Nix, Business Assistant Susan Plump, Public Relations Coordinator Randall Robar, Education Assistant Corwin Sharp, Director of Special Projects Marjorie Wakefield, Secretary/Information Specialist

Farm, Part Time
Harvey Bumps Rohana Contessa Charles Dana Amy Deome Diane Dods Alex Greer Ashley Koetsier Sarah Littlefield Adam Lynch Dylan McCullough Brian North Christopher North


2005-06 Report






Board, Committee, and Program Participation
National American Association for State and Local History Jackson Hole Preserve, Inc. Jamestown-Yorktown Foundation National Endowment for the Humanities Outdoor History Museums Forum Western Heritage Center Regional Eastern States Exposition New England Jersey Breeders Association New England Museum Association

The Farm & Museum’s 31 adult and junior volunteers serve as spirited participants in our year-round calendar of special events, play an important role in our school education programs, and assist with the coordination and installation of the annual Quilt Exhibition. Our visitors benefit from their wisdom, talent, and never-ending enthusiasm. We are profoundly grateful. Imelda Attridge Doug Birkett Al Conklin Leo & Miriam Desmond Barbara Eakle Jo-Ann Ecker Kris Eddy Nell Hamlen Connie Hitchcock Mary-Wythe Jealous John & Helen Kennedy Sherman Kent Lois Kuniholm Emilie Laston Barbara Mills Michael Raboin Nancy Tanzer Ching-Wen Taylor

Junior Volunteers
Catie Baumgartner Alexandra Beda Ricky Beda Maggie Dembinski Emma Farrington Taylor Lessard Evan Newberry Rachel North Colin Phillips Greg Scott Jennifer Vise

State American Precision Museum Center for Research on Vermont Champlain Valley Exposition East Central Vermont Heritage Sites Tunbridge World’s Fair University of Vermont Extension, Dairy Advisory Group Vermont Advisory Council for Historic Preservation Vermont Agriculture in the Classroom Vermont Attractions Association Vermont Chamber of Commerce Vermont Council on the Humanities Vermont Cultural Heritage Advisory Council Vermont Dairy Day Vermont Farm Show Vermont Farms Association MERICAN ASSOCIATION Vermont Historical Society FOR STATE AND LOCAL HISTORY Vermont History Expo Vermont Jersey Breeders Association Vermont Jersey Breeders Sale oodstock Foundation President, David Donath Vermont Museum & Gallery Alliance has been elected vice chair of the American Vermont Travel Industry Conference Association for State and Local History, Local a 100-year old organization based in Nashville, Tennessee. Hartford Area Chamber of Commerce AASLH provides leadership, service, and support for the field Woodstock Area Chamber of Commerce of state and local history museums and organizations, helping Woodstock Associates, Inc. to make the past more meaningful in American Society. Woodstock Historical Society




Billings Farm & Museum


$250 - $499
Megan & Stu Campbell Lisa Cohen & Richard Mann Sidney & Anne Craven Brian & Cathy Ferguson Stig & Irene Franzen Mark & Lisa Hastings Mr. & Mrs. Geo. Hollendersky Carey & Susan Keyes Marian Koetsier Hannah Lowe Chris Mattsson & Tom McHale Elizabeth J. McCormack Bill & Susan Moody Virginia Moriarty Mark & Cindy Slane Jane S. M. Smith Jane & Bill Stetson Karen & Richard Teller Chester B. Williamson Sandra & John Wilson Hon. & Mrs. Franklin Billings Jr. John & Mary Billings Cynthia Bird & David Bott Douglas Birkett Emil R. Bizub Christine Blaiklock John & Barbara Blaiklock Arthur Blair John & Alice Blount Margaret & Gene Blumenreich Maura Blundin Gary & Cathy Bock Mark D. Boillotat Mr. & Mrs. Donald N. Boyce Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Boyce Joseph H. Bragdon Steve Breen Dr. Wayne G. Broehl, Jr. Kerin Brown Michael & Susan Brown William T. Burgin William M. Burke Thomas E. Burns Richard & Elaine Caffrey Greg & Karoline Camp Wesley & Dianne Card Thomas & Melissa Carlson Joe & Cindy Carroll Scott & Mary Carson Geoffrey & Laura Carter Marian & Jack Carter Chip Carver & Anne Delaney Mary Case Chris Casey Joan & Ed Cassidy Richard Cherella Stephen & Maria Child Cathy & Tim Claflin Aina & Buzz Congram Albert & Jean Conklin Kathy Connor Brian Conroy Carole Cooke & Walter Ogier Alan & Nancey Coppotelli Dan & Judith Coquillette Stacey Cornforth Mr. & Mrs. Robert Costella Richard & Susan Cote Edmund & Lorraine Cottle Joan Cousar Jane & Dave Crandall Tom & Gerri Crane Mary Jane Cratty Johanna S. Crawford Edith Crocker & Robert Deeley Deidre & Michael Culligan Susan Cunningham Will & Jane Curtis Mr. & Mrs. Ernest D’Ottavio Anthony Daigle & Julie Stevenson Craig & Janet Daniels M. Daniel Daudon Bob & Judy Davies Mr. & Mrs. William S. Davis James & Cheryl Dean Nancy H. Dean Ann Debevoise Thomas Debevoise Mary & Gerald DeGood The Deignan-Bellmore Family Jennifer & Jan Dembinski Dale Stull Demy Eric Dennison Edward & Allyson DeNoble Leo & Miriam Desmond Rolf Diamant & Nora Mitchell Marlene Dietz Kathleen Dolan Stephen & Susan Domizio Mr. & Mrs. Harry Dorman Allen & Gail Dougherty Anne & Robert Drapeau Steve & Beth Drebber C. Drebitko Debbie Dreher Mary & David Drewek Robin & Mark Driscoll Jessica & Andrew Dudley Ron & Lynn Duff Jack & Kaye Duffy Patricia & Kirk Duffy Michelle Dunne Barbara Eakle Jo-Ann Ecker Jennifer Eddy Kris Eddy Margaret F. Edwards & David M. Green Marie Eiter Bill & Titia Ellis Fred Eydt Dr. & Mrs. Thomas Fairchild Robert Fallon & Joan Leenig Richard Fawcett Howard Feingold Andrew Fennelly Allan & Myra Ferguson Mr. & Mrs. Andrew J. Ferrara Sheila & Jim Feyrer Audrey & Franklin Fiedelholtz William A. Fitzgerald Emily Holt Foerst Daniel & Tracy Foley Polly S. Foley Corinne Fortune & Andrew Bernard

The Billings Farm & Museum gratefully acknowledges the support and commitment of its members and contributors during 2005 and 2006.

$10,000 & ABOVE
Bill & Gayle Chorske Mr. & Mrs. Clayton W. Frye, Jr. Freeman Foundation

$5,000 – $9,999
Mimi Baird Howard Coffin William F. Pounds Vermont Humanities Council

$2,500 – $4,999
Ruth C. Haupert-Lengemann Ken Squier

$100 – $249
Dave & Samantha Adams Kathleen Ahern & Shane Harlow Charlie & Marianne Alagero Anitra Anderson Jame & Cathy Anderson K. Sandra Anderson & Reeve C. Williams Deirdre Antonelli John Appel The Armstrong Family Ron & Janet Aronson Henry Treadwell Atkins Imelda Attridge Richard & Bonnie Atwood Scott Averill & Maryanna O’Donnell Pamela & Alice Bagley Chris & Christine Bailey-Kellogg Christina Bakos Katie Ballou & Kevin McCarthy Rebecca & Beau Beaulier Patti & Rick Beda Brian & Helene Begley Mr. & Mrs. P.G. Behr William Beinecke Karen & Kenneth Bellora Robin Bennett Robert Bessette & Ann Marie Hanlon Richard Bevier Gordon Bewick Darrel & Polly Bigham Brian W. Billings

$1,000 – $2,499
Elizabeth T. & Henry L. Diamond Sandra & Stephen Franks Elizabeth Haviland Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Hibbard Douglas R. Horne & Amy P. Longsworth Ellen & Lee Pomeroy Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey T. Rose Allen T. Sullivan Mona Thibault

$500 – $999
Nash & Bette Castro Christine & Thomas Clyde David & Cathy Donath Mrs. William B. Emmons, Jr. Ellen Fox Barbara & Salvatore Iannuzzi Amy & Joseph Morel Mr. & Mrs. Patrick F. Noonan Mr. & Mrs. George D. O'Neill Mr. & Mrs. Carlos A. Ortiz Lynn & Philip Rauch James S. Sligar & Diana M. Sattelberger Harriet H. Sullivan Steve & Lois Tynan

2005-06 Report


Steve Fox Ruth C.H. Frank Bruce & Darlyne Franzen Elizabeth Fraser & Patrick Killackey Becky & Dan French Jacqueline French Roberts & Jennifer French Michael & Margaret Galbraith Candie & Ken Gammill Donald Gardner G.R. Garthwaite Phyllis & Kurt Gerrish Miles & Maureen Gilbert Michael Gillis Paul & Sue Gillis Jean Gilman Molly Gilmartin Eric Gleason & Pippa Robinson Allen Glick Eric Goldberg Eva Luz P. de Gonzalez Bruce C. Gould Betsy Gray Greg & Judi Greene Glen & Christine Greenough James Grossman Family Ron Grunfeld Paul & Elaine Gustafson Ian & Dianne Gutterman Elizabeth Haartz & Walter E. Davis Robert & Honoré Hager William & Ellen Hall Helen Hamlen Stig Hansen Randy Harakas Cliff & Beth Harper Burton Harris Mary Harris Alice & John Harrison Leon Hartley James Hasson James & Cheryl Hatala Peter & Elizabeth Haywood Celeste Heffernan H. Aaron Henschel Melissa Herman Phyllis & Rick Higgerson Naoma Hill Leah & John Hinckley Connie Hitchcock Mrs. E.A. Hitchcock Dylan & Molly Hixon John & Pam Hoffman Scott C. Hofmann Tom Hohman Cary & Charlotte Hollingsworth Matina Horner Jed & Jini Hornung Mr. & Mrs. David Hotson Chris Houlihan Mr. & Mrs. Coleman W. Hoyt Dan Hudnut & Lynn Sheldon Janet & Peter Hughes Jack & Ruth Hunter

Audrey Hyvonen & Isaac Bromberg Jennifer Iannantuoni Clay & Shay James Katherine & Jonathan Jameson Pam & Ron Jaynes Mary-Wythe Jealous Ron Jelinek Lindsey Johnson-Suddarth Julie & Eric Johnston Robin Junker Ann Kamensky Irving Kanter Steve & Ginny Kapner Jeremy & Stephanie Katz Donald & Tracy Keith Jeff & Karin Keith Carol Kelso Kellogg John & Helen Kennedy Aaron & Annika Kennon Gilbert & Maryellen Keteltas Howard & Kate Kilguss John & Jill Kimball John & Jean Kingston Charles Kinyon Ruben Klein & Deborah Hart-Klein Laszlo & Tricia Korbl Bill & Lee Krein Laurel Krein Owen A. Kroeger Elizabeth Kuhlmann Ruth Kuhlmann Lois Kuniholm Ralph & Connie Kurek Kim & Mark Lackley David & Sharon Lamb Donna J. Lamoureux Stephen Langlois & Sally Marrer Phil Lapp Emilie Laston Carol S. Le Brecht David Leatherwood Frederick Billings Lee, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. R.Willis Leith Lesley & Bob Leonhardt Kevin & Pam Lessard Carol Gant Leventhal Jeff & Holly Levison Marta & Jeff Liroff Dirk Lohr & Patty Pittman Dot Lord Lois Lorimer & William Sullivan Klaus Lubbe George & Gabrielle Lucke Mt. Caesar Union Library Cynthia Mahar Neil Mahoney Padraic & Florence Mahoney Marc & Gina Mancuso Forrest & Claudette Manning Jan Marino Jack & Wendy Marrinan Jeff & Terry Marshall Carol B. Martin

John & Patsy Mathews Pamela Mathews Edgar & Nancy Matthews Matthew & Jennifer Maxham Mr. & Mrs. Louis J. Mazzarese Buck McAllister Spencer McClung James & Katherine McHugh Bob McKaig Julie & David McKenna Karen & John McMillen John & Elizabeth McNamara Christine Medora & Neil Odell Richard & Maureen Mehrman Matt & Roberta Merrens Dwight H. Merriam & Family Katie & Jason Merrill Mr. & Mrs. Keniston P. Merrill Mr. & Mrs. David Miles Howard J. Miller Barbara Mills Jim Mitchell Eric Mockler & Shirley McElhatton David & Claudia Mooij Don & Elke Moore Joseph & Dale Mount Joanne & Paul Mueller Pam & Jay Mullen Alica Munnell & Henry Healy Ted & Carla Munsat Ty Murray Emily S. Nagle Kristine & Cheston Newbold Ben & Elizabeth Nickerson Mr. & Mrs. William J. Nightingale David Noble Dr. & Mrs. Lawrence Norton Peter Novak Kristin Nowak Sarah O’Connor Megan & Kevin O’Neill Leah & James Offensend Stuart & Nicole Ofstad Don Olson Thomas & Myra Oppel Nicholas O'Rourke Mary & David Otto Ron & Cathy Paprocki David & Pamela Patterson Remo & Priscilla Paul Nina Pavcnik & Eric Edmonds Kathy & Matt Pazaryna Robert Peeler Douglas & Barbara Peterlin Rev. Rohn D. & Marilyn A. Peterson Nancy Pike Thomas & Paula Pitts Cort Pomeroy Miriam Pope & Family Michael Raboin Bud & Jane Ralph Fernando Ramos Dot & Pete Ramsdell

William & Beverly Reed John & Deborah Reese John & Pamela Reese Beverly Regan Ann & Richard Reindollar Robert & Anita Reuter Roger & Mary Beth Reville Bob & Jane Richards David Ricker William Risso The Ristaino Family Beverly Ritchie Armando & Elizabeth Roberto David Roberts Walter Rockwood & Jean Peterson Daniel Roos Rodney Rose & Jeffrey Horrell Martin & Katherine Rosen Joanne Roth Nancy & Allan Rowe John & Hope Rush Percy Russell & Diane Ames Mike Russo Bruce & Michele Sacerdote Beth Saef Beth Sager Ted & Kiera Saggese Nancy & Kirt Sampson Domenic & Susan Sarcia Drs. Daniel & Joan Sax Bruce Saxton Dennis Scannell & Jane Kamensky Anna & Tim Schaal Taylor Schanck Douglas & Elizabeth Scheffel Mark & Mary Ellen Schigas John & Nancy Schullinger Mr. & Mrs. Todd Schumacher Jane & John Scialdone Patricia & Wendell Scott Robert & Beverly Sear Raymond & Audrey Sears Rob Seelig & Karin J. Dell’Antonia Bill & Beth Sensenig Lisa Repp Seymour Peter & Joanne Shakour Suzy & Scott Shipman Natalie Silvia James Simon Suzanne Simon & Bill Brawley Abby Simpson & Todd Mydland Ilina Singh Michael Skinner Joe Slakas Leif Smedman Leslie Smith Lisa Smith & Henry Ahnert Mark C. Smith Mary Ellen Smith Shawn M. Smith & Terry Davis The Smyrnios Family Norman & Renee Snow Patty & Stephen Soscia


Billings Farm & Museum

Joyce Spector Anne Felton Spencer William E. Sperry Andy & Heather Stadheim David Stewart & Kay Jankowski Bonnie & Bob Stillman Ezra & Laura Stillman John W. Stillwaggon & Richard M. Riddfo, Jr. Laura & John Stockton The Stotland Family Catherine Stout Henderica Strew Jean & William Stubelek John Sullivan Richard & Sandra Sullivan Mr. & Mrs. Steve Swartz William Sweat & Donna Morris Stuart & Jill Tane Nancy Tanzer Merrilyn Tatarczuch-Koff Ching-Wen Taylor Hon. & Mrs. William W. Teahan, Jr. Vijay Thadani & Onita Connington Margaret Thomas Ronald A. Thompson Virginia Thulen Rachel Tilney Dan Townley Karen & Andrew Townley Eules & Erin Tracy Steve Trage & Amy Stoner Amy & Michael Trotsky June & George Truesdale Julian & Bonnie Underwood Carole & Stephen Usher Lauren & Kelly Van Meter Karen & Joel Vanden Esther & Rex Vanier Jeannie Vineyard Henry Viswat & Marianne Medora Terri & Jon Voigtman Sarah & Charles Vorbach Hannah Walsh Jim Walsh & Giavanna Munafo Robert Walsh Jean D. Ward Emilie S. Welles Claire & Joe Wendling Rod & Barb Wendt Rob Wengel Mary & Michael West Mark & Susie Wheeler Linda & Ken White Robert C. White Stanton Williams Fielding L. Williams, Jr. Joan & Bob Williamson Ted & Fadia Williamson William Winand & Family Virginia Wise & Frederick Schauer

Christianne & William Wohlforth Zibilla Wolfe-Sylvia & Scott Anthony Sylvia Karen Woodbury & Henry Homeyer Mr. & Mrs. Ronald N. Woodward Nancy & Keith Wuttke Herb & Ina Yalof Julie Young Ruth Zales & Kenneth Greenfield Ellen & Richard Zavesky Jonathan & Barbara Zinman Janet Zwanziger

UP TO $99
Cherie & Brian Abbanat Donna Abramov Marion & Wilbur Abrams Dana & Carlos Abreu Chip Adams & Laura Crawford Mr. & Mrs. James R. Adams Sarah Adams Will Adler & Barbara Sirotkin Robin & Greg Aiken Thomas D. Aitken Kurt & April Akers Joan Aleshire Diane Alexander & Dan Chitty Scott & Kate Alfieri Chris Alibozek Arthur E. Allen, Jr. Alice Gilmore Alusic David & Pamela Aman The Amato Family The Ambrose Family Dominick Amodeo Danica & Eric Andersen Greg & Valyne Anderson Jennifer & Keith Anderson Laverne & Barbara Anderson Scott & Megan Anderson Sharon & Rolf Anderson Tamara & Reed Anderson Patti & Ben Andrews Peter Andrews George Annis William Arkin Ted & Lill Arnold Andrew & Kristen Astley Susan Atkisson Barbara Austin David Axelrod The Baggott Family Sally Baier Diana & David Baldwin George & Nancy Baldwin Luis Bango & Joan Haley Betty Barba Isabel Barber John Barker Charlotte & Glenn Barr

Laura & Richard Barrett Barbara Barry & Michael Pacht Barbara & Adam Bashe Nancy J. Bassett Joanna Bauer Jeanne Baum Dawn Beattie Mary & Michael Beattie Lee & Jeffrey Beatty Mr. & Mrs. Scott Beatty Amy & Darrell Beaupre Tamara J. Beckenthal Stephen & Kathi Bednarek Marianne Bees Eva & Andrew Behrens Thomas & Lauren Beland William R. & Mary E. Belben Sue Belinski Morgaine Bell John & Kris Bellinger Dr. & Mrs. Robert Belliveau Albert R. & Sally J. Benigni Dana Bennett Charles & Susan Beno Daniel Bentz Karen, Kevin, Eva Benway The Bergevin Family Mimi P. Bergstrom Licia Berry-Berard & Jason Berard Donald F. Berth Ellen & Chris Beyer Ken Bialo Betsey Bianchi & Family Deb Biglow John & Barbara Billings Mrs. Oliver Billings Dorothy Birchmore Cynthia Bittinger Robert Blais & Lydia Buster-Blais Keith & Sara Blake Jon & Connie Blatchford Tom Blinkhorn Jennifer Bloch Bonnie Blodgett Byron & Maureen Boardman Jeffrey Boffa Afshan Bokhari & Scott Chisholm Melanie Bolton Robert Bonner Chris & Jennifer Boroski Mark Borsuk & Amy Gladfeller Judy Boss Mr. & Mrs. John P. Bossen C. Partridge Boswell Nancy Bourdon Harrison Bourne Dan & Kathy Boutin Jeremy Bouwhuis Doug & Kathy Boyden Joseph & Barbara Boykin Laird Bradley & Heidi Talbert Sally Brady Gayl Braisted

Jennifer & Jeffrey Brault Meg Brazill & Seth Callander Richard & Olivia Breton Nancy & Jerry Brightman Preston & Kerilyn Bristow Bruce & Linda Britch Lori & Jorge Brito Laurie Brittain Lenny & Kathy Britton Peter & Ruth Brooke Faith & Dale Brooks Stephen & Deborah Brooks C. Broughton Diana Brown & Jessica Holliman Gregory & Jennifer Brown Judy & Steve Brown Kristin Brown Robert & Jeanne Browning David & Elaine Bruce Zach & Martha Bryan Charles & Susan Buchheit Melissa Burke Mark Burkholz & Sheara Friend Nancy Burton Ann Bushey & Family Barbara A. Butler Craig Byrne & Sally Hostetler Linda & Shaun Byrnes Mike & Sasha Cahoon Rachel Calabrese The Calhoun Family Jeffrey & Julie Call Lucinda Cameron Richard Cammie Eileen Camp Nathan & Beth Camp Anne C. Campbell Diane E. Campbell Nancy E. Campbell Lucio Campisi & Dawn Cieniewicz Jim & Karen Canfield Jim Carfora Peter Carini & Johanna Knowles Jennifer Carolan Susie Carrell Anne Carroll & Jim Veneziano Diana Carson Helen Carta Chris & Mary Carver Marcey Carver Michael & Valerie Casey Liz & Chris Cassell The Cassels Family Joe & Emily Cassidy Margaret Cassidy & Cameron Eiseman Elizabeth Catalano Jameson F. Chace Jim & Nancy Chamberlin Daniel & Shanon Chaput The Chase Family Bin Chen Jack & Elizabeth Chen Scott Chesnut & Kathleen Guter

2005-06 Report


Jeff & Nicole Chu Peter & Brooke Ciardelli April Cioffi Amy & Brian Clancy Lisa & Tom Clark Susannah & Tommy Clark William Clark Alison Clarkson & Oliver Goodenough Cathee & Darrin Clement Shawn & Carrie Clement Jason & Melinda Cleveland Joe & Kerry Clifford Carolyn Cline & Marcus Gordon Marjorie Clogston David & Christine Coates The Cocklin Family Kevin & Diane Coghlan Susan & Bruce Cohen Bruce Cohen Karen & Erik Colberg Bernard Cole & Janet Cobb Nick & Victoria Cole Aurelia Coley Abby Colihan & Peter Thoms Craig & Denise Collins Janet A. Collins Dan & Joan Collison Alina & Dominic Colossale Jim Commentucci Mary Kay Commins & Margaret Commins Tammy Comstock John & Margaret Conboy Jane Gorham Connolly Scott Connolly Sally Alice Conway Chris & Heather Cook Lloyd Cook Rich Coombs Paul & Deane Cooper Maryellen Copping Michelle Coppolo Jessica & David Corbin Jennifer Corcoran John Cotter Rebecca & Kaelyn Courtemanche Carolyn Cravero Fred & Genevieve Criscuolo John Croddick Daniel Croitoru Melissa & Robin Crossman Ellen Mahoney Crouse Diana Cuddy Janna & Bob Cummings Joseph M. & Lauren P. Curley James & Susan Curry Geoff & Suzi Curtis Gretchen Curtis Jude A. Curtis Mrs. Lewis P. Curtis, Jr. William & Maureen Cusack Lou & Carol D’Antonio Drs. Lawrence & Linda Dacey

Marc Daigle & Julie Levin Patrick & Sara Dakin Martina & Richard Daley Gregory & Cindy Danielson Daniel P. Darrow The David Family Jenny Davis & Larry Satcowitz David Dayne Andrew & Valerie Dean Patty Dean Wendy & Shervin Dean Michael DeLaus & Susan Feindt Rene de los Reyes Beth Desimio & Caroline Maloney Chad A. Dexter The Dieffenbach Family Nancy & Bob DiMauro John DiMeglio Dom & Cathy Dinardo Mark A. Dirsa Jill & Stephen Dispenza Carolyn & Nelson Dittmar Sallie & Saunders Dixon Carlo & Christine Dobrich Gertrude R. Dodson Paul & Ruth Doiron Mr. & Mrs. Gerhard Donath Brad Dorsogna & Kathleen Dolan The Downs Family Gerald Doyle & Christina Gomez Maura P. Doyle & Christopher Snyder Harry Drury Rob & Margaret Drye Terry & Joe Duane Elizabeth Ross Duany Randi & Michael Dubin A.J. Dubois, Jr. & Sarah Gager Amy Duddie David Dunlop Mr. & Mrs. David Duval Jevin Eagle Todd Eagle The Eastman Family Glen & Shelagh Eastridge Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Eaton Tara & Paul Ebejar Kirsten Elin Eric & Elizabeth Ellingson Jean & Grove Ely Daniel Emanuele Joan & John Emerick James P. Emerson II & Debora Ware M. Dana Emmons William B. Emmons III & Family Kathy & Charlie English Michael Epstein Ellen Epworth Joan Fallot Justin Farnham & Jessica Taylor Catherine Farrington

Matthew & Andrea Farrington The Fennelly Family Amy Ferguson & Matt Kantola Daniel & Heather Ferland Ben & Joanna Fernandez Gonzalo Ferrer & Mari Iturregri Ellen Ferro Joshua & Maureen Feuerman Gerry Fields Steve Finer Sherry Finnemore Mrs. Bernard Fishman Deborah Fitts James Fitts The Fitzpatrick-Fortier Family Kristina Fjeld-Olenec Elisabeth Flannery Laura Flashman & Randy White Sean & Abigail Fleming Malachy Flynn Paul Flynn & Family Kevin & Kathleen Foley Wendy Ford Dave & Martha Forgoine Brian & Nikki Fortier Linda Fossbender Yarrow Fought & Daniel Levitt Mike Fournier Louise C. Fowler Tricia Fox Kelly & Leo Foy & Family Delia & Philip Frank Alistair Fraser & Susi Grathwoc Mary Beth Frayne Walter & Anne Frey Toby Fried Robert Fronk Nancy Fukushima The Fullam Family Barbara Fuller Erwin & Polly Fullerton Helvi Furlan Ali Gaenzle Alfred & Barbara Gagnon Paul & Cindy Gallant Ron Galotti Ken & Melissa Galton Sarah Gamer Jody Ganiban & Sandy Barsky Barbara Hancher Gardner & Dale Gardner John & Kathy Gavin John & Heidi Geary David Geissler Rachel & Jeffrey Gell James & Kristy Gennario Peter Genta Bennett & Lissa Gershman Helene Getz & Michael Carlin Rachel Gibbons & Daniel Rabinowitz Anne Giconte Rebecca & John Gifford II The Gilmartin Family Lori & Anders Gioranson Peter & Elizabeth Glenshaw

Cindy & David Glueck Eric & Diane Godes Evelyn Godshall Arlene Gokee Paul M. Golas Glennis Gold Francine & Robert Goldfarb Dina Goodfriend Philip & Amy Goodney Julie Goodrich Mr. & Mrs. Carroll Goodridge Bethany Goodwin Dean & Harriet Goodwin The Goodwin/Libuda Family Meg Gordon Eric Gould Mr. & Mrs. George W. Gove Maria Graham Claire Graham-Smith & Chip Patullo Juliet Grant-Suttie Daphne & Peter Gratiot Caio Gray & Family Deb Gray & Family Kerin & Charlie Green John & Deb Greenan Robert K. Greenawalt & Lisa Hamm-Greenawalt Linda & Peter Grela The Gridley Family Chris & Melissa Griffiths Carl & Julie Groppe Abraham & Amanda Gross Dan Grossman Mike Grossman Lynn Grow Paul & Eileen Growald Tom & Jennifer Gubbins Michel Guite’ George & Vivienne Gulick Kristen & Willie Gustavson Don & Anne Guyon Carol Hackett Peter J. Hadden Dan Haft Dave & Cindy Hale John Hall Laurie & Jerry Halpern Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Hamilton Kim Hannon-Brobst Charles V. Hardiman Roswell & Susan Harlow Mary E. Harrigan Carol B. Harrington Carolyn W. Harrington Brock & Carole Harris The Hart Family Benjamin & Jeanne Hart Erich & Jennifer Hart Tom & Susan Hart Thomas Hartman Kim Harvey Michael & Celina Hastings Paul Hawkins & Kerstin Gnazzo Dave Hawthorne Julie Hayes


Billings Farm & Museum

Lynda-Dawn Hayes Jane & Monte Haymon Joe & Julia Haynes Sean Healey Julia & Jim Healy Jim & Ann Heimarck Andrea Heitzman Annette & Jeff Helms Rose & Scott Hemond Maria Henkel Bob & Shani Henley Laura Hercod Tim & Deb Herndon Guillermo Herrera V.L. & Don Herzberg Bruce Herzfelder Sue & Bill Heston Brad & Lori Hibner Anne I. Hicks Richard & Nancy Higgerson Allen C. Hill Steven & Paige Hiller Nancy Hillier Mr. & Mrs. Harold Hillman Tonia & Michael Hirschbuhl Giuliana Hodulik Melissa Holden Michael & Marcy Holdowsky Mr. & Mrs. Robbo Holleran George & Marcia Hollister Deborah Holmgren The Holt Family Peter & Ana Hoops Sarah Hopkins Richard Horn & Diane Souvaine Toni Hover Alan & Patricia Howardell & Family Michelle & Ed Howe Sherman M. Howe, Jr. Marya Howell-Carter Brian Howland Geoffrey Hoyt Sarah Hoyt Barbara & Kermit Hummel Amy Humphreys Tom & Rita Hunt Craig & Kelly Hutt Vater Ralph Hybels P. Hyde & M. Lowes Robert Hyjek Joel & Patty Iannuzzi Keith Ilsley Martha & Theodore Izzi Charlotte & Ron Jackson Margaret Jackson Cynthia & Jeff Jacobs Alan & Jessica Jansujwicz William & Gladys Jarvis John & Brooke Jefferson Glenn & Hannah Jensen Alec & Elaine Jessiman Barbara Johnson Evelyn I. Johnson Mr. & Mrs. Harold Johnson Andrew & Christine Johnston

Mary Johnstone Ann Jones Douglas & Serena Jones Mr. & Mrs. Gerard E. Jones Leith & Arlene Jones Nancy & Mike Jones Thomas Jones & Anne Bryan Tom & Kim Jones Vincent & Cindy Jones Shawn Joyce & Family Dick & Nancy Judge George Kachikis & Dale Collins Jeffrey & Rachel Kahn Janine Kanzler Sebastian & Sarah Kaplan Debra Kappel Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Katims Diana Kay Annamarie & J.P. Kealy Peter & Tina Kebalka Kevin & Julie Keefe James Keith Terry & Linda Keizer Jennifer Keller & Donald Kreis Carmel Kelley & Mark Ferguson Tammy & Richard Kelley Dean E. Kellogg Ruth & Eugene Kellogg Marie Kennedy Patrick & Diane Kennedy Laura & Sherman Kent Thomas Kerner & Kate Murphy Lincoln Kerney Robert Kessell Jr. Robert & Harriet Kessell Sr. Laura Kessler Peter Keyes Virginia Kiely John & Shelley Kilburn Songkuk & Minkyong Kim The Kimbell Family Michelle & Jeff King Davis & Katie Kitchel William & Sarah Klein Jim & Sarah Klingbeil Elissa Klingensmith Gregory S. Knell Sarah Kniffin Pam Knights & Peter Heaney The Knutzen Family Natalie & Jeff Kolok Victoria Koron Sherri Kostas Suzanne Ross Krawczyk The Krupp Family Robert R. Kugler & Family Janet Kuhn John Kuiper Victoria Kummell Patty Kuprides Sophie & Hyukjin Kwon Suzanne Labadie Rhonda Laboe Dean & Sij Lacy Jessica Lahey Mark Lamarre

David Lamphere Eric Landman Carole Lang Helene Lang Gillian & Mark Lang Philip Lang & Rachel Gauthier Yvette Lanneaux & Timothy Wilkins Mary Kay Lanthier & David Anderson Donald & Donna LaPlume Thom & Amy Lappin Leslie H. Larsen Lisbeth Larsen Loryn & Scott Lashelle Cherolyn & Robert Laston Luciano Lauretti Claudette Lawton Julie & Jose Lazo Colleen LeBaron Susan & Brent LeDrew The Lee Family Mr. & Mrs. Robert Lee Frank & Elaine Leibly Curtis & Sally Lemay Steven Leoni Donald Lesmerises Kurt & Anne Lessard The Levesque Family Caroline & David Levy Richard Levy Jeff Lewis & Nancy McLane Matthew Liebendorfer & Kerrie Flynn Jon Liebling Charles & Judi Lincicum Joan & Procter Lippincott Mary Liscinsky Audrey Lisowski Steve & Cara Liu Angela Livingston Elaine Livingston Mr. & Mrs. Gary Livingston John Loftus Robert & Geraldine Logan Joanna & Norwood Long The Lord Family Chris & Judy Louras David Lovell & Lisa Maxfield Jessica & Brian Lukowitz Barbara Lushan Teresa Lust & Robert Davis Beth Luttazi Michael R. Luzader Paula & Brian Lynch George P. Lynch, Jr. Robert Lytle Joanne MacAyeal Jeff MacDonald & Debora Hayes The MacMaster Family James & Catherine Maher Neal & Sophia Mahutte The Maiden Family David & Ann Malenka Carleton Malikowski Frank & Marjorie Mancuso

David & Kathie Mandel Korinne & Rich Manders Mr. & Mrs. Oliver A. Manice Bill & Beth Mann Kathy & Andy Mann Margaret Mantz Debbie & Chet Marcus Gordon & Kathy Marshall Chris Martin Denise U. Martin Joyce L. Martin Lisa Martin & Mark Jensen Terry & Kathy Martin Annie Masillo Elizabeth Masterson Jamie Masterson & Will Becker Alice Maynard Paul & Sophie Mayo Barbara Mazurik Richard McAlister William F. McCalpin Tim McCarthy Scott & Pam McClain Tom & Helen McClean Bradford & Kris McClure Edith F. McClure Patricia McCosker & Richard Lucas Judy McCrory Bob & Diane McDevitt Kristine & Pat McDevitt Mr. & Mrs. J. George McDonough Luanne & Guy McDonough The McDougall-Huber Family Joseph & Carey McGee The McGinley-Smith Family Helen & Melanie McGuirk Paige McIntire & Michael Conlogue Melissa McKeagney Kendra McLaughlin & Joe Craine Kathy McMahon & Richard Knapp Marilyn McMillan Amy & Norman McMullen Neely McNulty Kathy McQueen Tim & Debie McSweeney Rene McVety Kit & Garrett Mead Paul Meaney & Victoria Fullerton Katherine J. Mears Frieda Meehan Shannon Melcher & Ananda Hartzell Andrea Melville William Memmer Nancy Menton & Dan Mendelsohn David Meredith & Anke Starke Dr. & Mrs. Ben Merrick Timothy & Judi Metcalfe Dr. & Mrs. James A. Meyer

2005-06 Report


Maggie Meyer Fran Michaud Roger & Anne Marie Michel Thomas Milano Alison & Eric Miller Gerard F. Miller Kristin & Steve Miller Pam Miller Robin Miller Karen Minarik & Sean Plottner Kate Minshall John & Susan Mitchell Bill Mlacak & Joanna Whitcomb Jeff & Lisa Mobus The Monaghan Family Jeannie Mongenbesser Mr. & Mrs. Steve Monroe Brian & Mary Moore Elaine D. Moore Jack & Gina Moore John Moore Karen Moore Andrea Moran Glenn & John Morley Bill & Laurie Morvan Sean & Amy Moynihan Richard Muehlke Dan & Janet Mullen James B. Murphy Jeff & Leslie Murphy Robert Murphy & Sally Gottlieb Cory Muscara M.D. Dick & Penny Mutter Bob Nabinger & Lynn Dolan David Nace & Mary Broderick Chris & Tammy Nadeau Ryan & Joyce Nalette Todd & Jessica Nalette Michael & Susan Namath Erik Neargard Mike & Alison Neigh Liz Neily & Kurt Spann Joy L. Nelson David & Anne Neu Amy & Scott Neuman Ron & Lorelei Nickerson Lars Nielson The Niemczyk Family Gail Niles The Niles Family Dennis & Virginia Nix Mr. & Mrs. Dan Noble Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence M. Noble, Jr. Casey & Amanda Northrup Soyoung Lee & Markus Nottlemann Peter Nowell Pam & Dave Numme The Nunn Family Steven Nurme Catherine Oatway Thea Oberlander Mary Ellen OBrien The O’Brien Family Tim & Nancy O’Brien

Frank & Barbara O’Connell Mr. & Mrs. David O’Hearn James R. Oldham Robert OLeary Jeff & Kim Olson Brian & Diana O’Neill Kim Ornvold & Gloria Zahka Kristin O’Rourke & Klaus Mladek Nancy & Bill Osgood Sandra Oswald-Chan Nina Ovryn & Jerry Schwartz Lindsay Owens Charles Pace Richard & Sandra Paczkowski Gene & Sarah Paige Dennis & Virginia Palmer Rob Parker Mike & Alyssa Pearl Deborah Peate Sarah Peck Chris Peckins & Susan Abookire Laura & Jane Peer Debra Pelkey Joanne Pencak Jacques Perold Mary Perrotta Brent Perry David & Michelle Perry Teri Peters-Sheldon Jon & Bonnie Peterson Kevin Peterson & Vanessa Moy Chris Phelan Linda Phelps Kelly Phillips Bruce Piasecki & Andrea Masters Jason Picard & Family Stephen & Danielle Pidgeon Ellie & Asheesh Pierce-Gupta Timothy A. Pillsbury Sarah Pinneo & Michael Lake Pat Pippin Walter & Aida Pluss Lynn & Tim Porter Kent & Sue Potter Dave & Betsy Potts Daryl & Jennifer Press Willie & Meg Pryor Rebecca Pschirrer Lisa Purvis Bernie & Jane Quigley Irene Quinn Lauren Quintana Sue & Jim Racko Greg Radner Greg & Melissa Raith Wendy & Jason Rasmussen Dolores Rawding Anne & Ken Rawson Laura Ray Gina Raymond Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Raymond Richard & Bettina Read Kenneth & Susan Reade Kathleen & James Reavis

Sharon & Michael Reed Robert Reed J. Rees Larry & Rita Rees Christy & Jerry Regan Suzanne Reider Conrad & Jennifer Reining Jeanne Reng Mary & Peter Renner Joan & Roger Reynolds Peter & Patty Reynolds Peter & Crystal Rich Philippa Richards & Robert Coates Anita L. Richardson David Richardson Diana Richardson Gordon & Patricia Richardson Jim Richardson Anne Richter & Bill Henne David T. Riedel Giorgio & Susan Rietti Duncan Ritchie & Renee Van Couyghen Melissa Rivers Michael & Elizabeth Rizzo Randall & Lisa Robar Kathryn & Kris Robbins Judith & Robert Roberts Laurence Roberts Jr. & Priscilla A. Ramsay James Robins Gary & Janet Robison Scott & Emily Rodi John & Linda Rodkey Tony Rodriguez Ann & Justin Roe Roanne Rogerson Andy Rohm George & Katie Roig Nancy Roller Susan Rose Robert W. Rosenberger Kirstie & Micah Rosenfield James Rosenthal & Diane Weiner The Rosenweig Family James & Joanne Roser Roger Rossiter Erica Rothenfluh Barry & Arline Rotman The Royer Family Susan & Marty Rozmanith Judith & George Rubinton Mary Rudser Tyler & Rebecca Rushforth David Russell Elisabeth W. Russell Richard & Theresa Russell Mark & Kerrin Ryan The Ryan-O’Flaherty Family Anita Rye Jolin Salazar-Kish Jonathan & Kristin Salber Robert Sand Tom & Laura Sander Jane & Franklin Sanders

Raj & Julia Sangha The Sanville Family Carole Gaudette Saunders Ed & Judy Savarese Mr. & Mrs. Steve Savino Mary Louise & Jeremy Sayles Ruth L. Saz John & Christine Scherding Edith B. Schiele Maureen Schilling Kate & Joseph Schineller Joel Schlagel Gary & Stephanie Schmidt Mark & Maria Schmidt Paul & Bess Schmidt Jayne & Dick Schoch The Schon Family Heidi Schultz & Robert Hickey Andrea & Timothy Schultz George & Karen Schumacher Erik & Shannon Schutz Liz & Jonathan Schwartz Thea Schwartz Lou & Rosemarie Scibetta Martha Scott & William Brown Mary Ann & Ray Sears John & Tricia Seigne Bruce & Deborah Seltzer Karen & Marc Seltzer Pongracz & Catherine Sennyey Mia & Charles Sentman Jay & Lisa Shambaugh Jim & Betsy Shands Joyce & Lior Sharon L. Corwin Sharp & Priscilla Pannell Janet Shea Karen Shea & Michael Ricci Deb & Terry Shearer Thomas & Pat Shebell Patrick & Rebecca Sheehan Tom & Anne Sheehan Barbara Shenton & Norm Christiansen Cindy Shepard Tim & Cynthia Sheridan Dennis Shillen Peter & Julie Shoemaker Jerry Sibley The Sidney Family Brett & Marlo Simmons Barbara Simon Carolyn & Tom Simon Calee Simpson Jim & Elizabeth Simpson Hazel Sive Robert & Linda Sivret Barbara Slaiby & Nelson Carter Cronin Sleeper Joan Sloan Amy Smart Andrew & Laurie Smith Ann Smith & Daniel Graubert Chris & Catherine Smith Christopher Smith & Dawn Carey


Billings Farm & Museum

Colleen Smith Dave Smith & Heidi Fishman Liz & Tao Smith Mark & Julie Smith Dr. & Mrs. Maury Smith Nancy Spencer Smith Richard Smith Russell Smith Scott & Kimberly Smith Ed & Carol Smoragiewicz John M. Smyrski & Mary Kay Wieler John & Ellen Snyder Robert Snyder Jane & Chris Soderquist Brian & Jennifer Soistmann Julia & R.G. Solmssen Robert & Carole Soloff Mr. & Mrs. Laurence T. Sorkin Kathleen Sorrentino Michele L. Sousa Steven & Michelle Spaulding Jeffrey & Willa Speiser Beryl W. Spencer Marieke & Dwight Sperry Sarah Spinella The Staib Family Debra Staniscia Mary & Liz Stedman David & Joan Steele Jeremy Stephenson Peter & Kimberly Stern Lina & David Stevens Andrew Stewart Catherine Stewart Erin Stewart & Jeff Fetter Roberta Stewart Waddell & Kristina Stillman James Stokes Mr. & Mrs. Dale Stolfus Ilana Stotz Darcy Stratton & Mike Pockette John Streeter & Mary Halley Nancy Streeter Michel Sturm Richard & Kim Sullivan The Sullivan Family Anna K. Supple Mary & Will Surber Jim & Jan Surette Ingrid Svensborn Ann & Jeffrey Swanson Matthew & Tanya Swett Heather Szczepiorkowski Lee Tabas & Family Mrs. Robert M. Talcott Tracey Tanny & Family Melissa Tapperson Gregg & Bonnie Tautkus Charles & Alison Taylor Ellen Terie The Terrell Family Maggie Testa Chris Thomajan The Thompson Family

Kevin Thornton & Maureen O’Reilly Joe Tolan The Tooher Family Barbara & Jay Tracey Nils & Adrienne Trahnstrom Sarah & Paul Travis Elizabeth Wijkman Treitler Roger & Elaine Trerice Karen Tyler David & Sally Tyrie & Family Jennifer Ullyot Ron & Tamry Underwood Linda Urban & Julio Thompson Herb & Elizabeth Usilton Todd Uva & Angel Rubino Andrew Vadnais & Nancy Lyon Lisa Vallejo Ken & Carole VanMeter John A. & Roberta M. VanNess James & Jennifer Vath Lorraine A. Velardi Tara Velozo & Gordon Spaeth Gonda Bremer Verhoeven Alexei Viazmenski Thomas R. Viggiano David & Lori Vise Richard & Christine Volo Nick & Bea Wadleigh Suzanne & Edwald Wadsworth Kermit L. & Catharine C. Wagner Matthew & Jennifer Waite Adele & Bob Walker William P. Wall Diane & Jack Wallace Lynda Wallace Oliver & Ann Wallace Phillip & Deborah Walters Betsy J. Ward Carl Ward Doria Ware Nancy & Kyle Warnecke Adam & Crystal Washburn Bob Watson Brian & PJ Watson John & Melissa Weale Anne & Peter Weatherman Carol Weingeist Hilde Weisse Andrew Welch & Patricia Smith The Welch Family Meghan Weldon George & Helen Werns Lisa Wesinger Gwendolyn West Holly & Craig Westling Mary Whalen Mark & Joan Whaley Mr. & Mrs. Donald W. Wheeler Susan K. Wheeler George White Norman & Patricia White Lynn Whitecloud Greg & Amy Whitsett Elizabeth Wicko

Mr. & Mrs. Roger Wiggins Madelaine & Neil Wigglesworth Dean Wilcox & Jane Lipson Kate L. Wilcox The Wildman Family Georgina Williamson Hugh & Margaret Williamson Sheila Williamson Kathleen Willis John & Kim Wilson Jonathan & Alita Wilson Matthew & Janet Wilson Mundy Wilson Kersti & Daniel Winny Paul & Jean Winter Mrs. Suzanne T. Winton Heather & Markus Wittman Carol Simmons Wold & Thomas Wold Carole Wolfe Richard Wolfe Stephen Wolper & Elizabeth Poplin Catherine M. Wood Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Wood Jessica & Cheyenne Wood Karl & Phyllis Wood Steven Wood Amy & Colby Wyatt Robert & Carol Wyatt David Wysocki & Family Tadashi Yoshioka Elizabeth Young Amy Zayas Michael Scot Zens Seth & Veronica Ziegler Donald & Mary Zimbler The Zimet Family Mr. & Mrs. David Zimmerman & Family Elise Zoli Alyssa & Rob Zollman John & Susan Zuccotti Tracy & Richard Zuckerman Kathryn A. Zug

$100 – $249
Jaynes & Berge, Inc. Mountain Creamery Rainbow Playschool Shire Apothecary The Village Butcher – Linda & George Racicot Woodstock Christian Child Care Woodstock Insurance Services, Inc. Village Green Architects Zack’s Place

UP TO $99
Calvin Coolidge Memorial Foundation Sugarbush Farm Taftsville Country Store Top Acres Farm Vacations

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Gifts in Memory
Scott Hollendersky Mr. & Mrs. Geo. Hollendersky Karen Elizabeth Noonan Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Noonan Mr. & Mrs. Laurance S. Rockefeller Mimi P. Bergstrom Nash & Bette Castro David & Cathy Donath Bruce & Darlyne Franzen Roberts & Jennifer French Mr. & Mrs. Clayton W. Frye, Jr. Ruth C. Haupert-Lengemann Elizabeth Haviland Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Hibbard Marian Koetsier Dennis & Virginia Nix Mr. & Mrs. C. Alejandro Ortiz Ellen & Lee Pomeroy William F. Pounds Ruth Saz
Photo Credits: Billings Farm & Museum: 10 inset, 11; Bob Eddy, courtesy Cabot Creamery: 7, 13; Jon Gilbert Fox: 6, 8, 9, 10, 16, BC; Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller NHP: 5; Buff Strickland: Cover, IFC, 2, 3, IBC. Design: Brian P. Graphic Arts

Businesses $1,000 – $2,499
Affiliated Managers Group, Inc.

$500 – $999
H.P. Cummings Construction Co. G.H. Evarts & Co., Inc. Smith, Alvarez, Sienkiewycz Woodstock Inn & Resort

$250 – $499
Mascoma Savings Bank