ISSUE 37                                                                                                                   April 2005

  Effective April 1, 2005, the Town of Grand Chute has a new policy on its popular tree and brush removal program. The changes were
necessary in order to make the service more efficient and still provide the service on a regular basis.
   Under the new policy chipping services will be provided to single and two family residences once per month during the months of April
through October. The routes will coincide with your regular rubbish pickup day. Residents will no longer have to call Town Hall to schedule a
tree or brush pick up.

  Tuesday          - the first Tuesday of the month.
  Wednesday        - the second Tuesday of the month.
  Thursday         - the third Tuesday of the month.
  Friday           - the fourth Tuesday of the month.
  Please have tree branches and brush out by 7:00 AM on Tuesday. In the event that Town crews cannot complete the collection route on
Tuesday, brush pick up will continue that week until the route is completed.
  We have also added a maximum amount of materials to be picked up per stop. The maximum amount is 480 cubic feet, which is based on a
loose brush pile 4 feet high by 10 feet long by 12 feet deep. Please use this as a guideline when setting out materials.
  Other guidelines for brush pick up remain the same and are as follows:
  Professional services used to cut down large amounts of trees or
brush should remove their own materials. The 480 cubic feet
maximum still applies.
                                                                                          TOWN HALL HOURS
                                                                                Monday thru Friday           8:00 A.M. - 4:30 P.M.
  Brush to be stacked neatly and loosely along the shoulder or
curb of street. Cut ends to face the street.                               Town of Grand Chute web site    
                                                                           Webmaster e-mail                
  Branches to be no larger than 12 inches in diameter and not to
exceed 75 pounds in weight.                                                                 TOWN DIRECTORY
  Brush should be no shorter than 3 feet in length.                        Town Hall                                              832-1573
  No root balls, stumps, or construction material.                         Administrator                   Mark Rohloff           832-4773
   In the event that you somehow miss the scheduled pick up,               Assessment Technician           Judy Bishop            832-1578
please be aware that there are still two other alternatives for brush      Building Inspector              Cary Nate              832-1599
disposal:                                                                  Building Inspector              Jeff Kopecky           832-1599
                                                                           Fire Department                 Todd Farley            832-6050
  Brush may be taken to the Outagamie County Landfill                      Highway Department              Mark Heling            832-4771
  The Town contracts with the City of Appleton so that residents           Planning & Zoning               Allen Davis            832-1599
may drop off trees, brush, and other green waste at City facilities.       Police Department               Edgar Kopp             832-1575
These materials may be dropped off at the City of Appleton sites at        Town Clerk                      Judith Christjohn      832-1573
801 S. Whitman Street and 2625 E. Glendale Street.                         Town Treasurer                  Linda L. Morack        832-1573
                                                                           Water & Sewer Department        Todd Prahl             832-1581
  Mark your calendar, the Annual Town Meeting will be held on              EMERGENCIES                                            Call 911
Tuesday, April 12, 2005 at the Town Hall, 1900 W. Grand Chute
                                                                                                TOWN BOARD
Boulevard at 7:00 P.M.
                                                                           Michael A. Marsden                                     731-8194
TOWN HALL HOLIDAY HOURS                                                    Charlotte L. Berg                                      734-1235
                                                                           Patricia A. Stevens                                    734-3577
  Grand Chute Town Hall offices will be closed on Monday, May
                                                                           Thomas Lehr                                            738-9049
30 in observance of Memorial Day. Offices will also be closed on
                                                                           Sherri McNamara                                        733-9059
Friday, July 1 and Monday, July 4 in observance of Independence
RECYCLING CALENDARS                                                 Department) for guidelines, information and fees or call our office
  Recyclables are picked up on the same day as your garbage every   at 832-1599 to speak with a building inspector. Some projects
other week. Recycling pickup weeks are shaded in gray. Keep these   requiring a permit are: swimming pools, hot tubs, decks, siding,
calendars handy for future reference.                               upgrade of the electric/HVAC service, sheds, in addition to all
                                                                    remodeling. Projects not needing permits include: fences,
April                                                               reshingling, window placement/exchange-size-for-size.
  S       M       T        W        T        F        S               All permits can be obtained at the Town of Grand Chute, 1900
                                                                    W. Grand Chute Boulevard at the Community Development/Public
                                             1        2
                                                                    Works window. (Please note: A building permit is issued only by
  3       4        5       6         7       8        9             the Building Inspectors therefore you may wish to call and schedule
 10       11      12       13       14       15       16            an appointment.

 17       18      19       20       21       22       23            HOUSEHOLD CLEAN SWEEP
 24       25      26       27       28       29       30              Outagamie County will be having their annual Household
                                                                    Hazardous Clean Sweep program at the Grand Chute Town Hall at
May                                                                 1900 Grand Chute Blvd.
                                                                      Household Hazardous Clean Sweep
  S       M       T        W        T        F        S
                                                                      Friday, May 20, 2005, 9:00 am to 12:30 pm
  1       2        3       4         5       6        7
                                                                      You must pre-register by calling 832-5277
  8       9       10       11       12       13       14              Grand Chute Town Hall, 1900 Grand Chute Blvd.
 15       16      17       18       19       20       21               This is your opportunity to dispose of unwanted, unused,
 22       23      24       25       26       27       28            damaged or banned hazardous chemicals. Keep individual materials
                                                                    in their separate containers-DO NOT MIX. Bring materials, gas and
 29       30      31
                                                                    oil in non-returnable containers. Place containers in plastic lined
                                                                    cardboard boxes. Questions can be directed to the Grand Chute
                                                                    Public Works Office at 832-4771 or additional info may be obtained
  S       M       T        W        T        F        S             at
                           1         2       3        4               Other Locations and Dates
  5       6        7       8         9       10       11              June 17 - Buchanan Town Hall, N178 County Road N
                                                                      July 15 - New London Wastewater Treatment Plant, 1010 W.
 12       13      14       15       16       17       18
                                                                                Wolf River Avenue
 19       20      21       22       23       24       25              Aug 19 - Greenville Safety Bldg., W6895 Parkview Boulevard
 26       27      28       29       30                                Sept 17 - Outagamie County Hwy Dept. – Appleton, 1313
                                                                                Holland Road
July                                                                  Oct 21 - Outagamie County Highway Garage – Seymour, 440
  S       M       T        W        T        F        S                        Municipal Drive
                                             1        2               You must pre-register for all locations. Call 832-5277 with any
                                                                    questions and to register.
  3       4        5       6         7       8        9
                                                                      Agriculture Clean Sweep- will be held in September watch the
 10       11      12       13       14       15       16            newsletter for the details.
 17       18      19       20       21       22       23            MUNICIPAL TIRE DISPOSAL
 24       25      26       27       28       29       30               Free tire disposal week is set for April 18-22. This program is for
 31                                                                 residential use only. Tires must be no larger than a 16” passenger
                                                                    car tire (rims are acceptable), limit of four (4) tires per household.
DO I NEED A BUILDING/SUB PERMIT                                       Please call 832-4771 or email us at
                                                           by Friday, April 15, 2005 to be
  As Spring approaches, remodeling projects come to mind. A
                                                                    placed on the list for pickup. We will need your address and the
reminder to all of you with projects on your to-do lists.
                                                                    number or tires for pickup. Tires must be at the end of the driveway
Building/Sub-Contractor permits may be required. Please visit our
                                                                    by 7:00 am on Monday April 18th. Collection will only take place
website at (under the Community Development
                                                                    during this week by the Department of Public Works employees.
JOIN US FOR THE SUMMER PARK PROGRAM                                      Manager; Mary Miles, Clerk of Courts; and Todd Prahl, Utility
   The Town of Grand Chute will be providing another great               Superintendent.
Summer Park Program! There are many new and exciting activities             Mark Heling began working for the Town in August 1975 as a
and fieldtrips being planned for the program this year, including        Paid-On-Call Firefighter. In January 1976, he became a snowplow
Breakfast in the Park, Crazy Color Day, and a trip to Bay Beach and      operator in the Highway Department and even worked as a part-
the NEW Zoo. The 2005 Summer Park Program will run from June             time police officer. In 1978, Mr. Heling was promoted to Street
6 through August 5 (off the week of July 4th) with the following         Superintendent. Through his 30-years of service, Mark has
schedule:                                                                remained active with the Grand Chute Fire Department, serving as
  Tuesday morning: Lions Park (ages 5-8)                                 part time Fire Chief for 11 years and currently as a Captain for the
  Tuesday afternoon: Lions Park (ages 9-12)                              Department.
  Wednesday morning: Arrowhead Park (ages 5-8)                             Sally Leopold joined the Town’s staff in April 1976 as a
  Wednesday afternoon: Arrowhead Park (ages 9-12)                        Secretary for the Utility Department. She was promoted to Office
                                                                         Coordinator in 1978 and became the Office Manager in 1992.
  Thursday morning: Patriot Park (ages 5-12)
                                                                         When street and utility operations were consolidated at the new
  Thursday afternoon: Carter Woods Park (ages 5-12)
                                                                         Town Hall in 2002, Ms. Leopold became the Office Manager for
  Morning sessions run from 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 noon and afternoon         the unified Department of Public Works.
sessions are held from 1:00–4:00 p.m. The ever-popular ice cream
                                                                            Mary Miles began her part-time employment in December 1974
social fundraiser is tentatively planned for July 13th at 6:00 p.m. in
                                                                         as Clerk of the Grand Chute Municipal Court. The uniqueness of
Carter Woods Park.
                                                                         her position allowed Ms. Miles to work out of her home until 1990
   There are two easy ways to register: (1) stop by the Town Hall        when she began working at the Town’s Municipal Building on
Administration window on Monday-Friday between 8 a.m. and 4:30           Highview Drive. Mary plans to retire in November 2005 after 31
p.m., or (2) download a registration form at          years of service.
and either drop it off at the Town Hall or mail it with your payment
                                                                           Todd Prahl started with the Town in April 1979 as a full-time
                                                                         operator for Water Distribution, Sewer Collection, and Wastewater
  Town of Grand Chute Summer Park Program                                Treatment Plant. When the regional Wastewater Treatment Plant
  1900 West Grand Chute Blvd.                                            was built in 1983, Mr. Prahl remained with the Water and Sewer
  Grand Chute, WI 54913                                                  Utility. In 1992, Todd was promoted to Utility Superintendent.
  The cost of the eight-week program is $20 for one child or $30            At the Annual Town Meeting on April 12, 2005, the Town Board
for per family.                                                          will recognize these four dedicated employees. Our congratulations
  Thank you to Blount Heating and Air Conditioning for                   to all of you! The next time you are visiting Town Hall, be sure to
sponsoring the program three years in a row. If you are interested in    thank these individuals for their many years of dedicated service.
learning more about the benefits of becoming a sponsor please            Featured from left to right in photo (back row): Mark Heling, Todd
contact Amy Wenninger at                           Prahl, (front row): Sally Leopold, Mary Miles.

  Polling places for Grand Chute are located at:
    Wards 1,6,7,8 – Grand Chute Town Hall, 1900 Grand Chute Blvd.
    Wards 2,3,4,5 – Fire Station #1, 2920 W. Highview Dr.
    Ward 10      – Lion’s Park, 3155 Longwood Lane
    Wards 9,11 – Community Church, 3701 N. Gillett St.
    Wards 12, 13 – Fire Station #2, 502 W. Northland Ave.
  Voting hours at the polling places are 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.

  “Town Tidbits” is a new section of our newsletter that will
feature topics such as profiles of Town employees and articles about
our Town’s history. We hope you’ll find this section informative
and enjoyable.
  Our debut article features a group of four dedicated employees         3rd ANNUAL ARBOR DAY CELEBRATION AND
who combine for over a century of service to the Town of Grand           PARK SHELTER DEDICATION
Chute. Let us introduce you to these four individuals: Mark                You are invited to Grand Chute’s 2005 Arbor Day celebration at
Heling, Street Superintendent; Sally Leopold, Public Works Office        Prairie Hill Park, 2900 W. Abendroth Street, at 10:00 a.m. on
Friday, April 29. Members of Grand Chute’s VFW Post 8642,               maintain your well for outside use.
student service club members from Houdini and Badger Elementary           How to do it? Contact a laboratory (see phone book for
Schools, the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, and             companies that test water) they will instruct you on the testing
Town residents will join in the festivities. Refreshments will be       procedure.
served.                                                                    New permit requirements: Two (2) “safe” Coliform Bacteria
   The trees especially selected for Prairie Hill Park are Bur Oaks,    test results (with at least two weeks between samples) and one (1)
Pin Oaks, and Red Oaks. Residents, businesses, and organizations        “safe” Arsenic test. This permit is $20 and good for five (5) years.
are invited to donate a tree, which will be planted during our             Renewal requirements: One (1) “safe” Coliform Bacteria test
celebration. You may pick up a donation form at the                     result and one (1) “safe” Arsenic test result. This permit is $20 and
Administration or Public Works counters at Town Hall. You may           good for five (5) years.
also visit the Town’s Web Site at and print out
                                                                          Obtaining a permit: When you have received the required
a form yourself. Donors will be recognized on our “Planting Our
                                                                        “safe” sample results, bring them to the Public Works window at
Future” plaque located in the Town Hall lobby.
                                                                        the Grand Chute Town Hall, at 1900 W. Grand Chute Blvd., with
   Once you have selected and paid for your tree donation, the          the $20 permit fee.
Town will handle ordering and delivery of the tree. You are invited
                                                                          Commonly asked questions:
to join us to plant your tree, or if you are unable to do so, we will
arrange for it to be planted as part of the Town’s Arbor Day               Why do I have to test my well if I only use it for outside watering?
activities.                                                             The DNR mandates that you test the well. With constant use, the
                                                                        risk of contamination is reduced. When you use a well occasionally
  Construction of the new picnic pavilion at Prairie Hill Park is
                                                                        the risk is greatly increased. The DNR does not want a
underway and due to be completed by Arbor Day. At the Arbor
                                                                        contaminated well to infect other wells.
Day celebration, we will hold a brief ceremony to dedicate our
newest park shelter. Town residents and groups may reserve the             My well is connected with other properties; do we all need to
shelter by calling the Town Hall at 832-1573.                           test? No, only one permit is required. Be sure to include all
                                                                        addresses using that well when applying for the permit.
  Come join the fun, and mark your calendars for April 29 to help
us make Arbor Day a special occasion for everyone!                        I capped/abandoned my well. Please provide us with a copy of
                                                                        the DNR Abandonment Form that is properly filled out; include all
CRACK FILLING AND SEAL COATING                                          addresses involved with this well.
  PROJECTS FOR TOWN STREETS IN 2005                                       Additional information and a link to the Department of Natural
  The following streets are proposed for rubberized crack filling:      Resources website can be found on the Town of Grand Chute
      Division St                 -     Florida to Capitol              website listed on the front cover of this publication.
      Sunset Ave                  -     Richmond to Oneida                Water Conservation
      Capitol Dr                  -     Richmond to Oneida                Water conservation not only saves water, it saves energy, too;
      Meadow Row Ct               -     Parkview to terminus            energy needed to heat water and run appliances. Two-thirds of the
      Evergreen Dr                -     Gillett to terminus             water used in an average home is used in the bathroom. Toilet leaks
      Wagon Wheel Dr              -     Lynndale to terminus            can be at the overflow pipe or the plunger ball. If it’s at the
   Seal coating is proposed for the following streets during July or    overflow, the water level is usually too high. Gently bend the arm
early August. Seal coating enhances and preserves the wear surface      until the valve shuts off the water 1/2" below the top of the
of bituminous streets.                                                  overflow pipe.
      Erin Dr                     -     Hiawatha to Seneca                 Plunger-ball leaks are not as easy to spot. Add some food
      Apple Creek Ct              -     Apple Creek Rd to terminus      coloring to the tank and wait 20 minutes. If the dye appears in the
      Whispering Pine Ct          -     Gillett to terminus             toilet bowl, your toilet is leaking. Replace the plunger ball or it
      Olde Casaloma Dr            -     terminus to terminus            could be that the mechanism is out of alignment. If you are an
      Seneca Dr                   -     Erin to terminus                experienced “do-it-yourselfer” you can do the job. Otherwise, call a
      Mason St                    -     Seneca to Hiawatha              plumber!
      Seneca Dr                   -     Spruce to Mason                   Other good conservation tips:
      Roselawn Dr                 -     Erin to Hiawatha                  Wash clothes only when you have a full load
      Outagamie St                -     Seneca to Capitol                 Run dishwashers only when full
  Should you have any questions, please call the Department of            Don’t let the water run when brushing teeth
Public Works at 832-4771.                                                 Use a bucket to wash your car, hose just for rinsing
WELL TESTING – IS IT REQUIRED?                                            It isn’t hard to conserve water; it doesn’t change our lives
                                                                        drastically. It’s mostly a matter of using good common sense. Think
  Who needs to do it? If you are connected to municipal water and
about water, and when you do, think about conserving it!                    Be prepared to provide your name, telephone number and the
                                                                         location of the malfunctioning light. You will only be contacted if
HOW TO PREVENT FATS, OILS AND GREASES                                    further information is needed to find the streetlight. If possible,
FROM DAMAGING YOUR HOME AND THE                                          locate the numbered metal tag on the light pole and provide that
ENVIRONMENT                                                              information as well. The pole number provides specific
  There are several ways to do this.                                     information about that streetlight to WE Energies and may help
    Never pour grease down sink drains or into toilets.                  expedite the repair. Contacting WE Energies directly will save time
    Scrape grease and food scraps from trays, plates, pots, pans,        and eliminate one more step in getting the light repaired quickly!
    utensils and grills and cooking surfaces into a can or the trash
    for disposal.                                                        GRAND CHUTE FIRE DEPARTMENT
    Do not put grease down garbage disposals. Put                           Statistics show that, on average during our lifetime, each of us
    baskets/strainers in sink drains to catch food scraps and other      can expect to be involved in two or three fires serious enough to
    solids, and empty the drain baskets/strainers into the trash for     call the fire department. Whether your fires occur at home, at
    disposal.                                                            work, or in a hotel, the same principles for survival apply. It is vital
  Call your sewer department if you have any questions.                  that you plan ahead and act calmly when facing an emergency
MAINTENANCE OF VACANT PROPERTY                                              When calling 9-1-1 in an emergency situation the dispatch center
   All property owners occupying, or controlling property in the         will ask specific questions pertaining to the emergency. It is
Town of Grand Chute, Outagamie County, Wisconsin, are notified           important that you listen to what is being asked and speak slowly.
to destroy all noxious weeds and tall grasses on such property.          State your name, address, where the incident took place and any
Noxious weeds include thistles, ragweed, creeping jenny, etc. If it      additional information you may have. If you are reporting a house
is your intent to maintain your vacant lot, please call the Highway      fire, make sure you leave the residence and call 9-1-1 from another
Department at 832-4771. If you fail to maintain your lot, the Town       location.
may do so at your expense. Weed cutting bills not paid by October
                                                                            When requesting an ambulance you will get the fire department
31, 2005 will be placed on your 2005 real estate tax bill as a special
                                                                         responding with the ambulance. Grand Chute Fire Department
assessment. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact
                                                                         members are trained as First Responders and may arrive before the
the Grand Chute Highway Department at 832-4771. Weed cutting
                                                                         ambulance. The dispatcher will ask several questions. This
rates can be found on our website at Go to
                                                                         information is needed to send the proper help in the fastest and
the Public Works link.
                                                                         safest manner.
GRAND CHUTE PARKS DAY                                                        When any emergency vehicle responds to your home or business
   You may have seen a recent announcement that the Parks Day            it is important to have the proper address numbers located on the
Committee received permission from the Town Board to apply for           front of the building. Numbers should be large enough for us to see
grants and raise funds to totally revamp Lions Park on Lynndale          them from the roadway. According to fire code, the numbers
Drive. The Parks Day Committee has geared up for a fantastic 10-         should be 4” on a business, however 6” numbers would be
year anniversary celebration October 8. Our car show will be             preferred. These numbers should also contrast with their
bigger and better. The craft show is on track and will hopefully         background so we can see them. Have someone stand outside to
overflow the building with crafters. We have a wonderful array of        greet us and at night have a light on. Every second counts in an
youth games and activities planned and really good food. We are          emergency situation.
also planning some special live music presentations to help                 With warmer weather approaching, the fire department
celebrate our tenth year. Because the profits will be focused on         encourages you to check our web site to make sure that you are
revamping Lions Park, we hope to have an even better participation       aware of the burning ordinance. Each year as the weather starts to
with more volunteers and participants. Call 734-3577 for more            warm up, residences start yard clean up. There are strict
details.                                                                 restrictions as to when and what you can burn. Please contact us if
                                                                         there are any questions regarding burning.
   In the Town of Grand Chute, streetlights are owned and                ASSESSORS
maintained by WE Energies Night Aura Outdoor Lighting. If you              The Town of Grand Chute retained the appraisal firm Cole Layer
are experiencing a problem with a streetlight near your home,            Trumble Company (CLT) as Town Assessor for 2005-2006 and the
follow these simple steps:                                               Town-wide Revaluation for 2006. Mr. Marty Kuehn will serve as
                Call WE Energies at (800) 242-9137                       the Assessor. Mr. Kuehn and the CLT staff will work very closely
                                 Or                                      with Town staff and property owners to provide up-to-date
                                                                         assessments for the Town.
Log on to and select “Report a Light Out”
  The Assessor will have regular full-day office hours on the 1st and
3rd Wednesdays and Thursdays of the month through June. From            Map of detour
July to December, the regular full-day office hours will be the 1st
and 3rd Wednesdays.
   CLT staff will be visiting neighborhoods, taking photographs and
listing new construction in the area. All Assessor personnel will
have photo identification badges. If you have any questions or
concerns, please contact Judy Bishop, Assessment Technician at

  As of March 14, 2005 the County Highway “A” bridge over U.S.
Highway “41” will be closed for replacement. The bridge will likely
remain closed until November, 2005.
  The marked detour will follow C.T.H. “OO”, S.T.H. “47” and
C.T.H. “JJ”. An alternative route from Capitol Drive to Rifle Range
Road will also get you to Grand Chute Blvd.
  Please keep this in mind when visiting the Town Hall.

                                                                         Grand Chute, WI 54913
                                                                         1900 West Grand Chute Boulevard
   PRSRT STD                                                                      Town of Grand Chute

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