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 Start thinking professional!
 Think of all the married couples you know and ask to look at their wedding photographs, and for the
  name of their photographer.
 Look online and in the telephone book for names of professional wedding photographers in your
 Narrow your list down to anywhere between 8 and 12 photographers.
 Go online and check out their websites. If you don’t like what you see there, or you find that their
  posted rates are too high, cross them off your list.
 Call around to the photographers that are still on your list. Ask if they are available the day of your
  wedding. If they’re not, cross them off your list.
 For the photographers that are available on the day of your wedding, ask if they have a few minutes
  to spend on the phone. If they do, ask them what their main style of photography is, what their vision
  is when shooting a wedding, and try to get a feel of whether or not this really could be the
  photographer for your wedding. If you immediately know that one photographer will not be right for
  your, cross them off your list.
 With the photographers that you do feel might be a good fit to be your wedding photographer,
  arrange a meeting with them so you can get to know each other further and you can ask more
 During that first meeting, bring along the attached sheet of Wedding Photographer Interview
  Questions. There is a lot to remember during this meeting, and you want to make sure that you don’t
  miss anything!
 Have this initial interview meeting with any photographer that is still on your list. Make sure that
  you write down the different answers or you may also have trouble placing an answer to the
  photographer who said it.
 Once all of your interviews are finished, take home all your notes and compare, compare, compare.
  Consider not only things like rates and packages, but also the relationship you feel you have with the
  photographer, and whether or not they will add to your day, especially since they’ll probably
  spending a good portion of it with you.
 Once you’ve chosen your photographer, call them immediately and book them! They’ll call you in to
    go over the contract and to sign it. Make sure that everything you want is included in the contract!
 Call your photographer a few months after that, especially if you don’t talk to them for awhile, to
  make sure that your date is still booked. Then, call them a few weeks before the date to confirm once
  again and to iron out any other details that they’ll need to know before showing up at your wedding.
                         WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER
                          INTERVIEW QUESTIONS
Remember all those interview questions that were discussed earlier in this report? They’re all
important and now that you have the answers as to why, you also have a small sheet filled with all
of them! Copy this and put it in your “Wedding Bible” and you’ll have it whenever it’s time to
interview a photographer, and you’ll never forget to ask all of the important questions!
     Are you available the day of my wedding?
    Where did you become qualified to take professional wedding pictures? Do you take courses
     to keep yourself updated in the field?
    What is your style of photography?
    What kind of equipment do you use?
    May I see pictures of an entire wedding you shot from beginning to end?
    May I contact your past clients for a reference?
    Did you take these photographs? Will you be taking the photographs on the day of my
    We don’t want to see each other before the ceremony. How do you handle this and what are
     the alternatives?
    Who are you planning to have in the photographs and how are you planning to include
    What are the main goals you have when you approach a wedding?
    What can I do on the day of the wedding to help you?
    How will you be showing me my selection of photos?
    Will you be helping me pick my final selection?
    What kind of packages do you offer?
    What are the different rates for them?
    How much time do I have to make my selection after I see the proofs?
    How do I go about ordering reprints after I’ve already received my final selection?
    How much time will you have on my wedding day? And how much will that cost?
    What is your guarantee to make sure that I’ll be happy with my prints?
    What if my pictures fade? Do you have any guarantee against fading?
You no doubt already have a good idea of at least a couple of wedding photos that you’d like to
have after your big day. Even if you don’t have any or just a few, it’s a good idea to start thinking
about the different shots that you’d like taken before, during, and after your wedding. Your
photographer is definitely going to ask you about this, and it’s always nice to be prepared with some
thoughts as to what you like. Here are some very common shots that appear on many “Master
Shot” lists, and many different photographers use them.
Having a shot list will also give you and the photographer a good idea as to how much time the
pictures will take. Each pictures takes two to three minutes to organize. Decide at the last minute
that you want 20 more pictures taken, and it’s a big deal. Plan for those 20 shots, and it’s no biggie
at all!

The Bride before the Ceremony
    Close up shots of the bride getting ready (doing her hair, doing her makeup, etc.)
    Bridal gown hanging on hanger, done very artistically
    Bridesmaids helping the bride put on her tiara, veil, shoes, jewellery, etc.
    A close-up of the bride as she is completely ready and about to leave
    Full length shot of bride alone, fully dressed in gown
    Shot of bride with mother
    Shot of bride with father
    Shot of bride with both parents
    The grandmother alone
    The grandfather alone
    Bride with all of her brothers
    Bride with all of her sisters
    Bride with her whole family
    Bride with maid of honor, bridesmaids, and flower girl
    Bride leaving the house or dressing room
    Bride getting into the car that will drive her to the church

The Groom before the Ceremony
    Groom getting ready (fixing tie, placing boutonnière in buttonhole)
    Full length shot of groom, fully dressed in tux or suit
    Three-quarter length shot or close-up of groom
    Groom with mother
    Groom with father
  Groom with both parents
  Groom with all his sisters
  Groom with all his brothers
  Groom with his whole family
  Groom with his best man and groomsmen – preferably include both serious and fun shots
  Groom helping ring-bearer
  Groomsmen pinning boutonniere

During The Wedding Ceremony
  Ushers seating immediate family as they arrive
  The arrival of the bride while she’s still in her car
  The bride stepping out of the car
  The bridal party getting out of the car
  The bride entering the venue for the ceremony
  Bride walking down the aisle with her father
  Groom and groomsmen waiting at the alter
  Bridesmaids walking down the aisle
  Flower girl and ring-bearer walking down the aisle
  Father giving the bride away
  The entire wedding party once they’re all up at the altar
  Bride and groom during ceremony
  Bride and groom exchanging vows
  The giving of the rings
  Singing of the marriage license
  Bride and groom with the wedding certificate

After The Ceremony
  Bride and groom walking down aisle together
  Bride and groom outside of the ceremony venue
  Group shot of the wedding party with the bride and groom
  Best man with maid of honour
  Candids of bride and groom with wedding guests
  Bride and groom getting into wedding car
Between Ceremony and Reception
  Artistic shot of bride and groom
  Formal shot of bride and groom
  Bride and groom with wedding party
  Bride and groom with their families
  Candid shots of flower girl
  Candid shots of ring-bearer
  Bride and groom in front of limousine
  Entire wedding party in front of limousine
At the Reception
  Arrival of bride and groom
  Receiving line and mingling with guests
  Bridal party at the bridal table
  Bride and groom photographed with their guests at the guests’ tables
  Bouquets and floral arrangements
  Wedding decorations
  Photos of people making toasts
  The food and dessert tables
  The cake, on its own and before its cut
  Bride and groom’s champagne toast
  Cutting of the cake
  Bride and groom’s first bite of wedding cake
  Bride and groom’s first dance
  Groom dancing with his mother
  Bride dancing with her father
  Bridal party dancing together
  Different shots of bride, groom, and guests having fun
  Bride throwing her bouquet
  Groom removing the garter
  Groom throwing the garter
  The musician or DJ

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