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									  Workshop Digital Magazine Creation                                                                                                              Smart

                                              APRIL 12, 2010

     Environment Special: The Perils of Plastic
                                                                     Publish on the iPad - Workshop
                                                                           Create your first Digital Magazine in just 2 days

                                                                There is a huge interest in publishing on the iPad. To accommodate this interest WoodWing
                                                                and its authorized solution partners are offering special workshops for publishers and
                                                                designers. Experience first-hand what it takes to create a Digital Magazine for Apple's
                                                                revolutionary e-reader. For those who bring their own iPad, the Digital Magazine they create
     Steve’s                                                    will be installed on their device.
     How Jobs works by Stephen Fry
     The tale of the tablet by Lev Grossman
                                               w w
                                                                Day 1*
                                                                ≡≡ Configure≡client≡machines≡(software≡needs≡to≡be≡installed≡up-front)
Time Magazine on the iPad,
                                                                ≡≡ In-depth≡view≡into≡iPad≡App
created with WoodWing Software
                                                                ≡≡ Introducing≡Digital≡Magazine≡Tools
                                                                ≡≡ Uploading≡your≡files≡into≡the≡system≡using≡Dossiers
                                                                ≡≡ Horizontal≡&≡vertical≡layouts,≡InDesign≡templates
                                                                ≡≡ Exporting≡my≡first≡Digital≡Magazine≡≡≡
What is it?                                                     ≡≡ Creating≡Slide≡shows
≡ A two-day workshop organized by                               ≡≡ Embedding≡Videos
  WoodWing's Authorized Solution                                ≡≡ Working≡on≡your≡Digital≡Magazines
  Partners around the globe.
                                                                Day 2*
Who is it for?                                                  ≡≡   Creating≡Scrollable≡Pages
≡ Publishers that want to learn how                             ≡≡   Working≡with≡a≡table≡of≡contents
  to create a Digital Magazine for                              ≡≡   Configuring≡the≡page≡navigator
  Apple's iPad                                                  ≡≡   Creating≡Web≡Elements
                                                                ≡≡   Adding≡a≡text≡view,≡Hotspots
Who should attend?                                              ≡≡   Working≡on≡your≡Digital≡Magazines
≡ Target attendees are designers and                            ≡≡   Getting≡your≡own≡Digital≡Magazine≡App≡for≡the≡iPad
  layout staff familiar with magazine                           ≡≡   Next≡steps
  creation in InDesign
                                                                * The program of the workshops can differ slightly per partner.

What do you take home?
≡ Experience on how to actually
                                                                Visit to subscribe.
  create an iPad Digital Magazine
≡ A Digital Magazine installed on an                            In order to get the most out of this workshop, please prepare the following:
  iPad (If you bring your own iPad)                             ≡≡ Bring≡a≡laptop≡(Mac≡preferred)≡installed≡with≡the≡software≡listed≡below.≡WoodWing≡software≡
Need Inspiration?                                               ≡≡ Bring≡your≡InDesign≡files,≡along≡with≡hi-res≡materials≡of≡a≡complete≡print≡issue,≡plus≡addi-
≡ To get an idea of what the final                                 tional≡images,≡videos≡and≡optional≡advertisements≡to≡make≡your≡iPad≡digital≡magazine≡look≡
  product may look like, see our                                   like≡your≡current≡print≡magazine.
  demonstration videos on                                       ≡≡ Important:≡please≡define≡a≡high≡level≡description≡of≡the≡interactive≡design≡you≡have≡in≡mind≡                                            for≡your≡iPad≡publication;≡see≡the≡examples≡shared≡on≡our≡website≡for≡ideas.
                                                                ≡≡ Attendees≡should≡be≡design-oriented≡and≡have≡a≡good≡working≡knowledge≡of≡InDesign≡CS4≡
Workshop dates & location                                          or≡CS5.
≡ Visit our event page for all the
  workshop dates and locations in                               Required software (pre-installed):
  your particular area.                                         ≡≡ Adobe≡InDesign≡CS4≡or≡CS5                                       ≡≡ WoodWing≡Smart≡Connection≡7≡(available≡upon≡registration)
                                                                ≡≡ WoodWing≡Content≡Station≡7≡(available≡upon≡registration)                                         ≡≡ Apple≡iPhone≡SDK≡3.2≡(download≡from≡,≡Mac≡only.)

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