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									Catholic Family S ervices Peel-Dufferin                                                                 Our Mission
                                                                                  To enhance individual, family and community life in a manner
                                                                                  that reflects the values and traditions consistent with the
                                                                                  Catholic f a i t h. We serve people of all faiths and creeds.

                                                                                                          Our goal
                                                                                  To strengthen families and help stop family violence by
                                                                                  providing exceptional counselling services, community
                                                                                  outreach and education, and by continued advocacy efforts
                                                                                  to improve access for everyone to social services in Peel.

                                                ANNUAL REPORT                                          Our services
                                                  To the community                Provide individual, couple and family counselling and group

                                                                                  programs on various issues. Our service approach is holistic,
                                                                                  encompassing the emotional, cognitive, physical, spiritual,
                                                                                  social, cultural and linguistic dimensions of people’s lives.

                                                                                                         Our staff
                                                                                  Competently trained and registered with a professional
                                                                                  association or college. We reflect the diversity of the
                                                                                  community we serve by collectively speaking 13 languages,
                                                                                  representing 10 cultural groups and embracing 5 world faiths.

                                          Keeping the well-being of families in
                                            Peel & Dufferin our top priority!
            We’re proud of our history

1981      Agency is founded by Catholic Charities; office established in     1997/98   Despite losing 24% of agency funding, targets continue to be met;
          Brampton and begins providing counselling services.                          counselling services expanded to Orangeville at St. Timothy’s
                                                                                       Parish; Helping Mothers & Children Survive Abuse Together
1982      Counselling provided in Italian, Spanish and Portuguese.                     Program introduced as a group for women who have experienced
                                                                                       abuse and their children who have been exposed to the abuse
1987      CFSPD becomes a member agency of The United Way of Peel;
                                                                                       directed at their mother.
          Mississauga office opened; Wife Assault Program established.

1989      Wife Assault Program expands to include support groups for         1998/99   Core funding secured for Orangeville and Dufferin County.
          children who witness abuse and support groups for men who          1999/00   Revenues exceed one million dollars; Quick Access Program
          assault their partners.                                                      introduced; secured increased core funding for salary
1990      Parish Social Ministry established to provide parish-based
          volunteer training program.                                        2000/01   Core funding achieved for CFSPD and network of 16 agencies
                                                                                       to provide services to mothers and children who have been
1991      Incest Survivors Group established; satellite office opened
                                                                                       exposed to woman abuse; salaries increased by an average of
          in Caledon.
                                                                                       4%; Practicum Training Program in Marital & Family Therapy
1992      Safety First Group offered to women who are involved or have
          been involved in abusive relationships.
                                                                             2001/02   Agency re-accredited for 5 years by Family Service Ontario.
          The Sistering Program established. ‘Sisters’ (former agency                  Professional standards enhanced to meet or exceed
1993                                                                                   compliance requirements.
          clients) provide support for women beginning counselling work.

          Brief Therapy Program is introduced to facilitated timely access   2002/03   Re-accreditation conferred by Catholic Charities for 5 years;
1994                                                                                   Man To Man Program expanded into Orangeville; grant funding
          to services; Pay Equity Legislation instated.
                                                                                       achieved to expand the Sistering Program.
1995      Board develops a multi-year plan; By-Law is reviewed; fiscal
          year changed; Pay Equity Legislation rescinded.                    2003/04   Funding secured to expand counselling hours by 1.3 FTE’s;
                                                                                       Brampton office co-locate with Catholic Cross Cultural
1995/96   CFSPD experiences a 30% reduction in funding; agency responds                Services ; revenues exceed two million dollars.
          in creative and positive manner to maintain quality of services.
                                                                             2004/05   Canadian Tire Foundation for Families supports Gala event and
1996/97   Brief intervention Program (BIP) introduced to provide immediate             commits to grant funding for 2005-2006; 1.3 FTE deployed to
          access to services; Pay Equity Legislation reinstated.                       include additional counselling hours in Orangeville, Caledon
                                                                                       and Brampton; developed integrated Trauma & Addictions
                                                                                       group program with community partners.
   Message from the President & Executive Director
                 A year of continued growth and possibilities.                               Our many thanks go to the students and volunteers who share their energy and ideas
                                                                                             with us because without them our waiting lists would become unmanageable. Thanks
There are many excellent things to report about the service year 2004-2005. Our              also go to the parishes who refer their parishioners to us for services, support Share
clients have revealed passionately that our services profoundly affect their lives for the   Life and support our fundraising efforts. We congratulate you for your tremendous part
better. We served 4,513 people this past year in our counselling program. This is an         in our success!
increase of 640 women, men and children or an additional 14% over last year. Thanks
                                                                                             CFSPD thrives on challenges and can often join with others to meet those challenges.
go to all the following: to our funders who deserve recognition for adding to their exist-
                                                                                             It would, however, be a distortion of the truth to believe that CFSPD can rise to all the
ing core funding base and to the Board and staff who worked cooperatively and
                                                                                             vital service and organizational challenges that it faces without significant help from its
effectively to set the course of the agency, plan its priorities and deliver excellent
                                                                                             Provincial Funders. CFSPD has been actively involved in the Fair Share Task Force for
services. A special tribute goes to Bob Paskoff who led the Man to Man Program for 14
                                                                                             twelve years but the critical issues challenging the task force and facing our community
years and has now retired! We welcome Anna Toth as the new program coordinator.
                                                                                             have never before been the primary focus of the message from the President and
Anna has already begun a very exciting review of this essential service!
                                                                                             Executive Director. That changes with this report!
Catholic Family Services Peel Dufferin (CFSPD) received tremendous support through
                                                                                             To place our dilemma into context we need to take a brief journey into the past. In the
grant funding and fundraising. CFSPD celebrated its third successful Dinner Dance &
                                                                                             early 1970’s, Peel had a population of under 250,000 and was a mixture of rural and
Silent Auction on February 5th, 2005. The Knights of Columbus continued as our strong
                                                                                             suburban groupings primarily of Canadian birth. In 2005, Peel is a thriving region of
ally. The Canadian Tire Foundation for Families became a major financial supporter of
                                                                                             over 1,000,000 people who are primarily urban and suburban with a small percentage
our Gala event, and in 2005-2006 has become a grant funder of the agency and is
                                                                                             of rural dwellers. In Statistics Canada 2001 it was also written that 43% of Peel’s
exploring other means to share their corporate experience with CFSPD in order to help
                                                                                             population are immigrants. Peel has changed dramatically. Primarily this is a great
us to achieve our service goals! We thank you all for your generous support.
                                                                                             development for Peel Region and Ontario but one must also consider that this
Our partner agencies continue to help our clients jointly by working with us to run          astounding increase in numbers and diversity has brought huge challenges as well.
programs and protocols together. There are many meaningful partnerships and                  Because the funding formula for the Ministry of Community and Social Services
collaborations that CFSPD is engaged with such as: the Violence Against Women/Child          (MCSS) has not fundamentally changed for many of its programs over these past
Welfare Protocol, that was signed by 13 agencies and put into practice with Peel CAS,        decades, it has inadvertently penalized Peel Region. While regions such as Kingston,
and the Safer Families Project, which is a partnership between Family Services of Peel,      Sudbury, London and even Toronto have only experienced moderate increases in
Peel CAS and Catholic Family Services Peel Dufferin. A successful pilot study was            population since the early 70’s, Peel has quadrupled in size! Most of MCSS funding
implemented to provide more safety and better service to women and children who              has been historically based. By that we simply mean that all regions of the province
have been referred to Peel CAS because of domestic violence. The Provincial                  would get the same increases, decreases or flat line each year over the decades
Government has been approached to extend this pilot into a three year demonstration          regardless of their population changes or stability. The people who have immigrated or
project in Peel and three other regions throughout the province. A new project               migrated or been born in Peel have increased the wealth and community spirit of the
collaboration is in the works between Catholic Cross Cultural Services (CCS) and             region. They have also brought normal human needs and problems with them.
CFSPD. This partnership is an extension of the CFSPD Intern Program by which we              Because the funding formula has been historically based and not associated with either
hope to combine the abilities of CCS to assist immigrants to find appropriate and            population or assessed need, it has left Peel at a tremendous disadvantage compared
meaningful work, with CFSPD’s strength in training men and women to provide clinical         to other Regions with slower population growth and better per capita funding. To
counselling. It is the goal of this project to help foreign-trained counsellors to provide   illustrate this point let us quickly examine the per capita funding rates by MCSS for four
service to a diverse population of clients, further enhance their clinical skills, gain      major areas of service: Children’s Services (including Child Welfare and Children’s
Canadian experience and be prepared to find work in their field, preferably here in the      Mental Health), Child Care, Developmental Services and Adult Services (this is a
Peel region. We have submitted two funding proposals and are hopeful that funders are        composite of services but most of this sector is devoted to survivors of partner abuse,
as excited about this project as we are!                                                     children exposed to partner abuse and adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse). The
                                                                                             last completely accurate numbers comparing regions from MCSS is the fiscal year
2002/2003. Portraits of Peel Facing the Facts reports the following sobering              gap between what Peel based agencies receive from MCSS is greater than the total
comparisons:                                                                              amount of funding that is received from MCSS by those same agencies. At CFSPD,
                                                                                          this affects us in five ways. First, it reduces our ability to respond to need in a timely
Comparison of per capita funding for Peel and Ontario:                                    manner and thus waiting lists are created. Second, although we do outreach to many
                                                                                          diverse communities to ensure that every man, woman and child needing our services
                                                     Region of Peel       Ontario         is aware of them, we are missing thousands of people. Third, we are paying our staff
  Children’s Services with Child Welfare                 $211.48         $498.09          less than the exact same agencies operating in other parts of the GTA, Fourth, we are
  Children’s Services without Child Welfare              $78.30          $180.48          running out of space and our data base is collapsing. Because we have put most of any
  Developmental Services                                 $46.51          $84.70           new monies into either direct service or compensation increases, our infrastructure is
                                                                                          eroding. The fifth concern evolves out of the fact that in order to start any new and
  Adult Services                                          $9.46          $27.47
                                                                                          creative service innovation, new grant dollars must be found because core dollars are
  Child Care Services                                    $186.01         $356.15          desperately needed for the basic services. Thus, management team members spend a
                                                                                          disproportionate amount of time chasing grant funding at the risk of their own self care
The kind of changes in population size and demographic changes seen in Peel are just      and longevity with the agency.
not seen anywhere else over this same time period outside of those parts of the world
experiencing famine or war! It is true that York region has supplanted Peel Region as     This is a longstanding problem and no one is blaming any one government. The
the fastest growing region in Ontario in the last few years but Peel was the fastest      Conservatives, the NDP and the Liberals have all been the government while this
growing region throughout the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, and the early part of the 21st century!   problem grew in immensity. The solutions required will be complex but the need for
Although York region has a similar problem, their per capita funding is not as            fairness in MCSS funding allocation is clear and simple.
desperately low as that of Peel region. We have the worst per capita funding in the
                                                                                          What can you do to contribute to the solution of this social justice problem? If you are
entire province and with the second highest rate of population increase (27,000 per
                                                                                          representing another agency in Peel, join the Fair Share Task Force. If you are a staff
year) this problem is not going away without help from the provincial government.
                                                                                          member of CFSPD write or visit your local Peel MPP and ask your friends and relatives
The Fair Share Task Force is not stating that population should be the only variable in   to do the same. If you are a Board member of CFSPD meet with your local MPP and
calculating funding allocations. That has never been there recommendation nor is it       remember that they want to hear from you. If you are an MPP for Peel, then please
now. Rather, what the Task Force is recommending is that the Provincial government        speak to your fellow MPP’s in Peel, speak to the Ministers of MCSS and the Ministry of
create a new funding formula that utilizes both population and social indicators .The     Children and Youth Services and urge that your government meet with the Fair Share
Task Force has recommended a formula that allocates resources to regions using the        Task Force to begin the process of developing fair funding formulas for the Province.
three primary variables of population, prevalence of social problems and the degree of    Simply explain that some emergency aid for Peel is vital until the fair funding formulas
poverty. These could also be mixed with special costing factors; e.g travel in Northern   are completed. No matter who you are, share this information with others in Peel until
Ontario, the need to provide services and outreach materials in several languages in      everyone understands it and shares it so well that we all agree that the injustice can no
the GTA, etc.). Whatever, funding formula that MCSS chooses (based on a                   longer continue!
combination of population and need) will greatly benefit the citizens of Peel Region!
                                                                                                                          Respectfully submitted,
Why have we brought this issue up in our current annual report? The simple answer is
that we can not keep providing quality services in a timely fashion to survivors of
partner abuse, children exposed to partner abuse and adult survivors of childhood
abuse if the amount of funding is so unfairly low. We are a resourceful agency that                   Adrian O’Connor                             Mark Creedon
works well in collaboration and partnership with other violence against women
organizations but those other agencies are also under-funded by MCSS. The funding                  President, Board of Directors                 Executive Director
       Board of Directors 2004/2005                                                  Core Funding
                       executive                                    (Through Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Toronto)
                                                                        Ministry of Community & Social Services
Adrian O’Connor            General Manager                                      United Way of Peel Region
President                  John Brooks Company Limited
Jan Nevins
                           Innovative Management Consulltants
                                                                                    Grant Funding
Brendan Meagher            Finance Manager                                   Ministry of the Attorney General
Treasurer                  Petro Canada (retired)                            The Ontario Trillium Foundation
Lita Fearon                Comptroller                                                  Region of Peel
Secretary                  Data Cable Inc.
                                                                            National Crime Prevention Centre
                                                                                     (Federal Government)
Mark Creedon               Executive Director
                           Catholic Family Services Peel-Dufferin
                                                                           Accredited membership
                                                                                      Catholic Charities
                   General membership                                             Family Services Ontario

Dyona Johnson              Foreign Investments
                           CIBC Mellon
John Fernandes             Consultant
                           Investors Group Inc.
Mike Jansen                Project Manager
                           IBM Canada
Robert MacDermid           Lawyer
                           Kerzner, MacDermid, McKillop
Nicole Russell             Chartered Accountant
                           Nortel Networks
Cheryl Ann Fernandes       CI Point/Productivity Manager
                           Frito Lay Canada
      Profile of Persons Served 2004/2005                                     Profile of Persons Served by Program 2004/2005
               Total Number of Persons Served—19,208                          Individual, Couple & Family Counselling Program—1,865 Persons Served
                                                                                                     Program Cost—$586,886
                                 2004/2005     2003/2004 2002/2003
                                                                                           43% Claimed an ethnicity other than Canadian
   Counselling Programs              4,513        3,944       3,490                       35% Earned a family income of less than $30,000
   Information/Referral/Crisis       5,045        5,755       6,211                       44% Earned a family income of less than $38,000
   Community Awareness               7,650        7,182       5,758                            61% Women/Girls      39% Men/Boys

   Parish Social Ministry            2,000        2,637       2,892                             Age Group              Percentage
   Totals                            19,208      19,518      18,351                        Under 17 years of age           15%
                                                                                                  18-24                    8%
             We reach out to the poor and the marginalized
                                                                                                  25-34                    21%
Peel Region has identified that over 30,000 families make less than $32,000
            per year—Peel average family income is $79,324                                        35-44                    33%
              45% Earned a family income of $30,000 or less                                       45-54                    16%
              55% Earned a family income of $38,000 or less                                Over 55 years of age            7%
            We reach out to the immigrant population of Peel
              51% Claimed an ethnicity other than Canadian                          Partner Abuse Counselling Program—1,006 Persons Served
                                                                                                    Program Cost—$413,724
          We provide services to women, men, girls and boys                                63% Claimed an ethnicity other than Canadian
                            66% Female gender                                             49% Earned a family income of less than $30,000
                             34% Male gender                                              60% Earned a family income of less than $38,000
               We provide services to people of all ages                                           92% Women/Girls     8% Boys

                  Age Group                   Percentage                                        Age Group              Percentage

             Under 17 years of age               16%                                       Under 17 years of age           13%
                     18-24                       8%                                               18-24                    7%
                     25-34                       23%                                              25-34                    21%
                     35-44                       32%                                              35-44                    35%
                     45-54                       16%                                              45-54                    20%
              Over 55 years of age               5%                                        Over 55 years of age            4%
Profile of Persons Served By Program 2004/2005                              Profile of Persons Served By Program 2004/2005
Adult Survivors of Childhood Abuse Counselling Program—181 Persons Served   Helping End Abuse For Life Network Counselling Program—1,045 Persons Served
                          Program Cost—$233,560                                           Outreach & Education—7,650 Persons Served
             30% Claimed an ethnicity other than Canadian                                             Program Cost—$483,694
            53% Earned a family income of less than $30,000                               66% Claimed an ethnicity other than Canadian
            60% Earned a family income of less than $38,000
                                                                                         60% Earned a family income of less than $30,000
                   86% Women/Girls     14% Men/Boys                                      74% Earned a family income of less than $38,000
                 Age Group               Percentage                                               71% Women/Girls     29% Boys
            Under 17 years of age            4%                                                Age Group               Percentage
                    18-24                    14%                                          Under 17 years of age           69%
                    25-34                    32%                                                  18-24                    0%
                    35-44                    34%                                                  25-34                   17%
                    45-54                    12%                                                  35-44                   11%
             Over 55 years of age            4%                                                   45-54                    3%

Man To Man (Male Batterers) Counselling Program—416 Persons Served
                      Program Cost—$345,326                                                       Information/Referral/Crisis

             54% Claimed an ethnicity other than Canadian                                   Persons Served                5,045
            50% Earned a family income of less than $30,000
            60% Earned a family income of less than $38,000                                  Program Cost                $19,307
                               100% Men
                 Age Group               Percentage                                            Parish Social Ministry Program
            Under 17 years of age            0%
                    18-24                    9%                                             Persons Served                2,000

                    25-34                    29%                                           Number of Parish
                                                                                           Based Volunteers                660
                    35-44                    39%
                                                                                          Number of Volunteer            43,000
                    45-54                    15%                                               Hours
             Over 55 years of age            7%                                              Program Cost                $47,897
                      What our clients tell us                                                                       How we help
‘I believe everyone needs help sometimes, and I am so thankful for your                 Our clients share the results of their counselling and/or group experience
agency. If you weren’t available to me, I wouldn’t be healing and getting back on       with us through a formal evaluation process.
the right track. After my separation, assault and all the terrible things I had to go
through, I thank God for all the help my children and I received. Thank you’.           Individual, Couple & Family Program
                                                                                        98% of clients surveyed indicated that they understood their situation better;
‘Just knowing you are not alone is very comforting’.                                    94% reported that they were dealing with their problems better; 96% reported
                                                                                        that their sense of well-being was better.
‘This service has contributed to a life altering/saving experience. When other
services ignored me and turned me away CFSPD handled my case in a                       Partner Abuse Program
dedicated and professional manner’.
                                                                                        85% of clients indicated that they had a safety plan that they could use when in
                                                                                        danger; 75% of women who had children said they had a safety plan for their
‘I got the help that I needed right away for myself and my family’.
                                                                                        children; 95% reported they had a better understanding that the violence and
                                                                                        abuse was not their fault; 95% reported feeling more able to make choices
‘A feeling that I was not alone in my crisis, and that I could speak to other
                                                                                        about their lives; 95% reported feeling less alone; 94% reported having devel-
people about my personal experience without being judged or criticized. I
                                                                                        oped new ways to deal with the effects of the abuse.
started believing in myself again’.
                                                                                        Adult Survivors of Childhood Trauma and Abuse
‘I received much validation and support from my counsellor for my feelings. We
were able to look at my situation from different perspectives. This was my first        98% reported an increased ability to cope with an emotional crisis; 96% reported
step in healing’.                                                                       an increased ability to make choices; 96% reported feeling more comfortable
                                                                                        talking to others about their experience; 98% reported feeling less alone; 96%
‘I have taken some significant steps in my life because I feel better about             reported having developed new ways to deal with the effects of their abuse.
myself as a person and as a father’.
                                                                                        Man To Man Program
                                                                                        84% reported being able to identify their forms of abuse and control;
                                                                                        94% reported they were able to develop and implement alternative,
                                                                                        non-abusive or controlling, behaviours; 83% reported that the group helped
                                                                                        them develop more effective, non-abusive communication skills.

                                                                                        Women’s Advocacy Program
                                                                                        87% of the partners of men in the Man To Man Program (MTM) reported that
                                                                                        they had not experienced physical abuse while their current or ex-partner was
                                                                                        in the MTM group; 48% reported moderate to significant changes in their
                                                                                        partner’s behaviour; 100% reported that the program was supportive and
                                                                                        empowering; 97% reported that the program enabled them to take
                                                                                        self-protective action; 97% reported the program provided referrals and
                                                                                        information about community resources and how to access them.
                                                         Staff members 2004/2005
                                                                   (at March 31, 2005)

                             Executive                                                                       Counsellors & facilitators
Mark Creedon          *Executive Director              Full Time                         Paula Alonso                                                 Full Time
                                                                                         Heather Barbour                                              Part Time
                            Supervisors                                                  Laree Walters-Boadway                                        Full Time
                                                                                         Louise Burns                                                 Part Time
Susan Harris          *Clinical Program Manager        Full Time                         Lynda DeMelo                                                 Full Time
Katherine Tomkinson   *Brampton Office Supervisor      Full Time                         Nuzhat Haider                                                Contract
David O’Connor        *Mississauga Office Supervisor   Part Time                         Evelyn Ireland                                               Contract
                                                                                         Basil Joseph                                                 Contract
                              Financial                                                  Angie Lathrop                                                Contract
                                                                                         Sally Ludwig                                                 Contract
Lyne Eaves            *Financial Administrator         Part Time
                                                                                         MTM Facilitators (6)                                         Contract
                                                                                         Luis Munoz                                                   Full Time
                      Program Coordinators                                               Jennifer Myrie                                               Full Time
L. Robert Paskoff      Man To Man Program (MTM)        Full Time                         Lidia Mis                                                    Part Time
Shelina Jeshani        HEAL Network                    Full Time                         Gursharan Nijjar                                             Full Time
Paula Woods            Partner Contact Program         Part Time                         HEAL Network Facilitators (18)                               Contract
Sharon Mayne-Devine    Practicum Training Program      Contract                          Devika Rooney                                                Full Time
Jocelyn Kealey         Sistering Program               Contract                          Peter Sammet                                                 Contract
                                                                                         Anna Toth                                                    Part Time
                                                                                         Gladys Wong                                                  Part Time
                          Support Group
Ana Debem                                              Full Time                                                          Volunteers
Anne Dragone                                           Full Time
Sharleen McDowall                                      Contract                          We are grateful to the many interns and students who give of their time
Natalia Khan                                           Full Time                         and themselves to help keep us growing!
Karen Lopez                                            Full Time
Rosemarie Rebelo                                       Fill Time                                  Number of Agency (45) and Board (10) Volunteers—55
Mary Teti                                              Part Time                                           Agency Volunteer Hours—14,243
Isabell Wiffen                                         Part time
Becky Winslade                                         Full Time

                             * Management Team
                      Service Locations

Brampton                                    Caledon
10 Gilingham Drive                          18 King Street East
Suite 201                                   Unit D8
Brampton, ON                                Bolton, ON
L6X 5A5                                     L7E 1E8
Tel:    905.450.1608                        Tel:    905.450.1608
Fax:    905.450.8902                        Fax:    905.450.8902

Mississauga                                 Orangeville
165 Dundas Street West                      St. Timothy Parish
Suite 701                                   42 Dawson Road
Mississauga, ON                             Orangeville, ON
L5B 2N6                                     L9W 2W3
Tel:    905.897.1644                        St. Benedict School
Fax:    905.897.2467                        245 Blind Line, RR#4
                                            Orangeville, ON
St. Dominic Parish                          L9W 4X1
625 Atwater Avenue
Mississauga, ON
L5G 2A8

       Dufferin & Wellington Counties Toll Free: 1.888.940.0584


          Charitable Registration #11908 7823 RR0001

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