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Baseball is a kind of stick to play as the main features of the collective, confrontational strong ball project. It carried out more widely in the international arena, a greater impact, known as "the combination of athletic and wisdom." In the United States, especially popular in Japan, known as the "national sport." The ball is also a group, the number of the statutory minimum of 9 games, the sport is similar to softball. Baseball players are divided into offensive and defensive sides, the use of baseball bats and gloves, a fan of the baseball field in the competition. Game, two teams offensive and defensive rotation: When a run a successful offensive players, you can get 1 point. The highest score in nine innings for a team to win.

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Macalester college

                     Macalester athletics
              Macalester college
             2010 baseball schedule
Date	             Opponent	                                Time
Feb. 26           Wartburg (Ia.) (@Metrodome)              9:45 p.m.
March 1           Presentation (S.D.)                      9:45 p.m.
March 8           UW-Superior (@Metrodome)                 12:15 p.m.
March 12-19       Spring Trip—Phoenix, Ariz.
                  (10 games)
March 26          Rockford (Ill.) (@Metrodome)             10:00 p.m.
April	3		         Augsburg*	(DH)	                          1:00	p.m.
April 7           at Hamline* (DH) (@Midway)               2:30 p.m.
April 13          at St. Thomas* (DH)                      2:30 p.m.
                                                                                        Macalester record booK
April	17		        Concordia-Moorhead*	(DH)	                11:00	a.m.
April	20	         Bethany	Lutheran	                        3:30	p.m.         Individual Batting
April 21          at Gustavus Adolphus* (DH)               2:30 p.m.         Games, Season             44      Matt Kessler (1998)
                                                                             Games, Career             166     Matt Kessler (1996-1999)
April	25		        Carleton*	(DH)	                          12:00	p.m.        Batting Average, Season   .491    Scott McKinney (1992)
April	27		        St.	John’s*	(DH)	                        2:30	p.m.         Batting Average, Career   .446    Scott Sheehy (1988-89)
May	1		           Bethel*	(DH)	                            12:00	p.m.        Total Bases, Season       102     Joel Brettingen (2002)
                                                                             Total Bases, Career       307     Joel Brettingen (2001-04)
May	4		           Northwestern	(Minn.)	                    4:30	p.m.         Runs, Season              52      Andy Odegaard (2002)
May 5             at St. Olaf* (DH)                        2:30 p.m.         Runs, Career              150     Matt Kessler (1996-1999)
                                                                             At Bats, Season           151     David Young (1997)
May 9             at St. Mary’s* (DH)                      1:00 p.m.         At Bats, Career           513     Matt Kessler (1996-1999)
                                                                             Hits, Season              66      Joel Brettingen (2002)
                                                                             Hits, Career              201     Joel Brettingen (2001-04)
* MIAC games                                                                 Doubles, Season           18      R.T. Luczak (1998)
Home matches in bold                                                         Doubles, Career           50      Joel Brettingen (2001-04)
                                                                             Triples, Season           7       Adam Wedwick (2006)
(DH) – double headers                  Action photos: Christopher Mitchell   Triples, Career           17      Adam Wedwick (2004-07)
                                                                             Home Runs, Season         11      Jesse Calm (2000)
                                                                             Home Runs, Career         26      Kawika Alo (1994-97)
                                                                             RBI, Season               48      R.T. Luczak (1999)
                                                                             RBI, Career               152     R.T. Luczak (1996-1999)
  Last season Macalester celebrated Kick Cancer Night
                                                                             Walks, Season             30      Matt Kessler (1996)
  playing in pink uniforms. The 2009 Kick Cancer Night
                                                                             Walks, Career             98      Matt Kessler (1996-1999)
  will be held in connection with the Oct. 9 home game                       Slugging Pct., Season      .792   Scott Sheehy (1989)
  with UW-River Falls.                                                       Slugging Pct., Career     .736    Scott Sheehy (1988-89)
                                                                             Sacrifice Hits, Season    8       Matt Kessler (1998)
                                                                             Steals, Season            25      David Young (1997)
                                                                             Steals, Career            72      David Young (1994-97)
                                                                             Putouts, Season           297     Kawika Alo (1997)

                                                                             Individual Pitching
                                                                             Appearances, Season       17      Django Amerson (1996)
                                                                             Appearances, Career       55      Rob Sader (1995-1998)
                                                                             Complete Games, Season    11      Chad Rienstra (1990)
                                                                             Complete Games, Career    17      Chad Rienstra (1990-92)
                                                                             Wins, Season              8       Christian Blanck (1999)
                                                                             Wins, Career              20      Kurt Hebgen (1995-1998)
                                                                             Innings, Season           92      Chad Rienstra (1990)
                                                                             Innings, Career           251     Chad Rienstra (1990-92)
                                                                             ERA, Season               1.95    James Murrey (2009)
                                                                             Strikeouts, Game          18      Rex Kern (1937)
                                                                             Strikeouts, Season        78      Tom Gillespie (1999)
                                                                             Strikeouts, Career        199     Kurt Hebgen (1995-1998)
                                                                       Macalester’s NicholsoN Field
                                               Constructed while the Leonard Center was being built, Macalester’s new softball and baseball
                                               fields are located adjacent to each other on the southwest corner of the campus, just west of the
                                               stadium. The cozy dimensions and high outfield dimensions of the Nicholson Baseball Field have
                                               made for exciting games. An indoor press box overlooks both diamonds and the dugouts are
                                               spacious and comfortable.

       Head Coach Matt Parrington

Matt Parrington is entering his 11th
season as head baseball coach at
Macalester College. He has 149 wins
which makes him the all-time leader in
that category. Parrington led the Scots
to their only MIAC playoff appearance
back in 2000. Prior to being named
head coach, he served as associate
head coach and recruiting coordinator
for three years.

Parrington is a 1991 graduate of
Minnesota State University–Mankato,
an NCAA Division II baseball program in
southern Minnesota, where he earned
an undergraduate degree in mass com-
munications. He enjoyed a career as
both an outfielder and pitcher and was a
member of three North Central Confer-
ence championship teams while playing
under ABCA Hall of Fame Head Coach
Dean Bowyer.

He also served as graduate assistant
coach under Bowyer from 1992-94 with
the role of pitching coach, and earned a                               2010 Macalester baseball roster
master’s degree in sport administration.
Parrington came to Macalester College          No.   Name                   Yr.   Pos.     B/T   Ht.     Wt.     Hometown/High School
from the Milwaukee Brewers front office        1     Nathan Rubin           So.   OF       L/L   5-8     140     Venice, Fla./Venice
in the fall of ’96. Parrington currently re-   2     Mitch Glasser          So.   IF       R/R   5-11    175     Chicago, Ill./The Latin School
                                               3     Will Chen              Jr.   OF/P     R/R   6-0     180     Edina, Minn./Edina
sides in his hometown of St. Louis Park        4     Dan Esrig              Sr.   IF       R/R   5-8     150     Evanston, Ill./Evanston Township
with his wife Karen.                           5     Graham Brown           So.   OF/C     R/R   5-7     150     Annandale, Minn./Annandale
                                               6     Jason Friedman         Sr.   IF/OF    R/R   5-9     160     New York, N.Y./The Browning School
                                               7     Nick Meerson           So.   P/OF     L/L   5-8     145     Los Angeles, Calif./Harvard-Westlake
                                               8     Elliott Yodh           Jr.   P        R/R   5-6     140     Merion, Pa./Lower Merion
                                               10    Devin English          Sr.   IF       R/R   6-0     175     Annapolis, Md./DeMatha
                                               11    Bobby De Meulenaere    Jr.   OF       R/R   5-10    175     Elk Grove Village, Ill./Elk Grove
                                               12    Louis Mondale          So.   P        R/R   5-11    170     St. Louis Park, Minn./Benilde-St. M’s
                                               13    Robert Engel           Sr.   IF/P/C   R/L   5-9     180     Sunnyvale, Calif./St. Lawrence
                                               14    Jack Cooper            Jr.   P        R/R   5-11    170     Alexandria, Va./T.C. Williams
                                               15    Roberto Capriotti      Fy.   IF/P     R/R   5-8     165     Pittsburgh, Pa./Upper St. Clair
                                               16    Alex Ingram            Jr.   P        R/R   6-3     180     Chicago, Ill./Morgan Park Academy
                                               17    Trevor McCalmont       So.   P        R/R   6-4     165     Piedmont, Calif./Piedmont
                                               18    Adam Oien              Sr.   P        R/R   6-0     165     Conrad, Mont./Conrad
                                               19    Eric Robinson          Sr.   P        R/R   6-0     160     San Francisco, Calif./The Urban School
                                               20    Jimmy Belfont          Fy.   IF/P     R/R   5-9     155     Olney, Md./Our Lady of Good Counsel
                                               21    Gabe Feingold          So.   C        R/R   5-8     155     Berkeley, Calif./College Preparatory
                                               22    Nate Wilson-Traisman   Sr.   IF       R/R   6-4     210     Eugene, Ore./South Eugene
                                               23    Dustin Studelska       So.   IF       R/R   6-1     155     Grafton, Wis./Grafton
                                               24    Ezra Wise              So.   IF       R/R   6-4     210     Bronxville, N.Y./The Hackley School
                                               25    Garrett Salzman        So.   C        R/R   5-9     175     Glendale, Calif./St. Francis
                                               26    James Murrey           Sr.   P        R/R   6-4     220     Western Springs, Ill./Lyons Township
                                               27    Robert Williams        So.   C        R/R   6-0     205     West Covina, Calif./Northview
                                               28    Michael Kennedy        Sr.   OF       R/R   5-11    180     Chicago, Ill./Northside Prep
                                               29    David Melms            Fy.   IF       R/R   5-8     160     Wauwatosa, Wis./Wisconsin Lutheran
                                               30    Nick Marotta           Fy.   P/OF     L/L   5-7     175     Sea Cliff, N.Y./Friends Academy
                                               31    Bryce Hoffa            Fy.   IF       R/R   5-11    180     Apple Valley, Minn./Apple Valley
                                               32    David Arvizu           So.   OF       L/R   6-0     165     Bakersfield, Calif./Centennial
                                               33    Aaron Dawson           Fy.   OF       R/R   6-0     150     Haverford, Pa./Harriton
                                               34    Sam Brier              Fy.   OF       R/R   6-4     195     San Diego, Calif./The Bishop’s School
                                               35    Adam Bunkoske          Fy.   IF       L/R   5-10    170     Beaver Dam, Wis./Wayland Academy
                                                                            Macalester all-coNFereNce
        Macalester college
                                                                            selectioNs siNce 1987
        •	   Located	in	a	friendly,	residential	neighborhood	on		           2009	    Devin	English,	James	Murrey,	Nate		
        	    53	green	acres	in	the	heart	of	two	of	America’s	safest,		      	  	     Wilson-Traisman
        	    most	vibrant	cities	                                           2008	    Devin	English,	James	Murrey
        •	   Enrollment	1,900	(1,858	full-time,	42	part-time)               2007	    James	Murrey,	Adam	Wedwick
        •	   Academic	majors:	37                                            2006	    John	Simkins
        •	   U.S.	states	represented	by	Mac	students:	48                    2005	    Mike	Merrill
        •	   Countries	represented	by	Mac	students:	90                      2004	    Joel	Brettingen
        •	   Percent	of	U.S.	students	who	are	students	of	color:	22         2003	    Joel	Brettingen
        •	   Percent	of	U.S.	and	international	faculty	of	color:	20         2002	    Joel	Brettingen,	Steve	Derrington
        •	   Percent	of	students	who	are	citizens	of	another	country:	17	   2001	    Keenan	Sue,	Scott	Bell
                                                                            2000	    Christian	Blanck,	Jesse	Calm,		
                                                                            	  	     Keenan	Sue
        the twiN cities oF st. Paul aNd MiNNeaPolis                         1999	    R.T.	Luczak,	Keenan	Sue
                                                                            1998	    R.T.	Luczak,	Rick	Van	Pelt
        •				Home	to	five	professional	sports	teams	including		             1997	    Kawika	Alo
        	 the	Vikings,	Twins,	Timberwolves,	Wild,	and	Lynx.                 1996	    Kawika	Alo,	Django	Amerson
        •				949	lakes,	40,000	acres	of	parkland,	58	theaters,		            1995	    Rob	Sader,	David	Young
        	 30	museums,	51	night	clubs                                        1992	    Scott	McKinney,	Chad	Rienstra
        •				Home	to	more	than	20	colleges	and	universities	                1990	    Chad	Rienstra
        •				Average	number	of	sunny	days	each	year:	250                    1989	    Scott	Sheehy
        •				Home	to	the	Mall	of	America,	the	largest	enclosed		            1988	    Todd	Hovey
        	 mall	in	the	country                                               1987	    Todd	Hovey
        •				More	golfers	per	capita	than	any	other	city	in	America
        •				Headquarters	of	Fortune	500	including	3M,	Target,		            Mac QuicK Facts
        	 Best	Buy,	General	Mills,	U.S.	Bancorp,	Xcel	Energy,	Ecolab,		
        	 Ameriprise	Financial,	The	Travelers	Companies,		                  Location	          	     	     St.	Paul,	Minn.
        	 Land	O’Lakes,	Supervalu,	Medtronic	and	more.                      Nickname	          	     	     Scots
                                                                            Colors	            	     	     Blue	&	Orange
        	                                                                   Conference	        	     	     Minnesota		     	   	
        leoNard ceNter athletic aNd wellNess coMPlex                        Intercollegiate	Affiliation	   NCAA	Division	III
                                                                            President	         	     	     Brian	Rosenberg
        The	new	$45-million	Leonard	Center	provides	state-of-the-art		      Athletic	Director	 	     	     Kim	Chandler
        facilities:                                                         Associate	A.D.	 	        	     Vanessa	Seljeskog

        •	   Field	house	with	200-meter	track	and	multipurpose		            baseball iNForMatioN
        	    courts	for	tennis,	basketball,	and	volleyball
        •	   gymnasium	with	seating	for	1200	spectators                     Head	Coach	        	Matt	Parrington
        •	   9,000-sq.	ft.	fitness	center	with	free	weights,		              Year	at	School	    	11th
        	    cardio,	and	circuit-training	equipment                         Email	             	parrington@macalester.edu
        •	   Training	room	with	treatment	area	and	hydro		                  Coach’s	phone	     	651-696-6770
        	    therapy	room	with	three	whirlpools.                            Assistant	Coaches	 	Matt	O’Brien	(pitching	coach)
        •	   10-lane	swimming	pool,	25-yd.	x	25	m                           	 	                	Marc	Rodwogin,	Cormac	Seely,
        •	   Two	racquetball/squash	courts                                  	 	                	Scott	Coolong,	Mike	Merrill,	
        •	   Outdoors:	tennis	courts,	new	baseball	and		                    	 	                	Damon	Dahlheimer
        	    softball	fields,	new	track	and	football	field.                 Website	           	www.macalester.edu/athletics
                                                                            Home	Facility	     	Nicholson	Field	

Photo: Leonard Center

                                                  MACALESTER COLLEGE
                                      Follow	the	Scots	on	the	web:	macalester.edu/athletics

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