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									Cold pressed organic unrefined Avocado oil
Submitted by Mark Willy
16th November, 2010

Unrefined organic Avocado oil is a dark green olive colour and is a very deep penetrating oil
which feeds the skin and helps delay the signs of ageing skin. It is rich in essential fatty acids
which makes it very good for dry and mature skin. It can be added at 15% or 20% to other
carrier oils for massaging into the skin. Fushi's Avocado oil has been mechanically cold pressed
and handled to a food standard. The oil is pressed from the avocado pear and has a slight natural


Avocado oil in its crude form is a great oil to use as carrier oil when performing aromatherapy
massage, for hair and skin conditioning, for moisturising aging skin and using as hair oil.

It is very rich in Vitamin E, A, D as well as lecithin and potassium. It penetrates easily and
deeply and can be used for dry mature skins and well as for sun damaged skin and for people
suffering from Eczema or Psoriasis. It helps with skin regeneration and hydrating the skin.
Avocado oil increases elasticity of the skin as it contains collagen supporting amino acids and
proteins. With a unique naturally occurring nutritional profile and a creamy rich texture,
avocado oil is a wonderful way to hydrate and nourish even the most dry, damaged skin.

It can also be taken internally, and is known to help with stomach and intestinal trouble and for
stimulating the liver.

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Fushi believes that the body shouldn’t be overexposed to chemicals and unnatural elements and
uses natural and organic ingredients wherever possible. Fushi supports Fair Trade, only buying
products from suppliers that do not exploit indigenous populations around the globe. Fushi is a
Member if the Ethical Company Organisation and the Good Shopping Guide. Many products
are suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

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