Debunking the Myths About Keratin Complex by errol56baird


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									Debunking the Myths About Keratin Complex
Recently keratin complex is creating a big buzz in beauty industry. This smoothing and
straightening system brought several misconceptions that confused its potential users.
Before engaging in this kind of treatment, it is important to set the record straight. There
are some people who think that straightening system like Brazilian way is all the same.
The truth is the complex is different compared to its traditional and chemical based
straightening systems Thio or lye based kind of strengtheners alter the chemical bonds
that lies in the hair. The complex on the other hand gives shine to the hair and make it
manageable than ever.
It infuses keratin in the hair cuticle. As a result, natural keratin is restored and
rejuvenated giving the hair smooth and silky feel. Many people are dealing with fizz and
this is the solution that can help in the styling of the hair. Since not all smoothing
treatments are the same, it doesn’t produce the same results. Compared to other
treatments, it remove frizz and curl for about three months. Anybody can undergo these
treatments even those with color treated hair. With this system, the hair will not dry and
you blowing drying only take about ten minutes.
There are many people who refrain from using a straightening system because of the
odor it emits and have formaldehyde. Many stylists love this product because it is safe
and effective. It doesn’t release odor or fumes. This is due to the process used for
creating the product. It has balanced reactions and patented polymerization that seal the
hair without having to release any harmful gases which make it ideal for salon use.
Those with low aldehydes produce a very unpleasant odor.
It is very important to take note that not everyone can perform smoothing treatment. You
need a stylist, hair expert or salon to administer the product. It is not something that you
can do at home. The treatment should be handles by trained professional who is
accredited to ensure that results that you want. There are many salons that offer this
treatment. Usually the salon professional assess the hair before starting the treatment.
This is important so that desired results could be achieved. If you are interested to know
more about the keratin complex, training is offered by the manufacturers.
There are many who don’t believe in Keratin. It is important to know that we are born
with 80% keratin in the hair. As we grow older, there is keratin loss leading dullness,
coarseness and frizziness of the hair. It is important to replenish keratin loss so that the

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hair would be shiny, straight and frizz free. With this treatment, you can manage the hair
very easily. A lot of women want to gain their self esteem and confidence. This is truly
something that could help. With manageable and stylish hair, it can definitely improve
one’s appearance.

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