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Services Offered


OUR VALUES: Allegiance Design-Build, LLC was established to serve in our
community by providing general contracting services and operating under three basic
    1. To help people
    2. Deliver professionally engineered buildings with excellence
    3. Apply the “Golden Rule” to everyday business

      TO HELP PEOPLE: Constructing a commercial building is a tremendous undertaking
      for most. There are many decisions building owners must make that require a
      trustworthy guide to lead them through the process. At Allegiance we have the
      experience to assist with your building Planning, Design & Construction needs. It is our
      view that it is not enough just to know how to construct a building. Our position is that it
      is important to know how to bring the three aspects of a building project together as one
      continuous process in order to best serve our customer’s needs (it is the continuity that
      is important with a single guide providing leadership). The three phases of a building
      project are Planning, Design & Construction. The construction is only as good as the
      value incorporated into the design during the Planning and Design process. Allegiance
      is capable of driving the entire process to help bring more value to the project. This
      significantly simplifies the entire building process for the building owner. Because our
      mission is to make the building process as worry-free as possible, we offer free
      “Planning Your Building” workshops.

      Over the years Allegiance has observed two methods of delivering building construction:
      The Traditional and the Design-Build method. The Traditional method requires the
      owner to contract with at least two entities (architect & contractor). This method is
      centered on a system of checks and balances. Allegiance has exclusively chosen the
      Design-Build approach because we believe this option best serves the building owner’s
      interests. This approach requires the building owner to contract with only one entity – the
      contractor. The Design-Build method employs the team concept where the Design-Build
      Contractor is the building owner’s advocate with the focus to get the job done within
      budget and provide a great value in the end product. Our Design-Build method is based
      on strong relationships that are Built on Trust. The methods established by USGBC for
      LEED-Certified Building design could also be described as Design-Build since the
      contractor is on board at the earliest planning stage.

      APPLY THE GOLDEN RULE TO EVERYDAY BUSINESS: Treating others the way you
      wish to be treated is more important than ever in our world today. Allegiance Design-
      Build was founded on this premise. This principle is applied to all our business
      relationships in order to deliver the best quality projects to our customers on schedule
      and within budget. We treat employees and subcontractors well. We always keep our
      clients best interests at heart. Applying these simple rules of business does nothing but
      yield dividends in the end product we produce plus develops relationships …

                                         Built on TRUST.

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Services Offered

OWNER’S BIO: The President of Allegiance Design-Build is William C. Kyle, P.E.,
LEED AP. Bill has proven himself as a qualified expert in the field of building design &
construction. His love and passion is working with people in the process of constructing
buildings and seeing the execution of “The Plan” come to life. His desire is for every
customer to be satisfied with the quality of service received to include 1) receiving the
help they needed for their building project, 2) receiving a quality job professionally
crafted with excellence and 3) being treated fairly and with dignity. Doing this well is
how Bill defines a successfully run business.

Bill has nearly 30 years of building Planning, Design and Construction experience that
he personally brings to the table of every project we undertake. As indicated by his
credentials, Bill is a licensed Professional Engineer, LEED Accredited Professional and a
licensed Class A Contractor. He is a veteran of two branches of the armed forces,
which have helped him know how to take charge leading design and construction
teams. Bill has experience with numerous consulting engineering offices across the
country. This has helped him maintain an open mind on different ways of approaching
design. He also has experience in the metal building industry, giving him additional
options of bringing value to building design.


      ENGINEERED: We involve licensed professionals as required on every project
       we undertake to be certain we are offering the best VALUE to our customers. As
       stated above Bill Kyle, P.E., LEED AP is personally involved in the planning and
       design of every one of our projects.
      VALUE: That balance between cost and quality of end product
      TRUST: The cornerstone of any relationship. We want our customers to feel
       assured that our character and abilities are reliable and that we will be true to
       represent them faithfully in the execution of their project. Trust grows over time,
       as do relationships. Communication is the key to both.

OUR SPECIALTIES: Although we are capable of constructing anything up to mid-rise
construction (8-10 stories), we have chosen to specialize in the following:
    Churches of any shape or size to include:
          o Sanctuaries
          o Education Buildings
          o Administrative Buildings
          o Additions
          o Renovations
    Green / LEED-Certified Buildings to include:
          o Non-Profit’s
          o Schools
          o Offices
          o Retail
          o Warehouses
          o Government
          o Renovations

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Services Offered

DESIGN-BUILD: Is a building delivery method where a single entity is responsible to
provide the Planning, Design and Construction services for a project. The Contractor
who is responsible to assemble the planning and design team for the project leads the
Design-Build team. Once the design is completed the Contractor executes the plan by
constructing the building. The Design-Build Contractor has single-source responsibility
to the building owner for delivery of project. The Design-Build approach provides a
better value of construction to the building owner with a higher cost savings potential.

      Single-source responsibility for Planning, Design & Construction
      Simplifies construction process for Building Owner – only work with one entity
      Team concept
      Faster delivery schedule
      Higher cost savings potential
      Method most suited for LEED-Certified Building projects

      Site Survey / Wetlands                              Fire Zoning Requirements
       Delineation                                         Traffic Studies (if required)
      Master Plan                                         Budget Review
      Building Codes and Ordinances                       Project Schedule
      Utilities Availability and Costs

      LEED Charrette (if required)                        Life-Cycle Cost Analysis
      Approval Phases (10%, 35%,                          Landscape Plan (included with
       95%, 100%)                                           POD)
      Plan of Development (POD)                           Specifications on Drawings
      Geotechnical Investigation                          Budget Confirmation at 35% &
      Architectural Schemes                                95% Phases
      Structural Schemes                                  Project Schedule Review
      Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing
       (MEP) Schemes

      Execute “The Plan”                                  Document Changes to Design
      Special Inspections as required                      (As-Built Drawings)
       by Code or Local Jurisdictions                      Commissioning of Building
      Address Changes to Original                          Energy Systems
       Design as required                                  Final Clean-up & Punch List

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Services Offered


       LEED: Stands for Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design. LEED promotes a whole-
       building approach to sustainability by recognizing performance in five key areas of human and
       environmental health: 1) Sustainable Site Development, 2) Water Efficiency, 3) Energy
       Efficiency, 4) Material Selection, 5) Indoor Environmental Quality

       SUSTAINABILITY: Incorporating design techniques, technologies and materials that have less
       dependency on fossil fuels and minimize the building’s overall negative environmental impact.
       Put another way Sustainability brings balance to the Environmental, Economic and Social
       considerations in building design

       LEED AP: Stands for LEED Accredited Professional. This is a credential that is earned through
       extensive examination and distinguishes building professionals with the knowledge and skills to
       successfully steward the integrated design and LEED certification process

       GREEN BUILDING: It is a slang term used to describe what has already been stated above
       under LEED: Stated in a slightly different way: it is a building with minimal site disruption that is
       energy, water & resource efficient, has good indoor air quality, natural lighting, outdoor views and
       various other benefits

       LEED CERTIFICATION: Is a point structure that is achieved by meeting USGBC standards that
       includes 7 prerequisites and between 26 and 69 credit point options as verified by independent
       3 party

       USGBC: Stands for United States Green Building Council. Their purpose is to provide
       leadership and to be an integrating force for the Green Building industry


      30 - 70% Water & Energy Savings
      Verified Performance of Building Energy Systems
      Enhanced Productivity of Occupants
      Reduced Liability – Improved Risk Management for indoor air quality issues
      Increased Value


      BENEFIT: Save 30-50% of Operating Costs over life of Building
      CONSEQUENCE: Up Front Cost is 0% to 7% of Total Construction Cost

BOTTOM LINE: Allegiance Design-Build has chosen to specialize in Green / LEED-
Certified Building Solutions because it simply makes sense to think smart when
designing a building. There are many design strategies that can be implemented with
none-to-little up-front cost. In some cases it is possible to even save building cost. Not
only is LEED Certification the smart way to design a building; it is simply the right thing
to do. LEED Certification is a system that helps us be good stewards of the resources
we have been given. LEED should be considered a long-term strategy for building

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Services Offered


OVERVIEW: Building design encompasses many different framing schemes available
to the designer. These schemes include Conventional, Metal Building and Hybrid. In
order to provide the design that brings the most value to a project, each of these
schemes must be considered during the planning stage of the project. The cost of
construction based on scheme usually follows this pattern (from lowest cost to highest):
    1) Metal Building
    2) Hybrid
    3) Conventional
But this is not always the case. Every project is unique and must be evaluated to use
the scheme that offers the most value. Allegiance understands this, which is why it is
our mission for our customer’s buildings to be ENGINEERED for VALUE. Following is
a more detailed explanation of each scheme.

METAL BUILDING: Metal Buildings (sometimes referred to as Pre-Engineered Metal
Buildings) are a specialty in-and-of themselves. Allegiance Design-Build is an expert
with these systems. We understand every aspect of Metal Buildings and they contribute
significantly toward points for LEED Certification.

Metal Buildings are not just box-shaped buildings anymore with metal walls and roof.
They have become an excellent commercial building alternative that offers many
economies not found in conventional systems. The standing-seam roof is weather tight
and provides many more years of service compared to conventional roof systems.
Metal Buildings are not a fix-all type solution, meaning there are certain configurations,
loadings or geometries that make it uneconomical or unpractical. That is where the
Hybrid Building comes in as discussed below.

HYBRID: Hybrid buildings are a mixture of Metal Building with Conventional
components. This can be something as simple as replacing metal walls with brick or as
complicated as creating an octagon configured church with metal roofing and brick
walls. The options are virtually limitless. Hybrids are a recent development in the
construction industry. They require a thorough knowledge and understanding of how
the different components integrate. Allegiance understands every aspect of integrating
a Hybrid solution into a building design. Hybrid solutions contribute significantly toward
points for LEED Certification.

CONVENTIONAL: Conventional solutions involve everything else not mentioned
above. Conventional contributes toward points for LEED Certification.

FINAL NOTE: Allegiance Design-Build is an expert when it comes to Buildings,
whether they are Metal Building, Hybrid or Conventional systems. We understand how
to discern what should be a Hybrid vs. a Metal Building and vise-versa. There may be
times when it should not be either system but a standard conventional building. If that is
the case Allegiance knows how and when to make that call. WE ARE THE EXPERTS

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