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Moroccan oil has been used for centuries in Morocco and surrounding
environs for its beauty and health properties. The exclusive Moroccanoil
brand utilizes Moroccan oil in its hair care products and they’re now
available at

Luxury Parlor offers a wide array of Moroccanoil products to keep your hair
looking shiny and sexy. Their line of Moroccanoil hair care products is
second to none, with shampoos, conditioners, hair sprays, serums and oil
treatments to gently clean, condition and repair damaged hair. Curl cream,
styling cream, hair masks and scalp treatments are also available. Their salon
quality products provide the perfect way to maintain your hair between visits
to your stylist.

Moroccan oil is rich in emollients and vitamin E that act as super
moisturizers for your hair. It’s effective as an aid in taming unruly hair and
reducing frizzies. Moroccan oil is a UV protector and helps to shield against
environmental stressors such as free radicals. It’s well known for its anti-
oxidant and anti-aging properties. Products are absorbed quickly and leave no
oily or greasy residue.

As an added benefit for customers, Luxury Parlor also offers free shipping on
orders of $99 or more, and a free gift when visitors place an order of $200 or

The quality of Moroccanoil products has gained the attention of celebrities
and industry professionals. Their hair care products have been featured on the
Kathy Lee and Hoda television show. They've also been rated one of Style
Magazine’s Best Beauty Buys of 2010.

Moroccan oil is produced from the fruit of the rare argan tree that’s native to
Southwest Morocco. Once found only in Morocco, the trees have been
induced to grow in Israel and can now be found there in carefully tended
orchards. Moroccan oil is one of the rarest oils in the world. The oil is

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traditionally hand-extracted and produced through a laborious and time
intensive process. The oil used in Moroccanoil products is obtained today
using mechanical presses.

Moroccanoil cares about the environment and the welfare of animals. The
company uses no animal ingredients in their products and the company’s
products and ingredients are never tested on animals. In addition, the firm is
dedicated to using recycled packaging materials whenever possible.

For more information, visit the website at

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Description: Moroccan oil has been used for centuries in Morocco and surrounding environs for its beauty and health properties.