Minutes of meeting held at 2.00 pm on 15th August 2007
                      at Staff Home, Inverurie Hosptial

Present:    Val Tweedie, Public Health Lead, Aberdeen CHP, NHS Grampian
            Ivor Lee, Local Community Network Support Office, Keith/Buckie
            Barbara Stearn, NHS Grampian
            Gary Crawford, Youth Strategy Social Work, Aberdeenshire Council
            Yvonne Wright, Public Health Co-ordinator (North), Aberdeen CHP,
            NHS Grampian
            Heather Wilson, GKAC Project Manager, NHS Grampian
Item                                                                       Actions
1.      Welcome and Apologies

         Rona Benzie, Community Learning Development Officer,
           Children & Young People, Aberdeen City Council
         Rhona Jarvis, Head of Planning & Policy for Services to Children
           & Young People, Aberdeen City Council
         Chris Stewart, Lead for Children’s Services, Aberdeen City CHP,
           NHS Grampian
         Val Arief, Senior Planning Officer (Drug Misuse Children &
           Young People) Aberdeenshire Council
         Wendy Jamieson, LCN Manager, The Moray Council
         Jennifer Hall, Public Health Lead, Aberdeenshire CHP, NHS
         Alan Strachan, Youth Strategy Team Leader, Aberdeenshire
         Tracey Gervaise, Public Health Co-ordinator, Moray, NHS
         John Carney, Social Work Manager, Moray Council
         Pauline Gerrard, Children & Young People Services Officer,
2.      Annual Review of GKAC
        Minutes of previous meeting reviewed and actions reported on.

        Matters Arising
        See minute of meeting with red text indicating responses to the
        identified actions.

        ACTION: YW suggested that HW contact the Foyer for more
        information on how they were recording achievements and              HW
        goals for their client group.
2.      Check Progress against objectives
cont.   See objectives from last year with red text indicating progress

        Area Reports and Review Document for 2006 – 2007
        Individual reports were prepared for Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire and
        Moray with revised statistics in accordance with the requests from
        last year’s meeting.

        The three reports have been combined to provide the Annual
        Review document.

        It was agreed that the revised statistics provided more meaningful
        information and were helpful.

        ACTION: The individual reports and Annual Review document
        will be circulated to the members of the Advisory Group before
        being placed on (web site for                 HW
        professionals and others with an interest in Health

        Evaluation Reports
        GKAC continues to monitor and evaluate where possible. Copies of
        Customer Satisfaction Surveys and a short evaluation of the
        Fraserburgh and Peterhead horse-riding groups were circulated.
        Positive feedback has been received with any negative comments
        being followed up and necessary action taken.

3   Business Plan
    The Business Plan has been produced to give a clear understanding
    of the long-term aim and plan for GKAC.

    Actions plans for 2007/8 and 2008/9 are included in the Business
    Plan (see page 16). Action plans for future years will be added.

    ACTION: It was agreed that these Action Plans be approved.

    A Marketing Plan was also included in the Business Plan to ensure
    equity of access to GKAC. (see page 19) Action plans for future
    years will be added as required.

    ACTION: It was agreed that this Marketing Plan be approved.

    Financial position
    GKAC is coping financially, but will find the next few years
    challenging in terms of fundraising as many funding streams are
    coming to an end. The Big Lottery Sports and PE funding will finish
    in August 2007 and the Community Regeneration funding ends in
    April 2008.

    The income and expenditure report for April 2006 – March 2007 can
    be found in the Appendix of the Business Plan along with a
    projected income and expenditure requirement for the next 4 years,
    based on the long term plan for GKAC.

    Although a healthy balance was brought forward in April 2007 this
    will not be enough to sustain the project during the current year.
    Further funds will have to be found.

    Funding applications
    The main application pending is the Big Lottery proposal, This will
    be posted before the end of this week .

    Other funding opportunities will be investigated as necessary but the
    support of the group is appreciated in alerting GKAC to any funds
    that the project could bid for.

    ACTION: HW to be advised of any suitable funding                        ALL
    ACTION: The Business Plan will be submitted in support of the
    Big Lottery Funding Application.
    ACTION: A copy of the Business Plan to be sent to Director of           HW
    Public Health, NHS Grampian.

Item                                                                          Actions
4.     Evaluation and monitoring plans for 2006/7

       The project will continue to monitor and evaluate as before. Ideally
       if more staff time was available more detailed information could be
       recorded but it was appreciated that this was difficult.

       ACTION: The individual record books for Aberdeen,                      HW
       Aberdeenshire and Moray were useful and this method of
       recording should continue.
       ACTION: It was also agreed that the more detailed monitoring
       of the CRF participants would prove helpful and this would             HW
5.     Areas – Allocation of places
       It was agreed that this would remain unchanged for the current year
       but depending on the outcome of the Big Lottery proposal there was
       potential for expansion in each of the areas.
6.     Lemon Tree event for 10th Birthday
       This event was planned to celebrate the 10th Birthday of GKAC in
       Aberdeen. The cost has been fully sponsored and plans are
       progressing well. An invitation list is being compiled and official
       invites will be issued week commencing 10th September. Advisory
       Group members will be invited.

       Suggestions for promotion of the event included:                       HW
        Contacting Peter Mitchell for a feature in his Press & Journal
        Contacting Aberdeen College, Grays School of Art and Robert
         Gordon University to find out if film students would be interested
         in covering the event for us.

       ACTION: A copy of the event schedule to be attached to this   HW
       ACTION: HW to contact Peter Mitchell, Aberdeen College, Grays HW
       School of Art and Robert Gordon University re above.

7.   AOCB

     Heather circulated a Draft Code of Conduct that had been
     developed after ongoing problems with behaviour. The document
     had been circulated to a wide group and included, young people,
     parents, link workers, volunteers and GKAC staff. All the comments
     received had been positive.

     ACTION: It was agreed that the Code of Conduct be issued to
     all GKAC groups, young people, staff and volunteers with             HW
     welcome and induction packs. This would also include taxi
8.   Date of future meetings

     To be arranged

     Heather thanked everyone for attending and closed the meeting.


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