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									                    Board Positions For 2007-2008

Positions With Brief Job Description
President of The Board – Leads the Board Meetings, Types up the agenda, Runs the
General Meeting

Vice President in Charge – VPs do the scheduling for their class and the VP in charge is
also responsible for communicating with the other three VPs

Treasurer – Will be in charge of collecting tuition and taking it to our paid accountant and
to deliver late notices. (Please note that this job has lessened from past years.)

Fundraising – Will be in charge of several small fundraisers through out the year such as
Deco Plates and Hand Print Tiles.

Special Events Coordinator – Will be in charge of two larger fundraisers – these events
are to be determined but we are currently thinking a Bike-a-Thon or a Carnival.

PPL- Listens and mediates if two parties are having a conflict that they cannot
resolve on their own.

SVC Representative – This person goes every other month to a meeting with our co-op
council and reports back to us.

Grant Writer – This is a new position. This person would research available grants and
would submit application to the appropriate grants.

Secretary- Takes notes at the Board Meetings and will produce the monthly newsletter.

Please Note:
1. The other three class VPs are elected when we return to school in the fall.
 2. The President, Treasurer and VP-In Charge positions must be filled by a
    that is currently enrolled in the preschool or is a returning parent.
3.If you want further information concerning the job, please contact the person
  currently holding the job or myself.
Rae Zarghami

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