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									        Android Application Development
AADI – Android Application development India is especially designed and developed
for providing comprehensive Android Solution to Android users worldwide. AADI is
organized by the certified Android developers/programmers and it is sub-division of
HiddenBrains a professional Web & Mobile Application development company.
 Android OS is designed & developed in such technical way that allows Android
developers to utilize third party Android applications. At AADI the professionals are
offering various Android development services and ensuring the enhancement of
Advance Android operating system based hand-held devices.

Our Android services are technical endeavor of providing robust Android solutions for
the Android users. The services that we offer are designed to solve the custom
requirements of Android device users. They can easily avail solutions to all simple to
complex Android developments with the technical assistance of highly professional
Android developers/programmers. The list of Android services that AADI provides is
definitely helping you to convert your Android device according to your requirements. So
let’s have a little momentary look on Android services by AADI.

Android Application Development
Android OS is admired by the mobile application developers/programmers at great
extent. The reason behind the curtains of popularity among professionals is the feature of
allowing third party integration in Android based devices. We offer robust Android
application development under jurisdiction of talented and creative Android developers
/programmers. AADI offers custom Android Apps Development as well.

Hire Android Developer
AADI is professional Android development company that offer high quality resources for
enhancing the usage of Android hand-held devices. The modern masses and businessmen
always look for custom and cost effective services for their devices and we offer Hire
Android developers services to meet their all requirements. Hiring Android programmers
is the best option for Android users.

Android Games Development
Mobile games are always interesting for fun loving people. Those who possess Android
based hand-held devices are welcome at AADI for Android game development. Android
game developers at AADI are experienced, creative & fun loving and available on hire
basis for custom, cost-effective services as well.
Android Social Networking Apps Development
Accessing the social network on mobile phones is booming in the modern world. AADI
offers Android Social Networking Apps Development for most of the social networking
websites prevailing on the web. We offer development of custom Android applications
for accessing social network with Android based hand-held devices.

Android Wireless Application Development
Accessing the mobile web from Android based mobile devices is very convenient now
with Android Wireless Applications. We offer Android Wireless Application
Development that includes concept, design, coding, testing, etc. Our Android
developers/programmers are proficient in practices of WAP (Wireless Application
Protocol) technology, which is essential to create wireless applications for Android based

Android Web Development
Android operating system is based on Java technology and other similar high quality
programming technologies. Our Android developers/programmers are Java proficient to
offer high quality Android web development. In the Android web development/ Android
web application development our Android developers/programmers also utilizes Android
SDK and Framework APIs, technologies like Java (J2ME) & C programming.

Android is wonderful mobile operating system admired by the various advance mobile
developing companies. The common masses like Android as they can get multiple
features of Android OS in the handset of their choice. AADI develop applications for
different hand-held devices based on Android OS.

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