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									                                Hills of Bear Creek
                             Home Owner’s Association

Gary Wolcott called the meeting to order at 10:09 AM on Saturday, March 12, 2005.
The purpose of the meeting was to elect a new Board of Directors. The vote count will
take place at the end of this meeting.

The recent news of the construction of a fireworks warehouse near the development was
a major point of interest. Bonnie Boyd , who works for a law firm, talked to the Mayor
of Cresson, Mr. Bob Cornett. He said the construction site would be on the southernmost
lot closest to Hwy. 377 in the commercially zoned strip of land retained by the developer.
The City of Cresson requested the front of the building be covered in natural stone. In
fact, the owner intends to put natural stone on all sides of the building.

Bill Rice suggested the Hills of Bear Creek (HOBC) Home Owner’s Association (HOA)
draft a letter to the developer (Everett Frazier) requesting consideration of future
businesses in the commercially zoned areas by Hwy. 377 due to concerns about property
values and safety concerns. Bonnie talked to Jerry Campbell and he was unaware that
Everett had sold said property to a fireworks company.

Doug Miller stated that this building would warehouse Class 1 Division 4 explosives.
This is a concern for high-rate burn but not detonation. The State Fire Marshall has
authority to approve or disapprove and apparently this building has been approved. Doug
recommended contacting the State Fire Marshall.

Marty DeHaven stated that The Hills of Bear Creek is in the ETJ (Extra Territorial
Jurisdiction) of Cresson but not in the city limits proper.

Bill Rice stated that he talked to the Cresson Fire Department. They said that Parker
County had approved in their budget a tanker truck for Cresson to support this whole
area. Even though Cresson is in Hood County, Parker County made the decision to
include and approve in their budget a tanker truck to support this area. However, Parker
County changed their mind and made the decision to use that allotted money for another
project. Follow-up is needed on this issue.

The City of Cresson holds City Council meetings every 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of each
month at 7PM at the old Cresson School. The next scheduled meeting is Tuesday, March
22. The old Cresson School is located one block west of Hwy. 377, just north of the Post
Office. Patty McBride will take the action item to contact the M3X development to see if
there is interest in attending the March 22 meeting. Gary Wolcott recommended that we
have a strong presence at this meeting so the City Council members understand our

Bill Rice ask Gary about the gate situation. Gary Wolcott stated that the gate is currently
wired open because the actuator arm is physically broken. We are currently receiving
bids from gate installation/service companies to replace the mechanical actuation system
of the gate. Each of the companies contacted recommends a more robust operator. They
stated that this gate, as built, is a good gate system for a farm or small business where
actuation is 5 to 10 times per day.

They have all recommended an AC operated gate with battery back-up which is designed
to operate at a much higher duty cycle. Upon power failure, this type gate would open
under battery and remain open until power was restored.
Two of the companies recommended that the road area at the gate be concrete. This
would eliminate many of the problems associated with the safety loop, which HAS

The cost of concrete at today’s price would be between $1,000 and $2,000. I think we
have the manpower and ability to do the labor task ourselves of removal of the old road
surface, install re-enforcing rod (cost ??), forms and order concrete. The gate opening is
24 feet wide. Therefore, it could be done in two phases assuming one-way traffic.

Diane Wallace and her committee are working on a HOBC directory. The goal of the
HOBC directory is to improve communication in the community. It is also helpful to
have important contact information for safety reasons. This directory is independent of
the HOA.

Patti Williams counted the election votes.
The new HOBC board members for 2005-2007 are as follows:

Robert Hancock        --- 66 votes
Doug Miller           --- 64 votes
Patricia McBride      --- 61 votes
Jerry Smith           --- 61 votes
Michelle Manis        --- 56 votes

Congratulations!!! Thanks in advance to each of you for serving our community!

Each office of the new Board will be determined by the newly appointed Board of
Directors. The out-going Board will work with the newly appointed board to effect a
smooth transition.

Dick Kopp made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 11:00 A.M. Doug Miller seconded
the motion. The meeting was adjourned.

Thanks to each of the board members for your dedication and hard work over the past
several years. Thanks to Melinda Savoy for all of your great work as Record Keeper.

                                                             Approved and Signed.

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