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CBRN Defence Market 2010-2020

Our latest defence report - CBRN Defence Market 2010-2020 - explores and analyses the substantial
business opportunities presented by one of the most significant markets in the defence and homeland
security sector. Our study examines the leading markets for chemical, biological, radiological and
nuclear (CBRN) defence products and services, as well as assessing the factors that are driving sales
growth around the world.

Analysis has concluded that CBRN defence products are a very significant market with worldwide
spending totalling $7.9bn in 2009.

We examine the commercial prospects for companies involved in supplying CBRN detection, protection
and decontamination systems, as well as training services, to the global marketplace. This analytical
report defines the current state of the CBRN defence market and discusses its potential for growth
from 2010 onwards, with detailed sales forecasting carried out at both global and regional levels.

We analyse the combination of drivers and restraints that are resulting in increasing sales around the
world. We also examine the most promising areas of technological development that are likely to
affect procurement decisions over our forecast period.

Incidents such as the Sarin attack on the Tokyo subway in 1995 and the Anthrax campaign in the US
in 2001 show that CBRN terrorism poses a grave threat. According to the 'Annual Threat Assessment
of the US Intelligence Community for the Senate Select Co mmittee on Intelligence', which was
released in February 2010, US intelligence agencies believe that if Al-Qaeda can develop CBRN
capabilities it will use them to attack Western targets.

How are major economies preparing their civilian and military personnel to respond to CBRN attacks?
Which regions offer the most significant growth opportunities between 2010 and 2020? To what extent
is the perception of the threat of terrorism driving sales of CBRN defence systems? How are strategies
for responding to chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear attacks being adapted to meet
changing requirements?

Answers these critical questions and many more through the in-depth analyses that are presented in
this report.

A comprehensive analysis of the CBRN defence market:

CBRN Defence Market 2010-2020 examines the global market for products and services related to
CBRN defence from an impartial standpoint. We offer a review of significant civilian and military CBRN
contracting activity based on our analysis of info rmation obtained from multiple sources.

The report draws on a rich combination of official corporate and governmental announcements, media
reports, policy documents, industry statements and an extensive gathering of expert opinion from
experienced industry figures.

CBRN Defence Market 2010-2020 provides detailed sales forecasts for the global market and regional
submarkets; a SWOT analysis of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats; discussions of
commercial and technological trends; and assessments of the most important market drivers and
restraints. This report also includes transcripts of seven in-depth interviews with industry experts. This
package of analyses cannot be obtained anywhere else.
Why you should buy CBRN Defence Market 2010-2020:

The main benefits you can derive from purchasing this report are:
• You will come to understand the current state of the global CBRN defence market and form a clear
vision of how it is set to develop, based on our market forecasts for 2010 to 2020.
• You will be able to examine our detailed global sales forecasts, as well as sales forecasts for regional
• You will gain an insight into the CBRN defence market’s potential for further sales growth by
examining the key commercial drivers and restraints.
• You will learn how governments are preparing civilian and military specialists to respond to incidents
involving CBRN materials.
• You will find out how the leading players in the CBRN defence market are performing, with
accompanying analysis of recent contract awards.
• You will be able to appreciate the range of factors affecting market growth with our assessment of
strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.
• You will learn what seven industry experts think the future holds by reading original interviews that
cover a wide range of pertinent topics.

The global CBRN defence market is expected to continue to see significant sales growth in 2010 and
beyond. Visiongain forecasts increasing demand for equipment used by CBRN responders, both
military and civilian. Extensive training programmes are also required to prepare personnel to respond
effectively. CBRN detection, protection and decontamination systems are set to be adopted more
widely around the world, particularly in the fast-growing Asia-Pacific market.

You can order this report today. Anyone with an interest in the future procurement of CBRN defence
equipment and implementation of training programmes in the civilian and military sectors cannot
afford to miss out on acquiring the combination of information and insight that only this new report
can provide.

Gain an understanding of how to tap into the potential of this important market by ordering CBRN
Defence Market 2010-2020.

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