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Trimester to avoid x-ray radiation, especially in pregnancy in the
first three months. Routine chest x-ray can be deferred until 6-7
months. Need exposure long GI, barium enema, etc. should be avoided.
36 weeks of pregnancy, if the situation needs to be done in
obstetrics x-ray radiography, because at this point the fetus has
been matured, an x-ray examination. Some early in pregnancy pregnant
women did not know was pregnant and accepted the x-ray inspection, do
not panic, you can go to obstetric genetic counseling clinics to
decide whether to continue the pregnancy. In addition, the diagnosis
and treatment of radioactive isotopes in the clinic are increasingly
widespread, although the elements of half-life shorter, but it can
pass placental circulation into the fetus in the body. In the past
the 125I (iodine-125), 131I (iodine-131) are not used, so as not to
affect fetal development. The present clinic uses 113In (Indium-131)
diagnosis of placenta previa, disease, because of its short half-life,
effects on pregnant women and fetuses. Normal people during a
radiological examination security exposure maximum 2.58 `10-2 library
of/kg. General, thoracic perspective in less than a week the
cumulative total of no more than 12 minutes, gastrointestinal check
no more than 10 minutes, the human body is safe, although the x-ray
radiography exposure dose is large, but occasionally a x-ray
radiography or once on the health and non-harmful. Shenyang City
Hospital of radiologic Yeung Kam-sang

But childbearing women, particularly pregnant women, their eggs,
embryos or fetuses highly sensitive to radiation, even if it is
significantly lower than the normal human can withstand radiation
dose, and may result in maternal and fetal harm. Therefore, pregnant
women should avoid radiation.
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