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									?What is bone angioplasty (bone
cement angioplasty)?


2010 23 May, Wu Chun root doctor at the 6th China tumor academic
conference and the ninth Conference on cancer, bone treatment of bone
metastases. And "bone angioplasty" definition, the concept is
designed for the needs of the theory and practice, and more conducive
to peer exchange.

Percutaneous transluminal angioplasty bone (bone cement angioplasty)?

In medical imaging equipment's guidance, percutaneous, reset the PIN
to the disease of bone, a bone in the imaging equipment monitoring,
the injection of bone cement in lesions bone technologies. Aimed at
increasing the compressive strength of bones, inactivated local tumor
tissue, to restore the bone structure and function, and ease the pain.
Shanghai sixth people's Hospital Radiology Wu Chun root

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