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									?Scoliosis surgery should be aware


1 . Psychological aspects: scoliosis multiple to young people, as
part of a special, bending the spine to the side, with a razor back
abnormalities, shoulders, pelvis tilt high and etc, plus is the new
age, the majority of patients with low self-esteem, anxiety and
despair, and other psychological, orthopaedic both pleased, also has
a fear, the fear of surgery was not successful but increase the pain.
To address this situation, we must first and patients and their
families to establish a rapport, tailored for different cultures,
different regions of the patient using different languages, different
education and dissemination of propaganda and information, building
mutual trust, and then to patients and their families for the patient
and meticulous work, explained to the interpretation of the
progression of damage and the need for surgery, surgical operation,
described the benefits, expectations and operational considerations,
so that patients and their families on their disease and treatment
have a full understanding, eliminate fears, confidence, enabling them
to proactively meet the surgical and nursing. Zhengzhou orthopedics
hospital pediatric orthopaedic song phase construction

2. spine traction: scoliosis surgery General backbone traction, as do
deformity, malformation of severity levels using different traction
method, generally use pelvic-armpit or jaw pillow fight traction.
Comparison of stiffness, serious deformity line after line double
road Lysis supracondylar-jaw pillow fight traction to loose joint,
disc and spinal tissues around the spinal cord nerves gradually adapt
to increased orthopedic traction, results of operations and reduce
complications of spinal cord injury. In the process of gradually
increasing traction weight, not exceeding the jaw, pillow traction
5kg, pelvic traction 15 ~ 20kg, femoral supracondylar traction one-
sided as weight of 1/7, continuous traction should directly,
unstoppable, and maintain effective traction. Preparing for patient
comfort beds, keep the bed clean formation, prevention of pressure
sores, especially kyphosis vertex, razor back abnormalities and iliac
Crest, so as not to affect the incision. Skeletal traction that
pinhole clean steel pins are not bent, periodic dressing change. In
traction in attention to the prevention of neural function, excessive
traction. If there's a heavy, limb numbness, weakness, pain, abnormal
bowel should reduce the weight in a timely manner, and even removal
of traction and notifying the doctor.

3. respiratory function training: scoliosis is often complicated by
thoracic malformation, chest, heart and lung volume reduction in
compression, with varying degrees of restrictive ventilatory defect.
Preoperative pulmonary function tests done to understand the
patient's tolerance of the surgery. Admitted to the hospital after he
started to patients with pulmonary function training, take a deep
breath and blow the balloon and blowing water bottle method to
increase lung capacity, enhancing the operation of tolerance, reduce
the incidence of postoperative pulmonary complications.

4 . Wake-up test training: wake-up test is reduced in surgery,
anaesthesia anaesthetic doses, and the patient to the doctor password
active feet and toes, to observe a spinal cord injury . One to two
days before the Church the patient how to active feet and toes, to
understand the intent, familiar with the anaesthetist's speech sound,
intraoperative actively cooperate with the wake-up test, reducing the
spinal nerve injury complications.

5. bed and life skills training: this kind of surgery surgical time,
approximately 4 to 6 hours before surgery on patients prone training
to improve tolerance to cope with the surgery. Need to stay in bed
after at least two weeks, so the preoperative patient in bed with
toilet training, prevention of postoperative was not used due to
urinary retention and constipation. Church in bed eating, taking
medicine for patients, increase of quality of life of patients in bed.
Training for patients with axial emancipated, guarantee results of

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