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Recurrent spontaneous abortion (recurrent spontaneous abortion, RSA)
refers to the continuous suffer chaperones and identity in 2 or more
than 2 times at 20 weeks of pregnancy for fetal (weight ‫005 ܠ‬g)
missing persons, is common in women of childbearing age. From
different regions and different sectors and of different age, the
incidence of spontaneous abortion is about 15%-40%. 2 or 2 times over
abortion accounted for growing period of 5 per cent of women, and 3
or 3 times more accounted for about 1%-2%. Domestic still put 3 or
more than 3 times in 28 weeks of pregnancy for fetal loss before that
habitual abortion. The main complex, RSA causes include genetic
factors, anatomical abnormalities, uterus infection factors,
endocrine abnormalities, prothrombotic State, immunity disorders, etc.
In addition, there is still a small number of unknown etiology, known
as unexplained recurrent spontaneous abortion. Xiamen 174 hospital
reproductive Center week friends spring
The risk of recurrent spontaneous abortion as the increase in the
number of abortions. The first pregnancy, spontaneous abortion
incidence is approximately 11%-13%, 1 spontaneous abortion should
abortion rate of about 13%-17%; 2 spontaneous abortion, abortion and
the risk of recurrence is about the 1st of 3 times the rate of up to
38 per cent, more than 4 times, such as abortion patients of proper
treatment, most abortion again. Different causes of recurrent
abortion prognosis vary greatly. The endocrine factors cause the
General abortion can be effectively treated, the best prognosis,
pregnancy success rates of up to 90 percent. Chromosomal
abnormalities induced recurrent abortion there is no effective
treatment methods, only the prenatal genetics consultation and
diagnosis, prognosis worse, subsequent pregnancy success rates of
only 20 per cent. Other factors induced recurrent abortion prognosis
is somewhere between these two. In recent years, immune abortion
treatment success of about 90 per cent.
In addition, recurrent abortion is also affected by many factors: (l)
the negative factors in the environment, such as harmful chemicals by
too much exposure, exposure to radiation in excess, serious noise and
vibration, etc.; (2) adverse psychological factors, such as women's
stress, depression, negative feelings, emotional control, on
subsequent pregnancy resulting fear, tension, fear, grief and other
adverse mental stimulation by neuroendocrine hormone system, make the
changes in the environment can affect the normal development of the
embryo; (3) heavy physical labour, alcoholism, smoking, drug
addiction and other addictions; (4) the age factor: pregnant women or
their husband's age is less than 18 years of age or greater than 35
years old, leading egg aging, sperm chromosomal abnormality.

Recurrent abortion with immune
This type of main rendering blocking antibody deficiency, is the
leading cause of type RSA. Manifestations of primary abortion often
blocking antibody and closed antibody idiotypic antibody common lack;
secondary abortion only manifested as blocking antibody anti-idiotype
antibody deficiency. Normal Maternal serum in blocking antibody is
mainly directed against embryonic HLA antigens and major expression
in the trophoblast cells TLX Antigen, the Antigen may be adopted and
the corresponding binding and prevention of mother-foetus was
patriarchal Antigen immune system recognition and killing, thus
maintaining a normal pregnancy.
Normal pregnancy as a successful half-Allograft, mother-foetus has
not been rejected by the immune system, and maternal-fetal interface
enhanced physiological response inhibition. This immunity is also
known as pregnancy immune tolerance, some scholars believe that this
kind of immune tolerance main and blocking antibody related. Blocking
antibody reactivity through and maternal lymphocytes, or through and
half allogeneic Antigen binding, to block the cellular immune
response. Therefore, blocking antibody-negative persons available
lymphocytes injection active immunotherapy, stimulate the formation
of blocking antibody.
Active immune therapy indications: (l) and his wife normal karyotype
analysis; (2) no reproductive tract malformation; (3) normal
endocrine check; (4) no Toxoplasma gondii, Cytomegalovirus, etc; (5)
autoantibodies are negative: including ACLs, LAC, antinuclear
antibodies can be extracted Antigen (anti-Sinith, SS-A, RNP
antibodies SS-B,) and ANA and other testing are negative; (6) trace
LCT test negative or other closed antibody-negative.
Recurrent abortion immune therapy mainly refers to the same kind of
immune recurrent abortion immunotherapy, husband of fresh lymphocytes,
but when her husband present infectious diseases or other health
disorders, or injection of lymphocyte. third party health Starting
from before pregnancy treated before pregnancy pregnant after the
immunotherapy for 2-4 times, interval 3 weeks. After the end of the
first course of treatment to encourage patients 3 months of pregnancy,
if the pregnancy is then one course of treatment. If pregnancy is
excluded in cases of infertility again one course of treatment. Our
reproductive medicine Center 2 years application active immunotherapy,
pregnancy success rates have long maintained at about 68 per cent,
for the majority of patients with RSA resolved the issue by the RSA

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